The Daily Blam's posted a series of photos from the production of NBC's Wonder Woman pilot. We're looking at an evening shoot of a foot chase, filmed on location. While many of the shots showcase star Adrianne Palicki, several feature a fully costumed stunt double vaulting over cars. Also detailed are a few minor alterations to the costume revealed earlier this month, notably in the pants (less shiny, plus a row of stars) and boots (now the traditional red, with a more subtle heel). 

Here's Palicki in action.


And here's a look at her stunt double.

For more photos from the production, check out the full roundup at the Daily Blam


  1. Looks better than the last one.

  2. Much, much better. 

  3. I like this way more. Very cool, minor tweaks to the costume.

  4. least now they are safe for work…=p

    if you give her a black jacket like the Jim Lee version, you might really have something believable.

  5. Much less cheap hooker-y looking.

  6. Much better but I still don’t see how this will work on screen.

  7. Does nothing to improve the script, and David Kelly is still involved. Don’t get your hopes up.

  8. @Paul: The stars were on the tights in the publicity photos, they were just difficult to see through the glare. 

    Still, this is much better.  I think it will look even better in motion on screen.

  9. Thank god the boots are red now. Also i can’t beleive i just typed that as if it were an actual weight off my mind. #firstworldproblems

  10. wow, not the most flaterring pictures. it reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where his naked girlfriend is opening a jar of pickles.. Costume looks good though

  11. @RonSwanson  Once again you’re right, Ron Swanson. You’re always right.

  12. I guess this is better. Now I think “marching band” instead of “Halloween cotume”. That’s better. Right?

    I give this six episodes.

  13. I’m trying hard not to wince.  I don’t know about all this.

  14. It’s scares me how happy I am that the boots are red now.

  15. They… They changed the costume? Are they listening to what people say on the Internet? Oh God, we do not deserve this power!

    Looks good though, yeah.

  16. Much better pictures of the costume – looks less like the Party City porn star we saw before.  How it looks in motion along with the story remains to be seen, of course.

  17. I cannot stop thinking naughty thoughts when I see this costume.

  18. Changing things because people are bitching on the Internet is a very slippery slope for this show to go down.

  19. her hair is the wrong shade of brown so this show WILL NOT WORK. I mean how hard is it to bust out your Pantone swatch book and match hair color to it!?!?!?!? C’mon casting people…EARN YOUR PAYCHECKS!! #snarkyfanboyinthebasement

  20. Looks better. Stars were always there

  21. @stockheart. in this instance, not necessarily. I personally think it’s awesome that, if it’s the reason, they’re listening to the fan community. That other costume was BAD. And we let them know that. They know they need the fan community on board with this. I agree that not everything should be crowd-sourced. But in this case I think it’s fine. .

  22. @Slockhart  I’d like to think all our collective bitching (and I mean all internet nerds and neckbearded basement-dwellers who complained) had a positive impact in this case. Clearly the blue boots and shiny pants didn’t resonate well, so they were thankfully changed. Not unlike opinion polls or screenings of movies to gauge reaction. Could the slope get slippery? Maybe, if they go rail-to-rail on stuff based on internet chatter. But if it’s clearly pointing out something fundamentally wrong, maybe it’s a good thing.

    Of course, we’ll have to wait to see if the story pans out.

    I think this looks much much better! Still wouldn’t mind the black jacket sometimes. She has to get cold on occasion.

  23. @Slockhart  —i disagree. Studios have been using focus groups/screening audiences for decades to decide how TV shows and movies will be edited and directed as well as other things. Paying attention to overwhelming criticism on the interwebs from the potential target audience is a smart move. 

  24. I would encourage those interested to visit the Daily blam page and see all the pics. There is even some camera phone footage of the chase. I’m cautiously optimistic, to quote one commenter over there.

    I think Palicki looks GREAT as WW. In this pic in particular she looks like an Adam Hughes drawing come to life – perfect face for WW!

    I really really hope this doesn’t suck and fail.

  25. I like the new texture, but am massively disappointed that they caved on the red boots.

    For anyone who is interested, I talked to someone who knows and they told me that the script that leaked out that everyone reviewed early has gone through some major re-writes.

  26. That looks baaad, and she looks horrible in it. Ugh.

  27. Much better.

    I honestly don’t know what to expect from this show. I can imagine the series being good, but I’m honestly divided on whether it will find an audience or not. If the quality’s there, I feel like the show will do well, but you never know with genre shows. I guess I’ll just have to *gasp* wait until the show airs!

  28. I don’t think they actually ‘listened’ to us.  I think that the ‘party city’ quality of the costume was objectively obvious.  As soon as people who could make a decision saw how it looked, they probably started looking in different directions. 

    But who knows, maybe the bitching actually got to them.

  29. really guys? am I the only one who thinks this looks so bad its funny? It looks so plastic and tacky and ridiculous! She makes the smallville costumes look amazing. I cant believe they’re going through with this

  30. Holy Christ this looks awful.

  31. @kidCharlemange You are not alone.  This looks amazinly bad.

  32. If this had been the first picture we’d seen I would’ve ambivalent, but in comparison to the first promo? SO SO SO MUCH BETTER! No shiny pants! YAY!

  33. @conor: Major rewrites? Shocking. (He says in a dull tone)

    Pants look better in action but the top looks….just hideous. 

  34. I know people want to support their favorite comic book heroine but try to look at these pics from the vantage point of your average American TV consumer.  Then ask yourself honestly if you saw this on TV would you stop and watch it?  Didn’t think so.

  35. @conor  I feel the exact opposite about the boots. it looked off to me that the boots and the pants were the same color. I feel, from a design perspective that boots should never be the exact same color as the pants. But what do i know, i’m a writer.

  36. @RoiVampire  The boots and the pants being the same color is my favorite thing about her new costume.

  37. @conor  oh on the new costume with the black it looks good. i think its just the blue that does it for me in this instance. primary colors need something to break them up. but to each his own

  38. @RoiVampire  It’s dark blue in the comics too.

  39. wow, this TV show is really moving along quickly. Can’t say i will ever watch

  40. @conor  shows how much i’ve read WW recently, it always looked black in the prmotional stuff i saw and the only other time i’ve seen her is in the recent JLA Generation lost

  41. Better, I guess. Still not a fan of how shiny the top is. And I’m with Conor on wishing the boots were the same color as the pants. I hope she wears a jacket sometimes.

    It’s funny how much teeth gnashing there was over the Jim Lee redesign originally. Yet now many want it for the tv show over a more traditional look. 

    Check out this photo from the set. Tell me the expression on Adrianne Palicki’s face doesn’t look like an Amanda Conner drawing in this one:

  42. Angry face is angry. If I ever see that face on a woman I know to get the eff putts her way.

  43. @j206  It is much more Amanda Conner than Adam Hughes, as I previously said. I think she looks great.

    What ya gonna do? Haters gonna hate!

  44. I love how people judge things before they are even done being filmed. #internetisgreat!

  45. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go around the cars instead of jumping over them?

  46. I agree with Conor, I liked the blue boots.

  47. @cromulent: Judging from the pictures it looks like the stunt double is jumping over the car Palicki is running next too. Oh my god! There’s gonna be TWO Wonder Woman’s!


  48. The PR person for this show needs to be fired. This could end up being a cool show, but the photos being leaked out are really Smallville-ish.

  49. I agree with Multihuller, they definitely could have chosen some more flattering pictures to leak. However, not everything with on-the-site photos looks great. I think I’ll wait until I see the finished product to judge. You know what they say about viewing an artist’s work before it’s completed… 

  50. have you guys seen the youtube videos of on set filming? Looks so cheesecake…she’s popping out of that outfit every time she moves. So much for making a strong empowered female character…

  51. HATES IT!

  52. @conor  thanks for the link on that other TV WW page. she no longer looks like a hooker