Spider-Man Gets Fancy Annie Leibovitz Photos

Because Vogue readers care deeply about this sort of thing, photography legend Annie Leibovitz photographed several members of the cast of the upcoming Broadway sensation (Boffo!), Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Really, only one question popped into my head as I browsed these, and that was:



More pictures here.  And yes, they lead their headline with "KA-POW!"

It's true comics, mass media totally respects you.  Really.



  1. Hahahahahaahahahahaha…hahahahahahahahah

  2. oi

  3. Oh good. They’re using a ‘geek chorus’ to comment on the action. Lovely. It’s both a pun and a probable grotesque caricature of Spider-Man fans.

  4. At least if they’re going to stoop that low, use the "THWAP!" sound effect that Spidey is known for. I would have given them some minor props for that.

  5. "This is Shit"-James L. Brooks.

    ….That quote pretty much says it all. 

  6. Leibovitz’s day rate is well into the tens of thousands of dollars but, hey, this musical is SO deep in debt at this point that what’s it matter anymore? If you’re going to lose your shirt, go big!

  7. Oh God. Is that Green Goblin, or the Leprechaun?

  8. This is going to go down in the "bad idea" hall of fame.

  9. I can see why comic fans would be oversensitive about an article starting out with "ka-pow", but, really, does a property like this Spider-Man Musical deserve any better?

    I don’t remember seeing (m)any articles about The Dark Knight saying things like "Biff! Pow! Batman’s back!" In other words, comic properties usually get the mainstream coverage they deserve. The Spider-Man Musical is supposed to be corny, so a "ka-pow" is totally in-keeping with the tenor of the show.

    I don’t remember seeing (m)any articles about the X-Men movies saying things like "Zap! Boom!"

    Sometimes I think people are just looking too hard to find something to be offended about, and they miss how far comics have come in the mainstream. The "ka-pow" barely even matters. The point is that something has ridiculous as the Spider-Man Musical is getting covered in VOGUE and photographed by the most famous photographer alive.

  10. Carnage? Really? Didn’t see that coming.

  11. …unbelievable.

  12. @froggulper: I’m pretty sure Tambor is not thinking this is gonna be corny…..or at least originally thought it was gonna be.

  13. “There are a lot of comic-book nerds out there who are in love with Mary Jane,” says Damiano. “I don’t want to let them down.”


    Ugh…the way she phrased that just does not sit well with me

  14. "I fell more invincible onstage than anywhere else"-Reeve Carvey (lead actor)

    Two things about this comment:

    1) The man is so invincible that he’s broken the same arm twice, causing major delays in actual production.

    2) The man pictured on that screencap is the DOUBLE and not the lead himself.

    Invincible my ass. 

  15. There’s a very operatic bent to the costume and design, which I’m sue is purposive. But damn…. Carnage!? 

  16. If this ever ends up actually opening it looks like it could be fun.

  17. Shouldn’t this just be merged with the halloween costume thread!  Ouch.


    the Tiki 

  18. honestly, I think these look amazing. They’re VERY theatrical and I think they will look gorgeous on stage… assuming the play actually opens.

    The Lion King is Julie Taymor’s other Broadway production and the designs of the two shows look very similar. From a technical theater standpoint, I am very excited about this show.

  19. I’m with you Conner, this could be fun.

  20. I got nothing.

  21. Alot of people here haven’t seen a Taymor play in Ney York, correct?  Lion King was a reinterpreted adaptation that worked really well, getting it right while using lots of originality.  These pictures look better than the earlier releases.

    Only problem at this point might be U2’s music.  Bono being involved can’t be a good thing, going to be tough to pull that music off.  But they did it in Lion King.  (Of course that was Elton John, a different class of musician)

    Seriously, this is looking better for what it is, a crazy adaptation.  Even I didn’t like it at first, but this is better.

  22. Wow. This is gonna be every stoner’s favorite musical. Bright colors, music, and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. I cannot wait. I hope every NYC drug-dealer is stocked up on Green Goblin.

  23. Oh wow, I think it seems cool.  I would love to go see it.  Just being honest.  Not completely sold on the Goblin’s costume but not really any worse then Raimi’s

  24. Again, I’m going to point out the irony of comics fans constantly whining that their favorite medium gets dismissed and derided off-the-cuff by the world-at-large… and who then lead off a message board about a piece of musical theatre with this comment:


    … followed by a thread that is dominated by dismissive and derisive snark.

    That said… Carnage probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I CAN see the theatricality of the powers.  And if anyone needed evidence that Ms. Taymor did her homework, there it is: 99.9% of the world has no idea who Carnage is.

  25. @markbovenzi – Jennifer Damiano is 19 years old.  Let’s please, please cut her some slack.

  26. I think this is gonna replace CATS in the department of:

    "Husband’s going to their wives and asking ‘What the Hell am I watching?’ " category. 

  27. While Swiss Miss, the new villian who you can see in the source article, still does nothing for me, I have to admit that the somewhat goofy Green Goblin design looks a lot better in action than it did as design drawing. I would go so far to say it now ranks higher than the movie’s version. Still not the approach I would have employed perhaps, but it is growing on me. If nothing else, Turn Off the Dark should be a visually amazing production. And if the rest of the show can live up to said visuals… Well, we could really have something here.

  28. People thought Lion King was a crazy idea to, impossible to pull off on a live stage. I remember reading the early reactions to that show, when photos first started showing up, of people saying it look ludicrous, that Elton John’s music would hold back the production, that it would never appeal to enough of a general audience to make back its (for the tiem) large budget, etc. And we all know how that turned out. I continue to anticipate Turn Off the Dark in the same way I always have: skeptical but optimistic. My biggest worry was the potential camp factor of Superheroes on stage, singing their hearts out. Between the song previews and these photos, these fears at least have been greatly alleviated. I do not know if Spider-Man on Broadway can work, but if it can, the current creative team are among the people I would bet to be best equipped to pull it off.

  29. @RaceMcCloud: I stand by my "Hahahahahas" I also don’t care about my favorite medium getting dismissed by the world at large.

  30. Get Ready for Batman LIVE!

  31. This is the best catption for one of the photos.

     “I feel more invincible onstage than anywhere else,” says Reeve Carney, who performs the title role (dancer and gymnast Emmanuel Brown, pictured here, is a stunt double).

  32. @Jurassialien – Fair enough.  Glad to see you’re open-minded about things.

  33. @Race Hey man I know you have much more experience in this field, I respect that.

    But this is just…..I’m sorry it looks attocious

  34. Honestly? I’m a bit creeped out. And I read "Crying Freeman"!! (don’t read it, too much r### involved)

  35. @Race. I am open minded. I also realize that this is a 60 million dollar Spider-man musical with music from U2, and not fun 80’s "We have something to say" U2, but "We did music for the Tom Raider movie and every song has a ‘Yeah’ or ‘Wooooo! in it!’" U2. Could this be fun and silly? Totally. But from what I’m seeing right now, from the song played on Good Morning America, the fact that this show keeps getting more and more pushed back and costing more and more money thus looking like a Groundhog Day version of That Lord of the Rings musical. I say again… hahahahahahaahhaah. 

  36. @TNC – I’m only sensitive to it because I know that it is far, far more difficult to judge a work of theatre through photos and video clips than it is to judge a movie or a comic through the same means.  Most theatre, ANY theatre, does not carry well outside of the moment.  Seeing that Carnage costume standing there in a still photograph is going to be a far different experience than seeing it as part of an overall vision by a remarkably accomplished theatrical artist like Julie Taymor.

    @Jurassicalien – As somebody who works in theatre professionally, I assure you I have my own reservations about this show, and the ballooning budget and the delays and the injuries do not bode well.  I happened to like the song featured on GMA, and I’m absolutely certain that the costume designs, when put in motion, well be fantastic.  Also, I question how U2 is going to succeed in composing a fully cohesive musical score, even for a rock musical… but your comment of "hahahahaha, etc., etc" tells me you just don’t actually want to DISCUSS this, you just want to say "Worst. Musical. Ever." and climb back on your stool.  That "hahahaha" reminds me of years ago, when a member of the old iFanboy message boards posted the EXACT SAME REACTION to a picture of Hugh Jackman in character in "The Boy From Oz"… never minding that that was a phenomenal, Tony-award winning performance.

    And yes, we haven’t seen the finished product of the "Spider-Man" musical… but comparing that Lord of the Rings musical to the potential of a Julie Taymor theatre piece is kind of like comparing the live action "Spawn" movie to the potential of a Guillermo del Toro film.

  37. @Race I don’t work in theater, but I did theater through high school and a fair chunk of college. I wouldn’t hahahaha Hugh Jackman, and I’m open to discussing this otherwise I wouldn’t respond. I’ve seen some of Taymor’s other productions and they haven’t done anything for me. I realize they are supposed to be bigger then life and spectacles and that’s totally something to bring to Spider-man, but Taymor, to me, often has the very "theater" thing of going artsy for the sake of artsy (i.e. a little pretentious) no matter what it does for the story and I find that kind of eye rolling. Now that’s me, if you like her stuff then more power to you. And I agree you can’t judge a costume by a still photo, or a production by some youtube phone clip or all the other ways people feel they can judge theater. You have to be there, and that’s the beauty of theater. But personally, I’m sick of seeing adaptations in theater, musicals based on movies from the 70’s or 90’s or musicals based around a band or in this case a musical of Spider-man. I prefer the days of Sondhiem where there may have been adaptations of fairy tales or Romeo and Juliet done in 1950’s gang era New York, but they were also very original, taking the chore of those stories and making something new, not about "Let’s take Spider-man, have a ‘geek’ chorus, and carnage because visually he says something.’ But again, that’s me. 

  38. Starlight Express for the new millennium.

    (Look it up, people)