The Top 10 Geeky Halloween Costumes of 2011

Well,  October is nearly upon us, and with it comes my absolute favourite holiday – Halloween!

If you’re like me you generally procrastinate until the last minute and don’t get to wear what you really want. So this year I have been preparing – and I’m going to help you prepare, too! A month to acquire everything you need to throw together (or order) an epic Halloween costume. Here are my top ten picks for the best buy it ready geeky Halloween costumes!


Zentai Suits

One of the benefits of planning for your Halloween costume this early is that you can order affordable costumes from Chinese wholesale! eBay has a whole selection of awesome possibilities, and if you’re truly inspired you can even commission a costume from someone in China (it usually runs about 100 dollars, and if you order from a reputable seller the quality generally isn’t very bad). However, this post isn’t about eBay in general – it’s about zentai suits!

Since most superheroes wear skintight Spandex, if you’re daring you have many options available to you. Search “Zentai suit” on eBay and while you may return some more… questionable…. results (Zentai suits can also be a fetish object, so you’ll see some full body spandex – even covering the face) you’ll also find some great Phoenix, Superman, etc etc costumes.


Plug it in!

Know someone you’ve always wanted to plug your prongs in to? Well, now you can with this hilariously fantastic outlet and plug costume. You would be… shocking.



A Gamer’s Dream

If you want to stick with the current trend of “wear nothing” on Halloween, there are actually some pretty good options for you. Either buy a white bikini and thigh highs and be Emma Frost, wear a speedo and furs and be Conan, or go the more hilarious route and put Pac-man on your boobs.

This website also has a slutty Yuna (from Final Fantasy) and My Little Pony (this one made me really confused). Awe…some?



“Sexy” Green Lantern Girl

I’m generally not TOO impressed by the vague interpretations of comic book characters that “mainstream” Halloween costumes try to replicate, but this one actually made me quite pleased. It’s absolutely something I could see IN a Green Lantern comic, and it’s modest enough that the less daring women can rock it quite easily.



Expensive, Amazing Batman

Two questions: Who has not wanted to be Batman at some point, and what lady could resist? If you have an extra 800 dollars just lying around in a corner and getting dusty, this is one of the more impressive Batman costumes I have ever seen. It’s made of latex so it won’t be as bulky as plastic, and you can run around humming “da na na na na na na na BAAATMANNN” to your heart’s content.



Tiny Stormtrooper

I WAS going to post a link to one of the websites that custom makes adult Stormtrooper armor, but considering my above link is to an 800 dollar costume I didn’t really feel like outdoing myself with a 1k+ costume. However, if you own or know a tiny munchkin, they can have terrible aim and anonymity in this pretty sweet tiny Stormtrooper costume. Pew pew pew!



I’m the Doctor

I really LOLed when I came across this “Doctor Professor” costume. It’s actually really well done, but obviously not officially licensed. However, rather than scouring thrift stores for a suitable jacket, this costume has everything you need to yell at Daleks and take girls on epic adventures through time and space… at least for one night.



Power Ranger Puppy Power!

I’m just making sure this list has something for every member of the family, aren’t I?

As an insane dog owner myself, I know how tempting it is to find a crazy dog costume to shove your four legged friend in to – especially one that not every other neighborhood dog is going to be sporting. Look no further, as you can equip your dog with hilariously fake muscles and badly dubbed butt kicking abilities with this Power Ranger canine costume.



She is the one named Sailor Moon!

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight… Be the best kind of princess and fight for justic, friendship, and love in this awesome Sailor Moon costume (and you can get it custom made for your own measurements!)



Sheriff Rick Grimes

This is such a brilliantly simple costume, and one that is subtle enough to help you weed all of the comic geeks out of the crowd. Wear a cowboy hat and some blood splatter and you’ve got yourself a Walking Dead “hero”!


I absolutely cannot wait to see everyone’s costumes for this year’s Halloween.


Molly McIsaac basically treats every DAY as Halloween, but she loves it when people don’t give her strange looks for one day out of the year. Follow her misadventures on twitter.


  1. That’s Arisia’s GL costume! Weird what makes its way into the world.

  2. it’s seems hard to make a Phoenix costume work because the cool part is the flaming Phoenix, but it still looks good. and the red hair helps too. great costumes overall

  3. It’s Deputy Rick Grimes, although I guess he could have promoted himself when the Sheriff turned into a zombie

  4. My dad, an electrician, made the plug-outlet costume for him and my mom one year, and it actually worked, lighting up a light.

  5. I’m going as Conan the Librarian. I’ve got the muscle suit, an axe, a long wig, a dress shirt, khakis, a tie, and a name tag.
    “I don’t want your kingdom…I want your late fees!”

  6. I like that the Grimes costume is just a normal sheriff costume with an axe. They could have at least bloodied it up or something.

  7. I’ve got some pictures several Dragon*Cons ago of one of the latex Batmen. The dude was absolutely DRENCHED in sweat.

  8. For the Rick Grimes costume, loose the axe and replace it with an old telephone. See who REALLY gets your costume.

  9. Little bit of a spit take on the Pac-Man costume when I saw the ghost.

  10. On that expensive Batman costume, is just the codpiece removable so you can leave the rest on?

  11. I guess we know what costume Conner is gonna wear this year.

  12. You really want to geek out on a Rick Grimes costume? Go black & white w/ silver/gray face paint, dye the shirt or just get patches and put on a gray shirt. Also, raid a Toys R Us for toy guns and fill a duffel to throw over your shoulder.

  13. Ladies. If u intend to wear a Phoenix costume (as pictured), then please make sure you get the long red wig to go with it. Believe me. It will be appreciated.