New Comics – Wednesday February 13, 2008

Now that we’ve all got a way to make a pull list, let’s talk about the new comics for the week. What books are you looking forward to? What are you thinking of dropping? What else?!

Oh, and lest you thought we forgot….

Bonus Question: iFanboy Beards. Yay or Nay?


  1. Lookung forward to New Avengers, Yay on the beards.

  2. Amazing Spider-Man #550

    Still enjoying the new Spidey. I got no beef with the changes, I like fun Spider-man and this title feels fun for the first time in years

  3. Where’d the rest of my comments go?

  4. I’m looking forward to the walking dead and sword. Yay on the beards definitely.

  5. I’m looking forward to Iron Man: Enter the Madarin–that book is going to be bad to the ass–also looking forward to Black CanaryGreen Arrow and Tiny Titans.

  6. I must say, I was disturbed at the relative lack of pulls for Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin.

  7. It is disappointing, but that series has just been really awesome–hopefully, peeps will look into it this week.

  8. I have to say that my favorite new feature is the pull list feature—soooooo bad ass!

  9. can’t wait for avengers and for tiny titans!!

  10. The only iffy thing on my list this week (in my opinion) is X-Force, so this week is looking to be awesome. The only un-awesome thing? I have to walk through a snowstorm to get to the store… then wait 3 hours until after my EMT final exam to read them! I’m most looking forward to New Avengers though…

    Bonus: Beards? I’ve got one now so most definitely

  11. New Avengers looks good… It’s a slow, slow week… But I love the beards. They’re spiffy and awesome..

  12. Looking forward to New Avengers and the Nova Annual, New

  13. I’m excited for the Alias reunion, and Green Arrow and Black Canary is one of my favorite books, but I find myself most looking forward to Tiny Titans!

  14. exiles i really want to like but only if Chris Clairemont gets his writing together. Beards look good but only when the people wearing them arent up till 4am.

  15. Goon #21 is leading the pack right now for me this week.

  16. Not much love out there for Jack Staff – well worth a look guys, new story arc ‘n all.

    Otherwise I’m interested to see Jason (Scalped) Aaron’s take on Ghost Rider, and The Sword is completely mental. In a good way.

  17. Oh, and Yay on beards.

  18. I cannot flamin’ wait for New Avengers, X-Factor, Spider-Man… not a huge week, but a good week.

    Josh, it’s likely that plenty of people are like me and planning to buy the Enter the Mandarin trade. This is the only way in which plenty of people are like me, fortunately for them.

    I see a few books this week, actually, that will have to wait for the trade. Astro City, I’m never buying in issue form again; they can’t be bothered to put it out. Millar’s FF, I’m curious about, but I want to read a metric tonne of good reviews from people I trust before I pay for it.

  19. Slow week and beards are only for playoffs!!!!

  20. There’s Walking Dead and then there’s everything else.

  21. I think the new FF will be pretty good. I really enjoyed what Millar did on Ultimate FF, so he should have a pretty solid run with the first family.

  22. Green Arrow/Black Canary tops my list this week. Followed by Wonder Woman and Walking Dead.

    Though I may be more excited for Wonder Woman, truth be told. Simone seems o be setting up some long term threads and the way she is coming at the Wonder Woman mythos is fascinating.

  23. Oops!

    Bonus: Yay to beards. Especially, if we get to see them grow in real time via streaming web cam.

    Yay with all my heart.

  24. Ah man seems like the calm before the storm for me. Can’t wait for the tpb for Sinestro Corps.

  25. Damn, rest of my comment got cut T_T. Just was wondering if Checkmate was supposed to be coming out this week I could’ve sworn it was damnit!

  26. Damn, rest of my comment got cut T_T. Just was wondering if Checkmate was supposed to be coming out this week I could’ve sworn it was damnit!

  27. The Walking Dead and Wolverine are tops and I guess I’m buying Tiny Titans now 😉 (oh, and last week’s Nightwing)

  28. I would say New Avengers and Tiny titans.

  29. Walking Dead, the Goon and Booster Gold all in the same week?

  30. Oh, also yay on beards.

  31. Walking Dead is most anticipated as always, and American Virgin is right up there. As for the bonus question? Beards all the way.

  32. I’m hoping the new FF is good.

  33. It’s a pretty light week. I am going to pick up Wolverine mainly because of Aaron. I might flip through both Ghost Rider and Fantastice Four but I probably won’t buy them.

  34. Truth be told, I am really excited for Tiny Titans. Not to mention New Avengers and Wolverine.

    What kind of beards? Well groomed beards or grizzled unkempt beards? My vote is for the grizzled beards.

  35. Only one book for me this week, Walking Dead, so it looks like I’ll be continuing my catch up on Daredevil and be gitting Vol.11 of the Bendis run in trade.

  36. null

  37. My comments keep getting cut out!

  38. guys, guys, guys…. City of Others TPB!! 2 words – Bernie Wrightson

  39. Is there a character limit on comments? Seem to keep losing a paragrah

  40. Is there a character limit on comments? Seem to keep losing a paragrah

  41. Can I make a complaint about the new pull list? Really I can, sweet.

  42. Oh hey I got cut off. So don’t use returns kiddies. Anyway, my complaint, can we go back to having the list ordered by publisher?

  43. @SmokMnky – You can sort the pull list any way you want – by publish, alphabetical, or by most pulls.

  44. I’m with Conor on Tiny Titans.

  45. aahhh the comment monster ate the rest of what I typed!

  46. @Conor I can see a

  47. Oh man, the comments seem to have a lot of bugs in them. Anyway, I was hoping for: All Publishers – Alphabetical Title. I only see how to filter by publisher but not sort.

  48. Tiny Titans it is!

  49. Short week for me, just Gotham Underground #5 and DMZ.

  50. Should be a good week but I do need to give a shout out to Action (thanks for mentioning this, Connor) and Black Adam from last week (or the one previous)–no one talked about Black Adam on the show, but I thought the art was dope…

  51. Oh, and yay for beards! Except of course Ron’ll have less facial hair to grow so that’s an unfair advantage right there!

  52. i’m hearing a lot of peps are geting Tiny titan. I wonder if that means if it will be on the podcast. I hope it does. I think it will be fun

  53. Short week for me, just The Goon and 100 Bullets.

  54. All my posts get cut off after a single sentence.

  55. Most looking forward to Green Arrow/Black Canray and Booter Gold. Great books both of them.

  56. Obviously I meant Canary and Booster. Not Canray and Booter. Although thats a good name for a sitcom maybe.

  57. My only for-sure is X-Factor, which I’ve read from the beginning.

  58. Let’s see if foregoing periods gets me another sentence maybe Wolverine for Mystique or XForce from curiosity or New Avengers ’cause the cool kids are doing it beards until the end of secret invasion/final crisis maybe?

  59. Prolly most looking forward to Dead of Night: Man-Thing, in my ongoing quest for a good horror book.

  60. I’m shocked only 18 peeps pulled

    Fantastic Four Lost Adventure

  61. oddly enough I want to read that Sub Mariner trade. I missed the issues but was kind of curious….

  62. My post got cut off. FF Lost Adventure is un-seen Stan Lee and Jack Kirby people! Lets show some love. Oh and, Yah for the beards!

  63. I’m excited for the stuff that I’m excited for every time they come out: New Avengers, Spider-Man and War Journal; but this week there is some other exciting stuff like the first issue of the Next Issue Project and the Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure.

  64. Minus periods and colons, apparently; A golden age book and a silver age book are my most anticipated releases in 2008, kind of funny,

  65. Speaking from experience, beards look just plain weird for about two weeks.

  66. Looking forward to Tiny Titans.

  67. My 4 year old son loved the TT cartoon, since it went off the air Marvel has sunk their claws into him via the sweet Super Hero Squad toy line – I love that he loves superheroes, don’t get me wrong, but I look forward to sharing some DC love with him!

  68. Walking Dead.

  69. PV, your avatar is the coolest I’ve seen yet! Good work, sir!

  70. Looking forward to New Avengers most.

    BQ:  Yay to beards.

  71. I’m waiting for the trade on Iron Man Enter the Mandarin.  I loved the first two, then decided to wait.   Otherwise, BPRD is my most anticipated book.

  72. Oh man! BRPD!  I totally forgot about that book.  Sweet.  I’m lovin’ me some Hellboy universe these days.

  73. I know I already said this, but goddamnit, I love the new pull list feature.  It’s just too cool, and now, I’m going to be checking this site like every 15 nanoseconds to see what others have to say about their books. 

  74. Looking forward to BPRD and New Avengers the most.  Love the new pull lists!

  75. Upon closer inspection, I’m more looking forward to Aaron/Garney’s work on Wolverine.

  76. I saw this guy I used to like at the coffee shop earlier and I had to do a double take. He had a long beard. I guess beards are the new thing… ick yay for trend nay for me. 

    Anywho, after getting a cute poster of Tiny Titans from my CBG, I’m looking forward to that the most, then Wonder Woman, Green Arrow/Black Canary. Also, the last issue of American Virgin. 🙁 


  77. Am i the only one reading Necessary Evil? I highly recommend it! The premise is kinda cool. A school for the sons and daughters of super-villians! It’s kinda like that old Saturday morning cartoon show from the 80’s, for the life of me i can’t remember the name: about some kind of super-hero high school/heroes-in-training kind of thing. Only here, you have to do bad things to stay in school….check it out!

  78. I am looking forward to New Avengers and Wolverine the most.


    And I say yes for beards if we see photos.

  79. josh. is IRON MAN:ENTER THE MANDARIN that good? i keep thinking of picking it up for the art, but it’s iron man so…

  80. BQ; nay. unless its a full-on grizley adams. NO beard sculpting. way to metro-sexual.

  81. @Jurassicalien – You would have seen all three of our beards last night had you been around for the impromptu live feed push to 3.0 chat session!

    @milk – IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN is great.  It’s old school, no Civil War baggage, super hero fun! 

  82. Dropping New Avngers. I Just don’t know why I bother with Marvel superhero teams. That being saif I am loving Brand New Day!

    Beards: As long as you don’t ask us to do it. I have brown hair and a red beard weird. 

  83. Re: Comics: Enter the Mandarin rocks. Also looking forward to Black Panther (am I the only one still reading this?) and X-Force. Iffy on Wolverine

    Re: Beards: Yes for Josh, no for Ron, either way for Conor.

  84. Enter the Mandarin is great for the art alone.

    Intersted to see where GA/BC goes from here.

    Had no idea Tiny Titans were so popular, been

    reading about it in several places… hm… worth investigating? 

  85. Walking Dead is always my most anticipated book whenever it comes out. I could never imagine reading this in trades.

    Just read a review of X-Force, and I think I may have to give it a try.

    Busiek always delivers on the Astro City one-shots, so Beautie should be a great read.

    Booster Gold #0? Brilliant idea.

    FF #554? At least it’ll look pretty, and probably have one of those splash-page, character close up while uttering some witty line last pages that Millar seems to love. My bet will be Reed, looking right at the reader, some kind of glowing orange-ish scientific machines behind him, saying "Time to be fantastic." Of course, I’m not a writer.

    Next Issue Project could be an interesting bit of nostalgia as long as it doesn’t go with the Superpowers/The Twelve bring-them-to-the-modern-age thing.

    Beards: As an occasionally bearded man, I vote no. It veers toward looking disheveled and sloppy after a while.

  86. yay for the beards. do it.

  87. yay for beards. bring forth more hair

  88. I’m torn between Tiny Titans and Walking Dead as the last Comic to read (I always save the last spot for the book I’m most excited about).


  89. loving GA & BC

     YAY for beards, mega-YAY

  90. Interesting to look at my pulls and see what has the most pulls and what has the fewest.

    Most: News Avengers #38

    Least: Crossing Midnight Vol. 2 

  91. It may be worth pointing out that it’s almost all GUYS who are saying "Yay" to the beards. So, even though I’ve only seen one post in the negative, it came from a woman, so…you know…I’d say it’s still a very close contest. 😀



  92. New Avengers, awaits.

    Bonus:Ron = mutton chops, Josh = clean shaven, Conor = full scraggle, Gordon = porn star mustache

  93. i agree with the above comment: Gordon with porn star mustache AND he should grow a mullet as well…

  94. @ArchMerc–Awesome Avatar dude! and nice answer to the BQ as well.

  95. BQ:  As someone who looks like a 3 year old baby butt without a beard, I say yay.

  96. For the record…the wife loves the beard.