The Best of the Week in Panels – 08.18.2010

Here's lookin' at you, panels.

Thunderbolts #147

by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker, Frank Martin, Albert Deschesne

John Walker was Captain America once. These punks think a missing arm, leg, and a wheelchair will stop him from kicking their ass?  This was the opening salvo in one of the greatest fight scenes I've read in a long time.  There are about 20 other panels from this sequence that could have made the cut, but this one was my favorite. KLUD!

— Josh Flanagan


Brightest Day #6

By A Lot of People

Oh, look they're trying to tie all of Hawkman's origins together.

*pours strong drink*

*consumes strong drink in one gulp*


— Conor Kilpatrick



By Mr. Sheldon

It's almost better without context.

— Josh Flanagan


DC Universe: Legacies #4

By Len Wein, Joe Kubert & Pete Carlsson

Despite the fact that I haven't read a ton of stories featuring him, and I don't know a whole lot about him, I love Sgt. Rock. He's that great, classic World War II character: gruff (but lovable) and extremely competant. So you can imagine my shock when, right before I went to bed, I read DC Universe: Legacies #4 and saw him get riddled with German bullets while trying to save a little girl from being caught in the cross fire in the chaotic moments after Germany surrendered but not all of the soldiers were told of the ceasefire.

I… I… I thought he made it out of the war… *sniff*

— Conor Kilpatrick


Avengers Academy #3

By Christos Gage, Mike McKone, Andrew Hennessy & Jeromy Cox

When you play the Divinyl's "I Touch Myself" backwards? It's Wagner.

— Paul Montgomery

Darkwing Duck #3

By Ian Brill, James Silvani, Andrew Dalhouse & Deron Bennett

That is a lot of weaponary.

— Conor Kilpatrick



  1. Marvel says Avengers Academy is rated "A," by the way. Ages 10 and up. Everybody soak in the prison rape reference a few pages earlier?

  2. Damn you, Negaduck!

  3. Seriously. I do not give a crap about Hawkman. The art is fine but the character single handedly earned Brightest Day a 2/5. That Darkwing Duck is sweet though.

  4. Whoa, there’s trouble! I feel like there’s someone I should call…

  5. Negaduck! *Squee*

  6. I love that while Valkyrie is telling the under-age group (at least they look it) about the joy of mechanical stimulation she has gotten them all pints of frosty mead.  If I have kids, this is the same way that I will talk to them about the birds and the bees!  Thanks Marvel!!

  7. Agreed on the Avengers Academy panel pick–that book made me laugh out loud more than once this week!

  8. stop trying to ‘explain’ hawkman, damn you DC! just start afresh and make good comics. he’s got wings , a mace… what more do you need?

  9. NNNnegggaaaduck!!!

    The same response he inspired when I was 7.

    Also, that Thunderbolts panel is solid gold. I want that trade…  

  10. I’m waiting to buy Thunderbolts and Darkwing duck at the second comic store in town and I’m really regretting that decision at the moment.

  11. I saw that panel in Brightest Day and thought, "Is this the cohesive, character history spanning retcon Geoff Johns finally falls flat on?" I’m still on the fence. Although for a cave drawing, that’s a pretty impressive diagram.

  12. Hmm, looks like I may have to start buying Avengers Academy and Darkwing Duck. The Sgt Rock story was tragic, to get cut down just seconds before the Germans heard of the armistice…

    I bet it was some really evil Nazi SS guy who just ignored the armistice and said "let me just kill this one more filthy American first!"


  13. Josh is sure right about the Thunderbolts.  You could fill up this article with panels from that issue.

    I like the Brightest Day "By a lot of people," lol.  Next to the pacing the Hawks were one of the primary reasons I dropped Brightest Day.   Still not regretting that.

  14. @Ironclad academy might be my favorite avengers book

  15. That Legacies panel is my favorite panel of the week.  That is a very solid back up.

  16. Three things:

    1) Thank god I don’t have to endure confusing and pointless retconning of the Hawks.

    2) Sgt Rock actually gets KIA!? Noooo!!!

    3) Where is the Comics Code when you need them for Avengers Academy?

  17. The best panel of this week was clearly THAT page of Ex Machina, but I appreciate the numerous trade/HC readers will not see it for a few months.

  18. Boom "gets" Darkwing!  Awesome panel.  Great comic.

  19. You absolutely do not need the Comics Code Authority for anything, and certainly not for Avengers Academy.

    And whoever said it above was right: Academy has quickly jumped to "most anticipated" Avengers book in just a few issues. Solid, solid stuff.


  20. many thanks to the 11’o clock crew for turning me onto Darkwing Duck, it has been stellar and here is just a bit of proof.

  21. How to incorporate this speech into future parenting? 

  22. The best part of the Avengers Academy panel is how interested Veil looks.

  23. Good choices Conor. Didn’t Sgt Rock’s creative team, Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert, always say Rock died on the last day of the Second World War? I never thought I’d see it, though.

    Here’s one of my favourite panels of the week, Bizarrogirl from Supergirl #55.

  24. I love the trying to fix Hawkman, I am enjoying the arc because I like the two Hawks. They just need to commit to something and tell everyone the other stuff doesn’t matter. I like the egyptian star crossed lover thing, to die and be reborn, fall in love and die again. The Hawkworld stuff I don’t know but I didn’t read that when it was out. So I’m waiting to see how I feel about it.

    Sgt. Rock dying moved me. If anyone deserved to make it out and look at the kids in the 60s with disgust it was Rock. 

  25. Okay, that Avengers Academy panel means I’m going to have to go back to my LCS and see if they have any left.  I’ve been trying my best to weed out an Avengers book but they keep sucking me back in…

  26. I actually thought the first time Geoff Johns retconned the Hawkman origin in JSA was just fine…  that they’re tweaking it now is a bit iffy for me, I’m on the fence.  All Im telling myself here is, since that retcon, the Hawks have died once and have been brought back at the end of Blackest Night.