New Comics for 10/15/08 are having Halloween costume anxiety

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

After what amounted to basically two no-show weeks from Marvel, they are back with a vengeance with five Secret Invasion-related books and four X-Men books. Me, I’m most looking forward to the next chapter in Jason Aaron’s wild Ghost Rider, the final chapter of Ultimate Origins, and the finale to the current arc in The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m dropping Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D..

And if last week wasn’t enough Geoff Johns for you, he’s got three books out this week — Justice Society of America, Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge, and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. The man is a freakin’ machine. In other DC news, I’m really looking forward to Rick Remender’s first issue of Booster Gold and I’m dropping The Flash… again.

My most anticipated book of the entire week is The Roberts #2 from Image Comics.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: For one million dollars would you let someone shoot you in the arm?



  1. Comics still come out on Wednesday?  I thought Columbus Day would screw that up.


    BQ: A small caliber handgun, yes I would.  Anything else that may blow my arm off, no thanks.

  2. Small week just Fables, Air, and Guardians of the Galaxy…oh wait! A new Ex Machina trade? It’s been so long.

    BQ:Depends on my current finicial status. Currently, yes. 

  3. hell yes, but only my left arm and not near my wrist because that would certainly hamper the writing which is how i make my living


  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    JSA!!!! Rogues Revenge!!!!


     BQ: …easiest question yet.  Of course I would.  

  5. Looks like I’m getting Uncanny, Captain Britain, Mighty Avengers, and the Jimmy Olsen special.

  6. Um, Amazing Spider-man, Captain Britain, Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis Rogue’s Revenge, Robin, Uncanny X-Men and, erm, Young X-Men (yes, I *know*, I’m just giving it a chance. See, I’m all heart…)

    BQ: Hell, yeah! 

  7. It’s an X-Man week.  Yay.


    And, it depends on the weapon, the circumstances, the person . . ..  

  8. JSA, ASM, Mighty, UO….

    BQ: Not to be that much of a downer, but I was born with cerbral palsy and don’t have much feeling on my left side….so, oh yeah! I’ll be shot in my left arm for the cash, haha.

  9. Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Captain Britain, DCU Decisions, JSA, & the "Jimmy-Jam" Olsen Special. Good week!

    BQ: I would say yes, but I’m a coward. There’s no way I’d actually go through with it.

  10. Sticking with Trinity.

    The only way it would be okay is if the money were cash up front and it was Stephen Colbert that would shoot me in the arm. He brightens my day so he would literally be my shot in the arm.

  11. Good X-men week!  I’m equally excited for ‘Uncanny’ & ‘Astonishing’, and I will give the Storm mini a glance to decide whether it’s up my alley.  I’ll also be getting the second secret invasion iron man/war machine/whatever issue; I’m really liking this tie-in.  And Air #3, because I promised I’d give the whole first arc a shot.  Still haven’t decided what to think of it.

    BQ: I’m not sure a million dollars would actually cover the medical bills/rehab/potential prosthetics, considering I think my insurance company would deny the claim if they found out I allowed someone to do it.  Is that too practical of an answer?

  12. 1) Why do you give Ron the pick on Marvelpalooza week?  His head might explode! 

    2) Has anyone here ever read a Ghostbusters comic?  I have not.  I see one on the list, however, and find myself intrigued.  If my LCS has it I might grab it.  Moving me up to 8 books.  I’ll glance at Might Avengers, but I have no burning desire for it. 

    BQ – Getting shot.. arm or otherwise, is amongst the least of the atrocious acts I would willingly participate in for a guaranteed million bucks. 


  13. Looking forward to see how Rogue’s Revenge ends.

     And yes, I would do it.  Just not in the face or the junk or the drawing hand

  14. Pretty varied week, nice mix of big titles (Batgirl, Robin, Outsiders, Rogue’s Revenge) and smaller ones (Dynamo5, The Roberts). Most definitely looking forward to The Roberts most, Robin being a close 2nd.

    BQ: Paul’s right, easiest BQ ever. Yep, why not? The arm would heal, but you could live off the interest from a million bucks for life… assuming you’re brave enough to put it in a bank right now.

  15. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Booster, Spidey’s "New Ways to Die," and The Roberts.


    BQ – Hell, no! Ain’t nobody shooting me! Large sums of money don’t excuse atrocious acts.

  16. BQ revisited: (Because i’m still thinking about this hours later)  — Do I have to pay taxes on the million?  That makes a difference.  If it’s a million net and i have free medical care immediately available so I don’t risk bleeding out, I say yes.

  17. BQ: no. the dollar is going down and I’m greedy.

  18. Heya Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

    And Columbus day for you Americans I guess.

    I’m pretty stoked about a new Madman, consistently awesome.  Also very very excited about a new scalped trade, I can’t wait.

    That said, huge week for me bleh.

    BQ: You bet, it’d help me pay for all this stuff.

  19. BQ: Yeah, maybe.

  20. Man, three weeks without Spider-Man seems like forever now that I’m used to the thrice monthly schedule. 

    BQ: I need more information.  I’d probably say yes and then back out at the last minute, though.

  21. A lot of good stuff out this week…. Nothing really looks bad… Great stuff… Lots of Johns. Heck la.

    BQ: Totally…. but like, not if I’d lose the arm. We’re talking like a rifle shot, nothing Robocop shotgunny.

  22. I’m gonna call the Ghostbusters this week!  Taking a chance on nostalgia…

    BQ: Which arm? 

  23. Lots of good stuff this week.  I’m looking forward to the Final Crisis train that is blowing through DC nation.  I can’t wait for those books.  Plus another Scalped trade.  Booyah!

    BQ: …Yes, but I don’t want to know it’s coming.  I want it when I least expect it. 

  24. Nothing! Yay! I get to buy a trade!

  25. @RaceMcCloud – If Ghostbusters is worth writing about (good or bad) please put up a review.  I have a feeling I won’t be seeing this on the shelf Wed.

  26. @Crippler – If my store still has it, I’ll review it.  You got it!

  27. Roberts…yes.

     BQ–I work in a hospital and see gun shots all the time…I wouldn’t do it for 5 million.

  28. BQ: I’d do it but I agree with Neb that I wouldn’t want to know when!

  29. What a shame Hawaiian Dick comes out this week. Had it been lighter it might have made my list; Chris made it sound so good. Can’t believe I had my LCS guy pull Legion of Three Worlds but never bothered to have him pull Rogues Revenge. If only I knew then what I know now.. Yay, Age of Sentry?!

    BQ: if my arm was going to heal, yeah. r’ should i say "HEAL YEAH!" 

  30. BQ: I’ll change my answer.  Money vs. Health?  Health wins.  No.

  31. Hulk Monster Size Special #1 – Hulk vs Frankenstein – good Halloween fun. 

    I picked up Jeff Smith’s complete Bone with every issue and I love it. However, I looked through RASL at the store…not so much. I may change my mind if it gets good feedback.

    Ultimate Origins #5 – look forward to Ultimatum in November. One of the few that enjoys the Ultimate universe I guess. Not much talk here at iFanboy. Glad to see Conor is reading it.


    BQ – Yes. 


  32. @danj – All three of us are reading ULTIMATE ORIGINS and we’ve talked about at least one of the issues on the show.

  33. BQ: What are they shooting me with? A needle full of air? A 303? A pellet gun? A water pistol?

  34. I stand corrected. I need to pay more attention. 🙂

  35. Really looking forward to ASM (best Brand New Day arc so far), The Roberts, Dynamo 5, Bendis and Johns’ books, the Grant Morrison Dr. Who reprints, Greatest Hits (good start), new Rasl, the Jimmy Olsen special, Zorro – a lot of unique books this week.. I’ll look at Superman/Batman/Vampires/Werewolves just because it sounds grindhouse-y good.

    BQ: Bicep, yes; forearm, small caliber; hand, not a chance.

  36. Looks like a good week.  Robin, JSA, Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge, and Captain Britain.  Not sure if the Jimmy Olsen special is worth picking up.


    BQ: Absolutely, only if it’s my left arm, I’m right handed.

  37. Captain Britain


    Punisher MAX

    Small pull this week, I’m guessing the next week will be an explosion of unreported magnitude! As for the BQ: I’d let you shoot both of my arms and legs to get 4 million dollars. That’s smart thinking right there.

  38. I’m really excited about JSA, Uncanny X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Roberts. Seems like it could be a really good week.

  39. massive week from both sides with booster gold, mighty avengers, captain britain, astonishing x men, uncanny xmen, the roberts, iron man director of shield, jsa, rogues revenge, legion of three worlds and the new scapled trade. I knew a big week was conming after the past fortnight was empty.


    may drop astonishing think im looking forward to rogues revenge the most


    BQ. depends on weapon but maybe

  40. Rogues Revencge and JSA top my list. The book that I should be most excited for, but just aren’t, is Legion of Three Worlds.

    That all said, the new Scalped trade comes out this week, and I honestly couldn’t care about any singles in the light of that,  now I’ll finally be caught up to the issues that I stated picking up in June!

  41. Can’t wait for the Roberts, dropping Uncanny, Loving Dynamo 5.



    You pay off my house you could shoot me in the arm and leg. 

  42. @GungaDin – Top marks on the Robocop reference. Good work, sir!

  43. BQ: Its funny that you asked that as the bonus question, I’m always asking my friends what they would do for a million dollars, a paid year off from work, or free sandwiches for a week (a good sandwich is worth a lot), and a bullet in the arm is the cornerstone of that question.  For me the answer is a resounding yes, I would definietly take a bullet in the arm for a million dollars.

  44. I didn’t even know you were reading Director of SHIELD. As a Rhodey fan, I can’t imagine why anyone would drop it *now*, but hey. 🙂

    Astonishing X-Men #27
    Iron Man Director Of Shield #34
    Mighty Avengers #19
    Moon Knight #23
    Secret Invasion Front Line #4 (OF 5)
    Uncanny X-Men #503
    Young X-Men #7

    Really looking forward to Iron Man, Moon Knight, and Uncanny.


    BQ: It better be a 9mm or smaller and the million better be IN ADDITION to the hospital costs. In that case, yes; fire away.


  45. @Diabhol – I had been reading IRON MAN since #25.  I didn’t realize that Rhodey looked exactly like Cyborg now and that’s not really interesting to me.

  46. If I knew I would recover, I would let somebody shoot me in the arm.  If there were nerve damage and I couldn’t use my arm anymore, then absolutely NOT.


    COMICS: Air #3, FC: Rogue’s Revenge #3, FC: Legion 3 worlds #2, Brave and Bold #18, Flash #245, JSA#19.

  47. @Conor – Sadly, I think Rhodey looks a bit more gruesome. I look forward to seeing Greg Pak get him patched up properly.



  48. I’m really excited for Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider. I have a feeling it will end up being "one of those epic runs." Dare I say, a Bendis/DD status? What do you guys think?

  49. Oh snap! Bonus Question! If it was my right arm and it could heal over time? Yes! And even if it didn’t, a million bucks could fix alot of things. I’m not materialistic I swear :P(P)

  50. Big week! I’m anticipating the end of Ultimate Origins, but after last issue, not in a positive way.

    BQ: No. I don’t like pain. Plus if it hit an artery, adios. 

  51. Cool, Crisis books! I wasn’t sure they were still doing them …

    I’m loving the Batgirl mini too, but I think I might be the Lone Ranger there …

    BQ — Only if it’s with a smaller calibre pistol & the shooter isn’t cross eyed or Michael J Fox.

  52. @WadeWilson – Nah, you’re not alone.  I’m really digging the BATGIRL mini too.  It has a late 1990s/early 2000s Batvibe to it.

  53. A little slow, but I just noticed the new trade of ‘Scalped’ is out today — awesome!  This is the only book that I really read in the ‘wait-for-trade’ format b/c the nonsquential narratives tend to work better for me that way. 

    *adds to stack*

  54. Man, there’s a lot of things I want to pick up this week but can’t due to my recent budget cuts (e.g., Booster Gold, Jimmy Olsen Special, Astonishing X-Men). Of the things I am getting, I’m looking forward most to The Roberts and JSA. Also eagerly anticipating the end of the Hawaiian Dick "Flying Black Thunder" arc.

    BQ: Probably not.

  55. BQ: 100% yes, but must be single round hollow point from a semi-auto pistol avoiding major blood vessels.