PREVIEW: Batman and Robin #17

Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel temporarily take the reigns on Batman and Robin, and issue #17 is out this week, playing catch up to get the whole Batman Inc. world up to speed.  It's looking pretty good, if you ask me.

It can be yours for $2.99


  1. This looks like a lot of fun.  I’m in.

  2. YAY!

  3. Love it 🙂  I’m thrilled at the decision to keep Dick and Damien together – Bruce’s dynamic with the various Robins was never this fun and interesting.

  4. Hrrrrrrrrm. I didn’t want to pick up yet another Batbook. But they make them look so goooood!

  5. yes! Yes!! YES!!!

  6. I will be curious to see to drop on this book by following this site’s numbers. I’m staying on. I’m interested to see how other writers are going to do on this. McDan isn’t cup of tea though.

  7. *the (not "to")

  8. Wow. McDaniel brought his A game. Good for him. I’m already picking up Batman Inc. and Detective though – I don’t think I can justify another Batman monthly.

  9. I was certain I would drop this once Morrison was gone. Looks like a maybe though. Cornell Rules !

  10. McDaniel’s pencils look better than the last time I was paying attention, since it seems he going for more of a Pacheco thing these days. However, that Batman in the fourth page looks wonky, like a 10-year-old boy.

  11. I’m on through this arch at least. Damian Wayne is my new favorite Robin.

  12. Best McDaniel I’ve seen in a long while.

  13. It’s rare for me to notice any bad McDaniel.  Unlike most pencilers I notice today, McDaniel actually draws all of his backgrounds in by hand rather than phototracing.  And I’ve never seen him skimp on large action shots, he has such a great attention to detail. 

  14. I pulled an old McDaniel Daredevil issue and it was so much chiaroscuro, it was almost Sin City – I loved it. This is still really good McDaniel, here.

  15. Definitely looks like a lot of fun. I like the banter already Cornell is bringing.

    Pencils are a little bit stiff…..but much better then what I’ve seen of McDaniel’s.

  16. I used to love McDaniel but he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I dunno if my tastes have changed or his pencils have, but we just don’t click anymore.

    Still, lookin forward to this. It’s kind of exciting to have someone else writing these two on a regular (if temporary) basis.

  17. I respect this art, but not my cup of tea …

  18. Never been a fan of Cornell’s work outside of Captain Britain, but this looks awesome.

  19. Okay, someone bear with me, and I know that these things change every five minutes, but: how many batbooks are there right now, and what characters are in each book?

  20. This has been by far the best of the bat books. I hope that run continues.

  21. @RaceMcCloud There are a bunch, but most of the books have Dick as their lead. Detective’s new arc, Batman and Robin, and I think Batman are Grayson in the cowl as Gotham’s Batman.

    Batman Inc is Bruce doing the globe-hopping Morrison fun/sexy stuff.

    Batgirl is about Batgirl.

    Red Robin is about Red Robin.

    Oh, and Damian-Robin’s in the Teen Titans now apparently, but he also shows up in Batman and Robin. Not sure if adjectiveless Batman or Detective will have him do anything more than cameo. 

  22. BW will be in Batman Incorporated, The Dark Knight, and Batman Confidential where he never left.

    Grayson will be in Tec, Batman & Robin, and the regular Batman series that Daniels is writing & doing art duties.

    Superman/Batman is anybody’s guess, I guess?  I stopped reading it eons ago.  It sucks most of the time.

  23. I’m a sucker for McDaniel art. He belongs drawing Dick Grayson

  24. McDaniel on Green Goblin was really good. The smoke from the eyes of the pumpkin bombs was always pretty awesome.


    Weird to see a reference to that Green Goblin in the last issue of Spider-Man 

  25. Maybe it is just the perspective from that last page, but I hope McDaniel remembers Damien’s age. He looks about the same size as Dick.

  26. GOD. DAMMIT.

    I wasn’t going to buy this. Now, there is no question. I’ve gone from The occasional Bat issue to 3 ongoings in the space of a month.

  27. This McDaniel stuff is pretty great actually, I think it’s down to the inker. Andy Owens just doesn’t do the man any favours, he needs a new regular partner IMO.

  28. The art is exceptional but not of my taste, it doesn’t appeal to me, still going to pick it up to see but it’s on the edge of  maybe dropped.