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Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Two long awaited releases hit this week — Superman: Secret Origins #1 from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank and the actual comic book version of Spider-Woman #1 from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. I couldn’t be more excited for either one of those books.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What is your favorite show on television?


  1. I want that Astonishing X-Men by Whedon and Cassaday so bad but I can’t afford to drop 75 bucks on it this week. 

  2. Smallville.


  3. Very excited to see Cory Walker back on Invincible.  Should be fun.

    BQ: Glee at the moment, it makes me so happy that I could dance

  4. right now it’s a tie between MAD MEN and GLEE 🙂

  5. Lately, anything by Geoff Johns.


    House is still the best show on TV.  Hugh Laurie is so unappreciated.

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secret Origins, finally, oh man i can’t wait.


    BQ: right now it’s the office but tomorrow it could be 30 rock, it depends on the day

  7. Oh, and I’m trade waiting on Secret Origin.  I know that means I wont get it for over a year, but that’s the plan.  If I hear good things, and am feeling particularly weak, I’ll probably end up buying it anyways this weekend.

  8. @Steen: Instead of the Omnibus you could just hold the regular-sized issues REALLY close to your nose while you look at them? 🙂

    Absolutely monsta week. Old Man Logan conclusion, Secret Origin, Detective Comics, THREE Uncanny X-Men related issues, and I’m hanging on with Final Crisis Dance.

  9. Wow, kudos to Conor for getting the comics up so early.

    Light week and one of my subscriptions is ending (Wednesday Comics – wow. Is my stack of folded newsprint really 12 issues high already?) so I’m giving Hickman’s Fantastic Four a shot. I’m also incredibly excited to get more Cory Walker’s art on Invincible.

    BQ: I try to keep all my television watching relegated to Thursdays; honestly, it’s a tough choice but right now I think I’m most excited to see more Community.

  10. Well its only a few months late of debuting, but Im looking forward to Johns’ Superman Secret Origins. Johns did a great job of making the Green Lantern universe accesable and fun, and I feel he’s doing the same thing with Superman, as Ive never cared about the character before the recent stories.


    I’m also curious to see what happens in the Old Man Logan conclusion, as most of the story has seemingly already been told, so we’ll see what suprises Millar has in store for us. It also seems like a big X-Men week, as Ill be getting all those books, but wont be looking forward to The Confession anymore. Hopefully that book will suprise me, cause the previews dont look that promising.


    BQ: Oz is the greatest show on TV, and nothing will ever beat it (not even Mad Men!). The combination of great actors and compelling story lines made every episode a must see. 

  11. What a fun, sexy time for comics!

    That comment should make it clear what my favorite show of all time is (hint), but right now it’s a toss up between The Office and 30 Rock. 30 Rock is overall better, but something about The Office gets me more excited to watch it. 

  12. @captbastrd – Hope and Change that is/should be universally supported.

  13. I think this calls for a sexy party!

    Incredible Hercules #135

    Nova #29

    Superman: Secret Origins #1

    Wednesday Comics #12

    Wolverine Giant Size: Old Man Logan #1 (I know I know, but I have to finish it)

    Special Guest: Incredible Hercules Dark Reign HC

    BQ: Well all the shows I watch still arent on yet, but from what I’ve seen so far ‘Community’ is a great comedy.

  14. BQ: Friday Night Lights. Hands down.

  15. Amazing Spider-Man #606 Blackest Night Superman #2 (OF 3) Dark Reign List X-Men One Shot Dark X-Men Confession One-Shot Detective Comics #857 Guardians Of Galaxy #18 New Avengers #57 Spider-Woman #1 Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6) Uncanny X-Men #515 Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1

    I may drop Spider-Woman #1 if it turns out to be the same thing as the motion comic. Otherwise realy stellar week.

     BQ: Lost

  16. If Ron picks anything but Old Man Logan as his pick, then he is wrong.

  17. I’m grabbing Amazing Spider-Man, Supergirl, Wednesday Comics, Secret Origin, and Underground.


    BQ: As pretentious as it sounds, I really don’t watch much TV. I’ve been watching the third season of Psych and the first series of the Doctor Who reboot, and those have been a lot of fun.

  18. @drakedangerz
    What if in a bizarre twist, OML is just Logan making funeral preparations for ****** (spoilies!), going to the funeral, solemnly praying, receiving sympathies from friends and family, and then just going about the rest of his week as best he can?

  19. Amazing Spider-Man #606

    Blackest Night Superman #2 (OF 3)

    Dark Reign List X-Men One Shot

    Dark Reign Made Men

    Dark X-Men Confession One-Shot

    Detective Comics #857

    Fantastic Four #571

    Gi Joe #9

    Immortal Weapons #3 (OF 5)

    Incredible Hercules #135

    New Avengers #57

    Power Girl #5

    Spider-Woman #1

    Supergirl #45

    Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6)

    Uncanny X-Men #515

    Wednesday Comics #12 (OF 12)


    Sad to see Wednesday Comics go, but glad Johns and Frank are back on Superman.


    BQ: How I Met Your Mother, Lost and Big Brother are the only shows that I have to watch the night they come on.  And when you watch as much as I do (I might rank up there with Conor) that is how I have to decide which is my favorite.

  20. I’m going to be really sad to see Wednesday Comics go. Detective Comics and Superman Origins could be POTW contenders, my Marvel pulls this week aren’t anything special so it will take one of them being supremely awesome.

    BQ: Well… my favorite television show is THE PRISONER. However, that’s been off the air for 42 years. At current, I’d say my favorite American shows are 30 ROCK and MAD MEN. But at the end of the day, the show I get most excited for when it comes on is DOCTOR WHO. 

  21. New Avergers, Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Old Man Logan.

     BQ: Lost doesn’t come back until January so at the moment it’s Fringe vs. 30 Rock.  Both are on at the same time and I am apparently the last man on Earth without a DVR…

  22. Detective, Uncanny, Superman Origins, Uncanny, Spidey.  Excited for New Avengers- excited for a new direction! Seriously, great week in comics on paper.

    BQ: Lost, The Office, Top Gear and Mad Men.  Picking one, The Office.

  23. Let’s see, pretty shallow week for me: Amazing Spiderman #606 is definitely on there though.  Blackest Night Superman #2 and Detective #857 are looking like gold right now.  I’m still on FF for #571, this Jonathan Hickman dude is FF so interesting for me.  I never even read FF before in my life!!  I didn’t even see both of the movies but somehow I’m sucked in.  Superman/Batman #64 looks fun as well.  I was gonna get Supergirl, but my LCS didn’t have ACTION last week so I’m behind on Superman titles.  I’m gonna wait until Secret Origin is all wrapped up so I can get the hardcover like I’m gonna do with The Marvels Project and probably Blackest Night…


    BQ: Breaking Bad and Raising The Bar are my two favorite CURRENT television programs.  Notice how The Sarah Connor Chronicles aren’t included 🙁

  24. Totally forgot that I am really excited for Blackest Night Superman and the conclusion to Old Man Logan.  Does anybody remember what happened in the last issue?

  25. Six books this week, perfect number for me

    Detective Comics

    Blackest Night: Superman

    Superman: Secret Origin

    Fantastic Four

    Old Man Logan

    Amazing Spider-Man

    BQ: gotta go with Family Guy. Also enjoying Mad Men. Seinfeld will always rule. Can’t forget Kids in the Hall (I got to see them live in 2001, so good).

  26. Oh wait wait wait…We’re talking about current TV shows? My bad…well Ill always love Oz, but the best thing on now is definitely The Office, thought I think that new HBO show Bored To Death may steal its crown

  27. Isn’t the Spider-Woman comic online only? Or are they actually printing copies?

  28. 3 books that I am really looking forward to this week: Detective Comics (JHW’s art is amazing), Old Man Logan finale (finally), and Secret Origins (you can’t  go wrong with Johns.)


    BQ: Mad Men

  29. YAY! Superman: Secret Origins! 

    BQ: Mad Men. Honorable mentions to Breaking Bad, Glee, Community, Law & Order SVU, Lost, and The Office 


  31. Holy Lord! There’s a lot to be excited about this week. Old Man Logan? Spider-Woman? Are you kidding me?

    I find my zeal for GI Joe is waning. Is anyone else’s zeal waning?

    BQ: 30 Rock is the only show that I run to watch on the night it actually airs, but I get pretty caught up in Lost once it gets rollin’, too.

  32. The Wire.

  33. Another quality week – finales of Wednesday Comics, No Hero, and Old Man Logan (my early prediction for POW); Spider-Woman and Secret Origin start; Power Girl; Cory Walker back on Invincible; Detective; FF and Hellblazer. Gonna be a good reading week.

    BQ: So, so many – I’m going to say The Office because it always makes me laugh. I’ll throw Breaking Bad a very close second, but I’m only following that one on DVD due to my sheer stupidity for not catching it the first time around.

  34. Looking forward to see what Spider Woman is like.


    B.Q. Right now the best show is Lost.If Battlestar Galactica was still going that would have gotten my vote.

  35. @Jimski: I dropped the core book and Origins, still waiting for that last issue of Cobra.

  36. I’m jonesing for another Superman origin story, so I’ll be picking up SECRET ORIGIN. Let’s see if this one sticks around longer than BIRTHRIGHT.

    Ah, WEDNESDAY COMICS. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed it enough to purchase it again when it rolls back around next year (or whenever they do it again). Nice to have all 12 issues. I’ll probably take an afternoon and reread the entire things soon, including the strip with Wonder Woman.

    BQ: 30 ROCK is high on my list along with a few others like GLEE and THE OFFICE. 

  37. Kind of a slow week in comics for me. Nothing that is actually a must get except Invincible. I might pick up Secret Origin though, just to see how it is.

    BQ: It is hands down Dexter. The best show in terms of acting and content. There is nothing better than the way the show breaks down and psycho-analyzes the reasons why Dexter is what he is and his mental processes.

  38. Blackest Night Superman #2 (OF 3)
    Buck Rogers #4
    Detective Comics #857
    Gi Joe #9
    Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6)
    Wednesday Comics #12 (OF 12)
    Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1

    BQ: The Biggest Loser.  I have never seen an episode, but it consistently keeps my wife out of my hair for 2 hours a week.  I thank the lord daily for its continued existence.

  39. I’m sad because my favorite LCS is closing. The other shops near me don’t like giving out discounts or pulling books for you and most of them see comics as a side-business.


    BQ: Spectacular Spider-Man.

  40. @Jimski – My zeal has waned a bit, but I enjoyed origins last week.

  41. A sorta light week, with some good stuff…curious to see how Spider-woman on paper relates to the Spider-woman in motion comics…

    BQ: Mad Men edges out Friday Night Lights

  42. also curious about Spider-Woman.  2 Avengers books.  Matt Fraction/Alan Davis doing an X-Men story.  some solid stuff this week.


    BQ: does the iFanboy video show count? 

  43. Blackest Night Superman #2 (OF 3)

    Buck Rogers #4

    Fantastic Four #571

    Guardians Of Galaxy #18

    Justice League Of America #37

    Nova #29

    Power Girl #5

    Star Trek Spock Reflections #3

    Supergirl #45

    Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6)

    Wednesday Comics #12 (OF 12)

    Wolverine First Class #19


    BQ: Glee is easily my favorite show on TV right now. The Big Bang Theory is in second place. 

  44. 8 books this week. Really excited for Old Man Logan and Invincible.

    BQ: current: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. old: Mr. Show and King of the Hill

  45. Most looking forward to Detective and Fantastic Four.  I’m also, controversially, hardcover waiting on Superman Secret Origin, becasue I can just tell how gorgeous that collection will be.

    BQ:  All time?  The Wire or Homicide (the latter is the more accessible of the two).  Right now though, I’m watching Regenesis which is finally showing here in the UK – very good.  Also I’m watching Wallander (a Swedish subtitled detective series, very stylish and melancholy.  Beautifully acted and even better than the version with Kenneth Branagh).


  46. Oh, and I love Brave and the Bold.  First because I watch it with my seven yr old son.  Second because it has the best Aquaman ever…

  47. The comics I’m getting are: Superman: Secret Origin(Johns+Frank=awesome), Wednesday Comics, Detective Comics, FVAM:Dance, Muppet Show, Muppet Peter Pan, Spider-Woman(only giving this a couple of issues to hook me),Madman(last issue:(), Superman/Batman, BN:Superman and Supergirl

    BQ:Most of my favorite TV Shows don’t last very long before they get canceled. But, at the moment The Daily Show/The Cobert Report, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lost are all good. I have to see a couple more eps of Glee and Community before they’d become faves.

  48. I’m in for Superman: Secret Origin. Amazing that Johns will be putting his spin on Superman. I mean, "HE IS REWRITING THE HISTORY OF THE MOST ICONIC SUPERHERO OF ALL!" Geoff’s so fly I don’t know how he keeps his feet on the ground.

    BQ: The Drew Brees show. Dude’s on track to throw 96 touchdowns this season! Or, Man vs. Wild.  

  49. @neilcam    My second store in a year has decided to close its doors, so I know how you feel. 

    Only good thing bout it is they are selling everything half off so I’ve gotten the 1st 2 Savage Dragon Archives and Goldfish trades cheap.  Plus was able to pick up Power Girl, Lockjaw and Pet Avengers, Gigantic, and Last Resort for $1 an issue.  Let’s just say I can officially say I have a "stack."

     But finding a new store again is hard.  The closest one doesn’t offer a discount and when I get over 60 books a month, that can be a staggering amount.  Yes, I know I could cut back.  And I do try to trim my list periodically.

  50. BQ: I can’t froget Countdown: w/ Keith Olbermann

  51. Interested in checking out Underground. Slow week. Comics have been pretty meh lately for me.


    BQ: Toss up between Big Bang Theory, My Boys and LOST 

  52. I thought this was gunna be a small week… boy was I wrong.

    BQ: OOO The Shield… I mean The Wire… awww man. I’m really enjoying In Treatment on DVD and I believe the show is still going on.

  53. i was seriously considering oicking up underground #1 but now im thinking I’ll just wait for the trade.


    and I would probably say Always Sunny in Philedelphia, although that show Community is pretty funny.

  54. Looking forward to the conclusion of No Hero and Wednesday Comics.

    Right now: Top Chef: Las Vegas. It’s a GAME CHANGER. 

  55. Mad Men.  That is the correct answer.

  56. A lighter week this week, which should be nice…

    Blackest Night: Superman #01
    Detective Comics #857
    Power Girl #05
    Web #01
    Invincible #66
    ASM #606
    Fantastic Four #571
    New Avengers #57
    Spider-Woman #01
    Wolverine Gian-Sized Old Man Logan #01


    BQ: Toss up between LOST and DEXTER.



  57. Wednesday Comics #12

    Detective #857

    Fantastic Four #571

    I’ll also eventually get the very cheap Vol. 2 of the Darkness. 

    BQ:Currently airing as of within this week, Mad Men.  

  58. A big week for me, but I’m glad to see some series wrap up this week.  Also, I’m picking up Power Girl after last issues awesomeness.  A little bummed that I have to buy Supergirl to see the continuation of the story from Action…I thought they said they weren’t going to do stuff like that?  Oh well, it’s a solid title, but I just don’t want to pay for it.  I’m really excited for Underground (love Steve Lieber), Old Man Logan’s finale, and Detective Comics.  It’s going to be an awesome week for sure.

    BQ:  It’s a tie between Mythbusters and Man vs. Food 

  59. @Neb: It’s a misconceotion, they never said they weren’t going to cross the Superman books over.

  60. It’s Marvel Outer Space Week!  I love this week.  Also, Batwoman Comics is always a pleasure.  And between Madame Xanadu, Farscape and Superpowers, it’s also "Comics I Love That Noone Else Buys" week.

    BQ: I’m most looking forward to Castle and Dollhouse coming back, this week.

  61. Amazing Spider-Man #606
    Blackest Night Superman #2 (OF 3)
    Detective Comics #857
    Invincible #66
    Power Girl #5
    Spider-Woman #1
    Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6)
    Wednesday Comics #12 (OF 12)
    Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1


    BQ: "Eastbound & Down" … Kenny Moth****** Powers!!

  62. Detective 857, FF 571, Incredible Hulk 602, Invincible 66 and Wednesday Comics 12

     BQ: Lost (honorable mention: Generation Kill, BSG, The Wire, Mad Men, and Deadwood )



  63. It’s been too long Mr. Frank.

    BQ: My favorite show ever is The Wire. As for things currently airing this season, I would pick 30 Rock or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

  64. @Conor~  I guess that’s the case.  I guess I just got the impression from all the interviews I saw that they would be interconnected, but not required reading if you didn’t want to.  It’s not a big deal though. It’s like being forced to buy delicious coffee to eat with my donuts.  Mmmm…donuts…

  65. @Neb: They never said they wouldn’t be interconnected. They said hopefully you wouldn’t feel forced to buy all the books. The unspoken implication being you’d want to buy them.

  66. I really want to get teh astonishing omnibus. but i dont have $75.

    BQ: I don’t watch a lot of dramas or comedies. I watch the Amazing Race and Survivor, PTI counts right? I like Joel McHale on The Soup so I watched the Community. The first episode is pretty good. I watch Criminal Mind and CSI NY. Anyone here watched Being Human on BBC America?

  67. @excalipoor: It’s $47.25 on Amazon.

  68. Can’t wait to get that Astonishing Omnibus. Dropping Supergirl until Hunt for Reactron is over.

    BQ: Lost

  69. Can’t wait for the conclusion to Old Man Logan. Gonna be some hardcore violence in that one! Hulk books have been DROPPED. I thought Hulk started out OK, then got bad. I enjoyed the Defenders vs Offenders story line though, so I had hope things were turning around. Then #600 hit, and I hated it. So that’s done. 

    BQ: Of the shows that are currently still new, House is my favorite. But Boston Legal is probably my all-time favorite.  


  70. Cool, relatively slow weeks for me. Guess I can afford that Lock & Key HC now.

  71. @RoadCrew1: Are you in Oklahoma City? Half off trades and $1 issues sounds like Atomic Comics.

  72. Relatively small week for me. Looking forward to Old Man Logan, Invincible, and Fantastic Four. Might also pick up Underground or some series I’ve been meaning to try (Moon Knight or Red Herring)


    BQ: It was It’s Always Sunny but now Curb your Enthusiasm is back on and its crazy good! 

  73. I’m most excited to get my hands on ‘Underground’, by Parker & Lieber.  I’ve seen a preview of this and it’s a great straight-up crime/adventure book.  Definitely recommended for fans of Lieber’s work on ‘Whiteout’, and I’ll be curious to see what it looks like in color.

    Also interested in the two Fraction X-books, though God knows why they’re putting them out in the same week.  

    BQ: Recently ‘Mad Men’.

  74. Supergirl

    Blackest Night Superman

    Superman Batman

    Darkness Pitt

     and probably Superman Secret Origins, although the original plan was to wait for the trade


    BQ: Gotts be Lost, or True Blood if we’re talking currently on TV

  75. Looking forward to Spider-Woman, Old Man Logan, and Invincible.

    Bonus Question: House.

  76. Fantastic Four #571
    Guardians Of Galaxy #18
    Immortal Weapons #3 (OF 5)
    New Avengers #57
    Nova #29
    Spider-Woman #1

    BQ: Peep Show, it’s back again and I’m loving it.  

  77. Amazing Spidey, Fantastic Four, Wolverine Giant Sized, Superman Origin, Blackest Night Superman, Detective Comics, Spider-Woman (cheers, luv).

    BQ: "Supernatural" – love those hunky boys!

  78. No comics for me, too expensive on a weekly basis being unemployed.

    But I read books: Joe R. Lansdale’s The Bottoms–pretty amazing horror writer, though I’d use that genre broadly, he also writes in a detective mode too.  Also reading some E. R. Burroughs–At The Earth’s Core, and a friend loaned me his Parker graphic novel, which I thought was done well.

    BQ: Reality shows: Survivor fan, Amazing Race, & Project Runway, Sports: pro football, I follow marginally, and for regular TV: Madmen & Fringe.  I generally watch a lot of PBS as well, and look forward to the newest Ken Burns series on the national parks, among others.


  79. @nilcam  Yes sir…there is someone else on this site from my city….hooray hooray….

     Where are you probably gonna end up at?

  80. Superman Secret Origin #1 (OF 6) 

    Wednesday Comics #12 (OF 12)

    Billy B. andthe Magic of SHAZAM #8


    LOST is the best show ever made (as long as the end payoff is as good as the build up).

    Funny show(s): The Office, It’s always Sunny and anything with Joel McHale.

    Fun show(s): Big BANG Theory, Batman Brave and the Bold and the Factor.

    Cool enough: Heroes, House, Sons of Anarchy and Smallville.

    ON DVD (only so I can watch the whole season in one weekend): DEXTER.


  81. Some great stuff this week.

    BQ- All Time- The Simpsons and The X-Files  Right Now- Lost

  82. @Roadcrew1: I subscribed directly from Marvel. Atomic was the closest shop that I liked. Were you at Atomic last Wednesday around 5:30?

  83. yes I was….shirt and tie guy

  84. LOST by far

  85. @roadcrew1: I was bespectacled spikey-hair guy. Where are you going to start shopping?

  86. I never gave so many 5 stars in one week, and I’m not even halfway done with my stack!