The Best of the Week in Panels – 03/17/10

Sometimes comic book panels make you cheer, sometimes comic book panels make you laugh, and sometimes comic book panels are just plain badass.



Siege #3
Siege #3

There are a couple of great things about this panel. Number one, look at Norman's face. That is one fantastic punched-in-the-face expression. I've been waiting for what seems like years to see that expression. I can almost hear his neck snapping. That's fantastic. The other thing that's great about this panel is conceptual. I love what it represents. The long, dark reign of terror at Marvel Comics that was life post-Secret Invasion is finally about to come to and end. That is all realized in one single panel. — Conor Kilpatrick



Irredeemable 12
Irredeemable #12

This panel depicts the time that the Plutonian's foster brother almost suffered an unforeseeable freak accident while playing America's pastime, Cliff Football. Apparently, sometimes your teammate says, "Go long!" and then throws a perfect spiral directly off a cliff, a cliff which you have chosen as one of the end zones you'll be running for. Either this creative team is not made of born athletes, or poor Loren's life is less threatened by the Plutonian than it is by the state of his local schools. — Jim Mroczkowski



Brave and the Bold #32
The Brave and the Bold #32

J. Michael Straczynski has one message for you and it's this: Don't fuck with Aquaman. His army is bigger than yours. — Conor Kilpatrick


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jesus Saiz killed it on Brave and the Bold. Book was stupid pretty. 

  2. Thats one great looking Spider-Man.

  3. I like this idea.  Keep these new article ideas coming.

    That Aquaman spread NEEDS a Narwhal.  You can’t beat the unicorn of the sea.  (Unless, of course, you have a unicorn in space [with rainbows].)

    I should probably know this, but why is Osborne’s face green? (Is he the goblin, again?) 

  4. take a lot at that aq-army and tell me "talking to fish" is a stupid power

  5. "take a look" – doh

  6. Hahaha, I thought this meant convention panels. D’uh.

  7. @stuclach-I’m just happy that the panel had a dolphin. Now if it would have featured a King Crab, well then I would have just lost my shit completely.

    Very cool article idea. I approve.

  8. @stuclach – his face was painted like that under the armor. So, yeah, he couldn’t contain the crazy any longer.

  9. Best of the week in panels. Love the idea. Aquamanpanel is an instant classic.

  10. That Aquaman one is pretty cool.

  11. When Aquaman comes back Jesus Saiz needs to be the penciller

  12. You can’t beat that Aquaman panel, pure badass.

    The panel, or page I think technically, with all the Corps making a ‘net’ for Black Lanterns in GLC was also great. Beautifully done by Gleason and it is very pretty. Considering it is a net of death.

  13. Hmmm – Unlike covers, this segment is going to have spoilers, isn’t it? I will try and refrain from clicking next time. Do not click the shiney, candy-like iFanboy link button!

  14. I second @TheNextChampion, that may have been the coolest panel I’ve seen in comics in a while.

    Another favorite panel of mine was in Siege this week when Ronin is kicking Hawkeye in the face, mostly for the look on Hawkeye’s face

  15. @daccampo -Thanks.  I plan on grabbing the Siege trade, but have no real idea what is happing in thus far.

    @drake – A King Crab riding on the back of a Narwhal would be incredible. 

  16. That Brave & The Bold issue was a rare 5 rating and possibly pick of the week for me (still haven’t gotten to all my books).

    Changed my perspective on Aquaman.

  17. That one panel just sold one copy of the Brave and the Bold.  to me.  2010  – the year of Aquaman!

  18. Gentlemen: I hope this is a new weekly feature!

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @HailScott – Yessir. Anything with a date stamp in the title is a weekly feature. 

  20. Straczynski rocks.

  21. I guess my original comment didn’t go through? While I can appreciate the depth of the panel JIm picked, I don’t think it means as much to me without the context. Still nice juxtaposition of image and text which is basic comics. The panel from Brave & Bold, however, was 99% of the reason I picked it as my favorite book this week. Way to make a Kingly character Majestic, way to make his power – often considered lame – look powerful, way to make the sea dangerous. Awesome. I do like the panel from Siege. That said, I was really blown away by the double-page spread with the three panels and the Cap/Cap overlay on the left hand side. Copiel is really the star of Siege.

    @Paul You forgot to say ZING!
  22. The panel from Siege #3 is great!

  23. I’ll say this now.

    Brave and the Bold is the best book, if not the most enjoyable book, DC is putting out right now.

    And you can’t find a bigger Green Lantern fan anywhere than me.

  24. Cool new idead, I like it!

  25. Plenty of great art this week.

  26. That dolphin looks happy.

  27. I think my favorite panel this week was in X-Men Legacy #234, where after Rogue accidentally telepathecally broadcasted all her intimate thoughts about Gambit to the entire island, she did a hurried walk of shame past everyone while they were snickering at her and giving her odd looks. It was a very funny panel, as Rogue’s look of embarrassment was priceless.

  28. LOVE this! Hope it stays every week. 

  29. This is a great feature. It should definitely become a regular feature. LOVE the Aquaman panel!

  30. the aquaman panel is by far the best one!

  31. Looks like I picked the wrong month to drop Brave & Bold. Daaayom that is a sweet panel. Though, if this were to include 2 page spreads, Siege wins multiple times, hands down.

  32. @ Everyone- What did you guys think of Green Lantern Corps #46’s second to last panel of Vath’s heroic moment? 

  33. i really like this new feature