Our First Glimpse of Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

By Odin's silvery back hair! A day after leaking a set photo of the Destroyer armor, Latino Review posted this first image of actor Chris Hemsworth as the silver screen Thor. Marvel confirms that this is an official still from Marvel and Paramount studios. Definitely inspired by the modern Olivier Coipel redesign for the JMS series. And a nice semi-beard.

Thor hits the movie house May 6th, 2011. I will be there with my big foam hammer, hopping from foot to foot with anticipation. 



What say thee, iFanbase?


  1. I doth verily approve

  2. Fucking awesome!

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    SO excited for this movie! 

  4. This…looks…awesome!

  5. awesome indeed.

  6. Costume looks really cool.

  7. By Odin’s Socks! These first few glimpses have been awfully encouraging.

  8. That’s awesome. 

  9. Very Very Nice. I only hope that marvel can do Spidey justice like this in the reboot.

  10. costume looks stupid. i don’t think this is going to be good. iron man 1 was some amazing accident where a mavel movie was not only watchable but good, and i think thats was a one time thing.

  11. The costumes in this movie are going to be AMAZING. 

  12. I love how people try to live up to their screen names on the internet…


    That image looks fantastic by the way.

  13. It’s all fun and games until Thor starts speaking in a super gravelly Batman voice..

    Honestly though, I’m amazed with what they’ve done to the costume. The arms on that thing are exactly as I expect them to look.  What has me really curious is how they’re going to bring the worlds of Iron Man, Thor and Cap together in a consistent way that will make Avengers make sense on the big screen. Iron Man clearly worked.. the next two? I’m terribly curious.

  14. Didn’t know they had plastic in Asgard

  15. Now all we need is to see him in the big metal helmet.

  16. Wow! He looks great. Can’t wait to see this flick.

  17. Nice!

    Glad he’s got a beard. I always preferred Ultimate Thor (in part) because of his beard.


  18. That’s bad ass…can’t wait.

  19. I’m not sold. Actor looks great! Costume doesn’t seem very convincing. It looks too slick, costume-y. Might just be the lighting. Or sometimes movement makes the costume.

  20. This looks MUCH better than I expected it to.  This may be worthwhile.

  21. @ChrisNeseman  that’s the smartest thing anyone’s ever said online in opposition to a coment i made. awesome

  22. wow, this is getting me psyched for this movie. 

    @diabhol, the beard is good 

  23. I’m already sold but I want to see him with the helmet and the hammer.  Cant freaking wait!

  24. That looks pretty damn cool.

  25. looks fantastic save for that the hair looks like it may be too short but that could easily be just the photo.

  26. Looks great so far. Can’t wait to see a better shot.

    Kind of hard to just say it sucks when you only see the top 25% and even that’s blurry, but I guess it’s the internet and people just love to hate.

  27. he needs about 300% more beard

  28. I’m glad they went with the Coipel designs. I wish the armor o the arms looked more like chainmail but still looks good.

  29. …I started hyper ventalating this is so awesome

  30. Hell to the yes.

    Looks a lot like Coipel’s design. Which is a good thing.

  31. so many levels of badassery going on in that photo


     😀 😀 😀 😀 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 


  33. I dig it. Between this and the destroyer pic it looks like the design aspect of this film is pretty solid. I remain optimistic.

  34. Have at thee, Box Office!

  35. Methinks this may yet be an epic that sucketh not!  I extend my haughty chide at the beard!!

  36. my only problem with the costume is that it looks like its made of plastic and rubber. Would it of hurt them to give the guy some actual chain mail and metal breast plate? maybe they’ll do some sort of CGI overlay to make it look better, or what we are seeing is an early version. 

    Either way, i’m admittedly not a huge Thor fan, and i wonder how a movie about a mystical viking will do in the box office. I think Iron Man and Spidey are a bit more accessible.  

  37. I am a happy man today.

  38. Holy monkey poop!  Make this movie come sooner, please.

  39. Its like a mix of Ultimate Thor & Coipel’s Thor…AWESOME!!! Can’t wait til next year first the Thor movie then Cap then GREEN LANTERN!!! 2011 is gonna be the greatest year in comic book movies!!!

  40. CAPE! That answers my most burning question. Now I can sleep. [insert obligatory use of the word "verily"]

  41. The real trick is finding a balance between staying true to a character while basing him in anything resembling our real, modern world without sounding hokey.

    Also, is Kenneth Branagh still directing? His non-Shakespearean films aren’t as impressive, but I firmly believe he’s a storytelling genius.

  42. Looks freakin sweet. Was totally uninterested (well, ok, not uninterested. As a comic nerd, I was bound to see this film anyway) when Brian Blessed had been replaced as Odin, but this has restored my faith.

  43. Now that’s a mother fucking costume

  44. I know ZERO about Thor but had doubts about Hemsworth.  That said, I’m in line for this!  Its only one pic, but he looks badass!

  45. I say thee fuck yeah!

  46. Looks good to me.  Hooray for at least a bit of a beard!  I always prefer my Thor with some beard.

  47. Very ultimately. Hope he’s not a hippy.

  48. I just dropped my bagel in shock from the awesome. I am not covered in cream cheese but very excited. Bearded Thor!

  49. LIGIT!

  50. @Tiocore – TOO legit, in fact.

    By the horse face of Bete Ray Bill, this doth kick my ass! Can’t wait. Gimme.

  51. @TheGoddamnDeadpool  Damn straight, man.  Brian Blessed is the unadulterated shit!

  52. least they could do was to spring for some more aluminium I mean cmon hes wearing a costume made of pvc, plastic and red felt =/

  53. Looks way better than I thought he would.

  54. I am ready for this movie now.

  55. do you think we could debate the merits of a bearded thor vs. an unbearded thor for a cuople of weeks?

  56. As everyone else said, looks cool.  They seemt o be nailing the visual side of this one.

  57. Looks nice, can’t wait to see the full costume.

  58. This photo looks like Thor is taking it to set up a Facebook/Myspace page. Next photo we get will be Thor holding a camera to a mirror. 


    With Iron Man, Hulk, Superman (Returns), and a few others, we got to see a full body shot of the character in costume. Why are they trying to hide part of him? 

  59. @supertrackmonkey everyone forgets to wear pants some days

  60. I think it looks like a pretty awesomee Thor costume if you were dressing up for Halloween or a con. I think in a movie that is supposed to be taken serious, it looks a little silly. But I think I’m the only one who thinks this judging by the rest of you. :-/

  61. Triple H. Triple H.

  62. Glad they’re leaning towards the Coipel design, but the photo is kinda vague. I agree that it looks kind of costume-y. I hope it’s not just a big rubber suit. I want to see actual metal scaled armor (or a believable fake), cloth and leather.

  63. @nathannicdao- Triple H would look like a cool thor

  64. Seriously? When has a pro wrestler EVER worked out as a comic book character?

  65. A REAL RED Cape??