Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #3


“They should have crossed out the ‘rise’ on the cover.” – Paul Montgomery


  1. "It’s okay, Roy. With everything swirling in your head, it’s no surprise you killed a bunch of junkies with a cat… or whatever."

    "…Shut up, Jade."

  2. Whoever drew this gets mad props for not using the way-to-common copy/paste/photoshop-in-a-new-mouth techinique.

  3. Never has the title "Great Moments" been more ironic. -_-

  4. Time to use that Viagra arrow!

  5. Just when you think he couldn’t get any lower, ouch.

  6. It’s tragic when a hero falls. It’s just a shame when a hero never even rises.

  7. This is too soon.  For me, the pain is still too near.

  8. I thought Jade was green. or is this a different Jade? how many Jade’s can there be in the DCU Meta community

  9. You seriously could have put up practically the entire third issue as a "Great Moments in Comics History." The two page spread of Arsenal freebasing in an ally surrounded by bums at least equals this, if not surpasses it.

  10. Arsenal holding a dead cat that he just used to destroy a group of bad guys would be a great companion piece to this one. But that Paul quote it quite the kicker to the post!

  11. Damn it you guys, Im probably going to end up buying this issue now.

  12. I think he was actually protecting the cat.  I took it as he thought the cat was his dead daughter.  either way…*shiver*…

  13. Wonder what the next issue will be about.

  14. Is there a hole in that couch? Because it looks like the bottom half of her body is in that couch.

  15. AH HA!

  16. Bob Dole says Erectile Dysfunction is nothing to joke about.  Bob Dole.  Bob Dole!  Bob Do….zzzzzzzz

  17. And they say only Marvel characters deal with real-life problems.

  18. I bet the Sentry could get him up.

  19. Are you kidding? The Sentry was the one who introduced him to drugs!

    This was right after The Sentry took Wonder Woman’s virginity. 

  20. Hey! The Sentry helped me with my drug addiction! You guys didn’t see it ’cause, uh, you were looking the other way…

  21. And let’s give it up for strategically placed long hair, protecting young boys from the sight of nipples for more than 50 years!

  22. Jade is remarkably understanding for an evil super-villain.


    Just when Roy thought being "Speedy" was his only problem. he he

  24. Jade? I thought this was Cheshire… unless her real name is Jade. 

  25. morbid curiosity compels me to buy the final issue.

  26. i agree totally with boomer.  i had to get this final issue, just for the "train wreck" factor…

  27. @ivithebatmanivi: It is.

  28. Did JT KRULL watch Trainspotting on PCP and then wrote this?  Was DiDio high on diet pills when it got to him?

  29. I just hope that the last issue is as big a diaster now that I’m buying it.  It would be cool to have one book to look at and say "yea that is the worst I’ve ever read".

  30. I……..I……….I got nothing

  31. @ JohnVFerrigon: Much like Roy.

  32. *snicker*


    They’re naked.

  33. Jade looks different in every panel