This New Man Without Fear Campaign is KILLING ME – Black Panther?

The suspense is killing me! Who is the new Man Without Fear??  Black Panther? What about Wakanda?


I have to admit, I like seeing all these heroes in Hell's Kitchen – one of my favorite NYC Neighborhoods.


  1. You know what? I would read Daredevil again if it’s Black Panther.

    Doesn’t make sense cause he has Wakanda to worry about…..But it would be a very interesting title. 

  2. What I’m really loving about these teasers is this fantastic Francavilla art

  3. Two seconds before I saw the words Black Panther I honestly thought it as Batman & Marvel was having some kind of cross over with DC! Now my hopes are destroyed : (

  4. I think I just want to see more Daredevil. Although he’s gotten pretty hardcore in Shadowland.  Read issue one last night.

  5. I think we can all agree that the new Daredevil will be Rick Jones.

  6. Marvel did the exact same thing when they announced the new Black Panther

  7. I’m down for T’challa to take the DD mantle.  I’d definitely pick up DD if it were him.

  8. @PunisherMax

    Indeed.  That is a gorgeous image. 

  9. IMO Hell’s Kitchen should be guarded Sam Wilson. I would love to see the Falcon done in this manner.

  10. D-Man. 

  11. Is he going for Daredevil’s job or Batman’s with that outline…?

  12. I woudl love a weekly series where all the people from the teasers take turns patroling hells kitchen until they find out who would be best suited. I would love love love that

  13. You know what?  This just makes me want to head over to the Batman camp where they don’t just switch out who’s behind the mask…

    They did what now?! 

  14. I’d like it if Echo took over for him.  I mean, if someone had to.

  15. I say make it Galactus.

    But really, if I was a resident of Hell’s Kitchen I think I’d just want all the hero types out of my town at this point considering Daredevil has turned the place into a ninja police state.

  16. Tease Gordon Ramsey for this and I’m sold

  17. does it matter?   in 2 years it’ll be Matt Murdock again.  did he die or something???  

  18. @LostArtist I’m guessing after Shadowland he will no longer be fit to call himself a hero and so someone else will take over in his absence. probably not as daredevil in name, but more as a guardian of the Kitchen

  19. ****DC fan here****

    Whatever happenned to the Old Man Without Fear?

    See what I did there?  No seriously, did he die?

  20. Matt will regret the actions that he’s taken after Shadowland and go "find himself", and while he does that in the main book Marvel will probably put out some miniseries of the Substitute "Man Without Fear"

  21. I’m 100% against getting rid of
    Matt. So far none of these ‘replacements’ have sounded interesting. I didn’t read Nova or Black Panther for a reason.

  22. Isn’t Hell’s Kitchen a tv show on FOX? Oh snap, I bet Gordon Ramsey is the next Man Without Fear!!!

  23. @ cromulent    Disney owns Marvel and ABC not Fox,  

    on that note, I vote for Tinkerbell Woman Without Fear!    

    Since when does someone have to be hero not to have fear??   or are all heroes psychotic?  but that’s a whole other discussion

    Let’s go with Pluto, I always like Pluto. . .  

  24. Yeah, sorry to be a downer, but I hate this sort of gimmicky advertising that Marvel’s been pulling lately. It actually makes me want to read the titles less, because it’s annoying for Marvel to tease and manipulate me so much that, at the end of it, I don’t even care anymore.

    I’d actually like a Gambit as "Man without Fear". I’m not even a big Gambit fan or anything, but I think that might be neat for the character.

    So if Marvel would just DO that with Gambit…or do it when whatever other character they’re going to do it with…then COOL. Just give me the damn story. All of these teasers only serve to fuel POINTLESS internet speculation. It’s a waste of time. Is it "bad"? No, discussion is cool. But Marvel drags us through this stuff SO MUCH, and drags it on for SO LONG with so much teasing that I couldn’t care less anymore. Sorry for the rant. And before someone says, "Yeah, but you care enough to post about it"–my point is that by now I’m more preoccupied with Marvel’s gimmicks, teasing and fan-manipulation than I am with the actual comics, which I’m less likely to by because they turn everything into a big fat annoying gimmick.

  25. ah….i think the only one who knows the kitchen like Matt would be Foggy.

    Flabber-man attacks ! 

  26. @RedMoses Right there with you.

  27. I would bet my bottom dollar that NONE of the people in these teaser images take over Daredevil. 

  28. @Scott B: Hah!!!  I actually miss D-Man — he had one of the best costumes  : ) 

  29. Obviously, Nathan Fillion should be the new Man Without Fear.

  30. well if the red hulk is the new sentry then clearly it will be him

  31. Matt Murdock is alive and we’re already talking about his replacement? How rude.