New Comics for 09.28.2011 went for a ‘Drive’

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Seen any good movies lately?


  1. attack the block

  2. Not sure if this has ever been suggested or if it’s even possible, but how about a feature to let you subscribe to a title so that it’s always on your list?

  3. 22 books just on preorder, not to mention whatever gets good reviews by the time I get to the store… thank God my wife likes reading them as well.

  4. i can’t view them. maybe it’s just me, but help guys, please.

  5. Only 9 books this week. down from 17 last weekend YAY!

    BQ: Not really. With class and 2 jobs and my wife and daughter its tough to get to newer movies. I’ll catch up over winter break 🙂

  6. I saw Moneyball. It was superb and exactly what I wanted it to be.

  7. Drive was fantastic

  8. The orgy of comics ends this week….Sad.

    All Star Western #1, Aquaman #1, Daredevil #4 (shop didn’t have it, MAYBE this week), FF #9, Journey Into Mystery #628, and Secret Avengers #17

    BQ: I recently saw Richard Linklater’s ‘Waking Life’ which is basically a 99min movie on the philosophical side of dreaming and why we do it. It was a real fascinating movie and there was a lot of great points of view in the film. It also has that rotoscoping technique that Linklater would use later for ‘A Scanner’s Darkly’. Definitely a must see for anyone.

  9. Yeesh, 11 books! This pull list may require some culling.

    In order of most to least excited: Teen Titans, The Flash, Ult. Spidey, Cap & Bucky, Annihilators: Earthfall, Aquaman, GL:NW, JLD, Blackhawks, Amazing Spidey and JIM.

    BQ: Just watched Frost/Nixon last night, and it was pretty ok. Wish it had been a little better. The performances were startlingly great, though.

  10. Some quality Marvel this week with the Ultimate books, Wolverine and Cap/Bucky. I’m going to try Flash (mainly on the basis of the pencil work I’ve seen) and I’m tempted by I Vampire for the same reason. The other books from the relaunch I’m happy to wait for trades if the word is really good. Oh, and I’m inexplicably looking forward to Holy Terror. I know it could very well be a car crash in comic form…but I’m fascinated just the same and I still love Miller’s art.

    BQ: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy…grown up filmmaking. Just men talking in rooms and a real actor’s showcase. Oldman puts everyone else to shame. Thank god we’re heading into that time of the year for movies.

  11. BQ: Saw Drive and Warrior couple weekends ago. Drive was weird and a lot of 80s synth, but good. The definition of Arthouse. Warrior was intense, and really fun to watch. Like Rocky + UFC.

    FF #9
    NEW AVENGERS #16.1
    SIXTH GUN #15

    So glad this DC relaunch doesn’t really tickle my fancy. That’s a pile for me as it is. Soooooo many backed up books I need to get to.

    I’ve got a weird bug when I go to print my pull list. It always says it’s for “toddhuish”. It’s always the right list though. I wonder if toddhuish gets my name.

    BQ: Ehhhh…not much of a movie guy. I did rewatch Thor the other day though. That and Rio.

  13. Sad that American Vampire is literally the only book on my pull list this week. and yes, Drive was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  14. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a great movie and shows why Gary Oldman is a great actor

  15. After having found a new comic shop only four weeks ago I’m gonna have to decide if I’m going digital after this week. I’m sure I’ll drop in every now and then but as for every week, mmm. Looking forward to all star western and voodoo this week, would have said the former would have been a shoe in for pow but as it’s Ron this week it could be anything god bless him but the mans a wild card.

    I saw Tora Tora Tora for the first time this week and it was amazing.

  16. Tucker & Dale vs Evil. A very funny horror parody that sneakily inserts a lot of subtext.

  17. Getting 7 books this week. All DC/Vertigo. Most looking forward to American Vampire and Aquaman.

    BQ: Quite into French films lately. Saw “Un Prophète” (A Prophet) the other day. Truly fantastic!!!

  18. BQ: Killer Elite was so awesome, action was intensely brutal, and the movie puts Statham back on the map as a legitimately awesome action star as this is so far and away from his cheesy action movie stuff.

  19. 6 books include Superman, Flash, Aquaman, FF.

    BQ: Saw DRIVE last night. Dug the slow burn and quiet performance by Ryan Gosling. Made the explicit violence hit harder. 80s synth. Albert Brooks as a low-rent crook. I loved it all.

  20. Just American Vampire and Voodoo this week.

    BQ: Movie watching takes up too much valuable reading time!

  21. Really looking forward to Blackhawks. The concept is right up my ally and Med of War failed to deliver.

  22. I saw Warrior. Def the Rocky of my generation.

  23. Cap and Bucky, Flash, Brillant and All Star Western!

    BQ: I was surprised at how good I thought Rise Of Planet of the Apes was.

  24. I really regret not switching back to manga during the whole first month of the reboot. My wallet can’t handle this.

    BQ: I watched Two Mules for Sister Sara for the first time. I never get tired of watching westerns with my grandad.

  25. Another 15 book week!

    Some good titles this week but none bigger for me than Aquaman #1. It’s one of my most anticipated books of the New 52. With it’s creative team it has some serious potential.

    BQ: Warrior. Awesome. Tom Hardy is the man.

  26. about 6 books. I will give Teen Titans#1 the flip test and if it looks interesting might get it.
    @ANYONE: wasnt DC going to lower their digital comics? is it after 1 month from release date?
    BQ: Just saw Pearl Jam 20 and I love Cameron Crowe’s rare footage and the fact that he touched on just about everything of that era! Made me appreciate Eddie and the guys all the more, and renewed my love of PJ, and that whole scene!

  27. & books for me, last week I’ll be getting the Avengers titles. Definitely looking forward to Flash and will also be picking up Firestorm. Amazing Spider-Man and FF round out my reading.

    BQ: Drive was outstanding. Like a dirty, raw, underground crime film mixed with a European art film. I absolutely loved it.

  28. BQ: speaking of Nicolas Winding Refn, Pusher 2 is still one of the most amazing movies i have ever seen

  29. This week I’m buying Mighty Thor, hopefully Ultimat Comics Spider-Man if it’s not sold out, Wolverine, Venom, Teen Titans, and Amazing Spider-Man. I’m disappointed I didn’t get my Walking Dead fix this month.

  30. Coming back to DC after a long (decade long) layoff I am enjoying this reboot cycle. There has been some very engaging writing and the hope is that the quality will continue past issue #6 (as there has already been talk of changing writers on some of the books). As for this week I will stop by my local shop and pick up a couple of things that weren’t really on my radar (Teen Titans, Flash, Blackhawks and maybe All Star) and take a longer look around at the back issues. DC has gotten me back into the world again and if is better than I remember it. Not bad for a guy that was raised on Marvel!

    BQ: Radioland Murders (guilty pleasure)

  31. I’m looking forward to Justice League Dark the most this week.

    BQ: I recently watched Everything Must Go and think I actually prefer Will Ferrell in serious roles.

  32. Marathon month will end. 52-fatigue is definitely kicking in. But I’m still excited about finally getting All Star Western and Justice League Dark. Also on deck: Ultimate Spidey, and Angel & Faith. Thinking about giving Abe Sapien a shot.

    BQ: Saw ‘Another Earth’ a couple weeks ago. It’s the first great film i’ve seen this year.

  33. No good movies lately. I’ve been pretty unimpressed with this whole year in films.

  34. BQ: Drive was brilliant.

  35. I’m so fucking jealous of everyone with a small week this week.Another massive week for me, soon it will die down though, all the fear itself tie in stuffs ending soon and then i’m free. Not grabbing that many new dc books this week but the one’s i am i’m looking forward to. Looking forward to alot of spider island stuff to.

    BQ; Haven’t been to the movies in ages but i’m looking forward to the thing coming out soon.

  36. So…everything came out this week, huh? 33 books? That can’t be right? Rachel Rising!

    BQ: Just watched the original Planet of the Apes, while listening to commentary from John Siuntres, Franco, and Art Baltazar. Aw yeah!

  37. Jesus!!! I’m getting 31 books this week! Already paid for em from DCBS but c’mon!!!!

  38. hey, holy terror’s coming out. that’s sort of a big deal.

  39. Lookin’ forward to JLD and Aquaman. Also Wolverine as usual.

    BQ: Saw Drive last week. Liked it a lot. Very different. Check it out.

  40. Watched Hesher on dvd, liked it, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson in an unusual metaphoric zen through chaos story.

    As for books: Annhilators: Earthfall, Flash, JLA Dark and maybe All-Star Western.

  41. The Guard

  42. So… After a month of reading other people’s opinions of the New 52, i get to go and pick my books up on Saturday…

    I know I’m adding Animal Man and Swamp Thing to my Standing Order (having read them digitally)… And I’ll be hunting copies of Resurrection Man as well…

    BQ: Took the kids to see “Day of the Diesels” two weeks ago… But more importantly, THOR arrived on Blu-Ray! Hope to watch that this week…

  43. Nothing new this week, I need some bags and boards and a new box so I will spend money on that.

    BQ: THOR & X-Men FirstClass got them both from the library and they were awesome.

  44. Out of DC, most excited for JL Dark. Will also be checking out Superman, and probably picking up a copy of last week’s Birds of Prey. I’m curious about the Western title, but as the genre is not one of my favorites, I’ll wait for the reviews. I’m slightly curious about Teen Ttians solely for Tim Drake, but have pretty low expectations . . .

    Good thing that DC finally has a light week for me, as pretty much all the Marvel books I care about are out this week: Annihilators, Captain America & Bucky, Secret Avengers and Journey into Mystery. oh and FF too . . .

    Last of all, I’m looking forward to finally getting the first issue of Brilliant, though I won’t believe it until I see it on my store’s racks. I wish that Bendis would be relieved of at least one Avengers title, so that his Icon stuff could get out more regularly. I mean how long has it been since we had an issue of Powers?

    BQ: just saw “The Mill and the Cross” an outstanding film about the painter Bruegel . . .