The Best of the Week in Panels – 03.14.2012

The spinny beach ball will kill us all.


Demon Knights #7

By Paul Cornell, Diogenes Neves (or Robson Rocha), Oclair Albert (or Julio Ferreira), Marcel Maiolo, & Jared K. Fletcher

You know, when she says it I believe it.


Wolverine and the X-Men #7

By Jason Aaron, Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong (or Norman Lee), Justin Ponsor, & Rob Steen

This is going to cause some (delightful) drama around the school.


Batman and Robin #7

By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz, & Pat Brosseau

I’m going to go with… “No”?


Saga #1

By Brian K. Vaughn, Fiona Staples, & Fonografiks

Even robots with TV heads get the blues.


The Ray #4

By Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Jamal Igle, Rich Perrota, Guy Major, & Dave Sharpe

DC Entertainment’s lawyers have instructed me to tell you that that is definitely NOT Samuel L. Jackson or Nick Fury, or any combination or amalgamation of the two.


The Punisher #9

By Greg Rucka, Mirko Colak, Matt Hollingsworth, & Joe Caramagna

Just a soldier calmly going about her business of capping four dudes. A vintage Greg Rucka sequence.


Suicide Squad #7

By Adam Glass, Clayton Henry, Scott Hanna, Val Staples, & Jared K. Fletcher

That is icky.


Fantastic Four #604

By Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Rick Maygar, Paul Mounts, & Clayton Cowles

You brought a knife to a Galactus fight.



  1. Batman and Robin had a few awesome panels(that double page spread was breathtaking).Also, should I be reading Suicide Squad? Look like great stuff!

    • If you get issues 6 and 7 of Suicide Squad, you’ll be able to get a feel for what it’s all about. I was apprehensive of trying the series out myself, but those two issues proved to be pretty enjoyable, and I’m interested enough to at least finish the current storyline.

  2. Yes! I’m so happy you got that page in from Batman and Robin for this. It’s my favorite moment of the week for so many reasons. It’s a badass moment to be sure but also, I think it’s the best example to show why this title has a perfect art team. Everything about that page, from the pencils to the coloring, was just outstanding.

    I really want to read Saga on the basis of the robots….what the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING about the actual plot?

    • Well in a nutshell it’s hard to answer your question about Saga without giving anything away, but the robots do seem like they will have quite a large role to play in the main plot of the book. If I were you I would just go out and buy the issue. It’s good.

    • @batglassjaw: Oh I’m sure in the long run it’ll all make sense.

      But as a person who hasn’t read it yet, or for anyone who doesn’t follow comics, it is kinda strange….oh using the word ‘kinda’ is wrong. It is strange.

    • @TNC—– It’s also available digitally (I got it promptly Weds. Am , afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get a copy)

  3. Great panels, man. My fave would be from Scarlet Spider #3, when Kaine is swingin’ around Houston… Until he runs out of skyscrapers and crashes!

  4. Patrick Gleason’s art on Batman & Robin has been amazing.

    • Agreed. It’s right up there with Capullo’s work, in my opinion.

    • best thing about those 2 is that they don’t seem to be losing any steam. 10 solicitations and still no fill-in artist planned. How many artists can still do that (and make it beautiful, Bagley).

  5. The moment I saw that panel in Fantastic Four I knew it had to be in Best of the Week.

  6. Love the Batman and Robin panel, there were some other good ones in that issue as well but this was by far the best panel in any of the books I read this week.

  7. Just a suggestion but you guys may want to put a NSFW tag on the link on front page

  8. Future Franklin Richards just made Galactus his herald in order to kill some space gods.

    This is why I read comics.

  9. It just occurred to me that those TV headed people can’t have oral sex. Unless, of course, Vaughan has some other cool ideas in mind.

  10. Loved that Batman and Robin panel. Question, though: What’s Batman doing threatening to break his code and flat-out kill Nobody? Are we just supposed to figure that because his son’s life is as stake, he’s willing to make an exception? Not a criticism really, just a thought I had.

  11. MarkCWarner (@MarkCWarner) says:

    Loved this week’s captions. But “You brought a knife to a Galactus fight.” was my birthday gift.

    Thank you

  12. Some great stuff this week.

    Kitty and Bobby works so well I’m amazed no one’s done it before (don’t internet-slap me Ron).

    The B&R pick might be the most badass moment in a pretty badass week.

    Also, “robot sex blues” should be a band. An album at the very least.

  13. Can’t argue with that choice of panels from Wolverine & the X-Men, but the panel from the same page or so with Broo in shadow leaning up against the building holding the bloody shirt actually made me tear up. So I have to mention that panel.

  14. Great selection, though the government rep in The Ray doesn’t strike me as especially Jacksony.

  15. “knife to a Galactus fight” is awesome!!!

    And damn, that Batman panel is killer. Ha.

  16. “You brought a knife to a Galactus Fight”! Hilarious made my drive home!

  17. I get the feeling that the Robot Kingdom’s joke is that they do normal people things, but they’re TV-head robots. I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

  18. What the fuck is up with all this face skinning all of a sudden?

    • There has been 3 face skins that I know of. This is just a continuation of the first one. The shade one was of no consequence and who knows what actually happened with the other one since fantomex is involved.

    • Still, three face skinnings within a couple months of each other is way above the norm. We’re way past “grim and gritty” at this point.

  19. The Ray has been a fun and pleasent surprise for me. Hope to see more in the near future!!!

  20. if was him I would be shitting my pants like Bobby in that panels as well. He knows huge russian dudes don’t enjoy their rug being cut

  21. If there was a “panel of the week” it has to be the one with Franklin Richards. I became positively giddy reading that. At age 38, I don’t often feel like a 10 year old anymore, but that scene did it for me. Thank you for that, Hickman and Epting.

  22. Such an awesome week – kudos, Conor! (hope you’re feeling better)

  23. Good choices this week Conor, loving that Punisher #9 panel the best. The sequence in the panels is well done, cool and calm, that’s how to cap four guys.

  24. I love fantasy comics but they’re just not done that often. That Demon Knights panel is simply awesome. If I hadn’t just blown my entire bank account at Wondercon I’d be buying up the last 7 issues right now. Can’t believe I haven’t read this. Just goes to show what happens when you keep your head buried in the proverbial Marvel dirt for the past 30 years.

  25. Why doesn’t that robot guy want her on top? The answer to that question is always “yes.”

  26. In that Suicide Squad panel, why was the Joker’s eye part of the skinning? Unless it’s the eye of the guy under the skin, in which case, it’s way to high on his face, anatomically speaking. The face also wouldn’t hold the smile or the angry eyebrows without a person and muscle attached to it. But I guess there aren’t people flying around with laser eyes and magic lassos either.