New Comics for 08/05/09 are wondering where the month went…

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots of interesting things to look forward to this week, leading off with Captain America: Reborn #2 and followed closely by the red hot book Chew #3.

I’m also going to check out the Ultimatum one-shots for Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four, even though I haven’t bought either book in years.

The most intriguing book of the week for me is Doom Patrol #1. I’m not really a big Doom Patrol fan, but the co-feature features teh reunion of Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire. I have to at least check that first issue out…

If you were ever thinking about checking out Irredeemable, this is the week to do it! The first trade is out for $9.99 and Irredeemable #5 is only 99 cents!

And don’t forget MAY-HEM!

This week, because of some schedule juggling, I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Are you paranoid or are they really out to get you? If it’s the latter, who is “they”?


  1. I’m picking up two books this week just based on the solicits, which I don’t do that often.  Mark Waid writing Spidey with the return of MJ, and the Doom Patrol/Metal Men book.  Also another Jeff Parker double-shot with Agents of Atlas and the soon-to-be-lamented Exiles.  Plus another Iron Man issue.  Should be a good week!

    BQ: Yes, and Norman Osborn.

  2. cool stuff this week, looking forward to the UFF one shot just to see how they reconcile what Ben did in the last issue of Ultimatum


    BQ: yes, the vampires who run the blood bank near my house

  3. VERY small week this week, which is good since I’m kinda light on cash. It’s pretty much just Cap. America Reborn and Justice Leage this Wednesday, and after I get paid, I’m gonna see if I can get into Chew and Irredeemable.

     BQ: Of course they are, and its Joe Quesada. He looms over my bed while I’m sleeping, and he does this to threaten me to buy his comics every week or he’ll kill me.

  4. What happened to Flash Rebirth #4, delayed again? So that leaves Cap Reborn #2, ASM #601, Iron Man. Gonna give Greek Street, and Deadpool: merc with a mouth another shot. and jumping on Superman: World of New Krypton

    BQ: They’re definitely out to get me, but whose got the energy to stress on it.

  5. Very light week for me.  I’m only going to pick up Amazing Spidey, and that’s only for the cover.

  6. Batman and Robin #3 got delayed as well. Even when they try, they fail anyways.

    This week is filled with reorders and intriguing stories!

    For DC: All Wednesday Comics, all the time! Finally I’m catching up with you all.

    For Marvel: All Winners Comics and Deadpool Merc with a Mouth

    Maybe Transmetropolitan vol.3 be included? I will buy it, but probably not this week.

    BQ: Everyone is out to get me. The people, the walls, the birds, and those spiders. I WILL GET YOU SPIDERS!!!

  7. Jason Aaron’s finale on Ghost Rider starts this week and I am pumped fori t.

    BQ: They are. I woke up this morning and my bed had a Dark Reign banner on it. 

  8. This is a crushing week week for me.  14 books!  Holy hell!  It’s all good though as there’s some good stuff hitting the racks.  Looking forward to getting Chew #2 (my store sold out on the first go around) and issue 3.  Cap: Reborn, Dynamo 5, War of Kings, Ghost Rider, and Witchfinder…there’s just so many. Can’t wait.

    BQ: No, but that’s only because I am the "they."  MMWWHAHAHAHA!!! 

  9. Delays make it a light week but last week was light and awesome.

    Jersey Gods #6

    Chew #3 

    Wednesday Comics #5

     I may or may not pick up all of Irredeemable. Still thinking about it. 

  10. BQ: Wait…am I paranoid…or did you already ask us that question?!?!?!  It’s you, Kilpatrick!!  You’re out to get me!!!!!!!

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #601  
    Captain America Reborn #2 (OF 5)  
    Chew #3  
    Irredeemable #5  
    Superman World Of New Krypton #6 (OF 12)  
    Wednesday Comics #5 (OF 12)
    Savage Dragon #151
    Justice League Cry For Justice #2 (OF 7)


    BQ:  No.

  12. Two of my books are Chew, and I’m pretty sure my store won’t get them in since they acted like it wasn’t a real book when I mentioned it…

  13. Biggest week for me in some time.

    Amazing, Reborn, Exiles, Iron Man, New Krypton, both Requiems, and I will be catching up on Irredeemable.  Sounded awesome and at that price I simply must check it out.


    BQ: Yes, the evil forces of Skeletor.

  14. Pretty big week for me. 14 books? Most looking forward to Doom Patrol #1, Absolution #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #601. Should be a high quality week!

    BQ: Yes, the people working in the White House who have read my comments for the last few years…… 

  15. Big Marvel week for me and I’m really pumped about the Irredeemable sales going on! I’ve been having trouble finding issue #1 so the TP should help me get caught up. 

    Slow week for DC.

    BQ: I’m good actually. If they are out to get me I have a feeling they’re underestimating me. I can take them anyday.  

  16. Does anyone else think it’s a bit of a bog standard week for comics this week?

    I’m most interested in seeing Greek Street and Captain America: Reborn progress. Will they continue to suck? 


    BQ: Yes, THEY really are out to get me and THEY are the….. LADIES !!! 

  17. Spider-man, reborn, chew, iron man, irredeemable, destoyer, and witchfinder. Great week, I have a feeling its going to be tough to choose the potw. 

    BQ: Why would any want to be get me, thats crazy….this line isn’t secure meet me in the parking garage at midnight, come alone. 

  18. Sigh.. Hulk #13, Cap: Reborn

    BQ: You asked this one already. Have THEY gotten you?

  19. I might have to check out Iredeemable.

    If anyone is reading both, is it at all similar to DC’s The Mighty? I know the basic premise of Iredeemable, and it seems like The Mighty is heading in the same direction. . .

  20. Another relatively light week for me as well.  Justice League, Wednesday Comics (although I haven’t read any of the other 4 I purchased yet…) and Solomon Grundy #6. I see not many have pulled that last one. I’m a sucker for mini and maxi series and will buy most that come out.

    CrazyChris, from what I can tell, Flash Rebirth #4 has been pushed back to August 26. According to Conor, this is nothing out of the ordinary for an Ethan Van Schiver work. I have only been back into comics for a year now, so I don’t know much about him, but Conor must be right, as it’s been a long time since the last issue…

  21. i can finally read iredeemable yay!! after two light weeks I get a 13 book week yay!!! again.

  22. Why is Pax Romana listed as Vol 1?  Was Hickman planning on returning to it at some point?

     An average week, with little to get really excited about.  I hope Reborn 2 is better then 1. 

  23. Weds comics, Grundy, Sec.6, and TransMet vol3 got me excited!


    They are out to get me that is those who dont like to see a smile.

  24. BQ: They’re not out to get me, but they get me anyway.

  25. @MrMidnight, thanx for the heads up! yeah, I’m loving Van Sciver’s art on Flash rebirth, but this series is now moving painfully slow.

  26. ok, there was no need for the exclamation point in my previous post. Sorry Everyone

  27. they are really out to get me man. They are my family.:O

  28. The books I’m looking forward to are Wednesday Comics, Savage Dragon, Superman W.O.N.K., JL:Cry For Justice, Greek Street, Agents of Atlas, Muppet Robin Hood and I might pick up the Irredeemable and Pax Romana trades if i have the extra cash.

    BQ: Yes, and the question is who isn’t out to get me?

  29. Only 10 books this week.  Thank goodness!

  30. I’m looking forward to Buffy, Destroyer & War of Kings the most. I’m also curious about the Ultimate Requiem books.

  31. Dropping Greek Street and JL: cry for justice.
    BQ: yes, and it’s the Man, my Dude, always the man.

  32. I’m gonna save Amazing Spider-man until last, I was really excited to see MJ again in #600.

    Gonna pick up Cry for Justice, I enjoyed the first one.

    Buffy is a main stay on my pull list, hopefully I will rewarded in the end.

    If I remember to get it, I’m gonna read Ultimate FF as well.

  33. Another quiet week for me with just three books: Captain America Reborn; Amazing Spider-Man; Secret Six.

    I’ve dropped Wednesday Comics as I realised this weekend that I just don’t care what happens in any of the stories. Great art, but I just don’t care and had to force myself to read it each week.

    We’re so going to have a week of sixteen books soon..

  34. Dang no Blackest Night stuff this week.

  35. Buffy (despite my better judgement), Echo, Nightwing TP, D5 and Angel (which I already know will be a mistake).

    BQ: Why are you asking? Who have you been talking to? What have you heard?!!!

  36. Are comics delayed in Canada due to the civic holiday?

  37. Does anybody know why The Flash: Rebirth is taking forever to come out? I’ve been checking the DC website and it seems to be getting pushed further and further back. Is Geoff Johns just too distracted with Blackest Night?

  38. Looking forward to catching up on all of Irredeemable in one shot!

    BQ: Yes, but what’s strange is that they’re out to get me drunk, so I don’t mind as much.

  39. Whoo doggie. Big week!


    The Boys! Chew! Irredeemable! 

    I’m also kind of interested to see where Greek Street goes.

  40. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: yes. it’s marvel and DC and they’re out to get my money. norman osborn and black hand are teaming to get me!

  41. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

     it should say teaming up.

  42. Lots of goodies this week! Looking forward to Destroyer, Iron Man, Mighty, and Irredeemable the most.

  43. Looking forward to Mighty, Astro City, World of New Krypton, Secret Six, Wednesday Comics, and I’m gonna pick up the Chew #1.

    BQ: I’m just paranoid. 

  44. The end of War of Kings! The beginning of the end of Ghost Rider! Agents of Atlas…going steady!

    BQ: I can’t be paranoid if I’m willing, so I guess they really are.

  45. Amazing Spider-Man #601

    I’m actually thinking that this would be the perfect place to just start waiting for the hardcovers, but I totally suck at trade-waiting so I doubt it’ll work out that way.  Might as well just keep buying ASM every week, it’s the only Marvel I buy anymore.

    Batman Confidential #32

    This arc is actually a lot different then what you’ve been seeing in BC lately.  I have high hopes but nobody else gives a shit.

    Boys #33

    I need to do some re-reading.  I can’t remember a damn thing that happened after that whole G-Men arc which was great!

    Doom Patrol #1

    I’m gonna give this a shot, but I don’t think I’m beat for that Hangman shit.  I’m not beat for no new Impact line.

    Final Crisis Aftermath Run #4 (OF 6)

    Oh my God.  This has been so much fun, and it just came outta nowhere one day.  I didn’t even know about it until #1 hit the racks.

    Greek Street #2

    Well nobody else jumped off the bandwagon yet.  Why should I?

    House Of Mystery #16

    I’m the only one loving this.  Shame. Shame.

    Irredeemable #5

    Now that is 99 cents spent well!!  These series has been a blast for its writing and its artwork!  I’m loving it!!

    Mighty #7

    Anybody noticing a pattern here?

    Superman World Of New Krypton #6 (OF 12)

    This better be better than it was last month!!  Ahh, who am I kidding?  I am gonna buy all 12 anyway.

    Wednesday Comics #5 (OF 12)

    This better be better than it was last time too!!  #4 wasn’t too great on my end.


    BQ:  Yes. The very corrupt Egg Harbor Township Police Department and the overzealous Atlantic City Police Department.


  46. Isn’t The Marvels Project #1 out this week? My online comic sellers says that they’ve shipped it with my order this week.

  47. I just noticed LOVE & CAPES #11 is out today.  This is a superhero romantic comedy written/drawn by Thom Zahler.  It’s a really nice-looking book and a tremendous amount of fun.  Zahler writes great snappy dialogue and creates really likeable characters in a believable universe.  It’s gotten a lot of rave reviews and a Harvey nomination, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

  48. Thanks for the heads up on the Irredeemable trade. I will give that a shot.

  49. werid but true…..i got my hands on the marvels project #1 by ed brubaker and steve epting. Did any of you guys saw this coming at your LCS?????

  50. can’t wait to see what all the buzz is about with chew and irredeemable!
    Also excited for ASM 601, Ghost Rider, and the end of War of Kings!

  51. Most excited for War of Kings, War Machine, Iron Man, and Echo!


    BQ: They’re really out to get me. And by that, I mean the entire modern world!


  52. @Hellblazer:  I’m wondering the same thing you are.  I’m reading The Marvels Project right now!  I didn’t even know where it was supposed to come out.  I don’t see it listed here.  Was it supposed to come out next week or something?

  53. Man my LCS didn’t get there shipment in today so now I have to wait 24hrs to get my comics. Hopefully they’ll surprise me with marvel projects too!

  54. @loops at least you will have them in 24hours the west coast didnt get a complete shipment. War of king, and Ghost rider are a few that did not ship.

  55. @English yeah that does suck. At least now I have a little longer to really decide which ones to get. A few I know for sure but still on the fence about a couple.

  56. @robby yea man….didnt know that the marvels project was out. I thought marvel was going to advertise this sucker like they did with captain america reborn and captain america 600 lol. Also ghost rider book wasnt shipped at my LCS, donkey balls!

  57. I have The Marvels Project #1 in my hands right now, too. And it was a pretty great issue. But according to any references I can find online it’s supposed to be out NEXT week. Hence (Probably) why it’s not on the Comics List here, this week.

  58. Main book for me this week is Chew #3. I’ve only been in comics since about November and mostly got started with Marvel. So I have been watching the podcasts and have found some titles I am really looking to catch up on. I still need Spawn #194 from last week, but am looking to jump on board with Green Lantern, JLA, Walking Dead, Invincible Green Lantern Corps, Blackest Night and a few other.



  59. I got my copy of The Marvels project #1 a week early. So great. So so great.