Spider-Man Drafted to the X-Men?

Marvel released this teaser image today featuring Spider-Man and Psylocke, proclaiming "We are the X-Men!"



Spidey's fought alongside the merry mutants countless times before, but does this mean he has to turn in his New Avengers membership card? He only just renewed it last month! Luke's gonna be ticked.

X-Men editor Nick Lowe offers this brief statement:

"The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is picking up a new neighborhood: San Fancisco. Will the hero who gets no respect joins the species that gets no respect?"

What's behind this change? Did Cyclops crunch some numbers and realize Hope isn't physically capable of bringing the mutant species back from the brink of extinction single-wombably? Is he broadening the definition of mutant?

Marvel says stay tuned for more details at Chicago's C2E2 on the 18th.


  1. Let me preface this with "I don’t really care"


    I know that continuity doesn’t really matter, and good stories are what really matters, but how exactly is Spider-Man supposed to be in a book in San Francisco and a book in New York at the same time?

    I’m catching up to "Amazing" in trades, so maybe there’s just something I don’t know yet, but I think Marvel could at least TRY to maintain the continuity that built them into what they are.

  2. Hmmm… original logo…

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Symbolically slashing through the Jim Lee cover? 

  4. Depending on the creative team, that could be nifty.  I’m guessing it’s just for a miniseries or a short arc. 

  5. This is gotta be like, alternate reality or just completely ignoring continuity. Cause, as people have pointed out already, this logistically makes no sense. But this could be a lot if you just ignore continuity.

    This could be a good book for kids….if it’s aiming at that age. 

  6. @TNC: Logistically, team books never make sense, continuity-wise. Never have.

  7. Hmmm. No thanks.

  8. yeah, I’m with Caroline on this. It’s intriguing… I don’t think it’s a separate continuity or anything. I believe that "We are the X-men" line is something they started teasing recently, right? For post-Second Coming status quo? Interesting use of the original logo, though. 

    Marvel’s definitely done a decent job lately with all the teases. The slow line-up rollouts, blacked-out figures being revealed, puzzle piece illustrations… they definitely keep the net a’buzz.

    I’m also still curious about this "O.M.I.T." thing they’re teasing.

  9. Why wouldn’t Spidey relocate to San Francisco?  Now Spidey AND Peter Parker are hated in the NYC, he has no job, his roommate mostly hates him….what’s keeping him there besides inertia?

  10. WHA??????? O_O

    I’m intrigued.

  11. It’s just weird to think of Spidey changing locals. I mean he’s been around the world but never moved permanently…..Now a days I think: Spider-Man is NYC, X-Men is San Francisco.

    It would actually be a major change to do if they decide to make him move. 

  12. I wonder who will be writing this, and if this will take place in either UXM, Amazing Spider-Man, or a mini? I’ll be interested, Spider-Man and the X-Men always go well together.

  13. It’s probably really Rebecca Romijn.

    Um, I mean Mystique.

  14. @conor: No, you were right at first…that’s Rebecca Romjin wearing a Spider-Man outfit. It’s obvious that the Marvel U. counterpart of her went insane and now is trying to pass herself off as Spider-Man.

  15. On the bright side, he and Wolverine will be able to carpool (Blackbird-pool?).  Logan has been running back and forth between SF and NY for years, now, and Stark won’t let him expense the jet fuel if he’s riding alone.  Remember: when you ride alone, you ride with Osborne.  Though I imagine that Peter would be one of those annoying carpool riders who talks the whole time.  Sometimes, a mutant assassin just wants to listen to his Celine Dion and fly his super-sonic plane in peace.  (He hasn’t even been able to smoke his cigar in the cockpit since Hank installed the automatic fire suppression system.  Getting halon in the face is not only painful, it ruins even the best Cuban.)

  16. He’s not a mutant

     Although neither were Juggernaut or Cloak and Dagger so it doesn’t really matter.

  17. Yeah Peter, come to San Francisco … we’re nicer. :p

  18. On second thought … don’t. It will raise rent.

  19. Spider-Man is the new Deadpool!


    Man Spider-man is destoying comics for me!

  20. My initial reaction runs along the lines of ‘what the fuck?!?", but if it’s just a mini or something (which I’m going to assume it is) then it could be interesting. I’m going to reserve judgement until it comes out 🙂

  21. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    "Single-wombably" is genius.  Well done, Paul.

  22. Did anyone notice how awesome Jim Lee’s Beast was…..?

  23. i say it’s just a promo for a story arc in Amazing Spidey

  24. ive come to the conclusion that i feel the way most people do about Deadpool, but with Spider-Man. He’s over exposed and uniteresting (at least to me).

  25. Hmm… this is a great throwback to the early 90’s spider-man video games. I’m in. I’d like to see alot of Spidey in Utopia.

    @muddi900: I’ve always placed Spider-man and Deadpool in the same category: The witty, popculture influenced cocky guy who can’t catch a break/get’s no respect.

    Btw Comparing both images of Psylocke only reinforces the fact that comics have come a long way with anatomy.

  26. How is it people can be bothered by the logistics of how one character gets here or there so fast, when you’re willing to accept things like radioactive spider bites, adamantium claws, heroes frozen in ice for fifty years, or the city of Atlantis being rebuilt underneath an asteroid that crashed into the ocean and is now populated with just under two hundred mutants?

    Just curious. 

  27. The Spidey/X-Men team ups are usually fun. It nice to get a fun story every now and then that does worry about continuity.  Wasn’t there a Spider-Man/X-Men first team up mini a couple of years a go that was pretty good?

  28. Has any ever thought that that this may have something to do or tie into Sider man and Wolverine comic that’s coming out?

  29. with Spider-Man out of a job in his book right now if you think about it. he was a teacher, the X-Men was a school (maybe again after second coming), and they currently still have many younger mutants still on the island. maybe he was hired as a science teacher, since Beast left. Superhero with the X-Men and teacher to the young X-Men

  30. There is zero chance of any significant move of Spidey out of NYC. I can’t think of any hero more connected to a real city than he is to New York. Of course a significant faint would probably get the attention of New York media, leading to a lot of silly, angry New Yorker coverage… Maybe there is a method to that sort of madness.


  31. I’m all for moving Spidey to San Fran. There’s precedent (Daredevil got his SF on back in the bronze age) for a non-mutant to head out there. But I’m really not feeling having webhead in the X-men. There are PLENTY of characters in the X books. I personally don’t want to see Spidey as an Avenger, in his own thrice monthly book, and then part of the mutant landscape. That’s too much Peter Parker for me, and I’m a lifelong fan.

    Now Deadpool on the other hand? Bring it on. 🙂

  32. I like spidey, I read his books.. of late.

    OMG! Are heads so far up that u can’t read a fictional story w/out putting it in a timeline?!?!?1 Can’t a guy hop on a plane acress country to see a good friend at the other side of the country. Spidey has been in space fo crying out loud! And in the past and in the future! San Fran to far away fo u?!? Honest, dont care if it "fits", as ong as its fun, or you are doing it wrong. No wonder people make fun of "some" comic book readers! Tee hee, I said it! And meant it!

    ASM has been uber awesome, so I’ll give this I try. I’ve spent my share of money on so so books, what’s another 4 bucks!


    Love y’all!

    It’s friday, get the hell out of the basement peeps!

  33. When was the last Spidey/X-Men teamup?  This could be a lot of fun

  34. @Weezy: Sadly OMD/BND wiped that aspect of his life out. If he was still a teacher or at least lost his job then yes, that would be a perfect reason to join the team.

  35. Everyone keeps talking about how this would have to happen outside of continuity. 


    This is FOUR montha away. Alot can happen in that time. That twelve issues of Spider-Man and Second Coming has just started!  We have no idea what the fall out will be.  

    Calm down and enjoy the ride.

  36. I never got why he wasn’nt considered a mutant in the first place. Sure he wasn’t born with his powers, but due to a spider bite they did manifest during his teen years like most other mutants. Same goes for the hulk, and the FF. They are considered human, but they have mutated to have the poweres they now posess. To me they’re all mutie scum.

  37. What the….

  38. Question:  Why does it have to be that Spidey moving to SF?  What if it’s the X-Men returning to NY?  Ponder if you will…

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jsbigman – The quote from editor Nick Lowe (included above) states, flat out, that Spider-Man is moving to SF. 

  40. Spidey why move from one exspensive city to another. Move someplace cheap. Texas is super cheap. Not a lot of buildings to swing on but sacrifices have to be made.

    Hey do any Marvel superheros live in Texas, Houston? Austen? That should change soon. Give me a call Marvel comcis!

  41. @akamuu: Agreed…. Why all the disbelief here?

    Spidey’s been lamenting that he hasn’t lived up to his potential as a scientific genious. Now that he lost his job and is exhausted by the Gauntlet events and New York, it’s not out of the question to relocate to San Francisco (and UC Berkeley?) for a year or so. Maybe something will happen with Mary Jane’s that prompts the move.

  42. Is it weird I prefer the Liefeld drawing of Psychloke then the modern one?

  43. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – Are you referring to the Jim Lee image they’re slicing through? 

  44. *takes monocle out*

    Oh your right it is a Lee image. Sorry about that; some reason they both looked the same to me.

  45. do we have any ID for the artist this image is by?

  46. art1318 – i think spidey’s hated or distrusted because of that constantly shifting back and forth over whether he’s hero or menace/criminal, whereas mutants have that minority allegorical..uh thing going on. i think it would intrude too much to have him face the same speciest challenges/storylines that drives the x-men. but then he’s joining the x-men anyway so what do i know? maybe this is some kinda reverse house of m spiderman helping out the persecuted thing.

  47. is ben reilly still alive?

  48. ….ok?

  49. Yeeah @Matrix I understand that. Buy don’t you think to the general public off the marvel you that they would not be able to tell whos a mutant and whos not. I mean the general public does not know how he or Hulk got there powers. So why are they not considered mutie scum.

  50. I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t really care if he got put onto the X-men or not. As long as the stories are good. I’m learning by reading old Avengers and X-men books, it really doesn’t matter who’s on the teams. So if Spider-man is on the X-men, I’m fine with that is the writing is top notch. He can be on the Avengers, X-men and alone because…he’s not real! So bring on Spider-man, but bring on the quality. 

  51. Be interesting if the writers actually have Spidey hooking up with Psylocke! 😛

  52. It’s going to be weird if Spidey moves to SF.  All that commuting back to NY to see Aunt May along with whenever something blows up and the New Avengers need him.

    Ben Grim: "Yo Web Head, Doom just blew some stuff up in Queens."

    Spider-Man: "Oh no! Aunt May I’ll be there in a little bit."

    8 Hours and a strip seach at SFO later…

    Spider-Man: "I’m here!"

    Luke Cage: "We got it covered, don’t bother asking for bus fare back.  Have fun playing Rockband with Cyclops!  Let’s go gang, I feel like rockin’ some Journey."

    Seriously though as long as it’s a good story, I’ll bite.  It could be interesting with Spidey in a city he doesn’t know.  Do I think it’ll last forever, no.  New York almost feels like it’s part of Spider-Man and vice versa.

  53. true @art1318, i think they did something like that once in ultimate, maybe when he first showed up (?) when people were freaking out and calling him a mutant and spidey was doing the schtick of "i’m not a mutant! not that there’s anything wrong with that!" that’s actually a really interesting question now that i think about it!

  54. Yeah @Matrix. It’s just something I always kinda wondered about. I mean something in there genetic makeup did technically mutate to make them the way they are. Oh well it’s just one of those many quirks about comics I guess.

  55. @Matrix: Like Connor said about continuity not making sense with team books, I just gloss over the entire Marvel Universe’s lack of consistency on the whole mutant-hate issue. How are the FF any different from the X-Men? Who’s to say they weren’t lying about cosmic radiation? With so many non-mutant superheroes who got powers through random accidents in the the MU, how can people really hate on mutants? So Beast as an X-Man is reviled by the world, but he trades in that uniform for a shiny Avengers one and suddenly everyone forgets to hate him for being a mutant? I would find people who didn’t like super-powered human more believable than people hating only mutants. The FF are mutants, i.e., freaks of nature now, but they don’t have an X-gene so that’s why everyone loves them? Ridiculous.

  56. If the story was Spider-Man thinking he will be accepted in SF then I can see why he wants to move. Cause (as far as I can tell from hear say) the city is a pro-mutant area in the Marvel U. Still I seriously doubt he will be any more accepted then he is in NYC. Hell he’ll have to deal with bigots of all kinds (normal to supervillain), probably tougher villains in general, and getting sucked into the ‘In N Out’ Burgers.

  57. This kind of thing used to happen a lot, it just wasn’t considered newsworthy.

    Daredevil moved to SF for a while and Spider-Man has always had a history of teaming up up with the X-Men

  58. Personally I’m all for Spidey’s trip to San Fran. I’m all for change in the Spider-man U. I think it’ll reinvigorate my love for the wall crawler, like I did back in the early 90’s when I bought just about every damned cover with Spider-man on it, right up until I left comics for the next 7 years. If the dynamic between him and the mutants isn’t forced and fluxuates it could very well get me back to reading ASM again.

  59. @mangaman

    I was just kidding. No Spider-man has never been "pop-culture obsessed", unless you are talking Ultimate Spidey. And even Bendis’ neurotic teenager has never went "Look at me I break the 4th wall LALALALAL!" 

  60. First Ron moves to San Francisco, now Spiderman shows up there. I’m not insinuating anything, just Ron lived in New York – Spiderman was in New York, now both are in SF, and Ron has been known to make quick jaunts back & forth between the two coasts… Think about it.

  61. Spider-Man is the new Wolverine!  He’s going to be in every book with every team! 🙂

    I’m interested in learning more about the details of the series for sure. 

  62. Frankly, I’m more surprised and upset about Psylocke being a tranny than I am about Spidey hanging out in SF for a while.

  63. In a singular word: Lame.

     Let The Avengers enjoy the limelight just a bit longer, please. 

  64. @Neb, yes, that’s what I was going to say. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a Spider-Man team-up with…Spider-Man! (Yes, I’m joking…mostly.)

  65. I am fine with Spiderman doing this.

    He’s been a memeber of the fantastic four- teamed with the  X-men let’s see where it goes.

    But one post here reminds me that I am so tired with the phrase "continuity doesn’t matter it’s a bout good stories"

    Yes Of Course it should be about good stories. But continuity is Still important.

    Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive.  They don’t

    Obsession with continuity is the problem.  

    Not being able to change the color of the Ultimate nullifier b/c it was originally purple and now it is colored red etc—


    Paying attention to continuity helps preserve the integrity of the character, just like when you do something that is wildly out of character your family and friends call you on it to keep you in check, this is what good continuity does.

     Just b/c some creator always wanted to make Galactus a member of the teenage new warriors with trouble in school doesn’t mean it should happen- If that is the case Create a new character like that.

     Classic characters are good for a reason- I believe it is up to the creators aka writers and artists in this case to find the stories within not circumvent the personality of an established character just b/c they have an itch they want scratch with this story they have always wanted to do. Does it make sense at the core of the charcter?  Then do it- practice the psychology of the character at hand.

    I love that creators are finally getting their due.  It’s been a long time coming.

    I think it’s good for the stories and good for comics.

    But Editors exist for a reason-or they should anyway.

    With any balance there is always the danger of something tipping the other way.  I think that is starting to happen.

    It’s getting a little steamy with all the Bromancing going on between fans and editors and the creators.

  66. I kind of doubt that he will move there on a permanent basis. Spider-Man IS New York City, in a way that no other Marvel character really owns a particular city (a neighborhood like Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t really count). 

    Although, I guess a bigger question is whether the "New Avengers" are really the "New West Coast Avengers"? Now THAT would be something worth talking about. 

  67. new west coast avengers now that Is interesting.

     Spiderman and the Fantistic Four-etc are just as much mutants as mutates are anyway.  

    I think an analogy might be – do you consider your adopted kids your full fledged children or not?

  68. I think Charles Xavier was getting sued for only allowed Mutants into his school. Discrimination is an ugly thing for a leader of a race of people to practice. In order to clean up his image, they added a "token" non-mutant to the team!