Teaser Art from G.I. Joe: Cobra Vol. 2

At some point in the near future, we'll be seeing even more G.I. Joe: Cobra from IDW, and creative team behind the first volume. They sent us some teaser art from the upcoming volume.

Who could that be?



  1. Oh geez. Oh wow. Oh man.

  2. Hellz. Yeah.

  3. That’s fantastic. 

  4. Very nice!

  5. He looks quite dashing.  


    I can’t wait. 🙂 

  6. I am a big fan of the fangs, and the cobra insignia lapel pin.  Take that politicians.

  7. Ok. I love the posture he’s in. The neck craning forward like that is so eerie for some reason. Maybe it’s just me.

  8. Ummm… is it Sgt. Slaughter?

  9. Once a man….

  10. A very daper Mysterio has joined cobra.

  11. Cobra commander? Sorry I have no idea about anything GI Joe, but loved the mini.

  12. any one know who was the artist?

  13. Bruce Dickinson in his fencing outfit?

  14. I like it that he is so proper that he needs to have the collar up to his mask.

    Sweet design though.

  15. Wow.  This makes the film version of Cobra Commander even more ridiculous.

  16. @English if its the same team, then it would be Antonio Fuso

  17. Niiiiiice. I can’t wait for this series to come back.

  18. Why isn’t this series the main GI Joe book?  So excited just for the fact there’s a Vol2 but also Cobra Commander

  19. LIES! LIES!

  20. I think the signature reads "ANTO" and it certainly looks like Fuso’s prior work.

    Heh, turtleneck.

  21. CC has been turned into a hipster.  Wonderful!!  We’ll probably find out he never wanted to be the commander, but his dad made him.

  22. great! really great!!

  23. I love this design. Creepy and aristocratic.

  24. This looks awesome. Cobra Commander is one of my favorite villains and I’m glad to see him looking so good.

  25. the fangs at the chin are a nice touch. almost makes it look like a snake swallowing an egg. and that the rest of his body is reptilian.

     very good design. intriguing. 

  26. Seriously, why doesn’t someone hire this guy to design the next G.I. Joe movie?  Damn that is sweet stuff, so long as he doesn’t have a head of eyes underneath and isn’t from Cobra-La.

  27. Cobra Commander should never not wear boots like that.  Big black Grand Moff Tarkin boots are a must for Cobra Commander.

    And I concur, THIS should be the design of the movie version if they thought the hood was silly.

  28. Yessssss

  29. Big Fan of Vol. 1 cannot wait for #2. I wonder how they are going to get someone under deep cover being that chuckles has been outed. I hope they continue with chuckles because he is such a broken person now really amped for the next one.


    Man this has just gotten me more excited for GI Joe Cobra II, my only nitpick is that I wish he had on his nazi like helmet but hey theres always a chance that his costume will evolve, so I wont complain.

  31. an ascot would make the outfit complete

  32. Creepy… very cool.

  33. As redesgins goes thats pretty goddam good. This bodes well for what has been so far a terrific take on this franchise.

  34. Better than the movie’s costume. I’m in.