Oni to Publish Yo Gabba Gabba Comics

You're probably having one of two reactions right now.

1. What the hell does that mean?


2. Why the hell do I care about this?

So here are some answers.  Oni has announced they're working with Wildbrain Entertainment to produce comics based on the immense hit Nickelodeon TV show for little kids, Yo Gabba Gabba.  That's about as much as I understand, other than the list of people who work on the show is strangely impressive.  I'm talking about Mark Mothersbaugh, Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, and Biz Markie, who are all, you must admit, unusual names to be working on a show aimed at barely verbal children.  But I do know that this is a big deal. That show is damned valuable, and probably rakes in the cash.

Why do you care?  I think you should care because of a couple of reasons.  For one thing, the better Oni does, and the more successful it is, the better off we all are, as readers.  They'll be able to fund the kinds you of projects you really like, such as Stumptown and Queen and Country, or the Crogan's series.  But they'll also be making some cash from Scott Pilgrim and the Colbert comics, and very possibly this Yo Gabba Gabba comic.  Further, when you're talking about the future of comics, in both having solvent publishers, and a nascent young readership to replace us old dinosaurs, this is a remarkable thing.  As I said, Yo Gabba Gabba is a hell of a property, and the fact that they see some value in taking it to a comic book publisher means media is taking the comics industry seriously, and that is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

You want your kids to read comics? This isn't a bad place to start.  Check out the first volume of Yo Gabba Gabba Comics, a 128 page, oversized, color hardcover this fall, priced at $24.99. Just because something's not necessarily for you, doesn't mean it doesn't have value, and I think this step certainly does, even if it apparently has nothing to do with the Ramones.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Josh, don’t let Ollie watch this. He might end up like, well, me. 

    Shit be terrifying.  

  2. Hook em when their young!

  3. there you go, josh, you can now pick an issue of this the same week as an event book. that’ll piss people off

  4. Pre-schoolers?  I thought this show’s target audience was stoners.

  5. There’s a party in my tummy! So Yummy! So Yummy!

    Shocked BOOM! didnt get this. This is right up its alley for their kid line. 

  6. @slockhart You’d be surprised at how often those demographics cross

  7. My nephew is terrified of this show. He’ll run out of the room when it comes on.

  8. Yabba Dabba Doo?

  9. Quiet honestly the greatest show on television. I’m not even partially joking.

    Any show where my daughter can learn to beatbox with Biz Markie then listen to The Roots sing about the importance of family is simply: time well spent.

  10. Swear to goodness, I thought this was a Ramones Comic announcement.


  11. @bean  Im with you.   Took a look at #2 and was like "What do you mean why should I care?"

    After @Slockhart’s comment and @charlesp comments I think I’m gonna check this show out…Biz Markie, huh.

  12. I think this is a great idea. I have a couple of friends who have kids and not only do the kids love the show, but the parents love it as well. A lot of parents will be buying this for their kids, and will probably be a great way to introduce kids to reading.

  13. Is it just me or does the red one kind of look like a….you know….

  14. @Patman2: Cactus?  😉

  15. @akamuu: Si!

  16. I’m 31 with no kids and me and my wife have seen every episode. I love the show.

  17. I’d buy it.

  18. when i first saw yo gabba gabba i called at least five people to tell them how great it is. it’s a really special show, and i look forward to seeing what kind of creators oni will have on this book. thanks for the news.

  19. This is like the new teletubbies.

    Two Target markets: Kids and Stoners. If Skottie Young or Sam Kieth would do this that’d be an acid trip.

  20. no no no  not only does it feature Biz Markie but it also featured Tenacious D, Aqua Bats and Cindy Lauper

  21. @nathannicadao

    I’d totally watch that stoned.

  22. Oooh! My godchildren will totally be getting this from me. Gotta start ’em young!

  23. What the heck is Yo Gabba Gabba?

  24. You clearly didn’t read past the headline.

  25. Ok, I’ve sat down with my little guy and tried to watch this and… and… wow.  WOW.  It’s so far out it’s almost back in again.  If you need to know more google Jack Black Yo Gabba….

  26. @SplifEOC : I saw Jack Black in a freakin’ jump suit. it was stoner heaven.

  27. I’m gonna buy the Yo Gabba Gabba comic just to find out what the story is in a 128-page Yo Gabba Gabba comic. The show hasn’t generated 128 pages of script in the whole time it’s been on the air. This is one of those kids’ shows that is so daffyballs that a part of me feels like I’d be better off just letting my daughter watch Dazed and Confused every morning.

  28. I’ll die a happy man if Elijah Woods is in a panel dancing.

  29. Yo Gorble Gorble!

  30. I’m a little disappointed by the amount of mature adult commentators on this site who are so happy about this piece of news.

  31. @Jimski – Nailed it!  My daughters ask me to change the channel any time this gibberish comes on.

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just jotted down the term "daffyballs." 

  33. HOOOOOLLLLY CRAP. OHCRAPOHCRAP! FINALLY! I have a reason to get my little sister into COMIX! And I can come out of the closet at home about reading them. (to some extent). This is going to be SWEET.

  34. Is it wrong that this is could be one of my most anticipated comics this year?