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Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick!

Bonus Question: What was the last new item of clothing that you purchased?

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  1. this is acatully the last week of the dcu since next week is just flashpoint and justice league

  2. NEW BPRD HARDCOVER!! Also Marine Man trade!

    BQ: ummmm. A Star Wars t-shirt at teefury, I believe

  3. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Whew. This is about my biggest week of comics ever. About 9 “normal” comics, a magazine, two Retroactives, and a 12 issue hardcover. DC is just tossing out everything they can this week thanks to the relaunch. This makes me think I’ve made the right decision by cutting back so much starting next month.

    BQ: Probably a “Smallville Crows” t-shirt.

  4. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    really light week this week. just kick-ass, project superman, ultimates and transformers. guess i’m going back issue diving.
    BQ: some portal 2 related t-shirts from thinkgeek.

  5. Im most excited for the new TMNT comic coming out! Heros in a half shell time!

  6. oh im also getting Wolverine and Uncanny X-force…. maybe Punisher and Probably FF another week

  7. Just American Vampire and Northlanders this week. I’m really starting to dread the end of Northlanders. 🙁

    BQ: Socks. I hate buying clothes; the money’s better spent on comics, books, and video games.

  8. Mystery Men, Gates of Gotham, FF, and Captain America and Bucky, but the title I’m really looking forward to? JLA /JLI Retroactive. Man, this book is gonna be fun!

  9. BQ: Some shirts I think, moneys tight or else I’d have replaced my whole wardrobe by now.

  10. Mystery Men, Gates of Gotham, FF, and Captain America and Bucky, but the title I’m really looking forward to? JLA /JLI Retroactive. Man, this book is gonna be fun!

    Bonus Question: A pair of pants for a costume. Dragon*Con is only 10 days away!

  11. My Monday isn’t over until I’ve done my pull list.

    Captain America: Prisoner of War (HC)
    DC Universe Legacies (HC)
    FF Volume One (HC)
    Shadowland: Thunderbolts (TP)

    BQ: Terrifyingly coincidental, but the Cap T-shirt I am currently wearing as I type this.

  12. Lots of great stuff this week. Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine, Xombi (final issue), and FINALLY the next Batman Inc. issue.

  13. Big week, 8 regulars and a tpb. Mostly Batman titles, but also American Vampire, Xombi, Mystery Men and Northlanders.

    BQ: Just bought a new G-Star hooded sweater. This summer is/has been quite cold over here in the Netherlands, so I needed one.

  14. I’m dropping FF, the cast is too big, the art is too inconsistent, and I just don’t care about the characters, because I can’t tell which ones I should root for, and it isn’t bringing the bacon for me like it used to, and hasn’t been since the change to the FF title.

    I’ll pick up a few back issues.

  15. ACTION COMICS #904 – only because it’s the last issue of the current numbering
    AMERICAN VAMPIRE #18 – this will probably be my last issue of this title
    BATMAN ARKHAM CITY #5 (OF 5) – can’t wait for the video game
    BATMAN GATES OF GOTHAM #5 (OF 5) – can’t wait to see how this one concludes
    BATMAN INCORPORATED #8 – sad to see this title wrapping up, but looking forward to Leviathan
    GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #26 – definitely sad to see this title go, as I have been enjoying it
    HACK SLASH EVA MONSTERS BALL #3 – for my girlfriend
    KICK-ASS 2 #3 – it’s about damn time
    LOOSE ENDS #2 (OF 4) – a good series so far from some fellow Chalotteans
    TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #1 – I’ve always loved the TMNT, so this is a must have
    ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #1 – i’m on the fence about this one, but I may pick it up

    BONUS QUESTION: Back in June I picked up The Flash Converse All-Stars with matching t-shirt from Journeys.

  16. I hate five week months when Marvel decided to double ship every book I get. Out of the 6 books I’m definitely getting this week, 4 of them came out two weeks ago. I really want to get Cap and Bucky this week, but I can’t really afford it.



  19. 6 books for me and maybe the Dark Horse Presents (I liked the other 2 and this one has Fabio Moon). Looking forward to Punisher #2

    BQ: How funny. I picked up a Punisher Warzone #1 Retro T-Shirt.

  20. Super psyched for Captain America and Bucky.
    BQ: A Crucifictorious T-Shirt.

  21. Well, it would be a light week for me if not for all these godforsaken Flashpoint tie-ins. Lookin forward to American Vampire, X-Force, Chew, and Batman Inc.

    BQ: Black polo and a few tees from Target. Nothin exciting.

  22. I really really really want to get excited over FF and Uncanny X Force again. Come on guys, you had magic in a bottle not too long ago…

  23. I’ve got 6 books this week and at least 4 of them are 4.99.

    BQ: All the stores are bringing in the fall stuff so I bought a very girly sundress for cheap.

  24. Not alot of books this week, wonder if Batman Inc is really coming out….
    Still I aways semm to spend atleast 20 dollars a week on books and I may be getting the Red Hood trade but gotta check, the last time I looked the two books were 9.99 each and the new all in one is like 30.00 so yea gotta check.

    BQ; new steel toe Boots (for work) nothing fun but sad before that I found some 3 dollar shirts for work, a UFC tapout tanktop, an IronMan mark V t-shirt, a Guns-n-Roses T and a Jim Beam T for a dollar! I was not looking for work shirts but 4 shirts for ten dollars was too good to pass on.

  25. Crap! 16 books on my pull list this week. That’s insane. But since there is only about 4 next week, it all evens out.

  26. FF for me. Happy to get back to the main story. Also grab Gates of Gotham but thats about it.

  27. Cap and Bucky! Ninja Turtles! Northlanders! Ultimates! Feels like it’s gonna be a good week.

    BQ: A small pink hoodie as a present to a five year old.

    • Ahh, I’m only picking up Ninja Turtles and Teen Titans… Thank God, lets me save my money for September.

      Bonus Question: The last piece of clothing that I bought was a shirt from the band Kids Like Us. It’s a pretty sick shirt.

  28. I have a heavy week this week, but several of the comics I am getting this week are the last issues of mini-series. Can’t wait for September to hurry up and get here.

  29. Ahh, I’m only picking up Ninja Turtles and Teen Titans… Thank God, lets me save my money for September.

    Bonus Question: The last piece of clothing that I bought was a shirt from the band Kids Like Us. It’s a pretty sick shirt.

  30. The last issues of Wonder Woman and Action Comics, excited to see how these storylines wrap up, and the Flashpoint Superman and Lois lane books.

  31. Here what I’m packing: FF#8,Batman/Gates, TMNT#1, Uncanny X-Force, Xombie

    BQ: Socks… I always run out of DAMN SOCKS!!

  32. getting FF, my last issue of Incorruptable before I drop it, possibly Kick-Ass 2 #3, and the comic I am MOST excited for… MYSTERY MEN!

    BQ: It’s been a while since I personally bought an article of clothing, and not gotten it as a gift. Does my iFanboy Members t-shirt I got with my membership to the site count?

  33. There’s nothing that I’m super excited about this week, but there are a few DC items I’m curious to see how they wrap up (especially Project Superman). May pick up the first issue of Gates of Gotham if it’s still on the racks of the store. I keep telling myself that the mini can wait, but after reading Synder’s comments on Batman the other day, I think that I might just cave and dig in . . . It is really tempting to get the JL Retro, but I don’t know if it’ll fit in my budget. I hate to say it, but if read it a month from now, it probably won’t make a huge difference . . . Finally, the first issue of Captain America and Bucky was quite good, so I am looking forward to the next installment.

    Kudos to someone in editoral over at DC, both Grant Morrison and Fitcher got their last pre-reboot issues out this month. Now, if only I could be exited about them . . .

    BQ: a couple o’ dress shirts.

  34. Excited for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book this week!

    BQ: Got a couple of Star Wars shirts at Disney World during Star Wars weekends.

  35. Always a solid week when Chew and American Vampire come out, but I am most excited for the DC Retroactive 90s one shot! I just finished reading most of the Giffen/DeMatteis JLI/JLA run a few days ago, so this is quite the timely release. Also, Captain America & Bucky only took one issue to jump to the top of my list!

    BQ: A t-shirt with just the MLB logo on it. It was one of my favorite shirts for years, but mine finally wore out and I was able to track one down after looking online for months. It was harder to find than I ever would have thought.

  36. How come no one has commented in the comics section? It’s weird to see literally 0 comments on all books considering it’s 9pm right now…..Just saying.

    It’s a pretty massive week for me (7 books!) and three of them are ending:

    Batman: Gates of Gotham, Batman INC, Chew, Deadpool, FF, Ultimates, and Xombi.

    BQ: I bought some new polo shirts for my internship, which ironically I had my first day today! Loads of fun.

  37. very light week! 5 books for me, although i think next week should fill my DCBS box nicely….

    Sadly nothing too exciting i read chew in trade or else that wouldb be #1 Punisher should be good, and a Hickman FF issue is never a bad thing. Fracture should be fun but i kind of forget what happened in the first issue.

    BQ: Last ting i bought was a dogfish head t-shirt

  38. TMNT yes so excited!!!!!

  39. JSA,Batman Inc, BatmanThe Dark Knight #5, TMNT, Uncanny X-Force, Green Arrow,the Flashpoint tie ins and maybe Ultimates #1 (again).

    BQ: Converse sandals that look like classic chucks but cut into sandals, nice for the hot summer we’ve had in Michigan.

  40. American Vampire, Gates of Gotham, Batman Inc, Captain America and Bucky, FF, Green Arrow, TMNT (Yeeeeeeessssssssss!), and Punisher.

    Last article of clothing? Hrmm…probably a tee shirt with Captain America on it. I have a lot of those.

  41. Rick Remender, Jonathan Hickman, Kevin Eastman, Paul Cornell, Kenneth Rocafort, Jason Aaron!

    BQ: Scott Pilgrim ‘Have you seen this girl?’ graphic tee from

  42. BQ: dress pants for work. i thought about wearing a gambit shirt to work but i want the respect of my peers

  43. I just can’t get away from huge weeks anymore. I think a culling is going to happen soon with my list. Lots to look forward to with this week, including Dark Horse Presents, another DC Presents, a JLA Retroactive with Kevin Maguire, and continuation of many great series.

    BQ: Undies. That’s all I’ll say.

  44. American Vampire, Batman Inc., Northlanders, Uncanny X-Force, Wonder Woman, and Xombi. Probably looking forward to Northlanders the most but if Xombi is executed right it’ll likely get my pick. Would love to see David Kim in another DCU book!

    BQ: Probably a comfortable Target polo for work.

    FF #8
    X-MEN LEGACY #254

    BBQ: socks

  46. Most looking forward to jumping off Ultimate titles. I don’t have faith after the last reboot sadly.

    BQ: Last clothing item was a t-shirt I ordered earlier in the week as part of the new Wilco album pre-order.

  47. There are some really quality books this week, like American Vampire, Batman Inc, Punisher (some of the art not withstanding), Xombi and the JLI retro. I think Hickman might be a real shot in the arm for Ultimates so that could be good too.

    BQ:: Ordered a couple shirts from j crew and just logged an order with Banana Republic for a pocket square from the new Mad Men collection. I’m wearing more blazers lately and couldn’t resist.

  48. So I guess we’re not getting the action packed ‘season’ finally on Batman INC? That books not coming back till 2012 right? And new TMNT, I can’t wait.

    BQ: A Fort Worth Cats baseball cap.

  49. American Vampire – I am LOVING this book, and the Ghost War story arc
    Batman: Gates of Gotham – Turned out to be better than I expected. Cant wait to read the conclusion
    Uncanny X-Force – Started reading the Dark Angel Saga and its pretty interesting so far
    Mystery Men – Great story and great art
    FF – FF has been disappointing me recently. This might be my last issue
    TMNT – Why not? lol

    BQ: Customized New York Red Bulls jersey (DISASTER – 10)