New Comics for 07/29/09 left their heart in San Diego

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Sonia

The rumors are true. More comic books are coming! Many exist, but so many, many more are needed if I am ever going to découpage this entire kitchen!  Looking forward to a gorgeous new installment of Detective Comics! Ooh! The final piece in the Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps triptych! And…AND…not that i’m picking it up, but I’m thrilled that there’s a new issue of X-Men: Forever on the stands because that means STORY TIME!

Oh, oh, oh! The Lobster Johnson novel is finally coming out toooooo!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If Thomas Jane pulled up to you in a dune buggy and told you he needed your help, would you go with him? If you do go, you can make one call to a loved one before you leave. Who do you call and what do you tell them?


  1. More Batwoman!!  I’m also glad to finally get the ending of Millar and Hitch’s FF run.  Except, not really expecting it to be all that great 🙁

    BQ: Hell yes I would go.  I would totally call the wife and say something bad ass like "Put my dinner in the microwave and don’t wait up for me, it’s gonna be a long night."

  2. This seems like a light week…. Suits me…

  3. Oh story time! yay


    BQ: How could i not go? the answer is hell yes. I would call my friend mike who is a big fan of tom jane

  4. Gonna try out JSA.  Psyched for Black Canary & Wonder Woman team-up in WW.  Plus Ultimatum is finally over, yay!

     BQ:  Yes!  TJ is one hot dude!  I’d call my partner and tell him to strike one off of my top 5! (hopefully)

  5. @robbydzwonar  Dude, it’s a technical problem, no reason to say good job in that internet tone. Paul *is* doing a good job. we all make mistakes

  6. JH is amazing. I’m gonna try the new JSA really light week for me.

  7. I picked up the Lobster Johnson novel at the Dark Horse booth at SDCC. Now I’m hoping I didn’t also pre-order it…. hmmmm…..

    Detective is what i’m really looking forward to this week. Also think I’m going to try out the new JSA team. And I’m also really enjoying the new Madame Xanadu story arc, so there’s that too.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Lobster Johnson pulp novel. PULL IT!

  9. Only three books this week. It makes my wallet happy but it makes me so sad…  Superman, Tales of the Corps, and Detective Comics, which I’m iffy on… The art’s great, but the story was ridiculously boring.  I’m gonna have to find some books to try… I can’t stand having less than five.

  10. Detective Comics, Wednesday Comics, Tankies (finally!), and the new Dynamo 5 trade.

    BQ: "Sweetie, I’m going to be late tonight. The Punisher needs my help… No, the other Punisher. No. He was the one in The Mist. He’s driving a dune buggy on the sidewalk… ‘Cause he’s a badass, that’s why!"

  11. Ooh, a light week with only three books for me: Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #3; lesbian fun with Detective Comics #855; Wednesday Comics #4. 

    I was going to try the new team on JSA but that announcement about splitting the books has put me off. I like that there’s a huge team. I may weaken once I’m in the store though. I’m such a pussy.

    BQ: if Thomas Jane pulled up in a dune buggy and asked me to go off with him, I’d be there so damn quick. Forget making any calls, I’d just want to jump up and down on his knee and call him Daddy.

  12. Where the hell is The Boys?


    Anyway, very light week for me. Excited for Secret Warriors.

  13. Bonus Question: "Ben… Yah. James here. Cancel my pull list. The Punisher needs me."

  14. Can’t wait to hear the X-Men Forever rant.  I hope they continue for a long time!  Some of the funniest stories come from it, it deserves a few minutes each time, the listeners demand it!

    Hope the POW is Marvel, to keep this Marvel streak from San Diego going!

  15. @SirCox:  Good question!  Where the hell ARE The Boys?  I guess Herogasm is slowing things down for Ennis?  I was about to start trade waiting, but I already got the last couple issues already.

    @RoiVampire: That message wasn’t posted correctly.  How are you reading it but I can’t see it?  Sounds like more technical crap to me, LOL

    Detective is the only thing I’m really excited to see, mostly because of the cool art.  I’m definitely grab another Wednesday Comics too though!  I suppose I’ll see how bad Superman is because there isn’t anything else that looks good this week. What a sucky week, again! I didn’t have hardly any pulls last week either!  Gahhh!

    BQ: Who is Thomas Jane?  I wouldn’t mind chillin with Mary Jane right about now though!

  16. Wow, not much coming out, but my anticipation of ‘Detective’ makes up for it.  Unfortunately I’m going on vacation so I might not see it until next week.

    BQ: I’d go, but only if he said, "Come with me if you want to live."  Otherwise, I’d assume it wasn’t very important.  And I’d wait to explain after the fact.

  17. WW  w/ BlackCanary looks cool I’m gonna try that two parter and Wednesday Comics has my money every week. 

    I might get the magic of Shazam for the Fn’ kidz but still that aint much

     but thats cool Aug. got aLOT of cool cool stuff to spend money on.

  18. Oh yo I almost forgot the BQ….

    I would not go with Thomas Jane and thats just cause

    he is a C list actor and I only roll with SUPERSTARS!


    @ robbydzwonar

    Thomas Jane was the Punisher in the version with John Travolta in it,

    if you did not see it good for you it sucked a lil less than the most recent version

     witch still makes it one of the worst comic films ever.

  19. It’s a very light week this week! 


    Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #3 (OF 3)
    Detective Comics #855
    Ignition City #4 (OF 5)

  20. Looking forward to Blackest Night: TOTC, Detective, Madame Xanadu, Northlanders, and Proof.

    @ zattaric:  I totally agree!  Thomas Jane is hot!  I would have to call my friend Shawn and rub it in that Tom called me and not him.

  21. I’ll go if we’re going because he "just wants his kids back!"
    I’ll call my only friend who’s watched every episode of Arrested Development and will hopefully get that reference.

  22. Ultimatum for me and I’m glad it’s over.

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @s1lentslayer – You’re hating it and still buying it? Dedication. 

  24. I got…..nothing.

    After a full year back into issues I got no new comics this week. Well actually I got Wednesday Comics #3, but that’s a reorder from last week. I do have a sale at my LCS this Saturday, so there’s that. But for once, no ‘new’ issues.

    BQ: If it’s him as Punisher then hell yes. I would call my dad and say that ‘evil will be punished’

  25. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps, Detective, Superman, Justice Society, Justice League, Wednesday Comics…I’ve also been enjoying Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink..

    Should be a good week. 

  26. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ:"hi, i’m sorry but i won`t be coming in tomorrow, i need to help the punisher murder evil.

  27. Detective Comics!!


    BQ:  I second ohcaroline’s answer. 

  28. For me this week: Detective, Battlefields, Secret Warriors, Surrogates Vol.2, Lone Ranger (though this one could be on the chopping block soon.)  

    I’m trying to scale back my books here in the last month, and unfortunately Proof and Northlanders ended up getting dropped, both I thought started out strong, but have been non-essential reads for me lately.  To each his own.

    BQ: I’d have to call my wife and remind her to bath our daughter Eliza, she spits up a lot, and well, she’s kind of stinky. 

  29. Bettie Page mug from Dark Horse. See, when the mug gets hot the leopard spots disappear and you can see her au naturale. Awesome.

    BQ: Sure I go. After all, any friend of Tim Bradsteet is a friend of mine. And I wouldn’t call a loved one, I’d leave a voicemail on iFanboy. 

  30. BQ: Yes. I would call and tell my love ones, that the scenario that i’ve been training my whole life for has finally arrived. 

  31. 🙁 the links aren’t working for me…. 

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hold on, I’ll fix ’em.  

  33. I’ll use this opportunity to harp on Unknown Soldier once again.Its that good.And I’ve been looking forward to Detective Comics even though I’m not a big superhero fan,it must be that good too.

    BQ: Depends.What kind of candy does he have when he tries luring me into his buggy?

  34. Detective Comics, baby!

     i’m also really looking forward to Fear Agent which is funny because i have never been a huge fan of the book. Abscense makes the heart go stronger i suppose.

     Oh, and i’m going to buy Ultimatum just to bag the shit out of it on the site…  keep your eye out for that. except to see stuff like "FUCKING LOEB. YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKING TALENTLESS HACK" so look forward to that

    BQ: that question may have broken my brain with it’s hypothetical stupidity, why are talking about Thomas Jane?

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Links should all be working now.

  36. Medium amount of books this week, Detective Comics, Tales of the Corps 3, Fantastic Four, New Avengers, Sinister Spider-Man, and I’m gonna give JSA a shot this week.

  37. Finally Ultimatum #5! And ultimate spider-man!

    Bq: I’m not really sure who he is, but my inner Boy Scout says help those in need.

  38. Very light week for me. And here I am fiending for some comics.

  39. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #03
    Detective Comics #855
    JSA #29
    Teen Titans #73
    Wednesday Comics #04
    Proof #22
    Dark Reign: The Hood #03
    Dark Reign: Young Avengers #03
    New Avengers #55
    Secret Warriors #06
    Battlefields: The Tankies #03
    Ignition City #04

    Great week! For those who are saying they’re having a light/uneventful week, I’d recommend DETECTIVE COMICS, WEDNESDAY COMICS, & IGNITION CITY.



  40. The comics i’m most looking forward to are Detective Comics, JSA(hopefully this’ll maintain its awesomeness), Wednesdays Comics, BN:Tales of The Corps, Ult.Spider-Man, Muppet Show, Superman and Citizen Rex(I forgot to pull this at my LCS. hope they dont sell out of them before i get there)

    BQ: Fuck Yes!!!(Double Fuck yes!!! if its Boogie Nights Tom Jane). I’d call my girlfriend and tell her I’m about to go on an adventure with the star of Homeless Dad!   

  41. Sinister Spider-Man #2

    Fantastic Four #569

    New Avengers #55

    Ultimatum #5 – Am I the only one here still enjoying the Ultimate Universe?

    Ultimate Spider-Man Requiem #2


    BQ:  Apparently business is up at Happiness Consultants, because now they have a dune buggy.  But Tom Jane is one cool dude so hell yeah, let’s go!

    @ohcaroline – It’s a rule actually, if someone says to you: "Come with me if you want to live."  You have to get in.  It’s a rule.

  42. A sad week, because I believe it marks the end of my association with the Ultimate universe.  I think USM has turned a bad corner and I don’t think I want to stick with it any longer.  It was great while it lasted.  …. and it lasted a good long time. 

  43. Light week for me so I guess I can pick up a trade…maybe Northlanders.

     New Avengers 55

    Detective Comics

    Secret Warriors

    Tales of the Corps

     I have lost all in interest in the Ultimate universe…Seems like the books have been delayed forever.  

  44. Everything "Blackest Night"


    Anyone who doesn’t get in the car is a fool…adventure, excitement…I really really crave these things. I’d call the wife. "Honey, Uh, I’m not going to be home tonight, I’m in a Dune Buggy with Tomas Jane off to kick evil doer ass."

  45. Damn fifth Wednesday.

  46. I’m finally back from my honeymoon!  With the wedding and honeymoon behind me, I’m going to have three weeks worth of comics to catch up on.  That’s a lot of reading.  For this week,  I’m looking forward to Detective Comics, another installment of Wednesday Comics, and the Lobster Johnson novel (which my store will hopefully get…).

    BQ:  Absolutely.  For my phone call, I’d call my wife to tell her that Tom Jane is as handsome in person as he is on screen. 

  47. I’ve learned the hard way that if you see Thomas Jane approaching you, you turn and run the opposite direction.

    "Hi! I’m Tom!"  *run!*

  48. @ron: If the Punisher is going straight towards you, there is a big reason.

  49. Light week for me as well.

     Detective Comics

    Fantastic Four- I was thinking of dropping this title before the current arc. I am glad I didn’t. Can’t wait to read the double issue.

    Wednesday Comics#4 I haven’t read the first three yet, so not sure how it’s going. I let my brother take my comics with him, as he’s an over the road truck driver and just got them back this weekend.


  50. Monster week for me, but judging from how the titles I’ve pulled have recently been going, it’s most likely going to be a 2 star, 3 star week with a few shining exceptions.

  51. Typical ten book week for me. Lone Ranger should be great, as always. Detective Comics is a must buy. I’m happy the current run on FF is finally ending, as I haven’t enjoyed it much.


    BQ: Only if he was dressed as Mickey Mantle.  

  52. Also, is it just me, or has there not been a Flash: Rebirth this month? Anyone know what the delay is? I thought this series wasn’t supposed to have that problem… Just curious…

  53. A reasonable week, wih me mostly looking forward to FF, Unknown Soldier and Detective.  REally not sure about Animal Man, but will stick it out now.  And could I second the last comment about Flash – seems like ages since the last issue…

  54. Superlight week here, since I’m not getting anything.^^ Enables me to save money for some ultrahard week that’s to come soon, I guess.

  55. Usually Tuesday is the longest day but I only have three pulls this week so the only things I’m really excited about is Wednesday Comics and Detective #857.  I dropped Robinson’s Superman after New Krypton but I’m going to give it another chance for two reason:  I don’t see anything else that sparks any interest, and everybody person I consulted says that it was a mistake to drop it.  They are even going off and saying that it’s better then then ACTION, Supergirl, and WONK all together.  I find that a little hard to believe, but still. 

    How many Mon-El issues has there been since New Krypton ended anyhow?  It shouldn’t take more then three or four issues to catch up, right?  I know it hasn’t been THAT damn long, and besides, it’s only $2.99 right?  Yeah, I’m right because ACTION is the $3.99 one.  But then again on the Batman side of the fence, both Detective & Streets Of Gotham are $3.99?!  What gives, DC?  How come none of the Green Lantern fans have to pay $3.99 for their books?  Isn’t GL like DC’s hottest item right now?

    If my store has the second volume of Northlanders, then I’ll get that.  If they don’t have it, I’m not sweating it for a while because there are so many trades on my list I wanna hunt down.  Astro City: Dark Ages, Sleeper, Scalped, GL Rebirth, Batman: Death And The Maidens, some more Punisher MAX, some more Ultimate universe stuff, etc. Just to name a few.  Oh yeah, I wanna try that Brainaic story from right before New Krypton began also.  I have the issue where Jonathan Kent died, but that’s it.  A LOT of people tell me that that is an EXCELLENT arc so it is definitely on my list.

    Does anybody got any recommendations for me?  I think this is the first time I went to my LCS and only had three books on my list!  Where is everything?  What is with all the delays?  Where is Incognito #6? Batman & Robin #3?  Irredeemable?  The Boys?  It seems like it has been forever since I read the last issue of some of this stuff!  I know it hasn’t been THAT long, but it just feels like it?  I’m so desperate that I am almost about to try Ultimate Spidey Requiem!  And I dropped Ultimate Spidey a WHILE ago, but there’s not ASM this week!!  GOD, nuffin!!

    I don’t know what it is but the comic book industry is pissin me off right now.  I didn’t hear half the cool news come out of this convention compared to that big one they had like six months ago, NYC I think?  And now I only got three pulls this week?  And Batman & Robin got delayed?!  Wow, I picked a bad week to try to quit smoking.  Somebody please help me out here.  

    Anybody like to trade trades?  Like I ship you one and you ship me one?  Let me know, but only if you’re for real.  I got dicked over last time, but the book I sent was a spare anyway.  No loss but what I spent to ship it to the dude, but still.  You know who you are, jerk.  LOL

    I can’t even find a decent podcast about comics today.  I give up.  I got a couple cigs around here somewhere, I know it!

  56. @Paul, my OCD makes me complete series I start.

  57. Invincible Iron Man Prem Hc Vol 02 Worlds Most Wanted,  Northlanders Tp Vol 02 The Cross And The Hammer,  Surrogates Tp Vol 02 Flesh & Bone,  Tmnt Collected Book Tp Vol 01.  Huge trade week for me and looking forward to most of them.  But, the highlight is Surrogates Vol 02.  I really thought that the first part of the series was amazing and I have really high hopes for the second.  I just hope it doesn’t get all Star Warsy with the prequel stuff and just stick what got them there. 

    BQ: Hmmm, if it’s Punisher Thomas Jane I just flat out ask wtf are you doing in Tampa?  If it’s Dreamcatcher Thomas Jane I just punch him in the mouth for ruining a great Stephen King book.   


  58. Well, I’m back from Florida and back on a regular work schedule, so that means back to the regular iFanboy grind!

    I’m most excited for Batwoman, as well as the conclusion to the Secret Warriors arc and the new issues of Thunderbolts and New Avengers. I’m also curious about the conclusion to the aborted fetus known as the Millar/Hytch Fantastic Four.

    BQ: It depends on what narcotics he will most likely be on, but I’m leaning towards yes. As for who I’d call, it would be my cousin to tell him that I am undoubtibly about to have a crazier weekend than he’s ever had.

  59. @robbydzwonar~  There’s actually a thread about that on the forums that is very lively with people trading trades.  Check out it out to see if anyone has anything you want to trade.

  60. Wicked light week for me.  Wednesday Comics and New Avengers, and that looks like it.


    BQ; I’m gonna just buck the trend and say I wouldn’t go with him.  I don’t trust guys in dune buggies that I don’t know.

  61. Is Jane dressed like The Punisher or is he by the side of the dune buggy screaming like a maniac because he just shot his son through the head to avoid being eaten by MIST-beasts?  And is it the Spider-Mobile?  If it’s the Spider-Mobile, I’m in.

     And Robby, I wish I had some advise for you re: trying something new, but it’s all so damn relative, y’know?  Not a big week for new comics.

  62. Light week for me. Two in a row. Which means the next couple weeks are gonna be heavy, like a virgin’s first period.

    Thomas Jane is on my list of guys I’d go gay for. Ewen McGregor is on that list, as well as Sawyer from Lost.

  63. God, it’s 5:30AM and it is getting hot already!  The shop doesn’t open until 12 but I have to wait for my unemployment check to come in the mail anyway!  Oh well, only three books on my list anyway.  I guess I’ll just have to read them each seven times to keep me busy until next week? 

  64. Detective Comics, Wednesday Comics, Secret Warriors and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose for me. Solid week.

     BQ: I guess UMFskibum and I are the only two here who would say no. I try not to make a habit of getting into cars with strangers and my life is exciting enough for me already.

  65. I find it amusing that pretty much everyone on staff has the same picks.

    Looks like a pretty good week for me.

    Detective Comics, Wednesday Comics, Green Lantern, JSA, Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves (can’t pass that up)

  66. BQ: I go, but I don’t call a loved one. I call work and tell them I need time off because of the car wreck I just had on Sunday.


    It’s all about New Avengers, since they didn’t send my store a copy of X-Men Forever this week. Bastards!


  67. I just read on Preview’s website that the 4th Flash Rebirth has been pushed back from 8/12 to 8/26. Completely nuts… Almost two months without an issue. I am deeply disappointed…

  68. That’s Ethan Van Sciver for you.

  69. Stuart Immonen did the pencils for three ( that I know of!) books this week. Is he possessed by Mark Bagley or something?