Top 5: DC Characters Who Have Lost an Arm, Appendage, or Limb

5. Roy Harper

Perhaps best remembered from the pre-New 52 time period for beating up street thugs with a dead cat and being unable to function sexually, it’s easy to forget that Roy Harper got his arm ripped off in Justice League: Cry for Justice. And it was kinda gross. The real tragedy here is that J’onn J’onzz had just mopped that floor before Roy bled all over it. Real shame. But fear not! Somehow, Roy got his arm back after Flashpoint so don’t feel too sorry for him.


4. Booster Gold

Booster also lost his arm in a fight with a super villain, but he handled it a bit better than Roy. It did cause him to temporarily not be able to control the volume of his voice, but that calmed down after a while. You probably don’t remember this happened because no one remembers this happened. Less than a year later, Booster was totally healed and made everyone pinky swear to not bring it up again. And yes, he used his regrown pinky.


3. Oliver Queen (The Dark Knight Returns version)

While Roy completely fell apart after losing his limb, his mentor just got more tenacious. In The Dark Knight Returns, Oliver was happy to help an aged Batman take down fascists and he wouldn’t let a little thing like only have one arm stop him, even if one of those fascists was Superman. This will always be my quintessential Oliver Queen image.


2. Arm Fall Off Boy

This actually happened. This was a real character. Arm Fall Off Boy was the first person to vie for a spot in the Legion of Super-Heroes outside of the original trio. Needless to say, he failed spectacularly. Shrug him off all you want, but I don’t see how Brainiac 5’s Legion audition was more memorable than this one.


1. Aquaman

Poor, sweet Aquaman. He’s the only character that I know of to lose one hand, gain it back, and then lose the other one. Luckily, turning into an elemental and then returning to corporal form gave Arthur the power of regeneration because he’s once again sporting ten digits. Something tells me that a future creator is going to want to go for the hat trick and cut off his hand again. Aquaman had better make the most of his limited time. Maybe he should take up the piano.


  1. PLORP

  2. oh man this list is great. maybe rename it the “George Lucas Awards”? =p

    and i agree.poor Aquaman..he keeps getting shafted.

    fun fact: Apotemnophobia is the fear of amputations (and amputees) or losing an appendage. Aquaman should have that phobia by now. =p

    • I think Lucas has acrotomophilia.

      Another Honorable Mention for you Punisher fans: Ma Gnucci from Ennis’ run. Ah, polar bears…

  3. Wow, great topic for a list. I’m a little ashamed w/myself for enjoying watching heroes get cut down since in a while. Please do a Marvel list. Thanks

  4. So, I need to know, did Booster regrow his arm? Or, was him losing his arm just retcon’d away?

    • No, he was healed. An evil Captain Atom from another dimension who called himself Monarch healed Booster as a way to engender trust with our universe’s Captain Atom. It all happened very quickly and was mostly just a way to get Booster back to 100%. If you want to read it, track down old issues of Extreme Justice but it’s not a good series.

  5. Well done. As a personal note I would have put in Hank Henshaw only because he lost all of his limbs.

  6. “Die villain! Ha-YAAAA!”
    This is why I love comics.

    Didn’t regular, Earth 1, pre-New 52 continuity Ollie (Jesus, we need an “_____ Age” name ASAP) lose his arm before his first death? I’m too lazy to wiki it, but I seem to recall him losing an arm before/during Zero Hour. Can anyone clarify?

    • Also, DKR Green Arrow will always be one of my favorite/earliest impressions of the character.

      “… it still hurts when it’s cold.”

    • As far as I know, regular continuity Oliver Queen never lost an arm. Around the time of Zero Hour, Oliver got his hand caught in a bomb. He made the choice to blow up with the bomb instead of letting Superman use his heat vision to saw his arm off and save his life. Oliver was later resurrected during Kevin Smith’s run.

    • Thaaat’s it. Exactly what I was thinking of. Man, it’s been years since I read Zero Hour. I’ve always enjoyed that slight parallel between regular Clark and Ollie and the DKR versions.

      Thanks Jeff.

  7. Arm Fall Off Boy (sounds like a bad teen pop punk band) is incredibly creepy. His nub is kinda scary looking.

  8. Just last week, I was reading old Grant Morrison Animal Man trades, and there’s an issue where he gets his arm chopped off. He borrows earthworm powers to regenerate it almost immediately, but it was a pretty awesome end-of-issue cliffhanger.

    Also, I feel compelled to mention Astar the Robot:

  9. Age of Apocalypse Logan lost a hand.

  10. Aquaman in Justice League: The Animated Series also lost a hand; he cut him himself to save his son. I thought it was freaking epic! 😀

  11. Can anyone’s power be more easily used against them then Arm Fall Of Boy’s?

  12. Arm Fall Off Boy is my new favorite character

  13. Arm Fall Off Boy vs Armless Tiger-Man (Timely villian)— A DC/Marvel crossover that MUST HAPPEN!

  14. I applaud you good sir for not using any Monty Python/Black Knight related jokes in this list.

  15. I’m going to chuck the name John Storm in there, I’ll be impressed if anyone knows what I’m talking about!

  16. My favorite was when Risk (from the Atom’s Teen Titans), who had previously had an arm ripped off by Superboy-Prime, attacks him during the Sinestro Corps War and says “All I need is one!” Then Prime rips his other arm off.

  17. i loved it when aqua-man’s hand was replaced with that mystic water hand. i thought that was fuckn’ awesome

  18. Aquaman needs his water hand back if you ask me.

  19. Herr Starr lost an appendage also. One that i think would put him on the top of the list.

  20. Didn’t Emma Frost just recently lose an arm?

    • yeah she did, while she was a diamond, but then she came out of diamond form and PLORP…bloody stump!!! and BTW “you had me at plorp” still has me plorping in my pants…

  21. While I appreciate anything to celebrate Aquaman, I really think the purpose of this piece is to take another cheap shot at Roy Harper pre-relaunch.

    Which I also support.

  22. Arm Fall Off Boy sounds like a whiny fucktard emo band.

    Also, he shoud have been giving a new title in the New 52

  23. damn you, Manta!

  24. Arm Fall Off Boy is hilarious I love his “Ha-Yaaaa!” cry.

  25. where is Rick Grimes?!

  26. You forgot Herr Starr and his precious genitalia.