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Sakura-con 2013 in Photographs

Molly McIsaac braved screaming otaku to bring you photographs of Sakura-con 2013 in Seattle, WA.

The Top 10 Upcoming Manga Releases for 2012

Molly is really excited to get her little graspy hands on some new manga this year. See her top picks for 2012.

PHOTO: Aki-con 2011

Molly went to a tiny manga and anime convention and returned with photos for the masses.

The Top 10 Geeky Halloween Costumes of 2011

Molly searched the very corners of the internet to bring you the best geeky costume options of 2011.

Con Season Begins: Comic Book vs. Anime Conventions

Molly attends a decent amount of conventions – and when we say a “decent amount”, we mean she don’t really remember the last weekend that wasn’t spent sleepless with the smell of dirty socks permeating the air.