New Comics for 09.26.2012 is gearing up for Vegas

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ali, Chris, Jeff and Matt.

This week Josh Flanagan has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?


  1. Batman Inc.
    Batman Dark Knight
    Justice League Dark
    Teen Titans
    Amazing Spider Man
    The Flash
    X-Treme X-Men

    BQ: Painting my deck, ugh

  2. BQ: Heading to MorrisonCon – any other iFanboys heading out? First round is on me.

  3. Looking forward to Rose and Thorn, Phantom Lady, Happy, Mind the Gap, Dancer, and Debris (does anyone get the sense that Palmiotti and Gray are working towards a Freedom Fighters thing, having already done The Ray?). Plus all the usual suspects.

    BQ: Going to a wedding. Unless my wife goes into labor first (this week or next!)

  4. Can everyone else pull books because none are showing up when i try?

  5. Big week for me Batman Inc., FF, American Vampire issue & trade of volume.3, Invincible Iron Man, Sixth Gun & Happy!

    BQ- work!!!!!

  6. Not sure what I’ll be pulling honestly. Probably get ALL-STAR WESTERN #0 and just from looking at the synopsis on Ifanboy might take a punt on HAPPY #1 seems like the sort of thing I might be into.

    BQ: Short listing films for a festival, editing videos for work (car reviews), starting back at Uni, creating a showreel, writing and sending out CVs, starting driving lessons.
    God damn I’m busy.

  7. Superman 0 (last issue I buy before dropping it, unless……..), Batman Inc. 0, JL Dark 0, Talon 0, Amazing 694. Ouch, huge week… I will have to drop some books to make room for all that Image craziness in november(Superman out, Phantom Stranger already out, Action out possibly)

  8. I gotta bunch to get totaling $46.86 before tax.

  9. I have a lot of books this week, but all of them are my favorite books 🙂 I am so looking forward to Rachel Rising, Mind MGMT, and especially Happy :).

    BQ: Working.

    FURY MAX #6
    TALON #0
    THE FLASH #0

    Might get HAPPY as well. I don’t know anything about it, really, so I’ll have to find a podcast talking about it. Maybe something with one of the creators. I dunno.

    BQ: Nothing, as far as I know. I think we go see Garbage the following Monday though.

  11. Book of the week for me is Angel & Faith, wonder what they have in store for the Quor’Toth ending.

    BQ: No clue, maybe a stroll to Videotron in order to rent a movie that was talked about on the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast.

  12. Ff, Iron Man, amazing Spider-man, dancer, flash, firestorm and especially Mind theGap! Totally love that series!

    BQ: sleeeeeeeeeep

  13. DC:

    Batman Incorporated
    Justice League Dark
    I, Vampire
    Red Lanterns
    National Comics: Rose and Thorn

    (No extra books due to 0 month)


    Journey into Mystery
    X-Treme X-Men
    Space Punisher


    Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who

    BQ: Praying my TMJs have popped back into place. I think they have.

  14. Getting:

    The Goon

    Batman Inc
    The Flash
    Justice League Dark



    Mars Attacks

    BQ: weekend is wide open right now:)

  15. Alright! The Doop issue of Wolverine and the X-men with art by Aldred!

    BQ: I’m going to bust out all my Autumn recipes and bake like nobody’s business. I’ve got a maple cookie that I think will be be better improved with bacon on top of the white icing. Maybe I should add some kind of whiskey to that icing while I’m at it. Can anyone recommend a good brand?

  16. Nice, meaty week.

    All-Star Western
    Batman INC #0

    BQ: The usual. Various chores, food shopping, and general boredom.

  17. Captain Marvel #4, Deadpool #61, Invincible #95, Teen Titans #0, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14, The Amazing Spider-Man #694, The Flash #0, Winter Soldier #11, Wolverine and the X-Men #17

  18. MIND THE GAP #5 = ADRIAN ALPHONA!!!! (and the end of the first arc)

  19. Pretty good week for me.
    American Vampire-Excited to see how the aftermath of last issue plays out.
    BPRD: Return of the Master- This book is always the shit, can’t get enough.
    Cap and Black Widow-Francavilla and superhero pulp is all I have to say.
    I Vampire- Genesis of Andrew sounds cool to me.
    JLD- Will we find out the mystery villians identity in this, I think so.
    Mind the Gap- The web of mystery keeps growing, and I’m lost but loving it.
    Popeye- If you don’t like Popeye, I can’t help you.
    Winter Soldier- Shit is getting real, and Brubaker’s tenure is almost over. Bittersweet to say the least.

    BQ: Season 4 Fringe marathon! the final season starts Friday, and I can’t wait! Or can I? Seriously if you haven’t seen this show, you are only hurting yourself. Oh, and Sunday= FOOTBALL!!!

  20. Captain America & Black Widow
    Captain Marvel
    Journey Into Mystery
    Secret Avengers
    Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    Winter Soldier
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Most looking forward to FF (Hickman rocks), Captain Marvel (art not so great, but I love the story so far–Carol teamed up with an all woman version of the Howling Commandos in WWII, how great is that?!), and Journey Into Mystery (stay good Kid Loki, please stay good)

    I’m hoping ST:TNG/DW returns to form this issues, the last one was weak
    I keep wishing Ramos would go find something else to do than draw Spider-Man. Love the character, love Slott, hate Ramos.
    Is that an Allred cover on W&tX-M? Love seeing Allred draw Doop again. Wish they hadn’t killed off all the rest of the X-Statix when they wrapped up.

    BQ: House work, taking tha car into the shop, meh

  21. Semi-light week which is nice.
    Batman Inc.
    Before Watchmen Ozymandias
    (High hopes for) Happy
    and I’ll give Talon a shot, because it is known fact that Scott Snyder can’t disappoint.

  22. my pull list is ridonkulously ginormous this week, and i love it!

    i am most looking forward to Talon and Happy. ive had both on my list for quite a while, and I cant wait to dig in.

    as for the coming weekend, did I mention that my pull list is ridonkulously ginormous? Nuff said.

  23. Sweeeeet – shipping week from DCBS – so I’ll have my September comics sometime next week!!!

    BQ – RC racing Friday night and then heading upstate for the weekend.

  24. Light week, only got The Shadow Annual

    BQ: homework, blah

  25. Wolverine & X-Men
    Secret Avengers
    Journey Into Mystery
    Fury Max
    Amazing Spider Man
    Batman Inc.
    All-Star Western

    BQ: Beer. Yard work. Repeat.

  26. Happy – I hope its not too confusing.
    Dancer – I read #1 and bought 2-4 so I will read all 5 in a row.
    New Deadwardians – period piece zombies and vampires, not sure where this is heading.
    Ozymandias – Best of the Beyond Watchmen.

    BQ: I am running my first 10K Sunday so I will take it easy Friday and Saturday.

  27. Most excited about TALON #0, and actually SUPERMAN #0 too (to see if Lobdell can pump any life into this weakened branch of DC’s tree). And of course ALL STAR WESTERN #0, yee haw! 😀

    BQ: I am flying out to the Portland of Oregon this weekend, to stay with an old friend and to see what that city is all about. I won’t be satisfied until I come home with at least a few scratches from a tussle with Sasquatch…

  28. A very quiet week :- Happy #1, that’s it.

    Dropped for this month :- Aquaman #0, Batman Inc. #0, Justice League Dark #0 & The Flash #0.

    This zero-month didn’t work for me.
    In August I pulled 19 x regular DC titles, (excluding Annuals).
    In September I pulled 10, including 2 x brand new titles.

    I look forward to normal service resuming in October.

  29. BQ : off to Newmarket races on Thursday with friends & family, celebrating my birthday.

  30. BQ+ – my weekend starts early this week!

  31. Shit, 16 books on my pull list! This is gonna be a fortune. I may have to pass on some of the non-subbed titles.

  32. The new American Vampire and Mighty Thor trades.

    BQ: Man, you ask me this any other week and it’s a boring “nothing much,” but this weekend I’m going to Alien Wars in Glasgow for a friend’s birthday. Basically, a reinactment of the Alien movies with lasertag. It’s gonna be awesome.

  33. Wow! This is a huge week for me. Too many to list.
    I’m noticing many Marvel titles seem to be much lower on the pick list then usual.

  34. Red Lanterns
    The Flash
    Space Punisher
    The Punisher
    Superman (please be good)
    and Happy

    BQ: Kids soccer games and than beer !