New Comics for 11.02.2011 loves Nestle Crunch but hates candy corn

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week, assuming he gets his power turned back on in time, Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What was (is?) your favorite thing you used to get on Halloween? What was (is?) the worst thing?


  1. Light week for me. Since this is a 5 week month, it screws up the schedule for me.

    Action Comics #3, Swamp Thing #3, and Sweet Tooth #27

    BQ: I used to love getting peanut M&M’s and Jolly Ranchers. But I hated it when I got those rubber candy lips and toothbrushes.

    Did you have about people giving out bibles this year? That is truly horrifying.

  2. ANIMAL MAN #3
    GOON #36
    HEART #1 (OF 4)
    O.M.A.C. #3
    SIX GUNS #1 (OF 5)
    WITCH DOCTOR #4 (OF 4)

    My old man was a total puritan killjoy as a kid, plus we lived in the boonies, so I never did the Halloween thing. I even got the no Santa Claus speech in kindergarten age. No Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, but there’s a magical ghost in the sky that has some grand plan for everyone that includes misery and strife. Sure dad, that makes sense. Could be part of why I’m an atheist that can’t stand the September-February holiday hype season now. I think I’m going to take the night off from working at the LCS to give out candy and comics to the neighborhood brats though if they come around.

    OH! Wait, best Halloween ever! I saw Bad Religion last year! Fucking FINALLY! Only took half my life of loving punk rock to get the chance.

    • Same here. Wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween and my Dad would pass out christian tracks instead of candy to the kids.
      I was not very popular in my neighborhood.

    • Just to nip it in the bud.

      This by no means indicates that I have anything against Christianity. I just wanted to go trick or treating.

      Just wanted to say that to avoid a religious discussion or debate on a comic book website.

      I’ll be giving Shame Itself and Six Guns as shot as I enjoy both Western and Humor books.

    • Sorry to hear that guys… halloween was a big deal…
      and no santa either. firevine. thats rough…
      My dad tryed to stop me from buying comics back when i was around 15.. that was mission impossible though.

    • I seem to recall my dad trying that crap too. Apparently he read Seduction of the Innocent around 1995 or so. Tried the same with my Magic the Gathering cards.

      Comic books also REALLY got me interested in art, and while my parents, and my fiancee now said I have talent (I don’t), my parents used to screech about how everything I did was superheroes. Really turned me off from it. Basically, my old man tried to push me away from everything I enjoyed in my youth. I remember times where he’d look absolutely ridiculous with his hand cupped around his ear RIGHT UP to my speakers trying to hear every syllable of whatever music I was listening to. Lets see, ’95 or so? I was listening to Spin Doctors and Collective Soul. Real evil shit, eh? Glad I found the light and discovered The Misfits and Slayer.

      Gee, and my gals mother thinks its sad that I only talk to my folks once a month or so…wonder why.

    • Seems like you overcame.
      With my dad it was mostly about my enjoyment too.. he’s a killjoy.. incapable of enjoying himself so he doesnt want anyone else to either…….Havent spoke to him since i was 19 and im better off for it.
      ha.. collective soul.. nothing sinister about them.
      Happy Halloween dude.

  3. I seem to average 4-6 books a week, so this is a normal one for me.

    After really loving Wolverine and The X-Men, I’m excited to see what kind of tone Gillen and Pacheco give us in Uncanny.
    I might try New Mutants (yay $2.99 Marvel books!)

    My DC books (Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Stormwatch) are all kind of on the bubble — I’m enjoying them, but not loving them.

    I’m going to re-read Last of The Greats #1 to see if I like it enough to get #2 — I remember enjoying it, but nothing about it has me super-excited for the new issue.

    BQ: Besides chocolate candy bars, I really like the non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls (Vanilla, Lime, Orange, etc). The worst thing was this guy that always gave out Big Boy coupons. In retrospect, they were probably the highest value treat, but as a kid, getting a little slip of paper seemed like a cop out.

  4. I have no comment about what I intend to pull, but you DO NOT LIKE CANDY CORN? This is Halloween blasphome! Chances are something terrible will happen to you tonight and the ghost of Vincent Price will narrate it…
    Serves you right though: you foresake candy corn…you foresake the Halloween spirit!

  5. A bunch of comics. Not particularly excited for anything, but there should be good stuff. Will probably keep cutting the list down.

    BQ: Hated: GOOD AND PLENTY’s = Non tradeable, borderline child abuse. haha man i hated those things. Also the one or two years when it was too cold (-10 or worse) to go out….kinda got robbed of a few halloween’s right there.

    Loved: This guy down the street converted his entire house into a top shelf haunted house every year and got his family and neighborhood kids to run it. Used to ask for donations for local charities. It was the best in town. Made the news every year.

    The day after halloween was the best..we’d bring in our bags to class and to complex trading at lunchtime.

  6. 11 books this week, which is frighteningly turning into the weekly average for me. I gotta start cutting books soon or I’m gonna have to hide my debit card from myself.

    BQ: I remember for one Halloween, some family was giving out toothbrushes and tubes of tooth paste. I wasn’t too surprised when I walked by their house the next day and it was covered in toilet paper. Serves them right.

  7. Batman NOEL, ActionComics & StaticShock are what I am looking foward to.

    BQ: My kids give me all of their BabyRuth candybars and I love that.

    When I was a kid it was all bout the peanutbuttercups and I hated any non-candy item(pencil, change, random paper, anything I could not eat, chips and popcorn balls were fine).

  8. Seems my new average is 10 a week. I can live with that. I continue to be excited for Animal Man and Action, but this week could be about Betrayal of The Planet of the Apes for me.

    AVENGERS: 1959

    I’m really excited about Action, Uncanny, and Avengers. And of course, having Phil Noto on X-23 makes that a must for me every time.

    BQ: Halloween candy, all kinds, is the best. It didn’t occur to me until a few years ago, but I literally like every kind of candy I have ever tried (my brother says that I got the sweet tooth and he got the beer tooth). One time, when I was a kid, some lady ran out of candy and gave me a banana on Halloween, it got mushed up in my bag and got over everything. That’s probably my least favorite thing I got on Halloween.

  10. Got a big week again. Among the ones I’m most looking forward to:

    OMAC and JLI: good ‘ol fashioned fun comics
    Animal Man – Great, great stuff. And creepy as heck!
    Action Comics – Morrison is having a good time and I’m happy to be along for the ride.
    American Vampire – Because it’s awesome. End of story.

    as for ones I’m picking up with a degree of uncertainty:

    Red Lanterns – Two issues. Too dull. Great talent on the book but it’s not firing. Either the third time is the charm or it’s Dropsville.
    Hawk and Dove – Love the characters but sheesh! This book isn’t recapturing the magic of the older series. Maybe that’s good for some folks… but not for me. Last hurrah… or the one that makes me a believer?

    And one I’m truly uncertain of:

    Peanuts. I wrestle with this on the simple basis of it not being done by Schultz..

    • Oh; best Halloween stuff? Those little Kraft Caramels. Worst? Apples or whatever other stupid “healthy” alternative some parents handed out. SHOW ME THE CANDY LEST YOU TASTE THE WRATH OF MY YOUTHFUL SHENNANIGANS!

  11. ANIMAL MAN #3
    MYSTIC #4 (OF 4)
    Looking most forward to usagi and stormwatch.. getting a bit tired of moon knight. irredeemable is always awesome as well.
    As a kid.. Twix was like Heaven and Snickers was like Hell….. Somewhere along the line i got used to peanuts in chocolate and now snickers isnt so bad.. still hell next to twix though. Now until they start passing out cadbury fruit and nut bars at halloween twix will remain king in my book.
    And whats with stopping kids from trick or treating after dark… that blows.

  12. Is DC not doing a Halloween special this year?

    Batman: Noel (Deluxe HC)
    Superman: The Return of Doomsday (TP)

    BQ: Y’know, I don’t really remember. Got plenty of sweets in for this year though, but the weather’s too terrible for trick-or-treating. More for me!

    BATWING #3
    BOYS #60
    MEN OF WAR #3
    WITCH DOCTOR #4 (OF 4)

    BQ: Best? Um, let’s call it some physical gratification and leave it at that!
    Worst: A rock.

  14. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, OMAC, Batwing, The Goon, Last of the Greats.

    best candy when i was you (not so long ago) bag of chips, full size chocolate bar, can of pop. worse? raisins, a pencil seriously, a f***ing pencil.

  15. Action Comics #3, Amazing Spider-Man #673, Invincible #84, Spawn #213, Static Shock #3, Swamp Thing #3, and
    X-23 #16. I’m excited to buy Amazing Spider-Man from the comic shop instead of waiting a week after the issue is actually released to get it.

    B.Q.: I love getting the mini-twizzlers and hate getting candy corn

  16. DC: most excited for Swamp Thing and OMAC, but looking forward to what happens next with Stormwatch, Animal Man and Action as well. Will probably get Batwing, even though the second issue was a bit of a fall off for me. JLI was unfortunately my first cut of the new 52.

    Marvel: will pick up the Captian America Fear Iteself Thingie, as it’s by Brubaker. Looking forward to grabbing last week’s issues of Daredevil and Annhilarators. I’m curious for the Ant-Man/Wasp one-shot, especially as I’ve been loving Hans’ Journey covers, but will wait for the reviews and maybe get it next week.

    BQ. The best would be my favorite candies: Butterfingers and 3 Musketters. The worst? The founder of Wendy’s lived in our neighborhood growing up and his house always gave out Wendy’s coupons, which didn’t suck in and off themselves, but coming from him seemed a little cheap . . .

    • Im digging stormwatch myself..
      Just ordered the original Ellis run.. on ebay yesterday..

    • I was a little disappointed with the first issue of Stormwatch, but chose to give Cornell the benefit of the doubt; I thought that issue two was a strong improvement and am now hoping that with #3 the title truly lives up to its full potential.

      Never read the original run, but want to check it out sometime. However, for now, my stacks of back issues are way too daunting as they are (thank you New York Comic Con :))

    • Ya for me i had no expectations about stormwatch (didnt plan to buy issue 1).. so when i did impulsively pick it up a few weeks after its release.. i didnt excpect much.. and.. you know how high expectations and low expectations can affect ones enjoyment. I agree though.. the first issue was just OK at best. I like where they went in the second issue though. I didnt know that the groundwork for the authority began in issue 37 of the original stormwatch series.. so im looking forward to reading the 25 issues that Ellis wrote.
      Ya i had my back issue stack down to under a dozen…. and now its back up to a few hundred.. with brubaker’s batman/detective/gotham nights…. .. willingham’s.. pantheon/elementals … and now Ellis’ stormwatch… Should keep me busy for a year or two.
      Do svidanya.

  17. Looking forward to Action Comics, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing. And I’ve added Joe the Barbarian to my must list on amazon.

    BQ: Always loved Butterfingers and have to agree on hating candy corn. I even remember a friend’s Mom having to tell me that they were edible…

  18. Favorite thing? Snickers or candy bars in general. Popcorn balls were great too. Worst thing? Apples/any taffy-like candy/tootsie rolls.

  19. It’s that great week one dc combo of Action, Animal man and Swampy. Also loving the craziness of Avengers ’59 and Moon Knight. And finally Infinite vacation. Also liking the look of uncanny, and American Vampire doesn’t know how to be bad.
    Bq There was no Halloween in my part of the uk as a boy. Now it’s taken off. If I had to choose I’d go for anything made of chocolate, usually cadburys, and hate liquorice.

  20. Pysched for Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Detective comics.

    BQ: Smarties, Runts, Spree
    Hated those little wax soda bottled shaped candies with about 2 drops of sugar water!! I always winded up chewing the whole thing and regretted it immediately afterwards!!

  21. Another great comic book week. Most looking forward to Animal Man, Swamp Thing and American Vampire.

    BQ: We don’t do Halloween in the Netherlands. We have St. Maarten which is on 11-11. The thing is to get as much candy as possible, so I suppose much like Halloween. The difference is that we sing a song and don’t dress up. Loved to get “taai taai poppen”, small mars and twix bars. Disliked getting nectarines.

    • Ha … the funny thing is im in america and right now most of the kids coming to my door arent dressed up. And theres a live band of teenagers playing in the garage across the street from me ( rock music). Maybe i dimensionally shifted to holland all of a sudden…
      I like Goldjjjje !!!

  22. Animal Man #3
    Justice League International #3 (last issue until a new creative comes)
    Moon Knight #7
    Red Lanterns #3
    Batwing #3
    Avengers Academy #21
    Green Arrow #3
    X-23 #16

    Big week for me with a large number of titles taht feel bland.

    BQ: Best thing would be smarties, love those. And I don’t think I have ever had a bad thing on Halloween.

  23. 7 Books

    Action Comics #3
    Animal Man #3
    Detective Comics #3
    Justice League International #3
    Storm Watch #3
    Swamp Thing#3
    GI Joe #7 ( on the bubble )

    Very excited about my books this week, usually I like things spaced out but I really like that Animal Man and Swamp Thing ship concurrently.

    BQ; Coffee-Crisp…. by far my favourite.

  24. I don’t like Halloween. My mother always told me not to take candy from strangers, and Halloween is a whole day devoted to just that. I do not approve.

  25. The best thing was (is) the little fun-size box of Milk Duds. I would dig through my candy bag and my brothers for days afterwards to find them all.

    The worst was stupid pumpkin shaped erasers. Candy-wise, it would have to be candy corn. Awful demon-breed and raised in hell candy corn.

  26. I remember when 8 books was a heavy load.
    Animalman, Swamp Thing, Justice League International and Batwing are enough to keep me happy.

    BQ: Since Day of the Dead is so close to Halloween, I would love getting sugar skulls as a kid. You really couldn’t eat them but, they were pretty to look at. I use to hate getting chocolate as a kid because I would get these really bad migraines if I ate any of it. If I’m not careful, I can still get them.

  27. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Six Guns, Mystic, and I still have to pick up Cap/Bucky and TMNT from last week.

    BQ: I always loved the lime and lemon tootsie rolls.

    • Also, I have already seen at least 20 children in superhero costumes. I debated whether or not to hand out my old single issues.

    • Ive given 5-10 rubber maid boxes of doubles comics away over the last decade…. some kids love em.. and some kids just get confused..ha….. .. those kids have candy on the brain… they say what …comics?? uh ….whats the catch?? … its weird sometimes..
      If you do it for a few years in a row.. they start to get used to it though.

    • Give away old comics? Hmmm, now that’s an idea for next year — if I’m actually home for Trick or Treating that is . . .

    • We were all set up to hand out a bunch of old X-Men and Spidey single issues along with candy. Not a single kid showed up. Off to Goodwill they go.

  28. Ha.. ya.. hopefully they appreciate it.
    gotta give them the candy option though….and im outta doubles now.. but i used to have boxes separated according to approximate age. Didnt want to give conans to the 5 year olds.
    When i ran out of doubles.. i tryed to buy the 25 cent long boxes at my local comic shop.. i said hey im giving them away so.. how bout 10 cents a comic.. but i dont think they believed i was going to give them away.. ha
    Now the store sells trick or treat grab bags of 10 comics for a buck fifty.. im sure they got the idea from me.

  29. Good week, not one but 2 books written by Scott Snyder, and Jeff Lemire. As well as Grant Morrison and Re-genesis.

  30. Slightly smaller week for me, only like 15 books but thats down from 20+ the last few weeks. Thankfully fearitself and spider island are over now so that frees up some cash for some other stuff I’ve been wanting to try out like x-23. Looking forward to Avengers academy, The Boys, Moon knight, Hulk and the new Uncanny along with a few other things.
    Also it’s been a really good couple of weeks in a row for the books I read so I hope this carries that on.

    BQ: Don’t do halloween in Australia so can’t really say one way or the other.

  31. Couldn’t get to my LCS last week so I’ll be picking up last weeks books plus Sweet Tooth, Heart, Luther Strode & Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes (which I’m most excited for). As for Action, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Stormwatch I’m switching to the digital version after the price drop.

    BQ: Don’t know if you get them outside the UK or not but cola or cherry sours are great.

  32. Action Comics #3, Animal Man #3, Swamp Thing #3, Uncanny X-Men #1, Shame Itself #1

    BQ: Best? Peanut Butter Cups or Doritos. Worst? One year I got chocolate easter eggs.

  33. Action, action, action 😀 I’m so excited!

    My parents never made a big deal for Halloween, which is why I’ve made such a fuss about it for my kids! My little guys were my favorite Heroes this year, Spider-man and Clark Kent. (Boy did people flip over a 3 year old Clark Kent lol)

    I always hated Tootsie rolls, so I hated the sheer volume of those I used to receive. Favorite has to be the full sized snickers bar I got this year for my Wonder Woman costume while bringing the kids trick or treating lol Wish I brought my own candy bag 😛

    Action #3 Yippie!!

  34. Excellent week, baby!

    Savage Dragon and Invincible, my top favorite series (well tied with Judge Dredd), both having significant issues. Especially the 48-page Dragon.

    Plus Hack/Slash, Detective, G.I. Joe, Duke Nukem, and of course Uncanny X-Men #1 with the boss Cyclops oh hell yes.

    BQ: Gotta give it to Milky Ways, runner up Reese’s cups.

    THE TWIZZLER #2 (2 OF 4)
    PEANUTS #0