Top 5: Comic Book Character New Year’s Resolutions

5. Cable

“This year, I will matter, even if it’s only as a plot device to launch a major event in hopes to sell a metric assload of comics.”


4. Stephanie Brown

“Get back in the game.”


3. Wolverine

“Kill more. Wait, no. Kill less. I’m running a school now. Bub.”


2. Superman

“Get new clothes so no one ever makes fun of me ever again.”


1. Daredevil

“Julie from the coffee shop. Ynez from the DA’s office. That girl with the perfume from the 3 train. Sherry from High School…”



  1. I actually prefer the t-shirt and jeans look, but people always make fun of me so what do I know

  2. Same resolution as Daredevil, except he’s got the upper hand being blind, a lawyer, and cool. It’s going to be a long year.

  3. Here’s hoping Stephanie Brown takes that resolution to heart.

    Just last week, I realized why I don’t like Superman’s new look. Now, he’s just Ultraman with a belt. Subconsciously, I feel like he’s evil.

  4. Stephanie Brown definitely needs to return

  5. Aquaman just wants the cool kids to like him.

  6. I feel like Cable has already been disappointed.

  7. had it right the first time with logan. ditch the school nonsense and get back to doin’ what he does best and i dont mean hall monitor duty

  8. Cable briefly considered not overcompensating with the size of his gun but then he saw that picture of Green Latern from Justice League #1 and said screw it.

  9. Ha! The Daredevil one is great.

  10. #5 pretty much sums up Cable’s entire history in a nutshell.

  11. Hal Jordan: Stop getting my ass handed to me.

    On a different note, as for Steph, hell, it’ only a matter of time before she gets back in the game.

  12. Hopefully 2012 will be the time of the Beyond characters. I’m excited for Batman Beyond.

  13. Not on your list, but I think Buffy (of Slayer fame) needs to lay off the heavy sauce at parties and possibly get her own place. Or maybe I am talking about me.