New Comics for 05/26/10 are Lost

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: With Lost, 24, and Law & Order all ending their runs this week we ask: what is your favorite final episode of a television series?


  1. BQ: Arrested Development – it was pretty brilliant.

  2. BQ: The only season I’ve officially finished was Arrested Development and the 3rd season was a nightmare, so I guess I don’t have one:(

  3. I’ll be buying Amazing Spider-Man, Doctor Who, Fantastic Four, Power Girl, Robocop, War of the Supermen, the Dazzler one-shot, and probably Secret Avengers.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ – Newhart!

    Also The Office (UK) Christmas special. 

  5. BQ – The Shield.  Tragedy and poetic justice combined well.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, and MASH. 

  7. Battlestar Galactia (reboot, have not seen original)

  8. The Guild, Terminator, Star Wars Invasion, Return of Bruce Wayne, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Detective, Fantastic Four, X-Force, X-Men Blind Science, X-Men Origins Emma Frost, Power Girl, Brave and the Bold, Generation Lost, Rise of Arsenal.

    Holy Crap.  Sixteen books, and my old record was fourteen.  I don’t see how you guys can do 20+ weeks.

    BQ: I think I’m gonna have to go with The Shield 

  9. Scalped, Return of Bruce Wayne, Power Girl (I will miss your delightful artwork, Amanda Conner!) and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose for me.

    I hadn’t originally planned to buy that Emma Frost origin one-shot based on the horrible preview I saw, but my buddy STORM convinced me it might be worth doing a writeup for White Queen Wednesday so I guess I will be getting it after all.

    BQ: I’m fickle and have a short attention span, so since Trailer Park Boys was the latest last episode I saw then I will go with that.

  10. Oh.. how I would kill for a light week. My wife has a few options for me, I think they’re all pretty bad.

    As for the BQ: I liked the Scrubs series finale a few years ago… before they switched networks, casts and gutted the soul of the show. 

  11. Angel had the best and most satisfying ending ever.  It was heartbreaking and poignant, funny and exciting; it served its characters perfectly by giving them powerful and meaningful moments on both the personal and cosmic scales.  The show left us hanging in the best possible way, with our team going into a battle they seemingly couldn’t win…except that it’s not the first time we’ve seen them have to do that, and we know better than to doubt they can pull this off too.  There are scenes from that series finale that give me chills or make me well up just thinking about them.

  12. With Blackest Night finished, I’m finished with Corps.  Hope this isn’t a hasty decision.  I’m still all in with GL though.  Light week after a few biggies, which is nice.

    BQ: Without a doubt, The Shield had the best ending.  So harsh, so satisifying.  That said, I didn’t hate Lost’s ending and look forward to Jack Bauer’s final hour tonight.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, and Angel and The West Wing. 

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also Monk. 

  15. forgot about The Shield, that was a fantastic show with a great finale

  16. BQ: Angel. Just so so so so perfect in relation to all the episodes that came before and the constant struggle of the characters to stay ahead of the forces of evil and almost never coming out on top.

  17. Most looking forward to Secret Avengers.

    BQ: Six Feet Under. Whenever that final episode is on I make sure to watch it. I’ve watched it at least 5 times. 

  18. Holy crap there are a lot of good books this week, looking forward to Amazing Spider-man and Power Girl the most.

    BQ:  I’ll second what siraim said, the last episode of the original Scrubs was my favorite…..can’t count Med School since it was bascially a different show.

  19. Doh! Paul reminded me of Monk. That was also an incredibly satisfying ending.

  20. The Shield for best finale. Followed closely by M*A*S*H* and 6 Feet Under.

    And too many comics (18) this week. Only 3 last week. Oh, the humanity!

  21. SIX FEET UNDER. nothing better

  22. BQ – Angel. I didn’t even like the series that much, but that last episode was heavy. The last scene, with the monsters and the dragon at the end. Classic.

  23. Spider-Man and his amazing Annual, FF, Secret Avengers, GL, Superman, Thanos, GIJoe (Brooks has one issue to blow my mind), Incorruptible and 7 psycopaths

    BQ – I really did like LOST, but the best last episode is TNG’s "All Good Things…"

  24. BQ: BSG. I don’t care what anyone says! That finale was great!

  25. I’m looking for Secret Avengers and Thunderbolts and anything from the X-Men Second Coming. 

    Finally after holding on for as long as I could, i’m FINALLY dropping all the Deadpool books. Can’t take it anymore. 

    BQ: Six Feet Under finale is the greatest piece of final television ever. That and Arrested Development. 

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  28. I’d like to edit my BQ pick.. it’ll be the last episode of the 2010 Blackhawks Stanley Cup run that fades to black with Coach Q holding up the Stanley Cup trophy.

  29. @siraim

    Hell yeah!!!  Except it should be Toews holding the cup!  GO HAWKS!!

  30. @cubman987 It will be.. but I like the image of Q and his `stache holding the Cup.

    and.. back to the comics at hand.. has anyone been interested in the War of the Supermen? I’ve been reading it.. but I’m not thrilled about it..  

  31. I was going to say the Shield, but it seems a lot of people went there. Wasn’t it awesome. Lost is too recent, so I’m gonna say Twin Peaks and Quantum Leap.

  32. @ron not a problem, sorry for the formatting mix up

    Secret Avengers, Billy Bastan and the Magic of Shazam, 7 Psychopaths, and Brave and the Bold

    Well it seems my fellow Chicagoans are echoing my feelings as well.  First being the Scrubs finale which was a great way to end the series before they moved to NBC.  The medical school thing just did not work.  Second, if it going to be a live episode then definately using some futurecast of the youngest captain in NHL raising the Stanley Cup over his head.  GO HAWKS, indeed!


  33. Nice big week to sink the ol teeth into.  Intrigued by Secret Avengers, looking forward to the likes of Northlanders and the nest part of Shed in Spider-man.  Can’t wait for new Scapled.

    BQ:  I would go for one of two possibilities…The Wire for the way it wrapped so much up so satisfyingly. It’s the only show that managed to avoid making closing montages seem cliched, except that is for my other choice which is Homicide Life On The Street.  I count the movie as the finale, and while it wasn’t quite up to trhe finest episodes of the series, it was a pleasure to revisit old friends.

  34. More Green Lantern goodness – I’ll definitely take some of that.  And I’m looking for more good stuff from Brave & The Bold, especially after that spectacular last one with Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Batgirl.

    BQ: Definitely The Shield.  People were putting pressure on it to get good payoff and give us how Vic Mackey pays for all his sins, especially after the whole Sopranos finale debacle.  I couldn’t have been happier as to how they ended it.

  35. Amazing Spider-Man #632

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37

    Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #2 (OF 6)

    Brave And The Bold #34

    Choker #3 (OF 6)

    Detective Comics #865

    Fantastic Four #579

    Garrison #2 (OF 6)

    Gi Joe Hearts And Minds #1

    Gotham City Sirens #12

    Green Lantern #54

    Green Lantern Corps #48

    Justice League Generation Lost #2

    Justice League The Rise Of Arsenal #3 (OF 4)

    Kevin Smith Green Hornet #4

    Power Girl #12

    Secret Avengers #1

    Secret Warriors #16

    Superman War Of The Supermen #4 (OF 4)

    Thor #610

    Transformers Ongoing #7

    Ultimate Comics Enemy #4 (OF 4)

    Unknown Soldier #20

    Wolverine Weapon X #13

    X-Force #27

    X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1


    BQ: Scrubs and The OC had me all up in manly tears.  I was happy with the Shield and Lost finales….I’m hoping tonite’s 24 can close with something that seems right.

  36. Another week that just flew in. Batman: Long Shadows and Superman: New Krypton TPBs for me.

     BQ: MASH, unquestionably.

  37. BQ: Freaks and Geeks.  Close second going to the UK Office (the specials not the regular series ending, that was just sad and tragic).

  38. Lots of stuff this week, or rather, whenever my DCBS order gets in (so next week? maybe?)

    BQ: I was a huge fan of the finale to The Wire, especially the last montage of Baltimore 

  39. Solid week for me. Looking forward to GL and Return of Bruce Wayne the most.

    BQ: I’m goin with Buffy. It gets a lot of hate, but I was satisfied. It wins my vote because I’m considering the quality of the finale plus the emotional stock I had in the show. When I weigh those factors, it’s the only answer I can give. That said, MASH, Six Feet Under, and TNG were solid too. Man, it’s pretty sad how almost everyone of my favorite shows had terrible finales.

  40. Lots of books I’m really looking forward to this week: The Guild #3, Return of Bruce Wayne #2, Secret Avengers #1, X-Force #27… but the one I’m probably most excited about is Unknown Soldier #20. Now that I know this series is ending at 25, I’m more eager than ever to see what’s going to happen this month.

    BQ: Six Feet Under. Duh.

  41. im not picking up any books this week, maybe brave and the bold? maybe not.


    dont really have a favorite ending to a show, the only show besides lost i was ever hooked on was The Wire and I thought the ending to that was ok, good not great. I liked the ending to lost, while some hated it. 

  42. Scalped #38 is what I’m excited for…

    BQ: Buffy The Vampire Slayer had a great ending! 

  43. BQ: The Shield, easily.

  44. Lotsa new series that I’m not sure what to expect from this week, including Secret Avengers which I find myself more trepridatious about than I normally am about a Brubaker book…we’ll see.

    BQ: Another vote for the Shield (wouid get my vote for best pilot as well).

  45. BQ: The Shield. It was never the story of a cop. It was the retelling of the saga from the Norse pantheon. For that, it was a fitting end.

  46. A nice, big week this week.  I’m definitely looking foward to the conclusion of the War of Supermen and the beginning of The Thanos Imperative!

    BQ:  Truth:  I have never finished a television series.  

  47. Scalped, Unknown Soldier (sniff sniff), and Secret Avengers are the books I’m excited for this week. 

    If it wasn’t for Frazier Irving, I would probably pass on the Return of Bruce Wayne. That and Garrison are on my chopping block. 

    BQ: ALF. Does anyone else remember this one? The show ended when ALF got captured (and then dissected presumably) by the government. 

  48. BQ:  As others have said… The Shield.


    the Tiki 

  49. Six Feet Under and Angel

  50. BQ: Space: Above and Beyond. No shit, it’s the best ending ever. See, there’s this war between humans and the Chiggs, and guess what? Humanity loses. Three or four major characters die, two of them in a really bad way (space ship ship, no power, hitting the gravity well/atmosphere of a planet. Ew, shake n’ bake), the fleet is more or less gone, and the final scene is a pan out of the two remaining surviving regulars sitting on their bunks in silence, awaiting extermination or enslavement. Good stuff. 


    Comics: Buffy and Scalped.  

  51. Waaaay too many books with Green in the title

  52. Gonna pick up Amazing Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Northlanders, Power Girl(This is gonna be the last issue for me), and Secret Avengers( Avengers Assemble! Shhh!)

    BQ: Probabbly The Shield. I like how they essentially got Vic off scott free but still put him in his own prsonal hell. And if were talking season finale’s you cant get any better than Breaking Bad Season 2.

  53. BQ: What should have been the ending of Scrubs – My Finale

  54. Monk? Seriously?

    I liked teh ending of the young ones where they drove the bus off the chiff. That might just be fond childhood memories.

    Seinfeld ended pretty badly but at least they acknowlegde that it was the end which was nice

  55. @edward: MONK’s ending was fantastic.

  56. Fantastic Four, Brave and the Bold, Scalped, Thanos Imperative

    BQ – Firefly: Objects in Space.  Know it wasn’t intended to be the last but it was great and a perfect segue into the movie.  

  57. Alf ended with him being dissected by government types? That’s messed up.

  58. Looks like a Marvel and Vertigo heavy week for me.


    I’ll mirror the great finales said above, and add in Cheers and…Gilmore Girls!

  59. BQ: Can’t believe no-one’s mentioned Babylon 5 yet! It never fails to reduce me to tears several times over the course of the episode.

  60. I have my fingers crossed for Secret Avengers.   And Power Girl 12 sounds like it will be good after hearing it discussed on Wordbaloon.  A great way to cap off a great run


    BQ: I just rewatched the last episode of King of the Hill, they don’t bludgeon you with the fact that it’s the last episode, but it has such a concise ending that capped it off perfectly.

  61. War of the Supermen has been good but Ihave not read the last issue yet so…Green Lantern is the book I am looking foward to the most this week. Return of Bruce Wayne, Detective comics and Generation Lost are at the top of my list too.


    BQ: Aressted Devolpement was awesome but the show ended too soon so the finale is not celabrated by me,  Sheild was good but I thought the last episode was not as good as the first.

    LOST was very cool but not the direction I wanted the show to go the last episode was nothing liked I hopped for.

    The best, that is hard, to have an awesome ending is rare, most movies, tv  shows and even books let me down in the end (exceptions of corse).


  62. BQ- Honorable mention for Sopranos. An amazing ending.

  63. BQ- Buffy. Epic.

  64. i loved the ending of the wire

  65. 6 books for me, which used to be a small week, but is now a big one.

    BQ: SPACED. 

  66. Yay Northlanders!  I hope another series is following it soon.

     BQ – Twin Peaks.  Brilliant use of ABC’s offer of a 2 hour finale to wrap-up the plotlines.  By leaving every major character in a cliffhanger forever.

  67. Very big week for me. All of them fantastic books. You know when your ‘least’ anticipated book is Thor, you have a good week.

    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne

    Brave and the Bold

    Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Corps

    Secret Avengers


    Guest Stars: Wednesday Comics HC, Gillen’s first volume of Thor

    BQ: I haven’t seen a lot of series finales. Either I give up on a show because it ran too long or they get cancelled really quickly. LOST probably is my favorite finale. Brilliant and touching ending and for me; it made up for the 6 years of my life I’ve spent watching this series. 

  68. BQ:  Newhart did it best for Comedy, LOST set the bar above that for Drama

  69. really want to check out the Wednesday Comics HC 

    BQ: Star Trek the Next Generation’s final episode: "All Good Things" That was a pretty satisfying sendoff for a great series. 

  70. BQ: For comedy, I have to go witheither Fraiser or the real Scrubs finale, at the end of season 8. For Drama, Lost, but it admittedly is still fresh in my mind.

  71. BQ: Hercules the Legendary Journey

     love how it ended with them walking into the sunset 

  72. 7 Psychopaths #1
    Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #2 (OF 6)
    Fantastic Four #579
    Green Lantern #54
    Secret Avengers #1
    Thanos Imperative Ignition #1
    Ultimate Comics Enemy #4 (OF 4)
    Wednesday Comics Hc

    BQ: Dare I say Twin Peaks. Exciting, Shocking and Frustrating in equal measures. 

  73. You’re a brilliant man Ferrigno, and I shall subscribe to your newsletter. Spaced indeed ended great.

  74. Best finales (in no particular order):

    Sopranos, Star Trek: TNG, The Wire, and Spaced. 

  75. BQ: Lost was great (better than battlestar galactica in my opinion, although it hurts me to say it)

  76. @ MikeFarley

    You, sir, are absolutely correct. "Sleeping in Light" from Babylon 5 was brilliant.

  77. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    Newharts ending was pretty great. Also Cheers has a soft spot for me as well. Anyone remember the Rosanne finale? That one was interesting.

  78. BQ: Cowboy Bebop, Daria, Hey Arnold 

  79. Also FLCL.

  80. Good goodness this week – the regular GL books, The Lizard in Spider-Man, FF, Hearts and Minds, Incorruptible (still better than Irredeemable), Proof, Secret Avengers, Scalped, War of the Supermen (which has been kicking all kinds of ass). I’m going to stay on Thunderbolts for a few issues, but if it doesn’t deliver, I’m gone. Also going to try picking up both issues of Chimichanga – if I can’t get my Goon, I’ve got to get my Powell somewhere.

    BQ: 24 was a great ending (it is OK to have a straight-forward, no-questions-asked ending sometimes, Lost people), but my favorite ever was Six Feet Under. That is how you end a series.

  81. surprised by all of the Scrubs love here.. 

  82. I would really have to say that The Shield is quite possibly the greatest TV finale I have ever seen.

  83. @Dan: You mean last night’s episode? … Really?

    @siraim: SCRUBS’ ending (the real one, not the end of the tacked on season) was fantastic. One of the better endings.

  84. i dont know if this ever happens to anyone else but one week i was getting the new Xmen second coming stuff and decided id try and get into it and love xmen again, and next week when i went to my LCS i had somehow missed like 5 of the books. WTF

  85. It’s Scalped week!!


    BQ: The Shield. Then The Wire, The West Wing, and Scrubs. While many come down on it, I really enjoyed the finale to Seinfeld. I also really liked the finale to Curb Your Enthusiasm, though I hear they are doing an 8th season, so I suppose that doesn’t count. 

  86. @conor I know.. that’s why I mentioned way back near the beginning of the thread. I’m just surprised to see that others enjoyed it as much. I don’t get out much.

  87. BQ: STNG and Six Feet Under.

  88. Amazing Spider-Man #632

    Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #2 (OF 6)

    Green Lantern #54

    Northlanders #28

    Superman War Of The Supermen #4 (OF 4)

    BQ:  I think The Shield was definitely the most kool series finale I ever witnessed.  Six Feet Under was unique, but not so amazing.  The Wire and The Sopranos didn’t turn over so well in my opinion.

  89. Who wants to start guessing what Ron’s PotW will be?

    I’ve narrowed it down to 3 books


    Secret Avengers#1



    PS. @conor – with Power Girl#12 being that its Jimmy, Justin, Amanda, and Paul’s last issue please show the book some love!