Ongoing Batwoman Series by JH Williams III

Batwoman shall go on!  After Greg Rucka's departure from DC Comics work, many questioned the future of Kate Kane's role in Detective Comics, and the DCU in general, or if the promised ongoing series would still happen.  Turns out that it will, with JH Williams III not only contributing more groundbreaking pages in the first arc, but taking the reins as co-writer as well on a new ongoing Batwoman series.  Working with Williams on writing duties is W. Haden Blackman, a writer primarily known for work in the Star Wars Universe, including Star Wars: Galaxies and The Force Unleashed games. Following the first arc, Amy Reeder Hadley (Madame Xanadu) will take over artistic chores for an arc, also written by Williams.

Newer fans might not be aware that Williams is no newcomer to writing comics.  In the 90's he took a major hand in plotting the series, Chase, where many readers got to know his work for the first time.

We asked Williams about what the draw of the character of Kate Kane was, and he said, "She is just this very uniquely tremendous character.  In a lot of ways I view her as if she is this interesting real person I know that I'm slowly getting to tell people about.  As for her story, there is a huge amount of potential left to explore for many plotlines to come.  So getting the opportunity to flesh out this character even more than what has already come is going to be fun and exciting and challenging."

When asked about how his style would differ from Rucka's writing on Detective Comics, Williams replied, "I've written before and each writer really has their own way of approaching things anyway.  I've learned that by working with so many different writers, I know however I do it will have its own flavor versus a script from Greg [Rucka], Alan [Moore], Warren [Ellis], Grant [Morrison], or any of the other writers I've been fortunate enough to work with."

As far as the drawing, Williams doesn't see much change in the style now that he's more in command of things. "I haven't started drawing yet, but I really don't foresee there to be a difference other than maybe the visuals will be more clear in my head since I'll be doing the writing and knowing how the two will work together in greater relation from the very beginning stages."

There's no exact date on when the issues will hit the shops, but it's probably at least a few months away.  Whether Williams will be able to keep up the energy and excitement generated by the Detective issues remains to be seen, but with 2 Eisner nominations, a GLAAD Award, and the ability to pick and choose any project he'd like, we can be sure that he's staying on the project because he really cares about it, and that's always a good thing.


  1. This good news indeed! I’ve wondered whether I’d still be interested in this character with an abrupt change in management, but this is certainly a good way to ease the character into a more permenant place in the DC universe.

  2. This is great news! I just assumed that with Rucka leaving the character, so would Williams. This really makes me happy. I’ve loved Williams’ take on the character and having it continue, even if he can’t do it every month, is a great thing.

  3. Wooooooooo!

  4. I have very mixed feelings about this.  I love Mr. Rucka’s work on this character and am sad to see him leave, but I also love Mr. Williams’s work and am eager to see it continue.  I’ll probably buy the first issue, but feel guilty about it.

  5. Hell yes, this is awesome news!!! I was wondering where Williams was going to end up after Rucka departure.  I’m so glad he will continue his great work on Batwoman.  I can’t wait to see his beautiful art and see how he handles some of the eriting duties.  I wonder if he is just plotting or if he’ll do any scripting as well?

  6. This is really great news! I’m so thrilled that JH Williams III will continue to draw Batwoman! Amy Reeder Hadley sounds good too, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that JH Williams III will return to draw subsequent arcs! His artwork is like a revelation.

  7. Thank god.  I was kind of down when I heard Rucka was leaving, but it’s great to know that someone who cares about the character will continue writing her.  I’m really looking forward to this.

  8. I feel as though I’m getting away with somthing. I too thought that Williams would leave with Rucka. Though it will be tough to see Greg Rucka go, It’s good to know that the character is still in good hands. Thank you Mr. Williams! Best of luck to Blackman and Hadley.

  9. This sounds great. Even though it’s sad to see Greg going I’m not feeling as bad about the future of this title now.

  10. Overall I would’ve loved to see Rucka stay, but I’m still gonna give this book a shot without him. Could be good.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Glad this story is continuing. The character deserves a prominent place in the DCU.

    Amy Reeder Hadley is a phenomenal artist, so I am thrilled that she’s part of the rotation. 

  12. I’m hesitant because Rucka won’t be involved, but it’s been clear from the start of that Williams loves the character just as much, so she is in good hands. Very excited to read this when it eventually hits.

  13. I greet this news with glee.  I can’t say enough of my love for what Rucka has done with this character, making her a favorite of mine almost instantly from her first appearance in ’52.’  But he wasn’t going to be able to stay with her forever, and if she’s going to stick around the DCU, it’s important that other creators are willing to pick her up (and that DC supports them in doing so).  This is very encouraging. 

  14. I’m quite OK with this.

  15. I still wish Rucka and JHW III could have done they arc they had planned on. JH Williams III has mentioned that he won’t revisit that story since it was Rucka’s and his. Oh well. This is good news though.

    I am very interested in seeing how Amy Reeder Hadley’s art will look. I am not famaliar with her, but I checked out her site and her art looks manga-esque. 

  16. I honestly don’t know if I’ll pick this up. The main draw to the Batwoman Detective Comics was Greg Rucka, and without him I don’t know if i’m actually interested in the character.

  17. Fantastic news; though saddened by Rucka’s departure, what JH was doing w/ the character was too fantastic a run to cut prematurely. 

    Though we’ll certainly miss Rucka – from Rucka’s own descriptions of their process on Detective, the traditional boundary between writer and artist was blurred, with JH taking a bit more of a hand in the writerly side of things. Hope that experience has primed JH for full-on writing duties and leads to continued success. Or, sparks Rucka into wanting to return at some point 🙂



  18. This is very cool for Batwoman and JH williams. And I really like Hadley as well. I do have a little hesitation, in that Blackman is, for me, an untested commodity, and I’ve seen a lot of instances in which the artist plots the book, and the writer isn’t a strong enough scripter to make it all work (think any early Image book where the artist just dragged their friend along to "script" for them). That said, DC’s Chase was a great book back in its day, so I’m just gonna hope for the best. 🙂 And I do agree that its very encouraging that DC still wants to move forward with Batwoman.

  19. I’m excited, Williams did a great job co-writing Batman Snow.  Add his Batwoman art, and I’m totally on board.

  20. Fantastic. Isn’t Hadley’s schedule full with Madame Xanadu though?

  21. Sad that there is no more Jock art….

  22. Great news! Still a little sad that Rucka isn’t around, but having JH in this position really allows for Greg’s plans to remain intact for a possible future date. A must have Bat book!

  23. Amy Reeder Hadely?

    Has anyone hear ever read Madame Xanadu? What should we expect?

  24. Hadley’s great. Slightly more manga-influenced, but she’s doing a fantastic job on Madame Xanadu, and I can see her doing some great things with a Batwoman title.


  25. bittersweet news, i know how i feel about powers now that mike oeming may or may not have taken over script duties. either way, i have already talked myself into buying this lol

  26. Hell yes! More Batwoman is  a good thing. I really enjoy Hadley on Madame Xanadu although I have no idea how her style will fit with this book. I’ll stick with it though. I am so glad this character is not being shelved. 

  27. I’m quite happy to see the art remain quality.  Both of these folks are amazing at what they do.  I’ve got a good feeling about the writing as well. Williams is familiar enough with the character to not steer her in the wrong direction.

  28. I’m glad Batwoman will be continuing on, I really enjoy this character.

  29. Yay!!!

  30. No matter how good or bad the writing might be, I will always get this book for the art alone.  There is no other book I can say that about.

  31. Great news, glad to see Williams is going to continue this series. Plus the series is continuing either way. Although a very strange choice for a writer. Yes he’s done work before but this feels like a very out of the blue pick doesn’t it?

  32. Awesome! It could well be next year before we see an issue, but I’ll wait…

    As a sidenote, this means no more middling Question material as well. Yay!

  33. Glad to hear this!

  34. Excellent news, and worth sticking with it as she’s an interesting and unique character.  Maybe he’ll be able to continue some of the work Rucka was presumably already planning.

  35. Glad you brought up Chase. That was a great comic that ending too soon imo.

  36. CHASE was excellent.

  37. They need to collect CHASE. That was one of those great, short-lived 90’s books. Also: Resurrection Man.

  38. A new bat book for me to pick up? Count me in!

  39. YES.

  40. I’m GLAAD this is continuing! get it?

  41. Remember when people were bitching at DC because they thought they were trying to hold back Batwoman because she was gay? With this news, that notion is even more hysterical than it was back then.

  42. @comicBOOKchris: Yeah… where are those people now?

  43. Yeah!

  44. Blackman is a good writer.  Not often talked about on this site, but of the many Star Wars comics, his were notably the best.  They were smart and honored the tradition.  The Clone Wars comics (not the current ones) were vastly superior to the actual movies (I,II,III)… just like the Tartakovsky minis…  Although people really really didn’t like the video game, the story was very good as was his comic.    And I’d never been much of a Star WArs fanboy.

  45. I’ll miss Rucka, but I think I’ll get over it when I see all that beautiful J.H. Williams art. 🙂