SPECULATION: What Marvel Comic Will Jonathan Hickman Write Next?

Earlier today we posted an interview with writer Jonathan Hickman where he revealed several things about his Marvel work, most notably that he was leaving Fantastic Four later this year.  After processing this bit of news, along with the fact that he’s transitioning off of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates, as reported a couple of weeks ago, the curious side of me got thinking…again.

You might recall a few weeks ago when I speculated where Brian Michael Bendis would be going after his run on Avengers comes to an end.  Since that bit of speculation was published, rumors of Bendis’ impending takeover of Marvel’s mutants emerged, and so while it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the odds are certainly looking to be in the favor of the X-Men.  So why not try our luck again today?

With Bendis’ move off of Avengers and now Hickman’s move off of Fantastic Four, all seeming to be around the same time, it’s starting to become apparent that the summer event of Avengers Vs. X-Men may have big changes coming to the Marvel Universe, both within the stories and with the creators behind them.

Before we get to the speculation, let’d get the disclaimers out of the way:  I’m speculating the possible Marvel Comics titles that Hickman will be writing. We know about his new series of creator owned work at Image Comics, but for the purposes of this, we’re focusing on his Marvel work.

In terms of what is driving the thinking behind the speculation here, the main bit of motivation on Hickman’s part came to us in the form of a quote from the press conference about Ultimate Comics The Ultimates:

 “I got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse, so I’m taking it.”

So whatever book that would force Hickman to leave the Ultimates, and now Fantastic Four has got to be of a level to be the kind of thing that he can’t refuse. After making his mark on Fantastic Four by killing off the Human Torch, relaunching Fantastic Four as FF, rebranding the entire team with new costumes and ultimately bringing the Human Torch back and telling a story with an enormous scale, it’s pretty clear that my gut feeling that Hickman’s time on Fantastic Four would be coming to an end, so he’s going to be looking for something with the potential to top what he’s done on Fantastic Four. Now combining this info with the type of work we’ve come to expect from Jonathan Hickman, I think we’ve got some pretty good options about what may be next.

Let’s get started with the comic shop talk-esque speculation about what title Hickman may be writing next, along with the odds of it happening and an explanation…

Marvel Boy / The Protector – Odds: 48 to 1

It’s pretty clear that one of the influences and possible contemporaries of Jonathan Hickman is Grant Morrison. Both writers have given us extremely cerebral and well thought out stories. Now, I don’t know if Hickman is a fan of Morrison, but let’s assume for a moment that he is, and Marvel presented the idea of picking up the ball for Noh-Varr and running with it? It might just be the kind of job that’s far too tempting to refuse, wouldn’t it be?  Factor in the recent presence/re-establishment of the Kree in the pages of Fantastic Four and the fact that Noh-Varr, currently going by “The Protector” (I had to look that up to remember his new codename), is being woefully underused in the pages of Avengers, and you have the recipe for another title, like S.H.I.E.L.D., where Hickman can continue to utilize his out-there sensibilities and create something self contained and special.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Odds: 30 to 1

Now I know this one is pretty out there, but that’s the whole point of speculating, right? How could Hickman be taking over the reigns on The Amazing Spider-Man? Well, if you look at it from the right angle, it becomes more plausible.  First off, he’s been writing Spider-Man in the pages of Fantastic Four and FF since the Human Torch “died” and left instructions for Spider-Man to take his place. In that time, we’ve seem glimpses of how Hickman would writer Spider-Man which has established the fact that Hickman could write Spider-Man, and write him well.  Meanwhile, over on The Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott has done an admirable job of writing Spidey stories, but after the huge Spider-Island event and the upcoming Ends of the Earth storyline, one has to wonder if we’re not nearing the end of Slott’s reign on the book later this year?  If we are, then it becomes possible that Hickman could surprise everyone.  What’s bigger than Fantastic Four, Marvel’s first family? The icon of Marvel Comics: Spider-Man. That would be hard to refuse.

The Silver Surfer – Odds: 15 to 1

Trapped amongst the group of characters that seem to be unable to maintain an ongoing title, The Silver Surfer really looks like the type of character that Hickman could have a career defining run on.  It’s been years since The Silver Surfer has had a successful ongoing series, and yet he’s considered to be one of Marvel’s greatest characters.  After years of writing Fantastic Four, Hickman has had brushes with the world of the Surfer, by writing Galactus numerous times, and most recently expanding the stage to be more cosmic, including the Kree, Inhumans, Annihlus and even the Celestials.  Given the wild imagination of Hickman and the type of stories we’ve seen from him, both at Marvel and Image Comics, how much would you want to see him let loose in space with a shiny guy on a surfboard?

Iron Man – Odds: 7 to 2

Here’s another case, similar to Spider-Man, where if you lay out the pieces in the right way, it becomes a very viable candidate.  On the Iron Man side, Matt Fraction has been on the title for years now.  He’s won awards and even has an omnibus of his work on the title. It wouldn’t be terribly surprising if he was in the midst of winding down on the series. So who would be better than Hickman to follow Fraction’s uber-successful run? In looking at Hickman, the futurist type of thinking that’s involved with writing Tony Stark is certainly up Hickman’s alley.  Given his personal interest in design and technology, the possibilities of what Hickman could do on Iron Man are endless.  But as you look at this deeper, you see an even deeper connection between Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D., Hickman’s grand story about the hidden history of the Marvel Universe, which featured none other than Howard Stark, Iron Man’s father.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the threads introduced in the pages of S.H.I.E.L.D. get picked up in Iron Man and brought to a modern conflict?  Additionally, with the success of the Robert Downey Jr. movies, a ton of attention is paid to Iron Man.  Seems like given the offer to write the most successful character in Marvel’s movies stable would be hard to turn down.

The Avengers – Odds: 2 to 1

Now it may seem a little too convenient for us to find out that Bendis was leaving the Avengers books, and now we find out that Hickman is leaving Fantastic Four, to simply say that Hickman is taking over as the writer of Avengers.  But if you put that aside and look at it, the clues make a pretty compelling case.  First off, you have to consider what Hickman said about this new opportunity, “I got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse.”  While some of the titles above would be very tempting, given the state of the world, with past sales performance and the upcoming movie release, it’s pretty safe to say that Avengers is the main stage at Marvel.  A team book featuring it’s most visible characters and with the movies’ inevitable success, Avengers becomes a gig that would difficult to turn down.

Additionally, it’s not as if Hickman doesn’t have a bit of experience with these characters.  We’ve gotten a taste of his approach in the pages of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates, which is essentially the Ultimate version of the Avengers.  Given how excited Hickman was to take on that title, after finally getting to write it, what would cause him to leave the title so quickly? Perhaps the opportunity to write the ACTUAL Avengers? Work in the fact that we saw Hickman write the Avengers (and a whole ton of heroes) in the pages of Fantastic Four recently, and he’s one of the writers of the big event of 2012, Avengers Vs. X-Men, and suddenly you realize that Hickman has had quite a bit of experience with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Could it be his time to step even further into the Marvel limelight, push the limits of his imagination and plot the adventures of the Avengers for a long, career defining run?


So, there it is.  If you’re into betting and speculating, please participate below in the comments to agree with or argue against any of the titles I’ve suggested, or feel free to point out a title I may not have mentioned. If anything, the winds of change appear to be blowing at Marvel…


  1. Credit where credit is due:

    Ron, you thinking of Hickman possibly doing Iron Man is a brilliant idea. I never even thought about that until this article but him doing it makes total sense. Just imagine the possibilities he could bring to that sagging title. The science involved, the techno babble, the endless conspiracies, the government could get involved…..ALL things Hickman is fantastic at writing about and it would be perfect for Iron Man.

    Him on Avengers is what I was going for, but now I really want him to do Iron Man. Either choice will make me happy but hopefully it’s one of them and not some stupid title that’ll get cancelled cause no one will read it. (Silver Surfer would be great but let’s be honest; NO ONE would read that)

    Sorry if I sounded like a major suck up here but you did blow my mind by suggesting it.

    • I’d totally read Silver Surfer… it’s probably tops on my wishlist.

    • Completely agree with @TheNextChampion about Iron Man and Hickman. It’s a great match. Fingers crossed he gets the title post-Fraction.

    • If Hickman taking over Invincible Iron Man, that would be fantastic. But sadly, I’ll still won’t read until you know who leaves the art duties.

    • It would be amazing if Hickman were allowed to both write and draw a book.

      Hickman’s patented infographics would be amazing on Iron Man.

    • Agreed. I would read Hickman on Silver Surfer before any of the others. But even if its not a Silver Surfer title he seems like a natural fit to pick up the cosmic mantle which has been floundering a bit post-Thanos Imperative.

      Also, has anyone considered the possibility he may be doing 2 books?

      I’m surprised no one threw out Cosmic Avengers.

  2. I would be so freakin pleased if he wrote a Silver Surfer book. I would just love for him to stay on that side of the cosmic. But I have a hard time imagining that he would leave bigger books for a Silver surfer book. Seems like that is something he could do in addition to, not instead of (if he wanted to make the time that is).

  3. I agree that Iron Man is a good candidate, but i also like Amazing Spiderman. Then again, the Avengers also sounds perfect. Basically, he’ll be on an A-list book. =)

    • Here’s the problem with Spider-Man:

      He’s absolutely useless in FF/Fantastic Four and his take on him is ‘meh’ at best when he does has lines. The ‘final’ issue of Fantastic Four had a great short story with Spidey and Franklin but that isn’t the same Spider-Man we would see in the comics. I don’t think of Hickman being that ‘funny’ but then again he does throw in some good jokes with Ben and Johnny.

      I don’t know. I just don’t see it….I’d see Daniel Way taking over ASM before Hickman if I’m being honest.

    • i’m coming from the POV of what would qualify as “an offer you can’t refuse”. I dunno…being the guy on ASM is pretty epic, with Avengers and Iron Man following.

    • @wally: Is Spider-Man really ‘an offer you can’t refuse’ now a days? The sales are lagging and I don’t think Spider-Man is as popular as he once was.

      I mean he is, but considering it’s Avengers 24/7 now a days I don’t think ASM is that big of a commodity right now. Of course that might change once the new movie comes out.

    • I think once the new Spider-Man movie comes out sales and interest are gonna jump,m so I don’t think sales are going to be a problem for Spider-Man. Hell, as long as you’re a super hero in a comic book movie, interest in that character is gonna go up. Granted, Avengers is probably gonna be a bigger money maker than ASM, but those shitty Raimi movies made a hell of a lot of money.

      I’m sure there are tons of writers out there that would drop what they’re doing if they were given the chance to write Spider-Man, I just don’t think it’s as high caliber a book as The Avengers or may be even Iron Man. Having Hickman following Slott on writing duties would be like going from hamburger to Prime A beef. That analogy is really weird but I’m going with it.

    • I think that Amazing Spiderman is a pretty iconic title/Character, and i agree that a lot of creators would eat their young if it meant getting a chance to have a long run on that title.

      I don’t pay attention to sales numbers, but it seems to me the Spidey is huge now getting on teams and another solo book. I dunno, at any given time, its one awesome story arc away from being their highest selling book.

  4. He’s stated how badly he would like to work with Chris Bachalo, who pretty much only wants to do X-Men. Right now he’s doing Wolvie & X-men with Aaron, but it’s possible there will be some significant changes in creative teams after AvX, so either Hickman takes over W&X-M or there’s a new book for him & Bachalo. maybe. Also, Hickman has talked a bit about an Imperial Guard story he’d like to do, which might have some kind of connection to SS or MB/Protector…
    Lastly Capt. Marvel is on the cover of one of Secret Avengers AvX tie-in issues, so once again a cosmic prospect…

  5. I’d love to see Hick on Ironman instead of the Avengers. He’d do well on Amazing Spider-Man but I like Dan Slott currently on the title. My question is who does everyone think will write Fantastic Four after Hickman’s departure?

    • @JesTr: Jeff Parker!!

      No seriously….That’s a tough question. Cause it’s not going to be someone who is as scientific or writes for a slow burn such as Hickman. But I don’t think Marvel wants to go for the Mark Millar route considering how much of a failure that run was….

      Out of the writers Marvel has now, I would like to see Fred Van Lente/Greg Pak take a shot at it. They can add in their type of humor for Ben/Johnny, their Hercules run show they have a good imagination when it comes to stories, and they do get some great artists to work for them. (Pham would be a good artist for this book full time, and maybe we could get Eaglesham back!)

    • Mark Waid.

      Heck I wouldn’t mind if they just re-issued his run with Wieringo. Not a lot of people read it anyway.

  6. My main issue with the Avengers theory is that I’m not sure why he’d leave Ultimates for it. Hickman’s talked in the past how much he loved the Ultimates and he was doing a great job on the book. I can’t see why he’d leave that to go do a similar team book and one where he probably wouldn’t have the same creative freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’d do a fantastic job but it’d seem to me like Bendis leaving Ultimate Spider-Man to go work on Amazing instead.

    • The Avengers sells a whole lot more than the Ultimates does. Plus, with the movie coming out, there is more interest in the Avengers side of things than the Ultimates stuff. It’s simply a way to get yourself more exposure. People are gonna know your name if you write the Avengers. Maybe not so much if you write the Ultimates.

  7. I have heard him say that he loves writing Spider-Man and I like his Spider-man.

    But I would love him writing New Gods in DC (which he can’t because of Marvel exclusivity).

    I would love to see him in Iron Man.

    • Except his contract just ended. So however unlikely, there is a slim chance Marvel doesn’t work out and he crosses over. Really doubtful though, since he’s stated that writers he knows at DC hate their time there (right now).

    • Really? Oh man … that New Gods would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

    • oh wait, so there’s not even a guarantee it at marvel? Well that changes everything.

      Hickman on Superman! imagine what he’d do with Lex and Brainiac???

    • I think Hickman has said he’d love to write the Legion….which would be awesome. If anyone could make the Legion exciting again, it’s gotta be Hickman.

  8. i want him to write Spider-Man so I can read a good Spider-Man book again

  9. Don’t think he’s a good fit for Spider-Man. His sensibilities don’t mesh well with the tone of that book. Jason Aaron on the other hand…

    Iron Man would be good, and I didn’t think about the S.H.I.E.L.D. connection. He’s brought Reed’s dad into FF, maybe Howard will have a role in Tony’s now.

    Avengers would be o.k., but we’ve already had stories similar to what he’d write with Bendis. I’d rather see shorter stories with immediate payoffs in this book. He’d need to bring a very different storytelling sensibility with him if he were writing Avengers, and frankly I like Hickman’s style. And he already kind of did this in “Red Mass for Mars.”

    Truthfully, I think he’d be a better fit with X-Men than Bendis. Same reasoning as with Surfer and Iron Man, he can let his sci-fi flag fly much more easily there. But then, that might be a reason not to take X-Men – more of the same thing.

    So, Iron Man or Surfer would be my hopes.

    • I agree with you completely that he’s a better match for the X-Men than Bendis. He’s said in several interviews over the years that he grew up with the Legion and the X-Men and would love to write those books. I really hope the Bendis on X-Men news is a red herring and that Hickman will be working the the merry mutants. Perfect match.

  10. When I read ”I got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse, so I’m taking it,” I think:

    a) Someone’s throwing him a boatload of money.
    b) It’s a creative challenge (property) he’s always wanted to take on AND/OR he’s been given a lot of creative control over the property
    c) His life was threatened.

    Given the state of comics (a) can’t reasonably happen without (b) so that probably rules out all of the above except for Avengers, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

    Iron Man is a Top 50 book but it’s also only one book. Considering Hickman is currently has 3 Marvel titles out right now (plus his creator-owned work) it would be unlikely for Marvel to pay him more to do less.

    Amazing Spidey is a top 20 book and while there are other Spidey-Family titles out they haven’t been connected in a long time. Then again if the offer he couldn’t refuse was “we’ll pay you this much more to Only write Amazing Spider-Man” that would give him the creative freedom to spend the rest of his time working on other projects (though not necessarily Marvel ones).

    With Avengers you have a 2-3 top 20 books under that franchise. Given what he’s done with Fantastic Four it kind of looks like a no-brainer.

    The true dark horse in my opinion is Miracle man. Hickman following in the footsteps of Gaiman and Moore. That’d be an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

    • Miracle Man was the one that I am surprised that Ron didn’t mention. THAT would be a book to tune-in to, as the kids say. (They really don’t.)

  11. Hickman’s style that doesn’t seem to mesh with Spidey’s sensibilities. Dan Slott, meanwhile, recently turned in a document to editor Stephen Wacker about where he’s going storyline wise for 2013. Slott’s gonna be on ASM for a long time, God willing.

    I would really like him on Iron Man, but Fraction has a whole year of story at least with “Iron Man No More”, and TomB said it ISN’T the last Iron Man story Fraction’s doing, so he’ll probably keep going until…Iron Man 3 in 2013 maybe?

  12. I swear I read an interview somewhat recently, where he was vaguely talking about what was coming up post this big FF storyline that is wrapping up – and him saying there were some big cosmic plans, or fans of cosmic will be excited or something like that… Or did I merely dream that?

    • I don’t think you dreamed it. Hickman did say that he had stories for F4/FF beyond the arc he is currently writing. He made it sound as if it would be just as big as what he’s been for the past three years. I imagine that he got offered a “dream job” and decided that it was enough to entice him away from his current plans.

  13. Found something:

    “Well, I’m a big fan of all the Cosmic Marvel stuff. I think there’s a lot there that is worth mining and reintroducing or revisiting. And I think people that are fans of the Cosmic line of stuff are going to be really, really happy with where we’re heading — not just with the FF but in the broader Marvel U plans that I’m included in. It’s going to be very exciting for fans of all things Kree, all things Shi’ar and all things cosmic in the next year.”


  14. I remember an interview with Slott ages ago when he said he’d love to write FF one day, so to be completely selfish I hope he goes for it, as I’m not a huge fan of FF or his writing, so I can ignore that completely.

    That would open up Amazing Spider-man’s dance card and we can get someone else on the book. Hickman would be interesting, he could keep the setting of Horizon Labs, and go from there. With Spider-man film looking like it’s going to take on a more serious tone, I wouldn’t be surprised if the book didn’t followed suit. It’s gonna be jarring for anyone who sees Amazing Spider-man to pick up an issue of Slott’s wackiness.

    I’d have to go with the odds and say Hickmans next book will be Avengers

  15. ok people lets just get crazy 10000000 to 1 odds with it. He’s going to write Hellboy.

  16. This is going to sound weird, but I don’t think Avengers is a perfect fit for Hickman; however, I desperately WANT him to be on the book. (I think Silver Surfer or Iron Man is closer to his sweet spot.) I never really read F4 prior to Hickman taking over, but I read it religiously now. I want the Avengers title to be interesting, to have good characterization, to draw on it’s rich history, and most importantly, to MAKE ME CARE. If Hickman can do to the Avengers what he has done to F4/FF, I will be the happiest fanboy around.

  17. I bet he leaves Marvel and goes to write Archie. Imagine the mind-fuck he’d give that comic. I’d read that, Archie talking about theoretical physics and whether Mr. Applebee is real or not.

  18. I think Hickman listed Morrison as his favorite writer in article for this site

  19. direct quote from Marvel:

    “they’ll never guess what we’re going to put Hickman on!
    they’ve known for months?
    how could they possibly know that he’s going on…

    The Splendiferous Squirrel-Girl?”

  20. Flashgordon23 (@flashgordon23) says:

    I think he is going to do the avengers. Also another reason why he can’t turn it down would be it’s going to be one of the most defining books in the new event avengers vs. x-men making it even more popular.
    But I would love to see him write my favorite hero Iron Man!

  21. Avengers is the safe bet. Given the Bendis announcement, it seems most probable. I agree he is perfectly suited for Iron Man, though. I’d definitely try a Silver Surfer book by him too.

    Are we 100% sure this offer is at Marvel? What if he took over Justice League? Superman? He could do wonders with either of those.

    Can’t wait to find out. Where Hickman goes, I will follow.

    • If he already knows he’s going to DC, that would make the next few months awkward (wrapping up FF, on the writing team for AvX for the better part of this year), so I doubt that’s the case.

      Now, here’s something else to consider: If Bendis or Hickman were to go to X-Men, or if Bendis was to go to X-Men and Hickman to Avengers, where would McKelvie go? – because I’d have to think Uncanny X-Men would be the only book big enough to put Bendis on or draw Hickman from FF. And, if the other two already know where they’re going, wouldn’t McKelvie know where he’s going too? If he’s been interviewed recently, any hints or intimations that he’s going elsewhere?

      Other possibilities:
      A) Hickman and Bendis do a Mantlo/Byrne trade. I wouldn’t like this; still not really sold that Hickman’s a good fit on Avengers, and Bendis would not bring the same kind of storytelling sensibility to FF that’s made it popular recently.

      B) Hickman goes to Avengers, Bendis goes to Spider-Man. Similar to the argument that Hickman works on Avengers because of Ultimates, Bendis works on Spidey because of USM. Also, if Spidey loses connections to the FF and Avengers (which could easily happen), he becomes a much more street-level character again, something that Bendis has proven he can write well (Daredevil, anyone?). This, I could live with.

    • So let me throw out a very different theory. Hickman has clearly proven he’s capable of writing Avengers, based on his work on Ultimates and FF. But we already know that, and so does Hickman. Sure, it’s the “real” Avengers, but that seems like more of what he’s already done. Maybe he is moving to Iron Man or a non-team book, to try that. Just speculation. I realize he’s been REALLY strong writing these team books, and is well suited for the job. But what if he wants a big change of pace and focus?

  22. I hope its the Avengers.

  23. Avengers. Please. Please.

  24. Some Avengers title, Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, Defenders; these are all titles I could see him doing.

    But how do we know it’s not Iron Fist or Dr. Strange or Sub-Mariner?


  25. And actually, it might be a good time for all of the Architects to move one title to the left.

    Bendis – Avengers, New Avengers > X-Men & SHIELD

    Hickman – Fantastic Four > Avengers & Iron Man

    Fraction – Iron Man, Thor, Defenders > Hulk & Wolverine

    Aaron – Hulk, Wolverine, W&tXM > New Avengers & Captain America

    Brubaker – Captain America – Defenders & FF

    • S.H.I.E.L.D. is Hickman’s baby and he will wrap it up, so Bendis wouldn’t be going there. And I wouldn’t want Aaron off Wolverine and the X-Men. But, if he were to pick up New Avengers, with him there, Remender on Secret, and Hickman on Avengers, that would be a trinity of awesome!

    • From some of the things we’ve heard about the Marvel Universe post-AVX, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the books you mention no longer exist (I’m especially looking at you, New Avengers).

      I like these speculation articles, but I think we’re in for something more significant than just shuffling creative teams.

      I’ve never been in the camp that expected Marvel to “answer” the New 52, but I can see AVX leading to a seismic shift of that nature. The Phoenix Force is being presented as a force for reshaping the universe, and the Scarlet Witch (with all her reality warping potential) is back in play.

      I don’t want to use any of the “R” words just yet, but I think Ron’s speculation might be a bit on the conservative side.

    • Yet with the X-Universe having just rebooted (we aren’t even double-digit issues in yet), and the Avengers only being a couple years into their reboot, this would seem an incredibly desperate move on Marvel’s part. I don’t know that things would be that drastic. Add to that that Marvel doesn’t have a history of such hard reboots like DC – the closest things are Heroes Reborn, which lasted a year and then went back to status quo ante, and the Ultimate line, which is essentially Marvel’s “Earth 2” – and a “Crisis” style restart just doesn’t seem likely.

      That doesn’t mean there might not be a clearing of the decks. Both the X-line and the Avengers could use some title trimming. But hopefully they wouldn’t end old titles just to make new ones. And besides, wouldn’t it be more likely that names such as Bendis and Hickman would work on line-leading books with pedigree rather than be starting new ones? Though, that would make sense, and I should know better by now.

    • @BC1: Yeah, without meaning to sound cynical, whatever we get post-AVX is probably going be a “the more things change, the more they stay the same” — that’s just superhero comics and I’m cool with that.

      I don’t think we’re in for any kind of massive reboot or Heroes Reborn situation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some “reality editing” performed to streamline any ragged continuity situations. I can’t think of any specific plots or characters that need streamlining, but like I’ve been saying, having the Phoenix and Scarlet Witch (and I guess Franklin Richards too) around leaves a LOT of opportunity for altering the Marvel Universe. Basically, a more story-driven One More Day.

    • @BC1/Ken: Well Joey Q has been tweeting this new image and phrases involving “The Infinite”


      That might be a window into what’s going to happen down the line.

  26. The only offer nobody would able to refuse? HOWARD THE DUCK, BABY!!!

  27. Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Silver Surfer

  28. I want Dr. Strange to get that special something that Hickman brings to the table. It would be nice to see how he approaches that one. Since he is good on teams, how about a power pack reboot (not like FF at all).

  29. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Personally I’m just pissed off he’s leaving the Ultimates. And if (and I underline IF) the great job offer that he couldn’t refuse is just writing another Marvel title then it’s just not fair to the Ultimates readers.

  30. WOW I enjoyed his Fantastic Four run (so far) true it is no Stan & Jack or Bryne for that matter but it pulled me in with lots of adventure w/ Marvel’s first family. I will have to get a new Marvel book to read to replace it once Hickman leaves Fantastic Four.


  31. I know that it’s not likely … and not on Ron’s list … and probably not a book that couldn’t be refused …

    … but if we’re arguing for titles Hickman would be great on, I’d love to see him on Runaways. It’s a book that’s struggled to find a good writer since Vaughan departed, and Hickman has demonstrated a great handle on both team books and family books.

  32. “I don’t know if Hickman is a fan of Morrison”

    Uh, he obviously is and has said so in many interviews. When Morrison’s Batman was in full swing, Hickman said it was a huge influence in how he plotted his Fantastic Four. The influence is pretty clear.

  33. I predict that the next thing Hickman will write will be: The Manhattan Projects.