SPECULATION: What Marvel Comic Will Kieron Gillen Write Next?

It’s been a while since we last put on the ol’ speculation hat.

After speculating what Brian Michael Bendis would be writing after Avengers (speaking of which, did you spot Guardians of the Galaxy coming up in Avengers Assemble? And all those rumors of Bendis taking over the X-Men?) and what Jonathan Hickman would be writing after Fantastic Four, we’ve had our ear to the streets to see what changes may be coming. It’s pretty clear that after Avengers Vs. X-Men, change is coming to the Marvel Universe and today we speculate as to what that change may bring to writer Kieron Gillen.

If the rumors are true about Brian Michael Bendis taking over the X-Men, and  as much as we love Gillen on Uncanny X-Men, we can’t bear the though of Jason Aaron leaving Wolverine and the X-Men, so we can’t help but wonder if it a pretty safe to say that Gillen may be in need of a new book to helm.  While other speculators seem to think that Gillen will be donning the red and gold armor of Iron Man, we’re nto too sure we’d back that bet.  Instead, today we’ve got some random, comic shop talk-esque speculation about what title Gillen may be writing next, along with the odds of it happening and an explanation.


Power Pack – Odds: 48 to 1

Power Pack used to be a mainstay in the Marvel Universe. They’re a group of lovable kids who are both a family AND have powers! How can these characters have been on the shelf for so long? Sure, we see them every once and a while, most recently in the pages of FF from Jonathan Hickman, but Power Pack is just screaming for a creative resurgence and Kieron Gillen is just the man to do it. He’s already proven himself a master of youth culture with his creator owned series Phonogram, and most recently he’s brought life to Kid Loki in Journey into Mystery, so he seems primed to take Power Pack into the 21st generation as the kids grow up to become teenagers with modern problems and challenges. Plus with ties to the Fantastic Four AND the X-Men, it seems as this title is in a better position than ever to make it in a tough market.

Danger Unit – Odds: 30 to 1

Now, admittedly this one is a longshot (although less of one than Power Pack) and I’m usually loathe to “make up” new series when doing these speculation posts and leaning on established titles currently in print, or have been in print at one point.  But when thinking of what could be when it comes to Gillen, this idea was too rich not to float. While writing the brief but enjoyable series S.W.O.R.D., Gillen created one of the more intriguing characters with the captive robot Unit. Then while on Uncanny X-Men, Gillen has shown a proclivity for writing the robot Danger. And MOST recently, Unit and Danger entered into a unique relationship now that Unit is held captive on Utopia and under the guard of Danger, or is he? It seems as if Unit is there by choice and Danger is at his control. I don’t know about you, but that makes for great buddy book, as these two robots travel across America, Thelma & Louise style. Think of the adventures as we explore the moral ambiguity of two robots on the road and on the run and the power dynamic between them as they visit the giant ball of twine in Kansas. It practically writes it self

Thor – Odds: 20 to 1

After getting a brief stint with writing Thor back in in 2010,  Gillen has taken the challenge of Kid Loki in the pages of Journey Into Mystery and made it into a must read. Trust me, I know because I was guilted into reading the entire run and now I’m hooked. It’s one of the best books at Marvel, which means one thing, it’s going to end soon (because all good things are short lived these days). Clearly Gillen has shown an ability to wax poetic norse style, so it makes perfect sense that he would take on the big guy. Factor in that The New Mutants/Journey Into Mystery cross over, as well as the upcoming crossover story, Everything Burns, in August both include Thor, so Gillen’s getting some practice with Goldilocks, easing his way to revisiting the challenge of the Thor ongoing book. Just think of the caption boxes that could be written once Gillen gets his hands on the god of thunder.

Namor – Odds: 5 to 1

Admit it, if you’re like me, you revel in the stolen moments of Namor in Uncanny X-Men as Gillen has written him over the better part of the past year. The regal arrogance combined with the oozing sexuality, it seems as if Gillen is channeling Namor as a fantasy of a man that one could hope to be. Incredibly confident, strong, and successful with the ladies of all species (as we’ve seen recently in Uncanny X-Men #8). Forever one of those B-List characters who can’t keep a good ongoing series going, the last time Namor was in the solo spotlight, it was thanks to John Byrne 20 years ago. It’s clear Namor is owed his time in the sun and perhaps post Avengers Vs. X-Men is the right time and Gillen is the right man. I mean, really, it all comes down to two words: Sexy Namor.

Fantastic Four – Odds: 3 to 2

This is the most logical and probably the most obvious of moves. As we discussed earlier, current Fantastic Four architect Jonathan Hickman is in the process of winding down his run, so someone will have to take over. Gillen has come up the ranks at Marvel, serving time in Asgard with Journey Into Mystery and on Utopia with Uncanny X-Men. If there was any writer primed to take Marvel’s first family into the next great era of insanity, it’s Gillen.

After writing a large group of characters in Uncanny X-Men and a focused character with Kid Loki in Journey Into Mystery, he has just the right amount of experience to make the family dynamic work within the group dynamic of the Future Foundation.He’s shown his ability to blend science with magic and all the personalities that come in-between. From his early days at Marvel on S.W.O.R.D. filled with alien races and cosmic adventures to his political statements and the fight for mutant rights in Uncanny X-Men to the world of magic in Journey Into Mystery, Gillen has show he’s got the chops to make his stories…fantastic. It’s clear that Hickman would be leaving the FF clan in good hands with Gillen.



So, there it is.  If you’re into betting and speculating, please participate below in the comments to agree with or argue against any of the titles I’ve suggested, or feel free to point out a title I may not have mentioned. If anything, the winds of change continue to appear to be blowing at Marvel…


  1. Isn’t the current rumor that Bendis is taking over cosmic Marvel instead of X-Men? Ha not that rumors are necessarily solid, but yeah.

    Personally I hope Keiron stays on X-Men for at least another year, it feels like his run really wouldn’t be that long otherwise, and ending that Uncanny run with AvX tie-ins seems, I dunno.

    • Yeah, I think all the signs are pointing to Bendis being the enw cosmic guy.

    • I pretty much quit reading X-Men because of Gillen. Fraction had it down, and unless its gotten better, Gillen’s Uncanny has been full of good ideas with shallow execution. Wolverine n the X-Men is okay, but with the artists constantly changing (Bradshaw’s Wolverine DOES NOT cut it for me), the cast of characters, and then going twice-monthly, it just wasn’t worth it for me. I would love someone like Bendis to come along and give me the X-Men my life’s been missing!

    • It seems like Hickman would be a much more natural fit for Cosmic than Bendis.

  2. After having just read an issue of phonogram, i can’t imagine him doing anything at Marvel:) that said, UXM is doing well, i don’t think anything is gained by taking Gillen off and putting Bendis on (more likely Bendis will launch a new book). i do think Journey into Mystery could end/change after the Everything Burns crossover, and something like The Defenders could give him room for weird ideas.

  3. As a guy who collected Sub-Mariner, I’d be very interested in a Namor book.

    I doubt it will ever happen, but I’d probably buy it if it did.

  4. he and greg land take over iron man book it.

    • read that on bleeding cool yesterday.

    • Well I guess that’s the end of Iron Man for me, then! Don’t want Greg Lands crappy-shit-art anywhere near any of the books I get!

    • I was fine with his art until someone pointed out the womans faces, just an awful glass-shatter moment and now it really annoys me. Little bit of hatred for the gal who pointed that out to me.

    • I was also fine with Greg Land’s art. Once someone pointed out their complaints about him, I noticed that how many artists recycle faces and many are lauded.

  5. I have little to no interest in reading F4/FF after Hickman.

  6. Is it wrong that I thought the headline was “What Marvel comic will Kieron Gillen ruin next?”

    (Crosses fingers) Please don’t be Fantastic Four, please don’t be Fantastic Four, please don’t be Fantastic Four.

  7. I love Gillen’s X-Men. (If anything, I wish Land could be replaced. Can’t unsee the photo-referencing.) His Namor is ridiculous. JIM is awesomely hilarious and fun too. I’ll read anything he writes.

  8. Please be Thor. I want to actually that read that book.

  9. If Gillen wrote for Fantastic Four then that would definitely keep me staying on the book. Cause he seems the right can of guy for the title. He obviously wouldn’t be writing the epic story lines like Hickman but he can definitely make it just as fun and interesting like him. It all depends on the artist though….

    Cause I tell ya one thing, if Bleeding Cool is to be believed, him and Greg Land on Iron Man will be avoided AT ALL COST. Seriously, I can’t think of the worst pair then those two. Gillen on Iron Man doesn’t mesh for me and Land on anything definitely doesn’t work.

  10. “the last time Namor was in the solo spotlight, it was thanks to John Byrne 20 years ago.”

    Did we forget “Namor The First Mutan”t from Stuart Moore from last year?

  11. Another dark horse possibility: Captain Britain.

    Otherworld is going to be featured in the next arc of Journey into Mystery.

    That’s after it already appeared in Uncanny X-Force. Marvel is clearly testing the waters.