The Best of the Week in Panels – 10.24.2012

Do you have panels, Phil? Because if you do, you could always use a little more, right? I mean, who couldn’t? But you wanna know something? I got the feeling… you ain’t got any. Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right?


Captain America #19

By Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting, Frank D’Armata, & Joe Caramagna

Bucky, noooooo! Do you know how much– NOOOOO!


Batman: The Dark Knight #13

By Greg Hurwitz, David Finch, Sonia Oback, & Rob Leigh

There has been a lot of scary imagery in this Scarecrow storyline but none more so than the good doctor donning an old military helmet and gas mask to terrorize Batman.


The Avengers #32

By Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Mayhew, Brandon Peterson, Jason Keith, & Cory Petit

Janet is REALLY happy to see her friends again.


Batman, Incorporated #4

By Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn, & Dave Sharpe

The sagging latex mask that looks like a melting face? That is freaky. But it’s also indicative of Burnham’s incredible attention to detail.


A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1

By Skottie Young, Gurihiru, & Clayton Cowles

This made me laugh.


The Flash #13

By Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, Ian Herring, & Wes Abbott

I’m going to continue to highlight these double title pages until they stop becoming awesome.


Secret Avengers #33

By Rick Remender, Andy Kuhn, Matthew Wilson, & Clayton Cowles

Offered without comment.



  1. Baby Galatus made me laugh, too.

  2. Hold on, Janet the Wasp is back? Or am I mistaken?

    And if so, wasn’t her hair black?

  3. the BDK panel is surprisingly awesome.

  4. The Secret Avengers panel intrigues me, partially because of the content and partially because the art looks pretty damn good.

    Also, I was hoping something from AvX Babies would make it in. Glad it was Lil’ Galactus.

  5. I wish artists would draw covers for things, photos, and text on buildings and books, it always looks so fugly when it’s Photochopped in like in that Cap panel.

    Galactus is a great panel.

  6. I was hoping to see some love for Incredible Hulk this week in panels. It had some pretty choice scenes. Oh well!

  7. I know that no one here reads it, but Journey Into Mystery this week was by far the best thing released, and capped off a run that I think is the best long form run Marvel has published in the last decade.

    It deserved a panel!

  8. is that not a spoiler alert or what on batman inc.??

  9. Three years since Wasp died and I STILL don’t understand what happened to her at then end of Secret Invasion. And hat Galactus picture is fantastic!

    • I thought that they killed her off at the end of SI because they were throwing darts at the names of expendable characters and her name was hit.

  10. The detail on the fake mask in Batman INC was great….But the rest? Not so much. Could not tell that was Jason until Damian said so in the next panel.

    Probably the best moment for me is the Tiger attack in All Star Western. Can’t go wrong with tigers.