One of the X-Men are going to die…


It would be funny if it was Hope. Also, in that picture it looks like the dead person is trying to sit up.

So, who's it going to be?


  1. Conor made me laugh.

  2. Archangel/Angel

  3. I think its "is going to die"

  4. I hope it’s Cable. Only because I don’t want any of the others to bite the dust.

  5. Colossus. Because Marvel likes to undo what happened in Astonishing.

  6. Jean Grey

  7. I wouldn’t complain if it was Emma. Just saying.

  8. it wont be Emma i dont see any breasts on the body.

  9. It’s basically 100% Nightcrawler.

  10. I was thinking Emma too.  Cyclops’ ladies always die.  It’d be a great ‘end’ to her story.  She’s done alot to redeem herself from the old days, but it’d shake things up.  And how ironic would it be that Emma dies to save the girl who could be Jean.  OH, the drama!

  11. Who cares. Whoever it is will come back in a year or so. LAME.

  12. it better not be emma. that is a FINE body on her and it’d be a shame to see that ass go only to be resurrected later.

  13. I sooooo hope it is Emma. Maybe it’ll be Kitty Pryde.

    Also, how can it be "one of these" when they are already looking at the body?

  14. I doubt it’ll be anyone people actually care about


    Maybe it’ll be Calvin Rankin?

  15. Death is meaningless in comics.

  16. Is it Jean Grey?

  17. My money is on Cable. He’s a man out of time with no real ties here and it would make total sense if he sacrificed himself to ensure the survival of the mutant race

  18. Cable would make sense.  From what I can tell, he had been treading water for almost two decades until Hope came along.  Now that his mission’s over/ending, I think it’d be a good time for his story to take a break.  Not to mention he had about 7 heart attacks in the last two issues of Cable.

    However, considering Fraction has his hands in all this, I’ve been worried about Cyclops ever since the death solicit was released.  This teaser makes me feel better, since he’s not pictured.

    Colossus is safe.  They just brought back Kitty, so he’s got some stories in him. 

  19. Holy jesus, 7 articles in less than 12 hours. 

    iFanboy just got real. 

  20. Man I’m trying to get back into X-Men with this crossover but if they kill anyone but Cable or Hope I’m out all over again.

  21. Based on the drawing, I think Angel would make the most sense because of the way the body is positioned. Or it could be Emma laying face down. heh.

  22. Who’s that next to Colossus? Psylocke? Kitty? One of the Stepford triplets? Curse you, colorless art!

    Regardless, my money’s on Cable. As others have noted, he’s had a rough go of it recently and his whole raison d’etre right now is to sacrifice whatever’s necessary to keep Hope alive. I’d be pissed if it was anybody else. 

  23. Cables going to be on the new X-Force team, so it’s not him. If Emma dies Cyclops becomes boring so not her. Hopes not really an Xman and Collosus just came back. It’s pretty much going to be NightCrawler.

  24. I think it’s Cable, due to the wear and tear all the time sliding has put him through

  25. It will be either Cable or Nightcrawler. Most likely Cable since it seems like it’s his time to go after this storyline.

    Wish it would be Cyclops….He needs to die and let someone sensible to teach mutants.

  26. It will be Cable. Then in a few years they’ll bring him back and de-age him.

  27. i’m guessing its emma because when the phoenix force inhabits hope and turns her into jean grey we will need there not to be a love triangle unless its wolverine, cyclops, and jean grey

  28. Is it Chris Claremont?  The corpse’s head is certainly big enough.

  29. Please shoot Kitty off to oblivion in another space bullet!  What are the odds of that (two space bullets)?  We would never see that coming (sheer genius I say).

  30. I’ll be mad if Emma dies so that the writers can put Scott and Jean back together.


  31. Like skeets in the comment above, I’m considering jumping back into X-Men (haven’t read the X books since Uncanny was around issue 300), but the more I read, the less enthusiastic I get. Seems like a lot to try to jump in on.

  32. I’m thinking Nightcrawler.

    He Bamfed Therfore He Was


  33. I will say this about the X-Men: Over the weekend I read Ron’s copy of that SECOND COMING book and I really enjoyed it. If it was just a mini-series instead of a crossover running through all the X-books I’d definitely be checking it out.

  34. @conor I agree, I read the issue at my lcs the other day and it definitely touched a part me that was a fan of x-men ages ago, but I have limited income and can’t afford to pay out for an x-over without giving up so much else I enjoy, so I guess I will have to read it in trade :

  35. It seems like their setting it up for Cable to die and Hope to be his legacy character (of sorts). But it looks a little obvious right now.

    I’m throwing my hat in the direction of Elixir. Kyle and Yost have put his character through a full circle. The climax of his arc was taking Wither down at the end of Necrosha. Also, he’s sort of like an injury ‘get out of jail free’ card for the X-Men. And that’s getting a little tired. 

    Nightcrawler’s death wouldn’t last long. He’s half demon. Not to say it won’t happen… 

    Pretty sure that’s Dazzler next to Colossus. Or one of the three remaining Cuckoos. I have a feeling Fraction has some affection for Dazzler, so i doubt she’ll bite it before he has a chance to have her do something. He would really have to hate disco to reintroduce her just to kill her. 

    I’d rather they surprise me like they did with Banshee and Colossus (both alive again).  The bite of their absense is gone if I suspect it. 

    Is anyone else tired of these "one will die" solicitations?

  36. The poster doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…

    "One of these X-Men is going to die"… but if they are all around looking at someone under a sheet… one of them is looking at himself/herself?  What???

  37. @odino1: Yes, that’s it exactly. Someone is looking at their own body.

  38. Nightcrawler FTW!

  39. @ksamara. it’s are going to die because X-Men is plural. at least that’s the rule

  40. Better not be Nightcrawler thats all I have to say.  It can’t be Cable cause his book just switched over to Cable & Deadpool.  Is that elixer or Iceman? Can’t really tell.

  41. "Guys… what’s going on? I was just taking a nap…"

  42. Ooh, ooh, can we start a Vegas type odds board like they did for who shot Mr. Burns?

    My money is on Angel.  He’s useless (in a battle) and as far as personalities go Emma is already the rich girl with attitude.  This would also be the perfect opening to bring Apocalypse back by resurrecting Archangel.

    On a more serious note does anyone think that with Whedon gone and the Age of Heroes upon us that Marvel has decided Avengers not the X-books are their A-list franchise? Has Marvel said anything (indirectly of course) to suggest this?

  43. It’s weird that this is happening in X-Force and not Uncanny.

    I know it’s a crossover but it feels weird to place a ‘major’ death in a B book. 

  44. I think it’s the one under the sheet.  Seems like they’ve already lost a lot of blood.

  45. dshramek wins.

  46. @TNC Probably just a marketing move to keep people reading the entire story and not just Uncanny or whatever.

  47. i hope its cyclops

  48. All i can say is we already got a clue to this answer. If we look back at the Second Coming Prepare,the one where everyone was video taped after the whole event. U just have to look and see the XMen that show up and who out of this whole thing are missing. As I recall Cable shows up in that. So unless it was a McGuffin. I think our first clue comes up in that. And I also know Iceman and Cyclops were in that preview also. So we have three people that have no way of dieing. So whose left

  49. Cypher. 

  50. @jorel3459 – yep and Magma seems to be confirmed alive based on this interview:

    So that leaves Colossus, Angel, and Nightcrawler. In the same issue Wolverine says he lost a friend, so it’s gotta be Nightcrawler unless they want to kill Colossus again so soon.

  51. Definitely Nightcrawler. He’s never died before.

  52. I’d say its Cable because he’s aged so much in the past year. Hes been away over a decade so he has to be really freaking old now, they need to possibly de-age him somehow. Though i wouldnt be surprised if its Kurt. Fraction had said he has big plans for him, which kept Slott from using him in Mighty Avengers, which he had wanted, and Fraction has done nothing major with him for a while. Plus they have been building up Pixie and Magick as other teleporters. I think seeing his morality come through in the first issue of second coming, i think Scott would hurt most if his secrets caused Kurt’s death.

  53. You’re all wrong — they’re killing Bob Harras, hoping that once he’s dead the X-Men will have some kind of forward momentum again after 28 years.

  54. i think the obvious choice is Cable…. the Obi-wan character always has to die

  55. @horrorofsorts:  It should be "is".  The verb is conjugated for the subject "One".  The prepositional phrase "of the X-men" doesn’t affect the verb. 

  56. Nightcrawler please! He’s been unused and underused the entire series. I think Cable has great potential in the hands of the right writer. I reaaallly want Zeb Wells on this, only because he had a great handle on the New Mutants series so far. He would really put the X-men on the forefront of comic books again if given the chance. He understands characterization and wouldn’t just throw anyone away or underuse them for no reason.

  57. er typo
    (*"he’s been, for the most part, unused the entire series and even worse the characterization would be awkward and misused when on panel. He’s a lost cause*)

  58. I think Angel/Archangle is the horsemen of death?  So the acololytes of Apocolpyse or Apocolpyse himself, might not allow him to die.

     I think Ron might cry if they killed off Kittie after getting her back.


  60. To form an educated guess, I was running through the list of X-Men who have already "died".  It made me a litle sad. 

  61. Based on the upcoming Hellbound mini contained in Second Coming I think it will be Illyana who dies.  There have been hints in New Mutants that there is still more of her limbo story to tell.

    Also, even though he isnt included in the current teaser, it could be Cyclops. His "death" might be a way for him to "atone" for the recent extreme measures he has sanctioned.

  62. My bet’s in for Nightcrawler. 

  63. It’s Deadpool. He will be brought back to life in the next issue and start a Deadpool/X-Men spinoff that you can only purchase if you trade in 10 Brightest Day comics.

  64. out of curiosity, who’s the guy on Angel’s left?

  65. @AlanRob Yeah, I have a feeling it may be Illyana as well. Though I’m gonna be pretty sad to see her go if that’s the case.

  66. "The best body a money can buy, and I still can’t compete with a dead girl!"

  67. Man, I hate Emma, and I really hate her relationship with Scott, but if they kill her so they can avoid romantic conflict when they bring Jean back from the dead, I will be pissed off.

  68. @CountAbyss   Even if she does "die" I think it will only to be to return to Limbo and completely rid herslef of the DarkChylde and then return to New Mutants as the Snowflake from the eighties, completely recreating the "true" original New Mutants team.

  69. Also, I think Hellbound begins in May so the dates are perfect.

  70. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thematically, based on Second Coming #1, Nightcrawler makes sense. I’m by no means an X-pert, but that’s just my guess based on what’s there already. 

  71. still betting on emma, not knowing anything about necrosha or anything like that, I just think that having a reformed villan with some pretty grey morals heading into the heroic age won’t add up but thats just my two cents, I hope I’m wrong emma is a great character

  72. I love how many people think it’s Jean, even though she’s been consistently dead for about a decade now.

    Stulach wins for funniest guess.

  73. I hope it’s X-23, if that is who’s standing next to Colossus. I like the character despite myself, but I just think the idea of a clone of one of the most overexposed characters in comics ranks high on the list of stupid. If I get really lucky they’ll throw in Daken as a courtesy.

  74. I don’t really want it too be, but I’m guessing it’s Cable.

    If Hope can get over his death then I’m thinking it’s a good future spark for the future Bishop was talking about and could create a decent point for Hope to start off with, throwing her into the deep-end of the Marvel Universe as it were with nothing/ no-one to fall back on…. should make decent drama.


    I’d love for Ancient (super-freakishly-somehow kinda immortally old) Bishop to come back in a few actual years and be her nemesis, maybe once she has a book of her own, or she’s more established in the MU Properly, he was an Amazing good guy in District X, but DAMN if he doesn’t make a fun ‘bad’ guy. Be even more interesting if somehow they retcon Apocalypse to have BEEN Bishop all along.

  75. Uh, I don’t know who number 2 or 3 is.

    There is too much Kitty/Colossus story to kill the Russian. Angel is to easy, he’s got no main plot threads right now. Emma is too much fun and too much story can be created for them to kill her. Nightcrawler is way too popular and intrinsic, his would be the great death, I don’t think they have the balls for it.

    That leaves Cable, killing him creates the most angst and story progression for Hope, keeping him alive, means keeping Hope separated from the X-Men and at Cables side, since there is no way she’d leave him considering he’s the anchor for her entire reality. So my money is on Cable, sacrificing himself and dying the noble death and that would make the shlog in that Cable/Bishop fiasco worthwhile..

  76. I’d be willing to put some hard money on it being Angel. He’s been so odd in the books, He’s blue, he’s normal, he’s moody he’s fun and fancy free. I don’t think they know what to do with him, soooo I think he’s a gonner.

  77. Hope its Cable, just to kill off one Leifeld’s creations. Can we erase his shit from history? Wouldn’t it be awesome? A miniseries (and editorial vendetta) that would kill off every character Leifeld created, just to see him be go bankrupt, and erase him from (and his dark spot) from comics history. Seems like a cool concept (sold!) to me.

    Then again, I dont really care. Just wanted to throw some salt on anyone’s wound.

    Hope yall wake up w/ sense of humor! Love U!

  78. For once, I agree with @TheNextChampion. It’s gotta be Cable. Duane Swiercynski’s series made me actually like Cable, but it would be a fitting end for him.

    @TeleCarlos – I love that idea, but that would mean getting rid of Deadpool, and he’s got 5 (or is it 6?) titles at the moment. He’s out-Wolverine-ed Wolverine! There’s no way they’d get rid of him. Unfortunately.

  79. You also have to look at which character has a power set that would actually lend itself to "saving the world", which means Colossus, Nightcrawler, Angel, and Iceman are safe, leaving Hope, Emma, and Cable. What I worry about is where this death will leave Cyclops. All three of these characters are important to him in a different way. His lover, his son, and his messiah. As if he didn’t have enough shit to deal with as it is! Sorry Ron, but I think ol’ Scott is headed for a major psychological breakdown…

  80. I love that someone can use the phrase "consistently dead" in a context where it makes sense.  (Though kinda bummed people think Jean’s been gone for a decade.  She was the linchpin of Morrison’s run and he only left the book in — 2004?  2005?)

  81. if it is Nightcrawler I just might have to cry  :'(  he has been my favorite ever since the mid 80s when i got into comics. Let Cyclops die, its time for a new leader

  82. Does dead necessarily mean dead for good?  I think its Hope who dies and gets reborn as the Phoenix.

    @ActualButt: Colossus has already "died" once to save the mutant race when he gave his life to stop the disease that was killing mutants in the late nineties (someone else should check me on that becasue that was during the dark period when I stopped reading X-Men)

  83. It’s going to be Nightcrawler alas It doesn’t help his chances he’s the fourth best teleporter in the X-books

  84. @horrorofsorts: The subject of the sentence is "one". The phrase "of the X-Men" is not the subject of the sentence. If you remove that phrase from the sentence, the result would be: "One is going to die." That’s the actual rule. Cheers.

    On topic: Please let it be Nightcrawler. 

  85. @owlyfan Thats Iceman

  86. @ roiVampire.  Thanks.  That might be a possibility as well. Still going with my gut choice of Nightcrawler

  87. The bigger question is:  why is Nightcrawler staring at Cable’s cock?  So inappropriate.

  88. @ultimatehoratio: I think he’s staring at Cable’s ridiculous assortment of pouches topped off with a useless shoulder pad. He’s doing that because 1) it’s not 1992 anymore and can’t believe Cable is still wearing that get-up, and 2) he’s wondering why in the name of God’s green Earth didn’t Cable fill those pouches with protein bars so he and Hope wouldn’t have had to subsist on dirt and twigs for all those years.

  89. @Kodaiji: You REALLY need to read the books X-23 flourished in. I guarantee you’ll rethink that opinion. A stupid idea? Yes. But an excellently executed character with a plot twisted background that’ll really churn your stomach.


  90. Which X-man was hated when exposed to civilization?

    Who’s beliefs would make him/her sacrifice themselves for a world that doesn’t care for them?

    Nightcrawler!!! Good night fuzzy elf!!

  91. @ohcaroline:  Good catch.  Morrison killed her in 03.  I always associate his X-Men run with the beginning of the millenium, so I mentally backdated it.  Mea culpa.