PREVIEW: G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds Ashcan

Thanks to IDW for providing us with this massive preview ashcan of the new G.I. Joe book, Hearts and Minds, written by Max Brooks (World War Z) and illustrated by Howard Chaykin (Die Hard: Year One, Flight of the Phantom Eagle). If this doesn't make you want to take a look, I don't know what will.





Look for it on the stands on May 26, from IDW.


  1. One can never have enough Chaykin.

  2. A very long time ago, my uncle gave me the first twelve issues of Chaykin’s American Flagg. I was much to young for them, but to this day I buy almost everything that has his name on it. 

  3. Is Ashcan another term for "preview" or "issue #0" 

     I love Chaykin, but this color makes everything look like digital plastic. Total tragedy. 

  4. @wallythegreenmonster: An ashcan is a promotional comic.

  5. @ conor

    Thanks…I’ve heard the term Ashcan used in different contexts. its even a quasi obscure American Art Movement. Very fascinating. 

  6. Chaykin…oh glorious, glorious Chaykin…

  7. Wow, that’s… a really good promo comic.

    Have to admit that I’ve stayed away from the GI Joe stuff, even as you guys have touted how good its been. Just didn’t want to get into another franchise. Is this the first book Max Brooks has done for them?

  8. This looks interesting.

  9. I don’t like how the cover prominently features Brooks’ name, and makes no mention of Chaykin. 

  10. I would be interested in this if it wasn’t for the Chaykin artwork. His stuff just looks terrible to me. I don’t understand the obsession with him at all.

  11. wow, very dark and interesting – looks like the newer GI Joe stuff is just going to continue improve off of Cobra and Origins

  12. That is a great preview, Brooks seems to be a natural at this. I mean one minute he does zombie work the next he’s showing me he is great at full on drama.

    Art is pretty bad though. I know a lot of people love Chaykin but…..I’m sorry. It migth be the coloring or the inking itself but this looks really ugly to me. Could be a dealbreak to wait in trade for this.

  13. Has IDW said if this will be an ongoing or a mini?

  14. Max Brooks is great. I love the tone GI JOE is taking.

  15. That was great!  I was really hoping I would get a chance to read this.  I thought it had only been made for the "industry" and wasnt holding out any hope. Thanks!

    THose glasses on the "domestic" Bludd are kinda silly though.

  16. 5 issue mini-series.

  17. I just wanted to echo someone else’s comment earlier. I love the dark direction they have taken the entire Joe series in. It makes it more interesting than those campy stories of our youth.

  18. Looks like Chaykin won’t be on the actual miniseries. The final page says Antonio Fuso on art.

  19. This looks good… and I’m actually happy Chaykin isn’t on it. His faces look weird… but to each their own. May wait for the trade on this, though

  20. Antonio Fuso (of GI Joe Cobra fame) is doing the interiors.  Chaykin is just providing one of the covers for each issue.  If Chaykin was drawing all of it, I’d have to think real hard before buying it.

  21. So was Cobra Josh So was Cobra