New Comics for 09/16/09 think Beyonce got robbed!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots and lots of interesting stuff this week. Instead of talking about what I’m excited about, I’m going to talk about two books I’m on the fence about: Dark Avengers #9 and The Brave and the Bold #27. The former is Bendis’ return to the book that I had dropped when it crossed over into whatever Matt Fraction-driven X-Men thing that was. I kind of want to jump back on the book because I love Bendis, but I kind of don’t because I didn’t really miss it when it was gone. The latter is J. Michael Straczynski’s debut and I’m curious to see what he does with mainstream DC characters. I often feel like his problems crop up in long term storytelling, so this series of short arcs might be right up his alley. Or it might not — I really didn’t like the first couple of Red Circle one-shots that just came out — so we’ll see.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What is your favorite music video? (Provide linkage)


  1. Kind of a slow week for me this week. Potentially solid stuff though! Looking forward to Fables, Citizen Rex, Ex Machina, Blackest Night.

    Anxious for Batman & Robin, and not in a good way.

    BQ: Weapon of Choice: is the best music video. There is no debating this.

  2. Wow! Batman and Robin and Blackest Night are out in the same week. The race is on! I’m pulling them both, but I’m wondering if Batman and Robin losing FQ will mean a lot of people will lose their interest.

  3. Jeez I have a lot of books this week, but hell I don’t mind. 

    BQ: Either Tool’s Sober: or NIN Closer: both awesome and both really messed up! 

  4. Favorite video of all time is Radiohead’s Just.

  5. I’m interesting in seeing whether B&R or BN ends up with the highest number of pulls for the week.

    Batman And Robin #4
    Blackest Night #3 (OF 8)
    Fables #88
    Gi Joe Origins #7
    Wednesday Comics #11 (OF 12)

    BQ: Cooper is right. Walken cannot be defeated.

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I like Wednesday Comics. It’s the fresh-maker. 

    BQ – Foo Fighters "Big Me."

  7. Thinking about Brave & the Bold too, its a title I’ll make up my mind about at the shop.  Yay, Ex Machina and Blackest Night!  Exciting week.

    I loved the 90’s hip hop, so I’m going with Ice Cube’s "It Was a Good Day" Great storytelling

  8. We got some big ones this week.

    Blackest Night #3

    Batman and Robin #4

    Captain America Reborn #3

    Amazing Spider-Man #605

    Batman: Streets of Gothan #4

    and maybe Dark Avengers now that the crossover is over.

    BQ: Beastie Boys: Sabotage (classic)

  9. Taylor Swift’s guitar players weren’t playing live, you could easily tell.  So awarding her anything is a horrible thing.

    Dark Avengers returns to it’s glory!  I hope the new Daredevil comic is good.

  10. Really looking forward to the next chapters of Iron Man, Ex Machina, Agents of Atlas, Cap Reborn and Mighty Avengers (show down between real Clint and fake Wanda?)  I’m also curious whether the second issue of Batgirl lives up to the first one, and I’m intrigued by the X-Men Legacy annual.  Books I usually get that I might skip are Uncanny Xmen First Class (I don’t really need a one-shot about Banshee, sorry big guy), and Dark Avengers — though I’m digging Dark Reign, this seems like a kind of tangential story, and I’ve mostly been avoiding those.  I thought Daredevil the List would be skippable, but both the preview and the first List book make it seem more promising.

    BQ: Springsteen’s "I’m on Fire" is totally awesome though not, I’m pretty sure, in the way that it means to be:  (I do, genuinely, love the song, but as for actually filming this, I don’t know what anyone involved was thinking).

  11. Most of my favorite bands have terrible videos due to lack of budget (Dark Tranquillity) or no videos at all (Fugazi, and yes my two favorite bands are of the melodic death metal and post punk genres, respectively)

    But I think my all time favorite is Beastie Boys "Sabotage"

  12. Not only did crazychris beat me to it, but I fudged the link.

  13. The books i’m most looking forward to are Batman & Robin(hope Tan’s art better then his GL arc) JSA Vs. Kobra, Ex Machina, Blackest Night(so excited), Batman: Streets of Gotham, Action Comics, Walking Dead, Agents of Atlas, Wednesday Comics and i might give JMS’s Brave and the Bold a try.

    BQ: Some of my all time fave vids are Thriller(dancing zombies. nuff said), Fell in Love With a Girl(any Grodry video really) and Sabotage(same goes for Jonze’s videos)

    Some resent videos I’ve loved are: Matt & Kim – Yea Yeah/Lessons Learned, YYY – Heads Will Roll, Fever Ray – When I Grow Up, Arcade Fire – Black Mirror, Radiohead – House of Cards, Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me(Oldham/Galifianakis version)   

  14. What’s a music video?  I haven’t seen one in years.  I’m going to honor my boy stuclach and say Beastie Boys "Sabatoge".  Honorable mentions go to Pearl Jam’s "Jeremy" Sound Garden’s "Black Hole Sun" and Weezer’s "Buddy Holly" and "El Scorcho".

  15. X-Factor!  Huzzah!  Also, Cap Reborn, Iron Man, Agents of Atlast, Mighty Avengers, Uncanny First Class, and Dark Avengers?  And that’s not even half my pull list!  My wallet is going to hate this week, but my brain is going to relish it.

    BQ: The video for my favorite song of all time (Weird, by Hanson — don’t judge me, it singlehandedly kept me afloat during early adolescence) was directed by Gus Van Sant.  You don’t get much better than that.

  16. BQ: Oh shit! I can’t forget Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe in Anything. 

  17. Sabotage is also very near to top of the list for me.  So much so that I dressed up as Ad-Rock from the video for Halloween last year:

  18. oooooh blackest night and amazing spider-man


    BQ: right now it’s Soon We’ll Be found by Sia, come for the song stay for the blacklight

  19. Epic week for DC, Marvel?…..Not so much

    Batman and Robin #4

    Blackest Night #3

    Wednesday Comics #11

    Punisher Noir #2 (First issue was pretty good, a soild 3. Willing to give this mini a chance)

    Special Guest: Deadpool HC vol.2

    BQ: It’s not my favorite song of all time, but Tool’s ‘Sober’ is a pretty good music video. Mainly because I remember being a kid and seeing the beginning of it; thinking: ‘This looks an awful lot like Nightmare Before Christmas. I bet it’ll be fun!’ Oh how wrong I was….

  20. My pullist is pretty empty this week. So I’m going back issue hunting. 33 cent an issue in four longboxes. Lots of good X-men 50 pagers (alot of these comics are slightly torn or water damaged but I don’t sell comics so I don’t give two shits).

    BQ: Linkin’ Park – "Breaking the Habit"
    If you liked Kill Bill you’ll like this… If I had it my way all music videos would be lanimated like this.

  21. @TNC- You’re not reading much Marvel, yet Punisher Noir which you gave a "3" you’re continuing to read?  Yet you admit it’s mediocre?  No wonder you love Deadpool!

  22. Only 3 books this week: B&R #4, Blackest Night #3, and Wendsday comics #11.

    BQ: Bloc Party- Flux

    Giant monsters fighting and dancing monsters… c’mon.

  23. I’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and Robin, Captain America Reborn, and Wednesday Comics. I hate to do it, but my love of Supergirl will force me to buy Action Comics. Again.

  24. Also Conor you’re gunna love the second HC of Locke and Key. It’s fantastic.

  25.  :snactches the mic from Conor:

     Ay yo yo hold up son, I think Ron had the greatest Pick Of The Week of all time last week.

     :shrugs his shoulders and hands back the mic to Conor:

    BQ: Eric. B & Rakim – Follow the Leader

  26. The Sword, Ex Machina, and Walking Dead. This is gonna be a great week for the funny books.

    BQ: Bat For Lashes – What’s a girl to do

  27. @KickAss: The first issue was a bit medicore, I’ll cop to it. But for some reason The Punisher in a 1930’s enviroment just sounds intriguing to me. So it’s more of seeing if they execute the character in the time setting then anything else. If the next issue is worse then #1, then I’ll probably forget about it.

    Oh and I totally forgot about JMS’s first issue for Brave and the Bold! Where he uses ‘Dial H for Hero’ as a partner for Batman. That team up alone makes me wanna pick it up.

  28. @BenBugenig: How the fuck could I’ve forgot that video! good choice, man.:)

  29. Blackest Night #3, Dark Avengers #9, Cap reborn #3, & I even want to check out Vengeance of Moon Knight.

    BQ: GnR: Estranged


  30. Blackest Night, Batman and Robin

    @TNC Damn that Tool video had me glued to the set everytime it came one!! Def. one of the BEST

    I always did feel sympathy for little clayman tho

  31. Cap Reborn, Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Iron Man (only two weeks!?), List DD lots of good books from the House of Ideas

    I tend to prefer music videos that focus more on the band performing, and those kind don’t really stand out in my mind. 

  32. I’m really looking forward to ASM, and Atomic Robo.  I’m finally caught up with Walking Dead in trade and back issues so I’m now going monthly (which I am looking forward to).  I might also check out Brave and the Bold and the Daredevil comic. 

    BQ: I don’t have an answer as I never really ever watched music videos.

  33. @WinTheWonderboy: Thank you, sir.

  34. Amazing week baby dolls!


    Action Comics #881
    Amazing Spider-Man #605
    Batgirl #2
    Batman And Robin #4
    Beasts Of Burden #1 (OF 4)
    Blackest Night #3 (OF 8)
    Captain America Reborn #3 (OF 5)
    Donatello Brain Thief #1 (OF 4)
    Sullengrey Sacrifice Double-Sized #1 (OF 2)
    Thor Annual #1
    Wednesday Comics #11 (OF 12)


    BQ:  White Stripes – "Fell in Love with a Girl", directed by Michel Gondry.

  35. Most psyched to see what’s up with the new Moon Knight. I thought most of the arcs in the last series were enjoyable.

     BQ: Sick of it All: Step Down. I prefer Pickin’ Up Change myself, though I could never master any version of The Lawnmower.

  36. Action Comics #881

    Amazing Spiderman #605

    Batgirl #2

    Batman & Robin #4

    Batman: Streets Of Gotham #4

    Blackest Night #3

    The Outsiders #22

    Punisher #9–2142871

  37. Woo-Hoo! My pick is leading the pack! 🙂

  38. BQ – Take On Me _ a-ha  

    Followed by Weezer’s Buddy Holly and those Beastly Boys and their Sabotaging. 

  39. Well now that Im finally caught up with Iron Man, I’m finally adding it to my pull list! Looking forward to X-Factor (as always), X-Men Legacy and some more Blackest Night action! Im so happy that the crossover is moving at a brisk pace.

    BQ: Its a tie between Queen Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow ( and Blur – Coffee and TV (

  40. Drake Dangerz got it right.



  41. This is my first week under 10 books in forever, and my wallet is excited.  Looking forward to Blackest Night, Batman & Robin, Atomic Robo, and The Sword.

    BQ:  I love the Mute Math- "Typical" video.  Defintely at the top of my list.

  42. Since my fave has now been picked a bunch of times and is thereby rendered lame instead of making me feel validated (I make with the jokes, of course), I’ll go with something that is not only not my favorite video, not only obscure, not only incredibly amateur, but references the most hated character in comics!
    HORSE the Band "A Million Exploding Suns" –

  43. BQ: Pearl Jam ‘Jeremy’

  44. I’m going to try Beasts of Burden,looks interesting.

    BQ: Pat Benatar "Love is a Battlefield". Cracks me up every time.I tried linking it but was told my link led to a malformed video on YouTube and I’m too lazy to find it elsewhere.Its an important clip because it draws attention to the plight of runaway girls who are forced into slow dancing with strangers…its an issue that doesn’t get enough attention in the media.

  45. This is a four book week for me. Eh, make it five since I didn’t bother to pick up Green Lantern Corps last week. Couldn’t get much better than though: Blackest Night, Batman & Robin, Cap Reborn(?), and Transformers AHM.

    BQ: Best video ever?!

  46. Not a big week for me.  That’s probably a good thing after dropping some cash over at Top Shelf.  Just three Batman titles and WEDNESDAY COMICS.

    BQ: I’m a little shocked that no one else has picked this one yet: Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

  47. Hands down the best music video of all time:


  48. I got a pretty solid week,

    B&Robin, TWD, Dark whatever it is this week Avengers, and Streets of Gotham <- speeking of which i just got Batman:Arkham Asylum for the PS3. Freakin Awesome.


    BQ: Dire Straits- Money For Nothing or Beyonces best video of the year voted on by Kanye West 

  49. 13 books this week, looking forward to Walking Dead, Ex Machina, Iron man, Fables, and Reborn. Might be my last issue of Blackest night, I dont know or care about Aquaman or any of the others in this book so unless it gets to more Green Lantern I may drop it.

    BQ: Beastie Boys "Intergalatic"  

  50. @JeffR – Good one! That makes me cry every time!

  51. 8 books for me this week. Really looking forward to Spidey, Mighty Avengers and of course Blackest Night.

    BQ: Foo Fighters Everlong;

  52. @Josh: Really? I must not be into oldies I guess.

  53. @Mangaman: Oldies? That song/video came out like six years ago.

  54. Defiantley Jarvis Cocker’s Dont Let Her Waste Your Time video. Huge fan (^_^)


  55. Not so much a video more a performance, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and George Harrison’s kid playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" About half way through Prince magically appears(that’s what Prince does, because, wel he’s Prince) and gives a face melting solo.  The look on Harrison’s face is priceless.


  56. I am getting Mighty Avengers #29  , because Christos Gage is writing it.  After his work on GI Joe Cobra , I will read anything he does.

    I am also getting 11 other books as well. 

  57. Action Comics #881

    Amazing Spider-Man #605

    Bad Girls Tp

    Batgirl #2

    Batman And Robin #4

    Batman Streets Of Gotham #4

    Blackest Night #3 (OF 8)

    Captain America Reborn #3 (OF 5)

    Dark Reign List Daredevil One Shot

    Fables #88

    Invincible Iron Man #18

    Mighty Avengers #29

    Tom Strong Deluxe Ed Hc Book 01

    Vengeance Of Moon Knight #1

    Wednesday Comics #11 (OF 12)

  58. Just Beasts of Burden, Batman & Robin and Wednesday Comics for me. Nice light week.

    BQ: I’m entirely too fickle to have a favorite music video of all time, but there is always one I watch a lot of at any given time. Right now that video is Blondie’s Hanging On The Telephone.

  59. Lots of good stuff this week – I’m beginning to think this is more of a general, overall improvement in quality of comics than just shipping schedules.

    Anyway, Batman & Robin, Blackest Night, Walking Dead, Sword (finally!), Iron Man, Ex Machina (please don’t go), Reborn, a new Dorkin book (HOLY SHIT!!!), Unthinkable wraps – lots of good out there these days.

    BQ: They still make those?!?! Anyway, probably from before most of you were born, Damn Yankees – High Enough.


    1) The only one getting laid isn’t in the band

    2) The shirtless drummer and his well-coifed mullet

    3) Ted Nugent and his gum-chewing attitude – no one puts Ted in the corner. Classic guitar player face.

    4) Ted’s matching his zebra-striped guitar to his flimsy see-through duster

    5) Yes, yes – the power of Ted’s rocking to deflect bullets (Patton was right about that, but there’s so much more in this video)

    6) The Nuge DRESSED AS A PREACHER and his knowing, fourth-wall-breakinig look at the end of the video (an often-overlooked, late 80s/early 90s music video cliche)

    7) You don’t even need to listen to it to get the whole story – HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?

    Watch and learn, kiddies. Watch and learn.

  60. (Okay, dare I point out Gordon’s pull-list? It confused me at first, then I realized he’s a little behind. Hey more power too him!  Keep that monkey off your back man!)

    * I’ve been really enjoying "Wednesday Comics", and am sad its almost over.
    * "Ex Machina" has me on the edge of my seat.
    * But the one I’m looking forward to most is Tiny Titans, because this is the one I buy for my 9 year old daughter, and we both laugh and laugh at the stories an situations. I got started on this comic because of the Emerld City Comic-con. Art Baltazar and Franco were nice enough to draw two pictures for my daughter, and then I picked up this comic for her (her first ever comic) since we knew who these guys were now, and its just been a really nice bonding experience ever since. Plus in a sea of cynical and hardcore comics, it’s nice to have one which is just fun and happy.

    Video: I’m probably a little too old school, but R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion is one of my favorites. I just like how they bring so many iconic pieces of art to life.

  61. Action Comics #881

    Amazing Spider-Man #605

    Batgirl #2

    Batman And Robin #4

    Batman Streets Of Gotham #4

    Blackest Night #3 (OF 8)

    Brave And The Bold #27

    Captain America Reborn #3 (OF 5)

    Dark Avengers #9

    Dark Reign List Daredevil One Shot

    Gi Joe Origins #7

    Green Arrow Black Canary #24

    Invincible Iron Man #18

    Outsiders #22

    Punisher #9

    Wednesday Comics #11 (OF 12)

    X-Factor #48

    X-Men Legacy Annual #1


    I loved the H-E-R-O series from a few years back so I’m hoping JMS does something cool with Robbie in Brave and Bold.


    BQ: I was gonna "Rickroll" everybody but that is so 2008.  Plus sometimes I’m the last person to post on this because I don’t usually get to it till Tuesday.

  62. Blackest Night

    Batman & Robin

    Batman Streets of Gotham

     As for videos, my favorite of all time is "Come To Daddy" by Aphex Twin

     And I’ve always had a soft spot for Blur’s "The Universal"

  63. @conor: yes. I’m VERY postmodern. I’m in WA man, I listen to bands who aren’t even discovered yet.

  64. (continued)…. with sounds/beats/rhythms there aren’t really words for yet.

  65. Looking forward to ASM and X-Factor. Crossing my fingers that Dark Reign The List: DD will be good

    My fav video is Peter Gabriel’s Sledge Hammer: [url][/url]

    Blew my mind when I was a five and still does… Oh, and Kanye West can suck my ****

  66. You know, here’s a better link for Losing My Religon from the MTV site. The video is in sync, and you can actually hear the little things.

  67. Thinking POTW will be Blackest Night or B&R…..GI Joe: Origins is the dark horse.

  68. I love you, evil Elongated Man.


    BQ: ELECTRIC SIX "DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE!" is the most hilarious music video of an immature nature.

  69. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    "Just" by Radiohead is a great video. I’m so glad they’re still producing music in 2009. They’ve got a new free song at:

  70. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @FluffNFluff. Woah! That’s pretty awesome! I love the scorching saxophone solo. I think that lady’s a professor of legal writing at my school.