PREVIEW: Hulk #27

The last issue, out just days ago, was Pick of the Week, and now you can take a peek at the next issue, Hulk #27. This artwork speaks for itself.  Jeff Parker and Gabe Hardman have hit a stride.  Catch up.  All this, and they're putting it out like clockwork!




Look for it on 11/17. 



    I’m so upset I didn’t manage to get a Hardman sketch at NYCC. I’ve got to own some of his stuff.

    That watcher page… wow!

  2. Now I have yet to read it yet (I know, I know)……but I like it how it seems (from heresay) that it looks like Parker is just revisiting everything Loeb did and is making it better.

  3. I wouldn’t say revisiting, but it’s building upon it so some stuff gets referenced.


  4. one of these days i’ll have to give a hulk book a try.

  5. Go get Hulk 26, it came out this week. It’s great!  Don’t wait, do it NOW.  Seriously, right now.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So good. 

    Do it NOW! 

  7. 309 pulls is a fucking travesty.

  8. I don’t buy $3.99 books from the big two because I’m a rebel.

  9. Well, it also might be worth noting that the last issue had 32 pages of story.  Not only do you get 22 pages of Parker and Hardman kicking ass (plus a cool recap page that give us panels from the last issue rather than a bunch of words), you get 9 pages of a lighter Rick Jones backup (which I enjoy) and a cute 1 page kid Hulks strip.  So it might be 3.99 but this a rare case where Marvel is adding value for the price.

  10. And somebody’s pick of th week was used in the press release.

  11. Hardman is a beast.  One of my few commissions is an amazing Green Arrow he did for me at HeroesCon.  Plus, he and his wife are as nice as can be.  Makes ya sick, don’t it?

    I’ve got Hulk 25 and 26 — haven’t read ’em yet, still lookin’ at the pretty, pretty pictures.  Issue 27?  Already sold.  (Note: These are the first Hulk books I’ve bought in at least four years.)

    @Josh: Say what you will about Loeb, he knew how to put asses in the seats.  The readers will catch on to the new guys; have a little faith.

  12. @Josh again:  You gotta start looking at the bright side, man.  To wit:

    Correction: 310 pulls is the highest this book has ever been, and by a good margin.  People like this book now more than ever.

    …or they’re expecting it to come out on time and are thus not trade-waiting on it any longer.

  13. If only Gabe Hardman would replace JRJR on Avengers…

  14. Seriously. Hardman has elite level draftsmanship andreally understands how to lay out a story for pace and effect.  He and Parker really seem to ‘get’ one another in one of those rare writer-artist pairings that is just magical and an honest joy for any fan to read and it makes me elated that they were assigned the Hulk.

  15. This is some beautiful artwork, but thunderbolt ross as a hulk, still i don’t know. am i wrong?

  16. i am not sure i want to live in a world where daredevil is bad and hulk is good

  17. @Doof – I’m pretty sure that in real world (which isn’t necessarily indicative of our audience), Loeb’s Hulk sold very very well. Certainly better than this version.

  18. Stasisbal-

    It’s only value- If you like the backup stuff.


  19. @weakly Yes, yes you are.

    @eric Universally disliking backups is silly.

  20. man that looks purty

  21. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with the previous run on RULK. However Jeff Parker has totally sucked me into this with the last two issues and of course Hardman’s art is down right delicious.

  22. @eric – You’re right.  I enjoy the backup stuff (though not nearly as much as the main story) so it adds value.  But I’d still argue that unless you HATE the backup stuff it still adds some value because there is more to read.  At least they’re trying in this case.

    On another note, my only complaint about the book is that Red Hulk doesn’t rock the ‘stash.

  23. Have the iFanboys ever done a more abrupt U-turn on a title before ? 

    i mean, it’s still pretty much the same thing, Red Hulk fighting dudes in space or somewhere wacky.

    Don’t get me wrong though, that art’s fantastic  

  24. @edward: The only one of us who did a u-turn on HULK was Ron.

  25. DAAAAAH!!!! 😀 😀 😀 

    I don’t know what exactly it is, but just from looking at this preview art", it seems to me that it reminds me a lot of the visuals in "THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER". I’m not saying it looks all that similar, necessarily, but rather that, on first glance, it seems to inspires in me a sense of fantastic action and vibrancy similar to what I’ve come to associate with the beautiful visuals in "THE MIGHT MIGHTY AVENGER".

    This is gonna be awesome!!! 😀 

  26. If Chris Samnee and Michael Lark had an art baby, it would be Gabe Hardman, and it would be beautiful.

  27. @Conor: Really? i mean, really? 

  28. @edward: Yes.

  29. hmmmm…. 

  30. The official iPosition on Red Hulk has been "it’s good" for at least a year and a half, no matter how loud I shouted.

    These new guys, I love.

  31. From Conor: 

    "Hulk is the comic book equivalent of the big, dumb, action movies" 

    "Is it perfect?  No.  Are there some groaner lines of dialogue?  Sure, but few are the comics (or movies or television or…) that don’t have one or two eye rollers"

    "The ones that know they aren’t reinventing the wheel or delving into new depths of the human psyche" 

    "and you can’t really focus a book around that character" 


    From Josh: 

     "with some wonderful sequences, mixed with exceptional acting and character work."

     "exceptional storytelling"

    " this is sort of the apex of Jack Kirby’s legacy"

    "all that wonderful story and characterization" 

    "All the parts work together in harmony, and there’s an intangible something that makes it all work" 


    Despite what you guys say; you, as a collective, actually present things in a certain light. When Ron, Josh and Conor laugh at the book in a podcast then universally praise it in another podcast, it comes off kind of funny.


    and i’m not having a go. just an observation.  

  32. Those quotes are about 2 different creative teams, and as such are somewhat unrelated. I never read Red Hulk while it was coming out. I just read it a couple of months ago.  Parker and Hardman do a book I love.  Loeb and McGuinness did a book that was pretty fun.

    Conor read Red Hulk’s first trade, and talked about exactly what he thought about it.

  33. yup. I get that. hence, your u-turn

  34. Well, I’m done with this.

  35. Josh, chill out, man. You take this all too seriously 

  36. I would like to know why the first four issues Ron read when it first came out was considered ‘crap’, but now is gushing that this is some of the best Hulk stories published and is great comic booking by Jeph Loeb.

    I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I am genuinely curious. Cause that is a HUGE turn around from reading the same thing in a two year span.

  37. There are always new depths to be mined, apparently.

  38. I consider The Toxic Avenger to be extremely silly and a showcase for bad dialog. But goddamit, it’s one of my favorite films of all time, and not for ironic reasons.

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  40. @conor: Oh I get it! You’re making a joke on the basis of edward’s comments.

    If you said that in the original post, then maybe I wouldn’t have said anything at all. 

  41. well, nobody ever said some light hearted conversation about comic books was going to be all beer and skittles 

  42. Parker’s writing is nothing like Loeb’s writing.

    The first six or so issues of Loeb’s run were so bad they were kind of good.

    Parker’s two issues are good.

    You cats just want the iFanboy power trio to say they are collecting checks from Marvel, don’t you?

  43. No, I’m pointing out that the Title changed dramatically, hence the u-turn (which i didn’t imagine) 

  44. Maybe U-Turn means something different in Australia than it does here.