The Best of the Week In… Covers (10/14/09)

.3 seconds is all it takes when you’re in the comic book store for you to look at a cover and decide if you’re going to buy it.  .3 seconds.  It’s a scientific fact.  Well, I don’t know if it’s scientific.  Or if it’s a fact.  But I think it’s pretty close…

Godland #29
Cover by Tom Scioli

I absolutely love the look and feel of Godland.  I mean, look at those colors!  I love how the celestial logo of Godland, in a dark blue, sits on the electric pink background, which punctuates the bright green of the floating skull.  Godland exists on another plane of existence and the cover, done by the comic’s artist Tom Scioli, is your portal to that world.  It draws you in and you may never be the same.

Uncle Scrooge #384

This cover makes me instantly smile.  If you’re like me, and grew up in the 1980s, you probably watched Duck Tales! and have a fondness for Uncle Scrooge.  There probably wasn’t a more perfect depiction of greed than Uncle Scrooge and seeing him still live on in comics is a wonderful thing.

Deadpool #900

You have to give it up for Dave Johnson, who has established himself as one of the premiere cover artists, and recently with the work he’s been doing for Marvel, he’s rivaling Skottie Young as my favorite Marvel cover artist.  This cover to Deadpool #900 takes the classic mudflap girl design, and in a wrap around cover, inserts Deadpool and his enemies in an elegant and dramatic way.  It didn’t get me to read the comic book, but that’s not Dave Johnson’s fault.  It’s a damn fine cover indeed. And yes, I know this is two Deadpool covers in a row, too bad the covers are better than the book itself! *cue rimshot*

And there they are… the BEST COVERS of the week.  At least the ones I think are the best, what do you think? Did I blow this too? 


  1. I loved the cover to Unwritten this week. I like the motif. Unfortunately, it also reminds me of twitter.

    The 12 year old in me loved the cover to GI Joe Origins.  Snake-eyes upside down and firing twin Uzis. I may bust out my action figures. 

  2. Cover of the week for me was House of Myserty Halloween Special #1, anytime you can use a cover and not just look at it you get some bonus points from me. 

  3. I adore the cover for Web of Spider-Man #1. It’s brilliant.

  4. Of the above, Deadpool.  My favorite for the week is Hellboy.  Love the full-grown horns!!

  5. House of Mystery Halloween Special was definitly the best cover this week. It looks awesome. I also loved the Punisher MAX cover. It looked really good.

  6. @stuclach-I’m with you.  Seeing my favorite childhood badass dropping from mid-air to lay his wrath down upon the evil-doers with the Punisher Armory background (the copious guns) instantly took me back.  And the millions of shell casings just put it over the top of excellence.

  7. Unwritten #6 every cover for this series in my opinion has been amazing and this is the best so far. Marvels Project #3 (McNiven) a striking image with eye-catching color, really like it. DMZ #46 this cover is really cool. very unique cover beautifully done. favorite variant- Blackest Night Batman #3 by Bill Sienkiewicz.

  8. @MisterJ – It reminds me of the cover to the old GI Joe #95:

    Pure badass. 

  9. I say "BAH!" to you Ron! The Deadpool stories were indeed solid and made for a very enjoyable read. Shame that there’s such an anti-Deadpool sentiment, he can work really well when used right.

  10. OH man, I love that Uncle Scrooge cover!  I have to think, with the funds that duck has…why would you prop your money up with rickity old pieces of wood?  He is the Howard Hughes of ducks

  11. @stuclach-hell yeah.  Also, that is a very cool GI Joe resource page.  So thanks for the link.  I remember even as a kid, that those comics were nicely written (aside from the lack of casualties, but you gotta sell the toys right?)

    @drake-he uses the rickety wood because he is so cheap.  He probably found the wood at some old run-down building and just took it.  He is so cheap that he is a crook!

  12. @MisterJ-He probably steals copper wiring too.

  13. I’m liking the cover to Deadpool #900.  Dave Johnson is an artist who flies under the radar in my eyes but always surprises me every once in a while. 

  14. @drake-And plumbing fixtures

  15. Low blow there Richards with Deadpool. Low blow…

    Out of the three I agree Deadpool was the best. Dave Johnson is an amazing cover artist and the other cover he did for Punisher MAX #75 was also very striking.

    From my pile though I would say Incredible Hercules had a great cover. Seeing Thor as Hercules and Hercules as Thor is a funny and exciting looking image. I would love to see it as a poster.

  16. Marvels Project #3 was on fire!





    …Because I left it near the stove and it caught on fire.

  17. The Dave Johnson Punisher cover was nice as well.

  18. Great picks, Ron.   For cover art design, Godland is the sh!t.  The inside’s great, too.

    I might take Scalped (JOCK!) or that creepy Fables portrait over Deadpool, but maybe it’s Halloween’s approach that makes me appreciate the more disturbing cover images.

  19. I have no idea what Godland is, but that cover is outstanding. As was the uncle Scrooge cover. when i saw uncle Scrooge i thought for a second I had accidently gone to the Comics Buyer’s Guide website, as every issue of that magazine ever has to proclaim the awesomeness of old Uncle Scrooge comics.

  20. @JohnVFerrigno: More on GODLAND.

  21. I’ve been meaning to check out Godland for quite a while now. The Jack Kirby esque art is just awesome.

  22. Hell yeah, Uncle Scrooge!!! Carl Barks was a badass mother fucker who created some the greatest comic/cartoon characters of all time.

  23. I am buying deadpool #900. I’ll give it a chance.

  24. To each their own Ron.

    Though I’m not sure any of you give Deadpool a fair shot.

  25. And Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose continues to get screwed…

  26. Adventure 3, Anchor and Fables for me this week.

  27. Quit hatin on the Deadpool! jk Loved that issue tho

  28. I have to agree with Ron on THIS Deadpool issue – great cover, lousy inside (and I’m a DP fan).

  29. @ultimatehoratio: Both literally and figuratively! *rimshot*

  30. Batgirl #3 caught my eye from across the room. It looked sensational.