The Best of the Week in Panels – 05.30.2012

I need a drink.


FF #18

By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Chris Sotomayor, & Clayton Cowles

Don’t make Blackbolt angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Rocketeer Adventures 2 #3

By Matt Wagner, Eric Canete, Cassandra Poulson, & Shawn Lee

I honestly could have filled this entire feature with every page from Matt Wagner and Eric Canete’s gorgeously rendered story made up of evocative full page images.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Batman Beyond Unlimited #4

By Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen, Randy Mayor, & Saida Temofonte

Grumpy Old Men 3: Starring Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent

— Conor Kilpatrick


Wolverine and the X-Men #11

By Jason Aaron, Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong or Norman Lee, Justin Ponsor, & Chris Eliopoulos

I never get tired of someone clocking Gambit.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Peter Panzerfaust #4

By Kurtis Wiebe, Tyler Jenkins, Alex Sollazzo, & Ed Brisson

I love this image. It’s beautifully constructed with just a hint of romance and whimsy which contrasts mightily with the world going on around these characters.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Superman Family Adventures #1

By Art Baltazar & Franco

It took Superman way too long to figure out who sent those robots.

— Conor Kilpatrick


The Incredible Hulk #8

By Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon, Frank Martin, & Chris Eliopoulos

It’s the silent beat that makes this page.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Batman Annual #1

By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jason Fabok, Peter Steigerwald, & Sal Cipriano


— Conor Kilpatrick


The Walking Dead #98

By Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

(Click to see the full spoilery image.)

You got something in your eye, there.

— Josh Flanagan



  1. Quick question: why is Hulk bald!? 0_o

  2. Don’t know why on earth you picked that hulk panel, the huld looks awful in that panel

  3. That Cap/Gambit panel is a mess. Why is Gambit’s ear on backwards?

    • Because Gambit is a very poorly constructed mutant?

    • I love the idea of Cap cracking anyone, especially characters that should know better and I actually like Gambit but that art sucks.

    • @RABinRVA: Because that’s how hard Cap punches.

    • That art is awesome. Bradshaw did great in that issue. I like both the artists on that title.

    • I just thought that, as a “lapsed” geek in the variety of Earth People [as we will come to be known], some of us have larger ears than others.
      As a ‘boomer’, I’ve worked with/been related to more than a few folks whose ears look strange from the front as well as the back.
      And I’m talking humans

      Ears keep growing as you age. Look it up.

      Just Sayin.’

  4. Punching Gambit in the face is like the Christmas present that keeps on giving.

  5. What’s your drink of choice Conor, I’ll try and send it over ASAP. Also, kudos for the spoiler-prevent on the Walking Dead panel, it’s appreciated.

  6. Mickey Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    Black Bolt -> A-mazing!

    Rocketeer is back and looks as good as ever

    Nice to see Future Clark in Batman Beyond

    Great action in that Cap panel, reminds me of Gil Kane. He was the master of selecting the moment of greatest physical tension and illustrating it.

    Peter Panz. -> Pure romance. Just lovely!

    They make Superman comics for kids now? 😛

    Hulk’s looking like Brainiac there! Especially with those bullets placed there in the last panel!

    Don’t know what’s going on in Batman Annual but that image has convinced me to check it out.

    I am pitifully far behind in WD. I think I left around 85 or so. Ah well, they’re better in chunks anway.

  7. I can’t stand Steve Dillon’s art, cannot stand it I say.

    On the flip side, that Black Bolt image at the top looks awesome.

    • He has his moments, but he shouldn’t be allowed to draw the Hulk, ever. The Hulk looks ridiculous with a Dillon-face.

    • I won’t say I can’t stand Dillon, but he is definitly overrated. The only book he seems apropriate for to me is Punisher, with teeth like I can’t help but want to see them kicked in.

  8. That was a fantastic job editing that Walking Dead image. Well done.

  9. Why’s he gotta “stay angry” anyway? Ah – I don’t really care.

  10. I love Punisher with the beard, suits him and while I love the pace and silent beat of the panel, the art is a little wrong for this book, cover art is amazing and Checceto over on Punisher is tight.

  11. The Peter Panzerfaust panel was my favorite this week. it was a nice quite moment in the series that felt right and was much needed.

  12. Liced the whole Blackbolt & Franklin scene, just shows even more potential of Franklin will become!

  13. So many good panels in FF. i wish i had been able to grab a copy of Rocketeer Adventures:(

  14. that “spoiler free” silhouette on the Walking Dead panel sure looks like a certain character that I really like and have been concerned about since reading the last page of last issue. I might be wrong, but I’m not as impressed as others on the editing job for the panel. I don’t get to buy my books until Sunday, so maybe it’s my fault for looking before then, but you’re supposed to leave WD alone. I thought we had a deal! God I hope I’m wrong.

    • There’s always a potential for spoilers in this feature, which is why we list the titles on the first page.

    • and that’s certainly fair, it’s just that everyone is usually so good when it comes to that book in particular, I took it for granted. It’s different than most books because everything that happens in it is so permanent, especially death. Spoilers schmoylers is usually my attitude, and I listen to the podcast all the time even when i haven’t finished my stack. I just make sure I read the pow’s first if it’s something I’m reading.

    • Imagine how Conor felt when I emailed it to him.


    • yeah, well sorry’s not gonna bring him back, now is it Josh. Although it’s not like he would be any less dead if i hadn’t seen that image. If you can’t tell, I’m kidding. I’ve said my peace and have now moved on to the final stage of grief, drinking.

    • Who said he was dead?

  15. I’ll stay hopeful, but that doesn’t look like some shit you can survive. Tell that to the giant hole in another character’s head in that book though, I guess.

  16. I’m pretty sure that Cap-punching-Gambit panel is literally the best thing Cap has ever done since Captain America #1’s cover.

  17. oh man looks like i need to start buying wolverine and the x-men again. i hope gambit gets punched every issue!

  18. “It took Superman way too long to figure out who sent those robots.”

    He doesn’t know anyone named Exl!

  19. I love Steve Dillon’s art. That said, his Hulk looks super off. I’m still tempted to buy his issues of Hulk, though.

  20. Timmy Wood Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    That Aarron/Dillion Hulk looks great. I gotta get on that.

  21. The best thing about AvX so far is that I’ve seen Cap clock Gambit in three different books!

  22. Gambit has way more character than Cap mon ami, and is way cooler. He won their fight via having more entertaining dialogue

    • Gambit is Carson Daly with powers and a duster. He’s everything Mac and Dennis on It’s Always Sunny hope they are when they wear “the duster” which is exactly the kind of guy you shouldn’t emulate.

      I hope the next crossover just ends up being Gambit vs. Everyone and we get panel ofter panel of him getting jacked in the jaw.

    • I think Gambit won the fight, just the author decided that Cap is apparently impervious to his costume being charged up and exploding all over his chest.

      “What, this? It’s just a flesh wound!”

    • First of all, the duster rules, and I’ve learned much from Dennis. Secondly, Gambit predates Carson and his personality is nothing like him homme, though Gambit’s video countdown would be da best der is.