Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel to Take Over ACTION COMICS

As of Action Comics #18 in March, Grant Morrison and Rags Morales will step aside to make room for a new writer and artist. Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One, The Losers, Daredevil) and Tony Daniel (Batman, Detective Comics) will be the new team on the oldest ongoing comic book out there. Diggle is coming off a long stand at Marvel Comics, and Daniel is going back to artist duties after both writing and drawing Batman for years.

Says Diggle:

I’ve always had a positive experience working with DC Comics, and it’s amazing to be welcomed back into the fold in such fine style… Even in an industry dominated by superheroes, Superman is THE superhero – the original and best – and I’m flattered, daunted and inspired in equal measure at being given the opportunity to build on such an incredible and historic legacy. The word ‘iconic’ is bandied around a lot in comics, but Superman defines the term. I’m excited to be working with Tony Daniel, whose artistic and storytelling skills will be bringing the world(s) of Superman to stunning visual life. Together we’ll be carving out spectacular new adventures that respect the past while redefining the future of the Man of Steel.

A lot of fans will agree that Morrison’s Action Comics had moments of brilliance, but was marred by artistic inconsistencies, and a strange timeline, jumping around in this version of Superman’s history, getting away from the thing that made it so exciting and different from the start.

What will Diggle and Daniels’ Clark Kent bring along from Morrison/Morales besides the collar? Time will tell. But that image looks both dark and Kryptonian, and is definitely not a young Kal-El in boots and jeans.


  1. That Tony Daniel art is AWESOME. For some reason the costume works now in the grey tones with the red cape and belt.

  2. This news gives me feelings… inside. So strange…

    Could this be… joy?

  3. Not sure about the “getting away from the thing that made it so exciting and different from the start”…it didn’t lose it imo…Action could be interesting with this new team, but whats up with the color on his costume?

  4. Andy Diggle? Cool…

    Tony Daniel? less Cool…

    I’m guessing this image ties into Superman Issue Zero? Wasn’t Superman wearing a similar costume at the end of that story on Krypton? Hopefully, it doesn’t mean the end of the jeans and t-shirt Superman, I could do with more of that.

    • I like Tony Daniel as an artist, but not really at all him as a writer, which is where he gets most of his bad rap. Are you not a fan of his art?

  5. So, Tony Daniel just got done ruining Batman for the last year with his atrocious, hackneyed run on Detective Comics and Diggle just destroyed a 10 year long series of near perfection on Daredevil with his Shadowland mess…..what should we do?? I know, let’s switch them BOTH over to “Action” so they can shit all over that too! Truly, honestly, Superman’s biggest enemy isn’t Lex Luthor or General Zod…..only Diggle and Daniel can kill off (any interest in) Superman permanently.

    • THank you! I was just about to post the same thing, these two both gave us some of the worst runs the characters have had in years and ow they are given the biggest hero of them all? Something is not adding up. Please DC, why do you hate Superman so much? He deserves better talent than what youre giving him. Also not into this dark suit, seems gimmicky

    • So the Superman character who has existed over 75 years is going to go away because this book has a new writer and artist you don’t care for?

      I think all of the Superbooks have been kind of hurting in the new 52, so I wouldn’t mind seeing the other books get new teams either (I know Superman just got one recently).

  6. Man I’d try that run if the line was still drawn at 2.99

    • I could do without Sholly Fisch back-up stories, but it’s better than nothing – which is was what Marvel gives you for that extra buck.

  7. i’m always excited for a new Superman team, because i’m just so hopeful for something awesome.

    i don’t want anything overtly complex or tricky….i just want some new classic Superman stories.

  8. I usually like Tony Daniel’s art… But Superman looks like he gives the evil, nazi salute on that cover… Which ain’t cool at all… :S

  9. Shadowland may have stunk, but I’ve always enjoyed Diggle’s work at DC. And I’ve never had a problem with Daniel’s art, just with his drawing. The guy can draw! This sounds like a good pairing and I’ll be giving it a try.

  10. Anybody read that Adam Strange mini by Diggle and Ferry from several years ago? I thought that was really good.

    • It was until it turned into a setup for the setup for Infinite Crisis.

    • And what about Green Arrow Year One? That was easily the best thing that happened to Ollie Q. since Mike Grell. Of course, it benefited from Jock’s art, but Diggle was great there. A pity, DC didn’t let him write the ongoing GA.

  11. A few things…

    My own personal ‘manifesto’ on Superman

    Andy Diggle’s only previous work on Superman (that I’m aware of)…

    Tony Daniel’s previous work on Superman in sequentials…

  12. I probably sound like a douche in my earlier post. You know what it really is that bugs me? I had at least a 7 year run on Detective which ended with the INCREDIBLE Scott Snyder/Jock/Francavilla run and I really did try to hang in there with the New 52 “Detective”. But it was so bad that for the first time in my comics collecting life, I had to give up on a book I used to love, sell off the junk Daniel’s issues, and have a gaping hole in the long box because I constantly felt the urge to throw his issues across the room.

    Diggle can write. I’ve enjoyed a few of his other books, but Daredevil is neck and neck with Batman for the title of my favorite character. His Shadowland story, coming on the heels of Bendis and Brubaker’s runs, just seemed to kill off Daredevil for quite awhile before Waid started the new series (which is one of my very favorites). I’m just brimming over with bile and nerd rage for the 2 guys who “done my guys wrong” teaming up to cover Superman with a big old coat of mediocre, next.

  13. *sigh* The suit looks better, except for the silly accents. Too bad it’s black.

  14. I was only going to continue picking this up after Morrison’s run if Lemire was writing it. I can finally drop a title now!

  15. I like these guys and will definitely give this a shot.

    I’m WAY more excited for the rumored Snyder/Lee book

  16. Andy Diggle is a pretty exciting edition. Tony Daniel I’m not so much excited about. No doubt he is a talented artist, but a little too 90’s for my taste. I’ll still read it though. Don’t knock it till you try it, right?

    On a side note, I always thought that DC should treat their main 5 books (Justice League, Batman, Superman, Action, and Detective) the same as the Ultimate Universe, by bringing the best talent onto the books.

  17. Has there ever been a Superman run that really emphasized his skills as a journalist?

  18. It would have been a lot better had they decided to keep Action as the “Smallville” type of book. Adventures that took place before dawning the uniform.

  19. Sounds like this has a lot of potential. Diggle can be brilliant or terrible (his Hellblazer run was jaw-dropping). I don’t understand why people hate on Daniel’s art, I think its good more often then its wack.

    I’m kinda excited about this even though I won’t be buying it. Maybe ’cause I can stop buying the worst GM run since (the old, weekly) 52.

  20. Please be good….please be good…please be good….

  21. I’m loving the new uniform look. Daniel’s problem on Detective was that he was writing and drawing. With a clearer focus,Daniel can do his thing and Diggle can do his. Andy is a strong storyteller, and I’m sure this will be a fine book once it has some direction. Let’s make Superman relevant again.

  22. I’m out.

    Nothing personal with Diggle and Daniel. I’ve just been looking to make cuts here and there, and I was hoping none of my favorite creators would take over Action so that I could drop it. Both these creators have their strengths and weaknesses, but they just don’t get me excited enough to stick around after Morrison exits.

  23. Here’s hoping Diggle has better luck with DC superheroes than Marvel ones. He’s an awesome writer, but his strengths seem to be more in non-superhero stuff, but I’m glad he’s gotten such high profile work. Here’s hoping he gets something at Vertigo going too and while were at it, have him back on Hellblazer? Please?

  24. Editorial should of picked a better creative team. This is Action Comics! The “Superman” title has been a train wreck. It’s been worse then the grounded story arc…… The character and his supporting cast deserves better. I’ll still be buying all of it though, because I’m a dumb ass!

  25. It’s interesting how Tony Daniel’s rep as an artist seems to have been marred by his efforts as a writer. Admittedly, his writing was awful. I’m still trying not to hold his near single-handed destruction of Hawkman as a viable property against him.

    What has actually disappointed me was the interview with Andy Diggle. He’s going to focus on the now, so the young, brash t-shirted Kal-El leaves with Morrison. He also wants to address the relationship with Lois. One month after “the kiss” makes this kind of amusing. And he intends to “connect” with Lobdell on Superman. Hmmmm.

    The shame is the apparent rush to return to a kind of pre-new-52 status quo. We’ve got a blank slate & we ain’t gonna use it.

    This Diggle/Daniel proposition just seems boring.

  26. Superman: Space nazi.

  27. Well I’m glad Daniel won’t be writing anymore…. his entire run on Detective Comics was a waste.

  28. I want that action figure. Now.

  29. Awesome! I was really wondering when the new writer/artist team would be announced. I’m really looking forward to seeing Andy Diggle’s take on Supes.

  30. Please tell me the new suit is miscolored. Don’t mind the silver symbol, but I hate the black costume. I think these creators are talented, but I don’t think they are a good fit for Superman.

  31. this could work.
    really dig the above costume. better than Earth 2’s. and it’s collarless. that should shut a few people up 😀

  32. Exit : Morrison/Morales

    Enter : Huge Sales DROP!

    • A: Tony Daniel is a top tier artist. B: a lot of people didn’t like Morrison on Action. Rags Morales was poor in general and only on about 2/3 of the issues. I think the series will do fine.

  33. That image is excellent!!! Definitely Kryptonian and bold, reminds me of the uniforms they wore in some of the New Krypton series (probably an obvious connection but I haven’t read enough Supes to know for sure). It’s been awhile since I read any Superman stuff and I love Grant Morrison but planned to read his Action run in trade, after seeing this image I might just skip it altogether and jump on here, also really refreshing to see Tony Daniel on something other than Batman. I don’t see the sales dropping on this title rather than going up.

  34. In my opinion, Superman stories over the years have focused too much on Earth. Yes, he crashed and was raised here, but he is Kryptonian and sometimes people forget that. The dude can fly through space, so why wouldn’t he want to see what else was out there? That’s how I would write the character: an adopted son who wants to see the universe, righting wrongs and exporting justice, but who will eventually come “home” to earth.

  35. I think that this new suit makes perfect sense if used correctly in the story. If Superman is going to be battling in outer space it is only fitting that he wears some form of different attire whether it be armor or what not. However on earth his colors should always be the traditional red and blue.

  36. I hope that this doesn’t cramp Snyder’s style on the main Superman title.