‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Casts Catwoman & Bane

Just this morning, the LA Times reported the casting news that Anne Hathaway has been cast in the role of Catwoman for Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In addition to the casting of Hathaway as Catwoman, Nolan acting favorite and breakout star of Inception, Tom Hardy has been cast as Bane.

So it looks as if the villains of the next Nolan Batman movie will be Catwoman, which is awesome, and Bane, which is curious? I can’t really picture a luchador mask and hulked up Hardy in the Nolan-Batman-verse, but I’m sure Nolan has a plan and in a year from now when the movie releases, we’ll look back and laugh at how we doubted him.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to release on July 20, 2012 (assuming the world doesn’t end before that…you know, 2012 and all).


  1. I felt like screaming, then I remembered Nolan.

  2. I’m not sure about Bane in the Nolanverse but I just need to remember, In Nolan I Trust.

  3. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman will be adorable. Maybe not sexy, but adorable.

    Bane was the last character I would think Nolan would use in a film. Unless he’s going to go the route of “The Man Who Broke the Bat” but without actually crippling Batman. I mean the plan of making Batman work so hard that he’s easy pickings was a good plan. Might be good for a film, but I doubt they’ll cripple him and get Azrael into the film. 

  4. It certainly is much better news than that Deadshot rumor. Stoked. Two of my favorite Batman characters.

  5. Nolan has earned enough goodwill from me that even if I don’t “get it” now, I’m not worried at all.

  6. Perhaps there will be some kind of Hugo Strange/Bane hybrid character?

  7. I am mostly happy with this and most likely everyone’s big “Huh?” moment is the inclusion of Bane, but I suspect that Nolan will put his unique stamp on it. It would have been nice to have Hugo Strange in the mix as a character in the film. Unless there’s some additional casting that hasn’t been announced?

  8. An interpretation of Bane seems like it could fit right into the Nolanverse – almost a Darwinian counterpoint to the Batman. It could be an excellent concluding challenge for the Dark Knight in this series.

    Catwoman, however? That’s what I can’t picture fitting into the Nolanverse cleanly. But, Anne Hathaway in whatever they design for the Cat suit? Reason enough to try 😉

  9. This is sort of exceptionally disappointing after the Hugo Strange rumors. I kind of don’t want to believe this report. 

  10. trying not to worry.  but c’mon!  fuckin bane?

  11. @SirCox: What’s wrong with Deadshot being the villain? He seems to make more sense then Bane of all people.

  12. Since Anne Hathaway is movie me, I am OK with this casting.

  13. I’m curious how they’ll do Bane like everyone else.  I have a guess that he won’t be a giant muscle dude, but someone who is still physically and mentally on par with Batman.

    I guess this throws out the idea of doing the Prey storyline with Hugo Strange. 

  14. Well thats a bit of a swerve however in Nolan I trust

  15. Hathaway has a creepy clown face when she smiles. She would make a great sister of The Joker (kidding) but as Catwoman there are 100 better casting choices.

  16. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is enough for me to love where this movie is going.  Excellent choice.  And I’m sure they’ll explain Bane’s role as some guy just hulked up on steroids times 10 (at least that’s how I picture Nolan would do it in his Batman universe).  Casting is really going strong – I just wonder how all the pieces will fit together for this final story of Nolan’s on Batman.

  17. Catwoman yay, Bane nay. Of course I trust Nolan:)

  18. I heart Anne Hathaway.  Bane wouldn’t have been my choice, but in Nolan I trust.

  19. Everyone’s missing the REAL news: No more Johnny Depp as Riddler rumors! That’s the best thing about this story.

  20. Maybe some sort of Drug enhancing strength plot with Bane as opposed to the Hulk like character. or just a heavily armoured type. Nolan’s batman is fairly heavily armoured after all. Could lead to Dark Knight returns-esque Bat Suit.

  21. Anne is a brilliant actress. Her Selina Kyle is going to be a treat to see. As for Tom Hardy as Bane, I haven’t a clue what to think.

  22. “I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

    So yeah I guess it is safe to say that Bane will be a little different than he is in the comics…..as if I wasn’t already excited about this movie, now I’m very, very curious to see how they are going to make this work, which I have faith that they will.

  23. hmmm. I’m not sure what I think about that.

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hathaway is a great choice for Selina. 

  25. Actaully, the mayan calnder end in December 22th 2012…so there’s no problem there…

    Also: YES! Catwoman!

  26. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    I can’t be more happy for the cast as I am now!!.  Tom Hardy as B-A-N-E????!!!!!.

    This is AMAZING!.  HURRA for Chris Nolan!!!

  27. Hathaway as Catwoman is awesome.

    But can someone seriously guide me to a good book or 2 with Bane.  Because as of right now the only history i know of Bane is 1997’s Batman & Robin movie. So i’d like some insight.

  28. Nolan will do Bane as well as he did Scarecrow, which is also another funny-looking character, in a certain way. I am eager to see his take on him! Also, Anne Hathaway. Amazing choice for a 1940’s style Selina. 

  29. The only time Nolan stumbles on casting in his Batman movies is when he casts his female lead. Remember how much everyone disliked Katie Holmes? Only for those people to wish she had come back after Maggie’s lackluster performance. And now Anne Hathaway in what will be the most pivotal female role to date in the trilogy? Gotta say I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

  30. This is gonna be goooood…

  31. Have the people bashing Anne Hathaway seen any of her movies?

  32. The Ed Brubaker/Darwyn Cooke noir version of Catwoman (from the Catwoman series and also the Selina’s Big Score OGN) would seem to fit quite well with Nolan’s established tone. Bane… yeah, it’s not the immediate fit, but I can see a few ways to handle it that could work. Interesting, though. Definitely curious as to the story now.

  33. @Baldrick  I don’t think anyone anywhere wanted Katie Holmes back

  34. I like Hardy, but I’m not particularly fond of Bane.  Should be interesting.  

    I don’t really know enough about Hathaway to comment on her, but I trust @Paul’s opinion, so I assume Catwoman will be excellent.

  35. LOVE Anne Hathaway, she’ll make a great Catwoman.

    Bane is a headscratcher, but if anyone can make the concept work it’s Nolan and Tom Hardy. Then again, the idea of someone using drugs to power themselves up to take on Batman makes a lot of sense in the “real world” aesthetic that Nolan goes for with these films. It might not be as much of a headscratcher after all.

  36. @TheNextChampion  It was just the whole rumor. Deadshot, Talia Al Ghul, and The Black Mask. Way too many villains who wouldn’t end up getting enough screen time to flesh them out enough to be interesting. I like the character of Deadshot, but I rather Nolan try to tackle something extraordinary like Bane instead.

    Again, if it was just Deadshot announced I would have been cool with that. The other two weren’t needed. I guess it’s moot now anyway.

  37. I will have to give it time.  I thought Heath Ledger was a horrible choice for The Joker…but I promptly ate my words upon release.  Knowing what Nolan is capable of, I have plenty of faith.

  38. Never have I been more psyched and bewildered!

    I now wonder if the Dark Knight “Rises” also refers to Batman’s recovery after being crippled by Bane.  But that seems like too much ground to cover in a 2 1/2 hour movie.

  39. @SirCox  Taila and the Black MAsk would have been awesome.

    I would’ve liked to see Batman vs. the Gotham City Sirens. Harley back for revenge!!!

  40. And the world rejoiced… Anne Hathaway in a Catwoman costume… Yes please!

  41. The Dark Knight Rises featuring Catwoman, the porn parody writes itself.

  42. I thought Bane was… not white?

  43. @MrPopular  I kinda liked Knightfall, which is where Bane broke Batman’s back, but other than that, the only other thing I know of with Bane which is good is Secret Six.

  44. I really don’t get the people who say “not sure about Hathway as Selina.  Bane??… that’s weird”.

    Guys… it’s CHRIS NOLAN!!.  Anne Hathway is an amazing actress, and Nolan is an amazong director.  Maybe he’s take on her will be the one in Frank Miller’s world.  A high profile prostitud with fighting skills.
    As for Bane??.  I can’t be MORE happy about it.  When they announce Hardy maybe will portay Hugo Strange, well, it was ok, but now that I know he’ll be Bane?.  Damn!.  Did you saw him in Bronson??.  Very Bane like.  Plus, let’s not forget that for a while (in the comics) Bane wasn’t the moronic bulked hulk he is now.  He was a cold blooded master mind, and he even was educated.
    Again… Is CHIRS NOLAN!!.  HAven’t he prrove to us time and again he’s vision is the one?.
    SO happy!!.

  45. Bane is my favorite guy and it will be interesting to see if it works maby like conor suggested the use of drugs and hopefully they will make him smart LIKE HE IS!!  
    Catwomen i think nolen will stray away from the cat gimick and the whip and more just a theif what do you think   

  46. Not sure about this.  I think we will find out that Hathaway is playing Talia instead.  How often are these reports corrected??  I can’t really picture Hathway standing up to a Bale Batman.  “Where(!!) are the prada shoes? Where!!”  C’mon.  I hope we get an extra villain.  Bane?!?!  C’mon.  I vote for Paul Giamatti as the ventriloquist.  That’s a Batman movie I would run to.

  47. if you have seen Bronson you know tom hardy can get big enough to play Bane

  48. SUPER excited for this. Great casting from both and a Nolan spin on Bane sounds fantastic.

  49. Isn’t Bane Latino? Uhhhh why is he being played by an English guy? I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but his history was sort of deeply rooted in growing up in a Latin prison. Wasn’t his dad a revolutionary?

  50. I dunno how I feel about this. Especially Bane, but Hathaway as Catwoman doesn’t really connect either. Then again, neither did Ledger as Joker, so maybe I should just STFU.

  51. This news is awesome. Two great actors. Catwoman is the logical choice for a new female love interest for Batman and makes sense for the story-arc. Those criticizing the choice of Bane are focusing on his current position in the DC universe or his role in Batman and Robin as a brainless bruiser, instead of his strong characterization in Knightfall. Bane Knightfall was not only a physical match for Batman but also an match intellectually. 

  52. I wasn’t aware of Hardy’s past drug problems.  Should help him connect with Bane.

    @SirCox  I’d argue that prison is prison, regardless of where it’s located. 

  53. @SirCox: Well I thought Black Mask would’ve been the perfect choice for another Batman film. Dark Knight showed that the entire mob in Gotham got decimated thanks to the Joker. What better way to get back the organized crime in Gotham then with a man like Black Mask? Then you could’ve had Deadshot be the hired hitman to get rid of Batman for him.

    I’m sure this group of villains will work too, just curious to see how it’ll work. 

  54. I would have preferred Emily Blunt as Catwomen. She would have been perfect.

  55. @PaulMontgomery  I kinda feel ya, but I really didn’t want to go out with Hugo Strange as the enemy. I want to kick-ass drag out fight to close the Nolanverse chapter. I’m working on a time machine now so i don’t have to wait for over a YEAR! I think Hathaway was cast in the Dawin Cooke mode.

  56. I’m curious about how they’ll pull off Bane, but I’m not really that surprised they included him. The Nolan movies have such a gritty, real-world tone that a lot of villains are off-limits because they wouldn’t make sense: We’re never going to see a Nolanized Mr. Freeze, or Man-Bat for that matter. He was only able to pull off Ras al Ghul because he didn’t touch on the immortality or the Lazarus Pit stuff. Bane makes sense because he’s the most threatening non-supernatural, non-super-sciencey character they could pit against Batman.

  57. I knew Bane would be in this movie, now we just need to hear about Talia to make my original guesses correct. Be interesting to see how much story time each villan/character gets, the introduction of Catwoman is interesting… Wonder if Bane really will break the bat.

  58. @Marshak75 This is real. It is from the official studio press release.

    @SirCox The character’s comic book roots are kind of irrelevant to the movie.

  59. I adore Anne Hathaway so I’m pleased.  Then again, it’s for a movie that I have literally no interest in ever seeing, I’m a little bummed.

  60. Is there precedent for Hathaway playing physical roles? I’m hoping for a threatening Catwoman more than a sexy one.

  61. BANE!!!! YES!!!!……i love bane, I was hoping he would  do bane but I didnt think he would fit in his universe, and to be honest I am not sure how he will do it but I know it will be great…..SO HAPPY. BANE!!!!! loved the broken bat storyline, so excited!

  62. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Still wish it could’ve been the riddler

  63. To say I trust in Nolan is an understatement. I would honestly be excited to see his interpretation of any character in Gotham. That said, Bane is not a choice I would’ve seen him go for. Hardy’s a great actor, and I admit that in the weeks since those Hugo Strange rumors I got myself pretty revved up for a Prey type story. However, I’m sure we’ll be treated to an original take on a rather polarizing villain. And we’re sure to get some sweet action sequences too. If nothing else, it will dissolve the impressions left by Batman & Robin.

    Anne Hathaway has shown that she has some serious range. She’s come a long way since Princess Diaries, and it’s become obvious that she doesn’t mind a challenge. My only concern is that despite her best efforts, she’ll still come accross a bit too sweet for Selina. Catwoman is very important to me, and I was hoping for someone with a bit more of an edge. She’s gotta give Bale’s Batman a run for his money, and still turn him on believably. Not an easy task (though I’m sure she’ll look purriffic in costume). Really, I was praying for Marion Cotillard, but that was a long shot. We’re getting a Nolan Catwoman, which is really all I wanted.

  64. Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice for this movie.  I cringed when she was rumored to be cast in Raimi’s Spider-Man.  I agree with others here that said she has a creepy clown face.  If people thought Maggie Gyllenhal & Katie Homes was bad (Which they were) then this is more of the same bad casting.  She was awful in Get Smart and I see her treating this role the same.  She just does not fit in to an acation blockbuster.  She doesn’t know how to pull it off and lacks the charm.

    Bane, meh, could be cool.

  65. Can’t really doubt anything Nolan does after Ledger. A few years ago we all thought paul bettany was the only person who could play the Joker. I’m sure Hatthaway will be fearless in that role. I wouldn’t even be suprised if Selena will take in some of the Talia Al Ghul origin to fill out the trilogy.

  66. Sorry but I just CANNOT see Anne Hathaway pull off Selina Kyle. She is just too much of a innocent girl next door and Selina is anything but that.

  67. Catwoman? Really?  Anyone see how lame that will be?  CATWOMAN?!?!  Purrrrfect?!

  68. @KickAss  Catwoman is a fantastic character.

  69. “She was awful in Get Smart and I see her treating this role the same.”

    @KickAss: Get Smart? Really? That’s your reason? Was there anything that wasn’t awful about that movie? Did she crap all over your big-screen aspirations for Agent 99?

    You’re right though. Get Smart is right on par with everything Nolan has ever done.  

  70. @DarkKnightDetective  That’s why it’s called acting friends and neighbors

  71. Catwoman is a great character and i’m glad they went with her. Anne Hathaway though….i know she’s popular and considered “hot” but i’ve never really thought much of her or the movies she’s been in…actually she borders on annoying for me. Who knows though…the idea of Heath Ledger as Joker i thought was weird at first as well. If anyone can make that work its Nolan. Bane……ohhkaaaayyy….same positive outlook as for Catwoman. 

  72. @DarkKnightDetective

    Hehe, dude, those remarks are virtually verbatim what everyone on the internet said after Heath Ledger was anounced to be playing Joker.

    I’m happy though. I’ve had my fingers crossed for Anne Hathaway ever since rumors floated that she was auditioning. She is one of the best young actresses Hollywood has atm.

  73. Nolan has made two excellent Batman movies so despite being surprised that Bane is in it I’m more than willing to give Nolan the benefit of the doubt.

  74. As a card carrying member of the Secret Six is crazy good cult I think Bane can be done….and done well.  Also, i thought the intial Knightfall arc was pretty damn good.  Keep the Nolan faith.  I’m pumped!

  75. I was hoping for a Talia and the League of Shadows return, but I’m fine with Catwoman as really it allows Bruce to have a love interest that isn’t as noble as Rachael, and I think that makes it even more interesting since Rachael existed in the Nolan-verse.  I think there’s a knee-jerk reaction to Bane since he’s not one of the “classic” villains, however I think that if Nolan makes him not only a physical rival of Batman but a psychological one too, then we’ve got a good story.  I’m guessing Bruce is in a dark place at the beginning of this movie after the death of Rachael and becoming GCPD Public Enemy #1, and Catwoman’s relationship comes as a result while Batman’s mental state allows Bane to manipulate that, plus I would assume Bane is kind of a mob boss since all of the other ones were killed by the end of DK.  As for casting I’m happy with it, again as many has said, Nolan’s earned some trust I would think, Katie Holmes aside.

  76. Like a lot of others here, it seems, I really like Hathaway.  However, she needs to find the RaWr factor that catwoman requires.  RaWr without cheese.  (I trust Nolan too, of course…)  I never would have guessed Hathaway… but I guess I am more curious than worried. 

    I don’t know much about Bane at all, as I’m a lightweight when it comes to me Batman knowledge.

  77. You people should watch Rachel Getting Marrried

  78. @MrPopular  DC did two Bane books, Vengeance of Bane and (the imaginatively titled) Vengeance of Bane II, in 1993 and 1995. They should be fairly easy to find as back issues. They flesh out his origin and such.

    I suspect, as the Nolan quote implied, that this Bane will be less a bruiser and more a strategist. The original character was both, as I recall, so maybe they can get some of those elements in this. Hardy is a fantastic actor, so I expect he’ll be great.

    Anne Hathaway should be interesting. I think she’s very beatiful, even sexy, except for her ears.  When her hair is styled so her ears show, something looks odd. She has ugly ears. There, I said it. Weird, I know, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em. I think she’ll do fine, although she’s never done a role like this before. I don’t think she’ll be as over the top as Michelle Pfeifer was.

  79. That… hm… wow. Honestly, I’d never thought of that before. Normally I’d probably go nuts seeing that, but I trust Nolan. I’m cautiously optimistic

  80. Does anyone trust this “Christopher Nolan” character?

  81. “Sorry but I just CANNOT see Anne Hathaway pull off Selina Kyle. She is just too much of a innocent girl next door and Selina is anything but that.”

    @DarkKnightDetective – I’m guessing you haven’t seen her in Havoc or Rachel Getting Married.

  82. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Or Sex and Other Drugs. 

  83. Bane as Gale Simon writes him is the best character ever. Very excited, looks to be greatness

  84. The good thing about these characters is that we can get the awful Halle Berry Catwoman out of our heads. As well as the silly Bane from the worst Batman movie of all time, Batman & Robin.

    Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are great actors. People want to lump Hathaway into the same category as Katie Holmes or Maggie Gyllenhaall. But they are sadly mistaken. Hathaway can circles around the two of them combined. And as for Hardy. If you thought he was good in Inception, you need to see him in Bronson. Makes his work in Inception look like child’s play. Brilliant performance.

  85. I wonder what this means regarding the rumors from a week ago or so about Talia Al Ghul being in the film. At the time, that was the role that Hathaway along with actresses were rumored to being considered for.

    Interesting to note. Back when Spider-Man 4 was in pre-production, Hathaway was rumored to be playing Marvel’s version of Catwoman, the Black Cat. Guess Hathaway playing such a character was destined to be.

  86. Thanks to all of you suggesting movies with Hathaway where she doesn’t play her usual role. I’m queuing them all up! 😀

  87. @JNewcomb – Enjoy Havoc*

    *she gets naked 😉

  88. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @JNewcomb  What you think of as her usual role is not actually her usual role. 

  89. @j206  Yummy! 😉

  90. Bane will make an awesome villain but I really wish they would have went with deadshot, played by either Robert Downy Jr. or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But this is good too.

  91. Show me a man who says Catwoman is a terrible character, and I will show you a silly person.

  92. @PaulMontgomery  I’m starting to see that now. It’s great!

  93. Now let’s not be saying any nonsense against Maggie Gyllenhaal!

  94. @ohcaroline  I really liked her in THE DARK KNIGHT. I think that the more I watch it.

  95. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like her in it too. It’s just sort of a thankless role. 

  96. Catwoman might be a stretch for Anne Hathaway but that’s what actors/actresses look for.. something new and challenging.  Can’t wait to see how she pulls it off!

  97. @PaulMontgomery  Exactly, but she added more charisma to it than Holmes. I could actually see why Bruce liked her so much in the dark knight. not saying holmes is bad i just don’t think she gave it her all like she did in say “Thank You for Smoking”

  98. Yeah, I think everybody acknowledges the role in The Dark Knight didn’t have much going on, but the script isn’t the actress’s fault. 

  99. @ohcaroline – Nothing against Maggie Gyllenhaal at all. She’s a fine actress given the right role. WAAAAAAY better than Katie Holmes. She was fine in The Dark Knight. She has just yet to have shown the acting chops that Hathaway has.

  100. Although she was very kinky in Secretary. 😉

  101. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Lest we equate number of sex scenes with “acting chops”…

  102. @Paul – Hahaha. True, quite true.

    Although on the other hand. For every convincing movie sex scene, there’s about 5,000 terrible ones.

  103. Anne Hathaway… now she’ll make a fine catwoman, I belive she looks more like Selina Kyle than Michelle Pfeiffer, although, the way Michelle Pfiffer played Selina Kyle played the tease that Catwoman was back in those days was perfect… I hope that Anne Hathaway plays the tease and the chemestry between Batman and Catwoman can be felt.

    Bane… Bane… Bane… too soon, what will the character be like???

  104. I wonder if the casting of Hathaway as Catwoman makes this rumor from about a week ago less probable. Its suggests that Eva Green is going to play Talia Al Ghul and Noami Watts play Vicki Vale.


    Seems that would be a whole lot of female characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. I’d be down. But given the casts from the first two movies, seems a bit much.

  105. I think she’s purrr-fect.

  106. You think she’ll have chemestry with Christian Bale just like Catwoman has with Batman?

    What about Bane, what do you think his charecter will be like?

  107. @drunkyod – Watch Bronson.

    Really, everybody here who is interested at seeing the insane places that Tom Hardy can go needs to check out Bronson. Really. The performance is that good.

  108. @j206  Agreed. Bronson blew my mind. In large part because of Hardy’s performance!

  109. @JNewcomb – Yeah, the movie’s story isn’t super fascinating or anything. But Hardy makes the entire movie simply by how insane and charismatic he is.

  110. @j206  Ok, I’m gonna have to check that out… gotta see if I can find it on Blu-Ray somewhere

  111. Here’s the trailer for Bronson, for those interested in just how crazed Tom Hardy can get.


  112. Bane…what the –? Hmm, could work i guess, i dunno, seems an odd choice to say the least.

    Catwoman! Woo! Let’s hope it’s a little more Brubaker/Cooke Catwoman and a little less Halle Berry.  Hopefully Holly will be in it too.

  113. Hope Hardy gets to keep his accent

  114. With Hardy’s performance in Bronson I definitely think he could do an awesome Bane, but Anne Hathaway as Catwoman has got me a little worried but as everyone else said in the above comments I have faith in Christopher Nolan. And if Inception does not win an Oscar than there’s no justice in the Academy at all!

  115. Yes have you guys never seen Bronson. I hope he plays the same character lol

  116. Lets just hope Nolan isn’t taking a note from Raimi and going out with a bang:-)

  117. @WarrenPeace  You mean “thud”, don’t you?

  118. agree with a ot of people about bane being a head scratcher. everyone is trying to figure out how that fits the nolanverse. i guess we just ahve to wait and see.

  119. Question: Does anyone know of any good Bane stories… the only one I ever read w/ him in it, that I really enjoyed, was Batman: Knight Fall. Which also got me thinking since this may be Nolan’s last film (which I’m kind of hoping it won’t because he always says he is not returning to the Batman world after he completes one, but then he comes out with another one lol), does anyone think that maybe Nolan will go to the legth of having Bane break Wayne’s Back?

    Plus if this is the end to the Nolan version of Batman, I doubt will see an end to this series. Warner bros./Hollywood will find another worthy director to take on the cape crusader because batman is the most popular superhero on the silver screen at the moment – not to mention the fact that he is also the biggest suoerhero money maker as well. If anything they’ll drag out the seriesuntil it dies out.

    On a side note I would love to see a David Lynch version of Batman – just saying.  

  120. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but I don’t have the time to look through over 100 comments. Anywho…

    They may portray Bane like they did in the fourth season of the animated series.  If I recall correctly, Bane was a South American hitman brought in to take on the Bat and some mob goons.  He doesn’t even use the Venom until the very end, and even then, I’m pretty sure it didn’t roid rage him out.

    I could see this working in Nolan’s universe.

  121. @mustanges89  The novelization of No Man’s Land saga had Bane play a key role and it was brilliantly written by Rucka. Highly recommended.

  122. Remember that first movie Nolan did? With the fear-drugs and the microwave water-fryer and the 2nd movie with the cell-phone radar? I dunno…Venom doesn’t seem so far off.

  123. @OttoBott 

    I thought the same Otto.

    BTW, I just finished watching Havoc starring Hathaway and I was very very impressed. In one key scene she deliberatly switches instantly between 5 completely different characterizations and is convincing throughout.

    I’m sold, we have a very good Catwoman.

  124. For all of the vaunted “realism” in Nolan’s Bat-movies, there have been moments of them being just like any  another comic movie.

    How did Batman survive falling from his penthouse with Rachel while his cape was blowing in the wind in non-hang gliider mode?

    Can anyone really explain the cell-phone radar thing?

    And Killer Croc is allready in continuity.

  125. I loved Hathaway’s performance in Havoc so much that I immediately watched “Rachel Getting Married” and was also impressed with her acting in that film.

    Can’t wait to see her in a Nolan film!

  126. @GloriousGodfrey  Oh, jeez, I’m not expecting they’ll have room for Holly but I would certainly love to see her!

  127. Works for me!

  128. I can see this. Catwoman is a thief, so she’s grounded. Bane is just a guy on really crazy steroids. No guys in green suits or crocodile-men. Fits the Nolanverse. Anyway, this Catwoman will easily be better than Halle’s and this can make up for the crappy Bane in B&R.

  129. I’m not doubting Hathaways acting, I’m just saying that she is like the epitome of that cute girl next door whereas Selina needs to look as dangerous as she is beautiful, shes the very definition of the classic femme fatale. I just have a hard time seeing Hathaway pull off a character like that.

  130. The feeling i have always gotten off of Bane wasn’t the stupid Hulk from the movies which i think we are all thinking about, but of a latin drug lord, that not only fits, if you think about Latin drug lords it’s also pretty freaking scary. I’m looking forward to it.

    and also Catwoman so yeah sure whatever. 

  131. not a big catwoman fan. not a big bane fan. i am however a big fan of what nolan has done to bring the batman films back to life since they were murdered by batman forever and batman and robin. i remember when i first heard that heath ledger was gonna play the joker i thought well thats weak and look at how that turned out.im sure we will get great representations of the characters by nolan and whoever is writting it(david goyer?).people are allready passing judgement and we havent even seen a poster yet.give it time the dark knight rises might be the new reference point when we talk about good comic book movie standards.

  132. @azrael the story was written by Goyer and the screenplay by Johnathan and Christopher Nolan.

  133. I have no doubt that Hathaway can pull off catwoman and give us a brilliant new take on the character. She is very, very talented. And beautiful too (clown face? seriously?)

    As others have said, the real surprise here is Bane. Thing is, “super steroids” don’t really fit into Nolan’s world. It seems like there’s this line in the sand that Nolan drew for himself and while things like fear inducing drugs and phone radar made it across, super steroids are one step too far. But the fact that he’s casting an actor of Hardy’s calibre tells me that he has something special planned. Something beyond a muscle bound thug. So im not worried at all. Just intrigued.  

  134. After thinking about it while, I’ve yet to have a problem with Nolan’s casting choices…any of them.  I love everything that Hathaway’s been in and I’ve enjoyed Hardy since his role in Rockn’Rolla.  So honestly, I think this will be fantastic.

  135. i remember first thing i said when i heard Hardy was cast was “Bane”.  And just to repeat what a few have said already, If you are worried about him in the slightest, see Bronson. 
    As far as the woman in the catsuit, I like Hathaway, i always have.  Someone above (and im not digging through this immense thread to find the tag) mentioned something that everyone should agree with.  What did you say to yourself when Heath Ledger was cast?
    I Trust Christoper Nolan, and for now, so should you. 

  136. I think the casting – and the character choices – will make for a very engaging third piece to the trilogy. Selina Kyle is a very realistic character-type in crime stories, which is the way Nolan approaches Batman. She is the femme fatale who you are attracted to – and yet – must bring down. Bane is the man who wishes to break the Bat in order to create a name for himself. A powerless man who takes the power of another for his own. Take away the silly venom injections and play up the contrast in his horrific upbringing to that of Bruce’s and you’ve got a very twisted and exciting drama. That sounds really very good to me.

  137. I’m very sad. I’ve loved Hugo Strange since I was a little kid and read the “Prey” storyline in LOTDK. And if you’ve seen Tom Hardy in “Bronson” you can see how amazing he’d be as Strange, he looks exactly like him. But I doubt that the studios are forcing Nolan to do anything he doesn’t want (ala Raimi & Venom) so I’m sure he’s got a great story in it. 

  138. Maybe the era of Bane that Nolan is looking at is his time working with Ra’s and Talia?

    Would make sense as the closer to a trilogy that started with Ra’s and the league of shadows. Maybe a revenge story of sorts for what happened in BEGINS. Take the basic idea that kicked off KNIGHTFALL- That Bane is a mysterious tactitian trying to bring down Batman- add in some elements of the PREY storyline, and throw in Selina as a distraction.

    Could Nolan be really ballsy, and pull the Ra’s reveal for the third time in the trilogy? 

  139. why does everyone want hugo strange if he’s going to be in the next Arkham gane?

  140. It’s pretty clear that the Hugo Strange rumors that were circulating around the internet a few months back were all due to confusion between the movie and video game. Funny how that caused some people to get their hopes up for Strange in the movie.

  141. I just reread some of the Knightfall stuff and the Vengeance of Bane. His dad was a British guy after all, he just grew up in a Latin prison. I withdraw my previous comment about white washing a Latin character.

  142. HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!.  Check this out on the role Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play in DKR:

    Well he has signed on to the film in a villainous role previously undisclosed until now. Levitt will be portraying Alberto Falcone aka the Holiday Killer.He is the estranged son of former mob boss Carmine Falcone (portrayed by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins) who returns to Gotham to take over the underworld once fiercly ruled by his father before the arrival of Batman”.

    This is all according to the site ComicBookMovie