Scott Snyder Thanks You With a Sneak Peek at BATMAN #6

Last week we saw something that’s never happened before at iFanboy. A single comic book, Batman #5, got the highest pick of the week percentage by you, the iFanboy community. ย Currently standing at 94.1% of the picks of the week from the iFanbase, Batman #5 became the most universally praised and picked book in iFanboy history.

This feat did not go unnoticed by DC Comics and Batman writer Scott Snyder. Upon seeing the news, Snyder reached out to us with the below message of thanks to share with the iFanboy community:

Hey guys – just wanted to say thanks to all of you, from everyone on team Batman. Really, we can’t thank you enough.

iFanboy rocks – I’ve been a fan of the site since before I was in comics, and I got my very first review ever on this site. The point is, iFanboy will always hold a special place in my (misshapen, black) heart, and getting a response like we did to Batman #5, it means a lot to me – and to all of us.

And as a small gesture of thanks, here’s a tease from BATMAN #6 – out in February. Things get even more twisted – promise.

Beware the Court…

– Scott Snyder

And here is the exclusive sneak peek at Batman #6, thanks to Scott Snyder:


  1. I may as well start writing another gushing blog post for this issue now. That eye is insanely good.

  2. Nice

  3. Wow! Truly disturbing.

  4. It’s that goddamn exposed eye. That’s the key to this story’s greatness.

  5. I am currently eating crow for ever having doubted Greg Capullo. Jesus.

  6. Thank you Mr.Snyder and Team Batman for this amazing story.

  7. NICE! Batman is one of my favorite books out right now and I didn’t even buy Batman books before. Keep it up!

  8. WOW! Can’t wait.

  9. I just made it 94.2 %. There was never any doubt when I read it, but I had to read the rest of my books from last week just to be fair. Uncanny X-men was good but Batman was on a whole other level. Mind-bogglingly sensational.

  10. At least if you were on heavy drugs, being stabbed through the back and stomach and tossed wouldn’t hurt as much. Great job on this comic, Scott and bat-company!

  11. No, Scott. Thank YOU.

  12. scott writer.ever.yup,better than alan moore.

  13. Here, for comic book fans like us. All r Welcome

  14. Thank you, Scott, Greg and the rest of the team, for some of the best Batman I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to see this whole way through (although I suspect I will be very sad when it comes to its unavoidable end).

  15. Beautiful, Batman is having one of those days.

  16. Anyone have a clue as to how to get some of the original art from these Batman issues? Haven’t been able to find it at the usual online art dealers at all. Capullo is killing it and Snyder is a God!

  17. Snyder hits it out of the park with every issue.

  18. so awesome, snyder is a class act. Batman #5 was tremendous so I am glad it got the kudos it derserves. Really looking forward to number 6 now.

  19. Scott Snyder GETS IT and I love him for it. Thank you, Scott. Keep up the good work.

  20. The creepy disembodied heads looking down on the scene is genius.

  21. Scott, you are The Man!! (the art team isn’t half bad, either ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  22. Just made it 94.3%. While I was fairly certain this would be my POTW, I wanted to be fair and wait until I read my entire stack, which I just finished in time for todays comics to stroll in.

    Once again, Scott F’n Snyder blew me away. And Capullo’s art is killing here too.

  23. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!!

  24. I can honestly say I have never read a bad book by Scott Snyder.
    Great to know he is a good guy too.

  25. After night of owls i’d love to see scott have a hand in a dc-wide event. the guy’s an architect in the making! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I’d like to think that there is a changing of the guard in comics that has taken place over the past year. Snyder, Aaron, Remender and Hickman seem to have taken the place of Rucka, Johns, Fraction, Brubaker and Bendis. I am really thankful that the new guard have taken comics into such different directions and I’m really excited to see what they come up with next.

  27. Mr Snyder,

    Thank you for keeping up the fantastic quality on Batman. Not having read any of your work prior to your work with this character, I was concerned that whoever followed Morrison would suffer from having to be the guy who follows the guy. Thank you for making me wrong.

    Also, that shirt remains completely awesome

  28. I dont know if I have ever seen a writer be this consistantly good in as short a time as Scott has been writing comics.

  29. Holy shit that is one scary ass page of comic booking right there.

  30. Batman is so funny when he’s tripping. tongue all hanging out like bill the cat its cool.

  31. It’s a good series and Scott is a good writer, but this is starting to seem like an endless cycle of patting each other on the back… and then patting yourselves on the back.

    You guys do articles about what this guy tweets about.

    You guys do articles about hipster cops in this titles. These are touches that are neat but actually have no content. Yet you guys hype them up as if they were genius.

    Now you guys do an article when he just says thanks. That’s cool, but does the article need to be a pinned link at the top of the page? The whole thing is just a little self-important or something.

    There are other great comics out there. Maybe you could talk about them. Snyder is a good writer but he often writes way too much exposition for no reason. You guys notice this in other writers’ work, but never in his. Because he’s an “It” guy that you’re in love with, so you don’t actually notice many of the details in his writing.

    When Morrison did a deep Batman story with plenty of clues… you guys did ZERO investigative articles about it.

    Scott Snyder is doing a “mystery” that actually has nothing for the reader to figure out, and yet you do articles about hidden owls.

    With Morrison’s story (which was very imperfect, I admit) there was actually stuff to think about and figure out. Other comic sites actually posted a lot of articles all about the foreshadowing that Morrison had laid, and there was a lot of discussion about the actual content, group effort in investigating what was happening, and various complex theories thrown out as to how the Black Glove story was playing out.

    But now with Snyder it’s just “Look for the owls!”

    This is coming off as superficial. If you guys would just leave well enough alone, it’d be cool. But instead you hype the crap out of certain things. I’m beside myself as to why people still find it so interesting. I barely even go to this site anymore, but every time I do you’re talking about the same writers, the same titles, and the same two dozen or so users are blitzing the comments so that even the most insignificant news story has like a hundred posts underneath it. Is all of this really worth so much time? I think you guys are losing your larger perspective on comics, because it just feels so good to hype up your own particular favorites.

    • When you create something as awesome as iFanboy. You’ll decide what the articles are dude! 0_o

      Show a little respect!

      Scott Snyder is probably the biggest fanboy out there and that’s what make the guy remarkable, he cares like us, he geeks like us and he writes the best god damn Batman stories for the past year!

      Now go reflect about how futile your rant was for we are legion!

    • “There are other great comics out there. Maybe you could talk about them.”

      If you came to the site more often you’d know that line is HI-larious.

    • One of the main reasons I like this site is reading the comments seeing what other fans are saying. When you say “there are other great comics out there. Maybe you could talk about them” I’m thinking YOU should talk about them, maybe turn somebody on to something new or help create some buzz for a book that’s maybe not getting the attention it deserves. And I do enjoy Snyder’s work. And I do think you make some valid points.

    • Hey flapjaxx, – I totally understand. I have gotten a lot of coverage from a lot of places. And there are a ton of great comics being published right now that get less attention – from Cullen Bunn’s the Sixth Gun to Lil’ Depressed Boy, to mainstream stuff like All Star Western, Penguin Pain and Prejudice… My favorite is Animal Man, but admittedly, that does get good press ๐Ÿ™‚ Bottom line: I’m very grateful for the coverage I’ve gotten, but I’d be happy for a lot of series that have gotten less to get some love, too. Still, for what it’s worth, we’re trying very hard on Batman to deliver something different and above the fray – this is a story I’ve been working on for a long time, it’s like the Bruce Wayne story I’d tell if I only ever got one chance to write the character – and any kind words or generous coverage means a lot. We all really appreciate it. Thanks again to everyone here.

  32. @ flapjaxx. I do think some of your points are well founded but the crux of your argument is flawed. You say you rarely frequent this site any more; i believe if you did you would glean the scope of just how insightful and often brutally honest some of the critics are about the comics that frequent these pages. Yes i agree in your judgement of Scott being the โ€œIt guy that we are all in love with” It is sometimes over the top? yes; but frankly the guy deserves the credit and i am as guilty as the next man in singing his praises. But who else has put out material the likes of Swamp Thing, American Vampire, Severed, and Batman. Take a moment and think about the last time a writer has put out that amount consistently solid material. Lastly i must disagree with your assumption that this current arc in Batman is simply “look for the owls” If you have read these books than you know it has explored much more than the simple facade of a man named Talon hunting down Batman. This book is coated with an aura of suspense and mystery that begs to be solved. Sure we know of the Court of Owls but we know very little about who they are and why they have remained hidden for so long. You may just say i am another fanboy of Scott’s and that may be a fair assessment but i believe you are wrong in your critique of this site as a global entity. There are plenty of folks on this site not shy about letting their feelings fly, but its hard to criticize something that is so well written.

  33. What a swell guy!

  34. Geez there’s a lot of things going on in that panel. Summed up with Batman thinking to himself:

    “What the fuck is going on!?”

    But thank you Scott Snyder for being the best writer in the industry and being a gentleman.

  35. If tthis keeps up the momentum that #5 brought to the table, then this might top Snyder’s Detective.

  36. And I’ll lay off, so as not to be intrusive here, but again, thanks so much to all of you from all of us on Batman.

    • For what it’s worth I always love when creators get on here and interact. Digging Batman and American Vampire very much and looking forward to the Severed hardcover. Thanks for the comics!

  37. can’t wait to see how the hell Bruce digs himself out of this one. Got my fingers crossed that Damian pops in to kick some tail!

  38. The book is already in my current Top Five, but this page alone may make me move it up another notch.

  39. How does a nice guy like that write the kinda twisted, crazy, awesome shit I enjoy.

  40. Damn…thats awesome! Thanks Scott!!

  41. Having met Scott late last year, I can honestly say he’s one of the nicest creators around. He never comes off above anyone and takes the time to talk to you like a person. I actually discovered Scotts work via American Vampire. I love that book to no end. Then I found out about his Detective run and quickly acquired those and it’s pretty much been a non-stop Snyder love-fest of comics in my collection since then. This was before I even met him, he EARNED that respect and love simply by telling incredible stories that continue to blow me away. It’s a huge bonus that he obviously cares about the fans as well as the people he works with. He’s constantly crediting his creative teams and I admire that. If iFanboy wants to do articles on Scott every day, I’ll be perfectly okay with it.

  42. You guys are killing it on this book! This is the most interested that I’ve been in Batman for years. Keep up the good work!

  43. Occupy iFanboy!

    We are the 99%

    (well…technically I suppose we are the 94.1%, but who’s counting)

  44. WOW!! Salivatin’ rite now!

  45. Best Batman story in years. Fingers crossed the Mr. Snyder is on the title for a long time.