Andy Diggle and Jock Announce Snapshot

Last weekend's KAPOW! convention in England was a hive of activity, and it was the spot where friends and longtime creators Andy Diggle and  Jock (The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) announced their next creator-owned series.

Snapshot is the story of a San Francisco comic shop employee who finds a mobile phone chock full of a hitman's crimes — and now the hitman wants it back. At the convention, Diggle described Snapshot as a "Hitchcockian thriller" with Jock adding to that saying "Snapshot always resonated with me… this was one of his best ideas. I'm really excited to get to work on this."

Diggle and Jock have had a long creative partnership, going back when they first met in the pages of Judge Dredd Magazine on the spinoff serial Lenny Zero. The duo came to major fame with the revamped Vertigo series The Losers that was later made into a film, and they continued their collaboration with DC's Green Arrow: Year One. Diggle and Jock have talked about doing another project together for years, and Snapshot is a result of that.

Expect to hear more about this project in "late summer" according to Diggle. Snapshot is set to debut first in the UK's Judge Dredd Magazine with plans soon after for a standalone series with Image Comics.


  1. Colour me excited. I’ve been waiting to see a new Diggle/Jock series for a while now!

  2. This is Diggle’s first creator-owned work, right?


  3. I really liked Green Arrow Year One and I thought the Losers that I read was pretty good. But Diggle burned me on Daredevil. He made my favorite book stupid and I don’t think I can forgive him so quickly.

  4. Whoa nelly does this excite me

  5. Damn, I was at Kapow! and never heard this. Sounds pretty cool.

  6. Sounds like something written for the sole-purpose of being made into a movie. Think I’ll be skipping this, since I’m not really a fan of Diggle or Jock’s work.

  7. So I take it that the elephant in the room is that Jock won’t be returning to Detective?  Bummer. 

  8. @Chuckenigma  Not at all. This is a side project as I understand it.

  9. Now if only Diggle & Jock would do some more ‘Lenny Z’ for the Meg I’d be a happy man.

  10. @Marbles  I’m guessing they can’t get their page rates for that anymore.

  11. This news makes me happy indeed. When those two work together it gives me warm fuzzies.