NYCC 2012: Andy Diggle Announces Four New Gigs

So how was your New York Comic Con? It probably can’t beat Andy Diggle’s.

Diggle, who rose to prominence with his epic collaboration with Jock on Losers and a string of striking superhero gigs for Marvel and DC, was one of the stars in New York this past weekend, as he was announced as the writer of four comic series. This is in addition to his current work as story architect for IDW’s Doctor Who series. Here’s what was announced for the UK writer at NYCC:

  • Action Comics – Starting with #18, Diggle and artist Tony S. Daniel will be taking over the flagship Superman series from writer Grant Morrison. Long rumored for this role, Diggle says part of the reason he was brought on board is to “put the action in Action Comics.”
  • Snapshot – Diggle has a long and powerful list of collaborations with the artist Jock, and that team is back together for this creator-owned series about a slacker who finds a smartphone with photos of murder victims, which pulls him into a conspiracy where he might end up like the people in the photos. Originally published in England’s Judge Dredd Megazine earlier this year, Image will be doing a color version of this series sometimes in 2013.
  • Thief of Thieves — Diggle will join with Robert Kirkman to write an arc of Image’s Thief of Thieves beginning with issue #14. Diggle, who follows Nick Spencer and James Asmus, is well known for his ability to write capers as seen in Losers and this seems like a match made in heaven.
  • Untitled Crime Comic For Dynamite – At the convention, Dynamite announced that it was launching a crime comics line with Garth Ennis’ Red Team. In that announcement, Diggle was announced as doing another book in this new line. Although the name of the book, what its about and who he’s working with is all under wraps, this has the potential to be amazing.

All this comes from Diggle as he ended his exclusive agreement with Marvel. Look for Diggle to be a hot commodity in comics, and look for some great comics to boot.


  1. I love Diggle’s work! It feels like he’s been out of the spotlight a bit since Daredevil and now he’s making a huge splash. Snapshot was fantastic, can’t wait to see it in colour!

  2. I would love to see him on IDW’s Judge Dredd. Still, sounds like he’s keeping busy and that’s a good thing. Can’t wait for Snapshot and his Dynamite crime book!

  3. Aargh!! Second article here saying Snapshot is in 2000AD – it’s in the Judge Dredd Megazine, which is the monthly sister title.

    It’s also very good though.

  4. Does “put the action in Action Comics” really mean anything?

    • In the quoted statement, what he’s inferring is that DC feels there was a lack of straight-up action in the ACTION COMICS title and that he might have been hired to do that.

  5. man that man was,the,worst daredevil writer ever no thanks

  6. Definitely a hit or miss type of writer IMO- Liked The Loser and His Green Arrow year one stuff, but the runs he did on Swamp Thing, Daredevil, and that Shadowland mini were just god awful. He’s getting a lot work so he must have legions of fans,,,Right?