Smallville: Absolute Justice Promo Poster

Smallville Absolute Justice


I honestly cannot believe this is a live action TV show. Stargirl! Dr. Fate! Hawkman! On TV!


  1. Dr.Fate looks badass. (‘cept maybe the belt.)

    I’m really glad they added the armor on Hawkman’s chest. Stargirl looks good too. I hope there are a few more characters. 

  2. Hawkman looks siller the more we see of him.

  3. i’ve never watched this show, so can some please explain to me why the hell is Clark channeling his inner Neo? 

    Everyone else is in leather, or armor, spandex.

     I mean if was green arrow, i be like, "Clark, bro listen, your black on black look….It’s like your not even trying"

  4. I really need to start watching this show.. I think i’m going to watch the movie.  then go back and watch smallville.  (probably where green arrow joins cause he’s my fav)

  5. Hawkman better be badass if they are going to overcome the costume. 


    @tschafer-  Yes, it is lame at the moment, but they wanted to avoid tights on the show.  If you were going to become a superhero, would you stick with your first idea or tweak it over time??  Besides, he is a lurker at the moment.  He is trying to be stealthy and not be noticed.

  6. Oh My God! They’re writing Superman as Batman!

    This show needs to end as soon as possible after this movie, because so far, the show has been so Bad it’s good, but after this, I think they’re gonna start becomming so bad it’s awful. 

  7. I’m so pumped for this.  The past few seasons have been getting better and better, and Geoff Johns can write a tv story as well as he writes a comic.  The Friday time slot is killing me though.

  8. Just No.

  9. It’s going to be terrible, but I will watch it anyway for laughs.  Maybe on drugs.

  10. Compared to most iFanboy users, I’m probably a bigger Smallville fan. That said, this looks a little silly to me.  I don’t know if the the JSA will translate well into Smallville. However, I loved Geoff Johns Legion episode and I hope this one will be just as good.  I’m psyched that it’s a two hour episode and I’m definitely going to watch.  Also I think it would be better if Clark had a red S shield on his shirt, like Connor Kent.

  11. What’s with all the hate? Geez. I’ve only watched a handful of Smallville, but I tuned in to Johns’ first episode and based off of that I am incredibly excited to watch this.

  12. Rocky Ridge High School Drama Department Presents "Wizard of Oz".

  13. @drakerdangerz: It’s "cool" to hate on SMALLVILLE.

  14. @Conor-Well then, I am not a very cool person at all. I’m downright lame.

  15. I think all the costume designs are great. Something’s a little odd about Dr. Fate’s helmet. Maybe it’s just poor photoshopping or something.

  16. I’m a big fan of the show (even with the ups and downs) and I have no doubt the Geoff will deliver, but I don’t know… except for Green Arrow, the JSA costumes look cheap! And Dr. Fate’s helmet looks like it came from Toy ‘R’ Us. And they definitely need a better Photoshop artist for the poster, it looks cheap too!

  17. It really is surprising to see this in live action form, but kudos to the CW for doing it.  My only complaint is with Stargirl’s mask.  It looks…weird.

  18. This looks like it’s going to be awesome!

    Can’t wait for it.

  19. Fate’s helmet doesn’t look like shiny gold, I think that’s the issue, looks like plastic. I still think it translated fairly well.

  20. I havent seen this show for at least 4 seasons, and boy, has the direction has changed

  21. One thing that smallville does right is show us how goofy people could look in those types of outfits.

    Anyway, I still can’t wait for this episode to air.

  22. not my thing.

  23. And here it is. Final proof that there is no way to make that Hawkman helmet look anything but ludicrous.

    Super excited for this. The Legion episode was an incredible achievement (they made Cosmic Boy awesome!), and Johns has yet to disapoint me in… well, any medium, really. Bring on the diaper-clad Spectre!

  24. I’m looking forward to this event. Any word on a JLA/JSA series? Was it not rumored that this may be the case once Smallville ended? Perhaps this is a test to see how well this event is received? All speculation of course. I could be waaay off. 🙂 Either way can’t wait to see this. 

  25. just got into smallville last year and recently got caught up all the way.  the show has improved leaps and bounds over the last few seasons and even though I’ve never read a single jsa story and know nothing about the characters I’m real stoked for this episode.

  26. Could go either way, depends on the actors. I’ll be psyched to download it

  27. I still want my 1940s period JSA live action movie but this will do nicely until it arrives.

    I can’t wait for the Wildcat episode tho, where he turns up to train and counsel supes about giri, the hardest burden to bear, whereby he overcomes the grief of his past and then takes back the leadership of the Autobots. Or, y’know, something.

  28. I like the idea of the special episode/tv-movie. Sounds like a fun time. 

    Yes, I agree about Doctor Fate. He looks more like a life-size plastic action figure, which is unfortunate.

    And I don’t care for Stargirl’s mask either, but I think I’m probably getting petty. 

  29. I thought the Hawkman outfit looked great!  If being excitied for this is wrong… I don’t want to be right.