The Best of the Week in Panels – 05.23.2012

Young man, I hear you and your friends are stealing pages. But you don’t even send a panel to my house. No respect! You know I’ve got three daughters. This is my neighborhood. You and your friends should show me some respect. You should let me wet my beak a little. I hear you and your friends cleared 600 panels each. Give me 200 panels each, for your own protection. And I’ll forget the insult. You young punks have to learn to respect a man like me! Otherwise the cops will come to your house. And your family will be ruined. Of course, if I’m wrong about how much you stole, I’ll take a little less. And by less, I only mean – a hundred panels less. Now don’t refuse me. Understand, paisan? Understand, paisan?… Tell your friends I don’t want a lot. Just enough to wet my beak.


Batman, Incorporated #1

By Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn & Patrick Brosseau

Oh Grant Morrison. I’ve missed you and I’ve missed Damian.


Secret Avengers #27

By Rick Remender, Renato Guedes, Bettie Breitweiser or Matthew Wilson & Chris Eliopoulos

Thor solves every problem with the business end of his hammer. You do not want to ask him to crack your back.


All-Star Western #9

By Justin Grey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Moritat, Gabriel Bautista, & Rob Leigh

This was a true and welcome surprise.


Prophet #25

By Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis, Joesph Bergin III, & Ed Brisson

I love the simplicity and power of the last two panels.


The Flash #9

By Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, & Wes Abbott

Manapul is a beast and so is Grodd.


Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #2

By Jacob Semahn, Nuno Plati, & Joe Sabino

I was really caught off guard by the art in the back up story. It was simple and elegant and graceful.


Batman, Incorporated #1

By Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn & Patrick Brosseau

This is Chris Burnham at his Frank Quitely best.



  1. Burnham has kicked ass on this issue. He’s really made a big step up on this issue.

  2. I loved the panel where Batman & Robin just looked at each other after the guy falls out of the sky. Their expressions were stupendous. It said everything.

    • “Looks like your mother’s trying to get my attention again.”

      Yeah that was good. I’ve exchanged many looks like that with my father after my mom has done something completely irrational. Like having her man-bat ninjas drop a fat man from the sky for instance. Women.

    • It was such a great beat and in a perfect place at the end of the page before the turn.

  3. Bat-Cow? As in “Tiny Titans” Bat-Cow? Awesome!!

  4. Damian and Bat-Cow (hmm…potential spin-off?) was my panel of the week as well.

  5. love the fact that you can’t see where the fight starts and ends, the circle makes your eye follow it round multiple times feels like the fight goes on and on.

  6. Burnham is quickly becoming my favorite artist.

  7. I honestly had to check the credits and make sure Burnham wasn’t sharing this issue with Quitely when I got to that mutants fight.

  8. I couldn’t imagine an alternate universe where that Batcow panel DIDN’T make it into the Best Panels list.

  9. Who is the woman from that All-Star Western panel? I’ve only read Jonah Hex through ASW, so is she from previous tales with the character, or am I forgetting an appearance earlier in this series?

    • Tallulah Black. I don’t know how much of their history remains in this incarnation, but she was Hex’s lover from the previous series. She’s just as vicious and hard as Hex.

  10. Great picks. I’d hoped Batman Inc. would show up more than once here.

    Who’s the girl in the All-Star Western panel? I dropped the series a while back and haven’t been keeping up.

  11. I read the Damian/Bat Cow panel, turned to my roomie and said “This is definitely going into iFanboy’s Panel of the Week.” It was hilarious.

    Also, I never read Jonah Hex pre-New 52, so who was that reveal supposed to be?

    • Dude, I did the same thing about Bat-Cow! Except the only people in the room were my sleeping wife and 8 week old child… So I kept my comment to myself

  12. Damn it!

    I missed the return of Tallulah Black!?!? I dropped ASW months ago because it just didn’t have the magic that Jonah’s previous book had. I was a HUGE fan of that run. Looks like they just tempted me to come back for at least a minute.

  13. I have yet to read any of my comics and I don’t wanna know what happens in Batman INC till tomorrow…

    …But man that image of Damian and the Cow raises more questions then answers.

  14. I just noticed that the blood under Robin’s feet makes a Bat signal … priceless

  15. Burnham is real good, while he and Pitarra and Gabriel Rodriguez all have a Frank Quietly-esque style, they all do it well without straight up copying it and I love Grant with Burnham from day one.

  16. Batcow made me chuckle. Always weird to get reminded that despite all the brutality and ninja moves, Damian is in fact, still a little kid.

  17. If Burnham doesn’t become a superstar after this story arc, nothing will do it. The man is like a funnier Frank Quitely who can actually hit deadlines. He’s absolutely amazing.

  18. i didn’t notice the bat emblem of blood under the cow until just now. awesome.

  19. Batman, Incorporated #1 was the first DC comic I have picked up in a very long time. Didn’t know what was going on half the time. But The art is freaking amazing. Will pick it up again. Great panels this week.