TEASER: Marvel NOW! Gets “SAVAGE” with Frank Cho

The latest in the Marvel NOW! teasers from Marvel Comics has been released for books coming in January and this one is none too subtle:

Now, the word “Savage” has been used historically for Conan’s sword, She-Hulk, Hulk and Hulk’s psychiatrist, an entire land and even some Tales. But with those telltale claw marks, it looks like Wolverine is getting the Savage treatment now, and this time, it’s coming from none other than Frank Cho.


  1. I was thinking Savage Land, those could be Zabu’s claws.

    Plus Frank Cho did Shanna, the She Devil

  2. wolverine is likely dumb question what has frank cho done heard of the name but can’t picture the work and is he writer are arts can someone tell me thanks.

  3. With Wakanda Vibranium all gone, the Savage Land is the last major source of Vibranium in the Marvel U. I am hoping this is a reference to them doing something interesting with the Savage Land…And as Gobo said, Cho is very familiar with the cast there.

  4. So he’ll be writing this too? Interesting.

    But… I heard that in January there’s going to be a 5-part Wolverine & The X-Men arc (with a different artist) taking place in the Savage Land. So, I hope the “Savage” in this doesn’t mean this book will be set there too.

  5. Tarza…. I mean… Ka-Zar rules!

  6. Woah, looks like DC finally dropped Hawkman and gave him over to Marvel

  7. Frank Cho is doing a book about “Macho Man” Randy Savage? Killer!

  8. A friend of mine, who works at the comic shop that I go to, told me that the “Avenging Spider-Man” was eventually going to be changed to some Wolverine comic. “Savage Wolverine”?

  9. So this series, whatever it is (most likely it is Wolverine), is only going to last 3 issues at most right?

    Cause with Frank Cho as artist there is no chance this will ever be on time.

    • I’d say the same thing about several of the announced artists on the big Marvel Now titles. If you think it through, you know those big name artists that we’re all creaming over, will be rotating with other artists (at best), or (at worst) simply off to other high profile projects that are still far enough away in the future that they’ll be able to finish an issue in time. It’s that ole bait and switch that Marvel has been so consistently pulling since I started buying comics again a few years back.

    • It’s not like Marvel gives a shit about consistent art. Double shipping makes that impossibile.

  10. What ever happened to Frank Cho’s soldiers-fighting-dinosaurs book from Image? I remember seeing it solicited, but then it never came out. At least we got one issue, complete with zombie/cow sex, before his ZOMBIE KING Image book dissapeared.

  11. you forgot “Savage Submariner”…

  12. Finally, teenager X-23 can get enormous boobs and a bubble butt.

  13. Most of the Marvel now stuff hasn’t really peaked my interested it has been great though to see my friends excited over this relaunch.

    So my question for anyone that cares is why not do relaunch Incredible Hercules? Then Marvel will be getting some one from me.

  14. Cho draws a pretty good Tigra, and she too has claws. Just saying.