Spidey Dons All New Spider-Armor Courtesy of Marcos Martin

We'd heard that Dan Slott was hitting the mall to help Spidey expand his wardrobe, and now we have a look at his all new armor based costume.

Marvel unveiled this image from Amazing Spider-Man #656 from one of our favorite modern Spider-Man artists Marcos Martin! Looks like they're taking a page from the iconic black costume of the 80s, adding a bit of Turtle wax and a Ronin collar, plus…web spats? 

Either way, Marcos Martin's always worth a look. 

And it's laser repellent! 

Look for Amazing Spider-Man #656 in March!


  1. Looks terrible – change is bad – bring back married Peter Parker!

    Did I miss any?

  2. I was so excited to hear that the Spider-Armor was coming back. I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it in Web of Spider-Man #100. So when I hit the link to see this costume I was giddy with joy.

    Until I actually saw the image…..that is not the Spider-Armor I know and love. This looks hideous. 

  3. This will be the true test of the statement “I’ll read anything that Marcos Martin draws.” Looks interesting in this image but might look better in the pages….maybe…perhaps?

  4. The collar made me think Spider-Man Noir.

  5. Hmmm…definitely not hot on this image, but then again, I’m not reading the title any more, so in the context of a story, this may be awesome.

  6. I love Marcos Martin’s art, but I’m not sold on this design.  Maybe I just need to let it sink in.  There seem to be a lot of new spidy costumes in the months ahead.  I just hope it doesn’t come across as overkill.  I’ll give it a read though for sure.

  7. Wow, that looks bad.  Is that a collar?  Who gave the okay on this? It’s horrid.

  8. I like it. Definitely looks better than the old spider-armor. And while the classic red-and-blue costume will always be the iconic look, I think Spidey’s now had enough different costumes that he’s nearly reached that Iron Man status — in which they have the freedom to keep certain elements while continually evolving and playing with variations on the costume. Of course, unlike Iron Man, they’re gonna have to continue to snap it back to the red-blue classic costume as a touchstone.

  9. I like the Spats. This is like an alternate universe, halloween, nightmare spiderman right?

  10. I love that Marcos Martin is coming back…hopefully Paul Azaceta can eventually come back as well!

  11. @daccampo: You take that back! 🙂

  12. I love new Spidey costumes.  Keep it coming.

  13. I like both the costume and the cover.

  14. I’m not reading the current arc on Amazing Spider-Man. Can anyone tell me why Spider-Man needs to wear this? I’m not saying I don’t like it, but I’m curious about the purpose of this costume.

  15. Because he gets shot at. 

  16. @PaulMontgomery Couldn’t he just use his spider agility to dodge all those lasers?

  17. This is WAY cooler than the old pallet-swapped costume known as the old Spider-Armor. This one actually has an interesting design.

  18. @TheGoose  No, the armor probably slows him down. 

  19. @PaulMontgomery  Couldn’t he use his spider agility without having to use the armor to dodge all those lasers?

  20. But he has the armor. 

  21. @TheGoose  Apparently he’s going to have new and different suits to combat certain situations. no one knows why he’ll be wearing this. i’m guessing some villain gets some crazy weapon and peter has to cowboy up

  22. @PaulMongomery I’m getting confused…can we take a rain check on this converstation?

    @RoiVampire Thanks, that’s the answer I was looking for.

    BTW, is anyone getting a Tron vibe from this costume?

  23. @TheGoose  no the tron costume is this week
    Actually it seems more like a mix with the Ronin Costume

  24. The shiny dome and gridlines makes me think of Mysterio…

  25. @convoy83 It does remind me a little of Ronin’s costume.

  26. Oy vey! This is almost as tragic as the Taymor-Bono-Edge debacle. That is utterly horrid. So glad I hopped of at the end of BND.

  27. I think if a different artist renders the armor it would look a lot better, Marcos Martin does not seem like a good fit for this armored Spider-man look, IMO.

  28. The original Spiderman costume design is great and stands the test of time.  Why change it? 

  29. @dkbrain  They’re not changing it. They’re adding some additional costumes. 

  30. Ugh, I kind of hate this.

  31. Not too shabby, though I’d guess that it won’t look half as good from the pencil of other artists!

  32. yuck

  33. This is pretty freaking aweful. Good thing I don’t read this. 🙂

  34. not nuts about the design but i dont hate it, although i love marcos martin’s art with spidey’s original costume so much i wish he was drawing it that way

  35. It’s alright. Everything is going to be okay. He’ll be back in the original duds before we even have time to blink. Ten years from now, everyone will be saying, “Hey remember the Spider Armor? I wish they’d bring that back.” Everyone hated the black costume as well.

  36. I had the Web of Spider-Man 100 which had the silver spider armor.  I had that image in mind when I clicked on the title of the post, and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by what Marcos Martin designed.  The mesh part gives a flexible armor/spidery feel and I actually rather like the costume.

  37. @comicbookchris/@Duraflametree: You two take that back!

    @PaulMontgomery: I get what @TheGoose is saying. Why have any type of armor when he should be able to dodge those lazer’s quitely easily with his Spider Agility? I mean that is suppose to be one of his big powers is agility. But I’m sure the purpose of the armor will be better explained in the issue at hand, so I’m not saying I’m jumping the gun either.

  38. Looks terrible.

  39. i like it.

  40. Still waiting for the reversible Spidey leather jacket thing from JMS’s run
    That was probably the coolest thing to come out of those 6 years 

  41. On the upside, this design really accentuates Spidey’s vagina. So that’s good.

  42. @TheNextChampion: Why waste any energy attempting to dodge laser when he can build a suit that can plow right through them lol 🙂

  43. Um k. I was rooting for the Red Armour. Looks like a villain also doesn’t look like something Pete would choose to make, so Im wondering why this armour comes about.

  44. yellow? really? NOT on my Spidey!
    does this cover glow in the dark?

  45. yellow? really? NOT on my Spidey!
    does this cover glow in the dark?

  46. why?

  47. if it angers fans on the internet, consider me 100% sold!

  48. Wow that is an unfortunate looking cover

    Really dont like the design, but I have a feeling some guys would be able to make it work :
    What happened to Tron looking costume? That was was odd but kinda neat looking, especially compared to this one.

  49. The Terrible Spider-Man…… Design…………

  50. This is an interesting design. If it makes sense in the context of the story that’s really all that matters. Spidey’s gonna be back in the classic costume in a few months anyway. Nothing here to be getting all upset about. It’s not like they did something crazy and unmarried him and MJ! 😉

  51. Ugh, looks hideous. This is the 90s all over again. Glut of comics hitting the market?  Check.  Killing off beloved characters? Check. Polybagged editions? Check.  Major costume changes including “armor” ? Check.

    Now let’s just wait until the market collapses again. It happens like clockwork every 20 years in the comics business. 50s, 70s, 90s.  

  52. Is it 1996 already!?

  53. Can’t…stop…looking…at…Spider-crotch. 

    Besides that, it’s not so bad.

  54. It’s a joke. Seriously, it has to be a joke.

  55. Is it 1996 alr… oh.

  56. Wow.  Half the people kvetching don’t even read the book.  Typical.  Internet, when will you ever learn?

    @TheNextChampion, @TheGoose: There is a very good reason why Spider-man cannot use his speed, spider-senses and agility to dodge the lasers.  Laser beams move at the speed of light!  As fast as Spider-man is, he cannot dodge lasers, especially A LOT of lasers.  I actually like the fact there is some appreciation for science.  Is this the greatest spider costume ever?  No, not even close.  But, I would rather have a bunch of wacky Spidey costumes (for an issue or two) than just the same ol’ red and blue or black and white all the time.  Just my $0.02.  Your mileage may vary.

  57. @magan3D  agreed. I want that costume to be in more stuff. I’d love to see Marcos draw that

  58. Uh oh. Looks a shambles. I feel a clone saga round the corner!

  59. Just… Why?

  60. It’s just for a few issues, probably 2 or 3 at the most. Why are so many people freaking out?

  61. I ike the Iron Spiderman armour a lot better!! The cover is cool and different and that’s what its all about.

  62. I miss the Stark Spider Armor. It was armored and had cool tech.

  63. @ctrosejr That’s a good point. I can buy that his agility isn’t fast enough too dodge something at the speed of light (or faster in comic book science). Though, I  think his spider sense would be able to sense a laser being aimed at him before being actually fired at him.

  64. Oh dear. I feel a break from Spidey coming up.

  65. Hee. I’m holding out for Rainbow Spidey and Zebra Spidey.

  66. @convoy83  Ronin was my first thought as well. 
    It really isnt anything different than iron man having a hulk buster costume.  I mean Batman has something in his collection for every type of villain.  And come to think of it, peter has done similar stuff in the past with his webshooters and their chemical makeup.  I even think he had an electro proof costume at one point (can anyone verify?).
    that being said.  it is ugly.
    … but that’s just me.

  67. Um, no thank you.

  68. I beg you not to begin a sentence with “Um” online.

  69. I’m totally put off by the taint-stripes.

  70. @ed209AF  Batman also has an endless supply of money. Peter only just managed to get himself a job and out of poverty. IT wasn’t more than a month ago that his room mate sold all his stuff to people on the street

  71. changed my mind- now i like it

  72. Haven’t read Amazing since BND and this is yet another reason to stick with the one true Spiderman – Ultimate!

  73. AT first glance i didn’t like it….kinda like everyone else “OH NOES THEY ARE CHANGING AN ICONZ!!!1111” but when seen in its context of the new storyline of Parker creating cool stuff in his new lab, i kinda like it and think it could be fun in situational settings. 

    Now that Parker is spending all of his time making new outfits and armor is he gonna get fired for not really working?