New Comics for 07.06.2011 Like to Blow Stuff Up

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick!

Bonus Question: What did you do (and or blow up) for the 4th of July? And if you're not American, how was your monday?


  1. BQ:  BBQ.  Sadly, we didn’t blow anything up, but the food and company was good.

  2. Zero books this week.  I might grab the Scarlet HC if my store gets it.  Otherwise, going to use my work credit on stuff for Amazon, or the Hellboy Library editions.

    I barely moved from in front of my computer this weekend, so the only thing I blew up on 4th of July was some orcs on EverQuest.

  3. Alot of good books, really looking foward to Bane in the Sec6,  Flashpoint3, SuperBoy and Batman&Robin.

    BQ: Classical music and fireworks is a tradition I enjoy with beer, family and good food.

  4. I blew up the button on my funky patterned shorts. true story.

  5. Light week for me, which is good because I have a stack that needs tending.

    BQ: BBQ.  Consoled the hound inside while other foiks watched the fireworks outside.  Watching fireworks doesn’t hold the same appeal as when I was a kid and we were able to set them off ourselves. 

  6. i think i need a vacation from comics. There is stuff coming out that i’m following, but i have no interest in reading any of it.

    BQ….lots of grilling, lots of chillax-ing…didn’t set off any fireworks myself….i don’t tend to trust explosives that are sold at Wallmart, but am happy to watch others set em off. 

  7. Big week of comics this week. Looking forward too:

    Batman and Robin (okay maybe not cause it might be more ‘shit brown’ coloring), Jonah Hex (double dipping on some Lemire!), Superboy, Chew, Thunderbolts, and Sweet Tooth.

    BQ: Unfortunately my parents got really sick and we couldn’t have our big party with over 40+ people coming. But my sis’s friends came out and we hung out for the night so it wasn’t all bad. 

  8. Whoa, I was totally expecting a big week, but am only definitely buying Flaspoint #3 and might puck up Flashpoint: Batman #2. BQ: Despite spending the weekend in PA, where even the Wal-Marts sell fireworks, I blew up nothing. On the bright side, I ended the long weekend with all 10 fingers firmly attached.

  9. I need this clarification: do books ship this Wednesday or this Thursday? I would have expected Thursday.

  10. BQ: i had friday off (go Canada!!) But yesterday i got a new job for a few months, so that was exciting.

  11. If I may make a suggestion, would there be a way you could indicate which of a given week’s comics are also being released on digital, or maybe doing a seperate digital pull list / release schedule?

    Please excuse my naivety – I’m going to be moving from trades only to buying digital-only weekly issues (as well as trades) as soon as my iPad turns up, and I have literally no idea how it works on that side of the fence.

  12. Captain America: First Vengeance (TP)
    Captain America: Hail Hydra (TP)
    Green Arrow: Into the Woods (HC)

    BQ: I’m not American, but I did watch the movie Independence Day, because I love it.

  13. Looks like this week will be fairly light for me.

  14. Big Fear Itself week with lots of my books tying in, plus Chew and Shinku #2.

    BQ: Monday was recovering from Friday (holiday) and the Weekend.

  15. Buying both Flashpoint and Fear Itself but I’m not sure either is doing much for me.  Excited for Vengeance and a new Locke and Key HC though.

    HC: My Monday was very…Monday.  Work and grocery shopping would pretty much sum it up.

  16. Ah yeah! Winick writing Jason Todd!
    BQ: The fourth also happens to be my uncle’s birthday so he like to celebrate by buying almost 300 dollars worth of fireworks. Add tequila to the equation and it’s a mircle any of us left the party with nothing more than a few minor burns.

  17. BQ: I spent my Fourth of July lettering comic books.

    Until late afternoon, when I took a short break and lost two fingers on my right hand in a tragic -yet-somewhat-inevitable bottle rocket accident.

  18. Not excited for much this week. Lookin forward to Hex, Chew, and Flashpoint (I guess).

    BQ: Went to my hometown parade because my little nephew conned me into it. I haven’t missed much since the last time I went. But the fireworks were nice. 

  19. Decent week:
    Batman And Robin #25
    Boys #56
    Fear Itself Fear #4
    Flashpoint #3
    Flashpoint Abin Sur The Green Lantern #2
    Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #2
    Flashpoint The World Of Flashpoint #2
    Izombie #15
    Secret Six #35

    Last week KILLED me. I had a ton of books, plus the kids went with me and each got 4 books. Expensive. Guess I better brace for September!

    BQ: We are under a burn ban due to lack of rain, so no fireworks. Not even the professional shows were allowed. Not quite the same without. But on the plus side – County Line BBQ! (Inter)nationally known place, the food was great. Otherwise, low-key.

  20. BQ.  Pretended I was American for the day and did nothing at work.

  21. loads of eh titles and some i’m not completely sure of.

  22. Most looking forward to T-Bolts and Jonah Hex. I’m very excited to see Lemire’s take on the bounty hunter.
    BQ-Me and my fiancee at hot dogs and then biked across Manhattan to watch the fireworks on the Hudson. 

  23. Four books for me, most looking forward to Moon Knight and Heroes for Hire.

    BQ: I worked all day, then had cold, left-over hamburgers and hot dogs. kind of a sucky holiday 🙁 

  24. I too am wondering if books are coming out Wednesday or Thursday this week.

  25. BQ: BBQ

  26. Assuming I make the drive this week (I don’t have a LCS) I’m looking to get Chew, Sweet Tooth, Red Skull and I’m still on the fence about Moonknight, Blue Estate and Flashpoint: BKoV.

    BQ: cracked open the window and enjoyed the breeze and sounds of fireworks from the surrounding blocks. Of course in this town I am still hearing one or two go off even though it’s the 5th.

  27. Whoops, didn’t even realize Lemire was doing Jonah Hex. I’ll have to get that too. Thanks for the heads up, everybody.

  28. I didn’t see Green Wake #4 listed in this weeks comic list. I found it on the “new” rack at my LCS, so I assume this is in fact new and not a restock that came out earlier. I’d like it listed because it’s really great and I want more people to know about it!

  29. @kennyg  Here you go.