TEASER: Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness Reunite for “XXXXX Reborn”

Ominous. According to a press release from Marvel, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are reuniting for a mysterious new project just in time for Christmas. Right now it's just called "XXXXX Reborn."

We'll find out more at SDCC, but until then…



The most obvious solution to the redacted five-letter name is "Bucky." But what else have we got? 









  1. SANTA, hence the December launch.

    Or GOOFY. I mean, if the Wildstorm characters can merge with the DCU, why can’t the Disney characters show up in the Marvel Universe. 😉

  2. It’s probably Bucky. I’m soooo tired of this reborn stuff. Just dont kill off characters in the first place if you know your going to just bring them back next year. I understand bringing characters back after 10 years or so but this is getting stupid. Also I dont care anyway cause if it has Loeb in the credits my new rule is not to buy it. Burn me once Loeb shame on you, Burn me 15 times and “OH THE HUMANITY!”

  3. Peter?  Did he actually die in Ultimate Spiderman?  That would be a terrible name for an event.

  4. @stuclach Yeah pete is dead in ultimate spiderman that’s what bendis says anyway. Also Im 99% sure this is standard marvel universe and not ultimate universe because according to the editors only Johnathan Hickman, Brain Bendis, & Nick Spencer will be writting for the ultimate universe for the foreseable future.

  5. Jesus. Its Christmas time and the Avengers need a new heavy hitter.

    Joking aside, maybe Wanda? Will Children’s Crusade be done by then? Bucky seems the most logical though.

  6. M.O.D.O.K.

    Is he dead? 

  7. Sweet! I’ve been waiting for the return of that Vin Diesel franchise! XXXXX Reborn= XXX 20 Reborn, right?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  9. DOOM!

  10. Torch?

  11. “TORCH”? I dunno.

    Anyway, all worries aside I may pick this up no matter what seeing as how Loeb and McGuinness’ run on Superman was the last thing I was regularly collecting when I stopped reading comics all those years ago. It would feel appropriate to pick up now that I’m back.

  12. @Jhewlett  damn, you beat me to it.

  13. Namor?

  14. They worked together on Cable before, didn’t they?

  15. My only thought is that if Loeb’s involved I don’t really have any interest in reading it.

    Burned one too many times over recent years…

  16. Does it have to be someone who died? Could it just be a character that’s being reinvented?

  17. xROMx

  18. TORCH? X-MEN?

  19. Comic Reborn. It’ll be so meta your head will spin.

  20. NOMAD

  21. S.H.I.E.L. no, never mind.

  22. H E R O E


    guess not

  23. T-O-R-C-H

  24. JOKER

  25. GIJOE

  26. BUCKY?

  27. Joker? Wouldn’t that be DC and not Marvel. I am thinking it cud be X-Men. Its the perfect time for Marvel to bring back Jean Grey and Charles, maybe Nightcrawler?

    If Jean doesn’t show up in this I am sure she will show up in Schism. With Scott and Emma together, it will be awesome to see her join Logan on his team. It might be wishful thinking, but I miss Jean.

  28. Woo! Sentry! it was only a matter of time before they brought him back.

  29. PEKAR

  30. MIMIC ?

  31. Birth Reborn

  32. HULKS?

  33. WAGNER. Kurt Wagner.

  34. BLADE

  35. Oops. KURTW lol.

  36. DRKHK (Darkhawk) Please, please, please!!

  37. Storm Reborn?

  38. Im almost certain this is Cable Reborn. Like @cormano said, these two have history with Cable

  39. Jeph Loeb worked on Cable for a while but I don’t think Ed McGuiness did.  Jeph’s Cable run was mostly drawn by Steve Skroce and Ian Churchill.  There may have been some Randy Green fill in art too I think. 

  40. BEAST? Like timvarguishi said, maybe it’s a re-introduction of a living character. The sooner Beast stops looking like a giant blue Garfield the better that’ll be.

  41. Could this be Avengers Three, the book the two were slated to do from last year’s SDCC?

  42. (Ultimate) Logan?

  43. @Joshrector you’re toatlly right, i was mistakening McGuiness for Churchill. thanks for the correction

  44. So Marvel apparently has the rights to “Reborn” and DC has the rights to “Rebirth.” Interesting.

    Anyway, I’m gonna go with “JESUS.” Loeb/McGuinness are all about the rapture.

  45. Nomad?

  46. @LucasEwalt  –i don’t think anyone can buy the “rights” to noun’s and adjective’s anymore than IBM could trademark the entire Blue color range (the really tried to).

    probably more of sticking to consistency….Marvel using “Rebirth” would just create brand confusion.        

  47. Voodo… hmm too long

    2099! – nah

    Cosmi… nope, not that either

  48. @msarsur  I was thinking that same thing.

  49. SHE-RA

  50. “Death Reborn”
    That’s gotta be it. 

  51. I’m pretty sure our guesses will be a lot better than the answer… especially if it’s Bucky.
    Smart money sez it’ll probably be Cable.

    I’m just glad it’s not Miracle Man.

  52. @thompsonlive  –that’s Marvel’s long strategy right now to increase sales and it seems to be working. Desperate times and all…

  53. Surely this has to be a pretty big-name character for them to do this much hype.

  54. @kennyg Agreed, therefore my guess is…ANNIE (from the Morlocks). Hide your kids! Hide your wi…er, kids!

  55. Whoops, I meant Annalee. Damn, too many letters! So much for that idea.

  56. How about… KIRBY

  57. Personally, I loved —– as a kid. But it really did start to suffer in the 90’s with all the Wolverine crossovers so I didn’t blame them for ending it. But I’m glad they’re bringing it back. And if anyone can write —– it’s Jeph Loeb. And I hope McGuiness can draw all those veins I remember from the original run.

  58. It’s sooooo obvious…

    “Osama Reborn”

    oops…Erik Larsen’s already got that covered.

    Never mind.

  59. captain american? oh wait …never mind

  60. Why is the assumption a ‘dead’ character is being reborn?  Why couldn’t this be a a new chapter in the Heroes Reborn/Return universe?

    Well… I know.  Cause everyoen hates it.  Ah well.

    Also missed one of the more obvious ones:
    Storm Reborn.

    as in… Johnny Storm?

    (oh hey, just noticed dikballistik posted Storm above me). 

  61. @ Kodaiji 

    Yeah, same thought here… it really could be a reinvention of a character, not necessarily a dead one coming back. 

  62. Novva Reborn (this time with 100% more v) please please please.

  63. Magnus Reborn? Bring back Magneto as a full blown evil-doer.

    Nah, that would be too awesome.

  64. Oh wait… I forgot how to count for a bit. Stupid mono…

  65. ORKO

  66. I will be really excited if it’s Storm Reborn as in Ororo. I know she’s not dead, but she sure does need to be reborn at this point.

  67. Its morse code for the number 0. Therefore it must be ZERO from the old Mutant Liberation Front.

  68. @wallythegreenmonster  Oh, I know they don’t actually own the “rights” to words. It’s just humorous to me that they each want to plant the same concept in readers’ minds with the title, but they absolutely do not want to use the same word.


    yeah its bizarro how they’ve become sub brands even though they are common terms. 

  70. SAJAK REBORN! It’s a ploy by Marvel to get the Wheel of Fortune demographic!

  71. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    RHULK reborn? i mean, it is loeb’s charector and bendis got to kill him.

  72. Definately “THREE.” About damn time this comes out.

  73. Torch, Cable or Bucky but most likely Bucky cause they did Cap REBORN, I love Cable but him dying in 2nd Coming is part of what I loved the most of that stories climax and too soon to bring him back.

  74. Out of all the guesses, I have to agree most with Cable seeing as how he’s the only character they would want McGuiness specifically for. That big action figure look.

  75. I can not believe no one suggested  Marvelman

  76. @fx434  Too many letters

  77. Still no Cap White huh?

  78. HYDRA?

  79. I would love Hydra Reborn

  80. wasp spelt wrong waasp

  81. @ato220  Why hell no!

    how about BLADE? First vampire he kills is Edward?

  82. Torcj is the idea I like the most but If Loeb’s writing it I wouldn’t line up for it. My first thought was SKAAR.

  83. With the Cap movie all about it HYDRA seems likely. That is the only thing that sounds good to me.

  84. X-Men

  85. ‘Jason’ Reborn he died but lost his memory at the same time so he forgot he is meant to be dead and starts a quest for the truth that will ultimately be his death.

  86. Or Stark


  87. Usually Loeb and McGuiness means Hulk.  Though it could be Cable too.  Reborn could mean transformation also not just someone dead coming back.

  88. I’m hoping it’s “FARTY“.