The trailer for the ninth DC Universe Animated Original movie is out!


Based on Superman/Batman #8-13 by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner, the film deals with the sudden appearance of Supergirl (strangely, not featured at all in the trailer) and the attempts by Darkseid to hold sway over the newest Kryptonian to come to Earth. Also heavily featured in the film but not at all in the trailer is Wonder Woman. I guess they are aiming this one at boys and everyone knows that girls are icky. Cooties and such.

Purists will be happy to note that Tim Daly voices Superman, Kevin Conroy returns as Batman, and Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman. (And Ed Asner returns as Granny Goodness!) Andre Braugher plays Darkseid and Summer Glau comes on as Supergirl.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse hits DVD and Blu-Ray on September 28, 2010.


  1. Wow they way the drew the characters its in Michael Turner’s style, what a nice tribute to him & his work. Great to hear Tim Daly as Superman again! I wonder if the comic storyline was any good?

  2. I wish the trailer was a bit longer, but can’t wait to catch this when it comes out.

  3. Looks like it could be cool.  The trailer didn’t really give us much though.

  4. @SpiderTitan  That arc was probably my favorite of Loebs run on that series. Really great stuff.

  5. It still bugs me Michael Ironside isn’t doing this film. They got Ed Asner to return as Granny (of all things) but not Ironside?

    Still I hope this is a good film. I haven’t read the story in a long time but from what I remember, this was the last Jeph Loeb story I could tolerate. 

  6. Looks good. It’s nice to see DC getting their movies right.

  7. These DC movies are absolutely killing it! I would however like to see different characters get in on the action. We’ve already seen Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman etc… I get that these are their driving forces, but I’m sure a modern Aquaman movie would be fun to see.

  8. Isn’t Supergirl the one in the gold bikini shooting eye beams at Superman? Also that is a terrible rez for a trailer, is this a leak or something? 

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I’m sold. God, I feel so dirty because it’s a Loeb tale.

  10. It’s funny that the voice actor whose return that I was most excited for when reading was Asner’s. 

    Was it just me or did it look like Supergirl was shooting lava out of her eyes??

  11. Why no Hamm Tyler as Darkseid? Everyone else is from TAS’.

  12. I’m not sure I can see the resemblance to Turner’s style…

  13. It’s probably not as easily to see Turner’s style since he’s more known for his female depictions and there’s not a lot of women in that trailer, but I can definitely see the influence (although it’s not as overt as McGuinness in Public Enemies).

    I’m looking forward to this. I really loved the story.

  14. Andre Braugher as Darkseid sounds awesome! It still surprises me the level of vocal talent they get for these movies.

  15. I find it unfortnate that budgets keep the animation style mostly in the same range…

  16. Supergirl is actually in this trailer at 0:47

  17. very cool

  18. sigh, I remember this arc very fondly from Superman/Batman drawn by the god that was Michael Turner, such a great loss to the world of comics :'(

  19. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I think they’re turning Japanese

  20. I loved this arc in the comics. Say what you will about Loab today, it cannot be denied that the man has provided us with some epic stories.

  21. I gotta say, the art in this movie is gorgeous compared to the previous ones which looks so cartoony.

  22. the art in the movie look like a japanese animation. But I will still buy the movie when it’s release. 

  23. It’s great to see the style change from movie to movie. Really looking forward to this.

  24. It’s good to see them mixing up the drawing and animation style a bit. Still looking forward to the day we get a fully 3DCGI animated movie.

  25. Well, now my expectations are up!


  26. The only Thing I heard about this comic was the art. Was the story deserving of an animated movie?

  27. @kevrum: Yes.

  28. Looks great, and SOO glad to hear Conroy coming back as Batman. It’s just never the same without him.