The Best of the Week in Covers – 02.20.2013

Taking note from Haupt
Doing Best Covers haiku
Could go either way


Nova #1
Variant cover by Skottie Young

Young, so luminous
effervescent cosmos
dawn, as viewed from space



Saga #10
Cover by Fiona Staples

Phantom bowels dangle
Under warm tangerine sky
“You shall not pass, ‘K?”


Thor_God of Thunder_5

Thor: God of Thunder #5
Cover by Esad Ribic

Ribic, you godsend!
Let’s do the time warp again
Agnostic fury


Batwoman #17
Cover by J.H. Williams III

Her grace under fire
Why did it have to be snakes?
Alabaster poise

Captain Marvel_10

Captain Marvel #10
Cover by Joe Quinones

Her pilot wings clipped
That big sky never larger
Stars, themselves, beckon

The Hollows_3

The Hollows #3
Cover by Sam Keith

Pink thing in garbage?
Out of the loop on this one
Negative space bliss

Baltimore_The Widow and The Tank

Baltimore: The Widow and the Tank
Cover by Ben Stenbeck

Peg-leg revenge song
All’s unfair in love and war
Momentous mori

Morbius_The Living Vampire_2

Morbius: The Living Vampire #2
Cover by Mike Deodato & Edgar Delgado

Open up, say, “Blahhhhh!”
Rocky Horror Comic Book
Fangs for the mem’ries


Happy! #4
Variant Cover by Frank Quitely

Blue raspberry mule
Horsefeathers and hand grenades
chilling delusion



  1. Paul, no joke – the haiku for Captain Marvel is absolutely beautiful. Good stuff.

  2. That cover of SAGA was made even better by the fact that the cover of every other book I bought was dominated by black.

  3. I like the haiku and the covers. That Baltimore book was outstanding.

  4. Excellent work, Paul!

  5. Sam Keith!! Blast from the past.

  6. I loved how JHW3 capped his big 17-parter story by having the last cover with her in fire. The first cover, she was in water.

  7. Great choices of covers.

    I come for the covers, I stay for the haiku’s.

  8. The Captain Marvel cover is quite striking, while Williams’ Batwoman was as lovely as always.

    Can I also make a case for Ross’ Shadow cover . . ?

  9. Glad you posted the Captain Marvel cover. The covers for that book are consistently awesome. I wish I could say the same about the interior art!

  10. The Shadow Year One had really cool covers and really liked Marcos Martins Nova and Morbius variants. I thought the GL New Guardians would’ve made it on the list. “Spectrum Overload”