New Comics for 05.23.2012 stared at the eclipse and now needs a helper monkey to type his articles

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris, Jeff, Matt and Timmy.

This week Josh Flanagan has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Does anyone have a banana? Seriously. This guy has no bananas.


  1. “Yes sir, we have no bananas.”

    Someone had to say it.

  2. Nice short stack this week:

    AQUAMAN #9
    THE FLASH #9

    I dropped Justice League Dark after a couple issues. I might give this latest one a look, since they’re changing it up a bit.. but I think I’m gonna wait for the reviews.

    BQ: Yes. About two bunches, but they’re going quick. There’s also some apples, oranges and apricots. (Work puts our bowls of fruit.)

  3. Light week for me, just Flash, Batman Inc, and Journey Into Mystery. I might also pick up a Y: The Last Man trade I’m missing, speaking of helper monkeys.

    BQ: Yes, but they are brown and frozen, patiently awaiting a whim to make banana bread. It’s not gonna be any time soon.

  4. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Nice light week for me:

    Batman, Incorporated #1
    Amazing Spider-Man #686
    Justice League Dark #9

    Anybody know if I need to read the previous volume of Batman, Inc in order to read the new one?

    BQ: Nah, ever since a bad episode involving a bumpy car ride and some banana-flavored runts–I cant stand the smell of bananas

  5. Light week means: money for a trade.
    Deadpool #55, Secret Avengers #27, Teen Titans #9, The Amazing Spider-Man #686, The Flash #9 & The Mighty Thor #14.

    BQ: I do, but they’re not yet ripe

  6. Hurm. Light week means (gulp) I’ll have to check out Rob Liefeld’s first issue of SAVAGE HAWKMAN to find out if our beloved author has saved/reinvented the comics medium yet again. lol The rest of my DC picks are sure to entertain, though – as I really love ALL STAR WESTERN – and am anxious to see the brand new all new BATMAN INC that I liked before – and I’m still cool with AQUAMAN. Odd that my only only Marvel comic this week will be ASTONISHING X-MEN, but I gotta support my gays.

    BQ: I always keep bananas on hand, I use them in my protein shakes! They are a magical fruit that can make yucky protein powders and creatine supplements taste good 🙂 Happy Monday everyone

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      “Hurm. Light week means (gulp) I’ll have to check out Rob Liefeld’s first issue of SAVAGE HAWKMAN”

      There’s an interesting logistical jump happening here…


    • It’s amazing. I have never liked a Rob Liefeld comic book. And whenever I mention his name to other comic readers, all I hear are groans of disapproval – I have never once bumped into a sparkly-eyed Liefeld uber-fan. But I just listened to a Word Balloon podcast where Liefeld spoke for over 2 hours about comic books, in general and specific. And he talks the talk so damn well; his experiences and his enthusiasm, his confidence and sincerity and humor… I can see how this man continues to get high profile work even when so many readers voice distaste for him, and even when his own readership intermittently rejects him. He’s got charisma to spare. And when he’s not clashing with his creative partners?… I bet he’s real fun to work with.

  7. 1st week without at least one Marvel pull in quite awhile…

    MindMGMT #1
    Ragemoor #3
    Batman Inc. #1
    The Flash #9
    Justice League Dark #9
    Prophet #25

  8. nice looking (though very DC heavy) week:

    Batman Incorporated
    The Flash
    Justice League Dark
    I, Vampire


    Fantastic Four

    may try…Savage Hawkman. gasp.

    BQ: I think i have one left, need to get more later today, thanks for reminding me.

  9. I have been anxiously awaiting that Comic Book Comics Collection.

  10. Light week:

    Batman Inc.
    Journey Into Mystery
    Resident Alien

    BQ: This question reminded me of a Rolling Stone interview with Anton Le Vey (author of the Satanic Bible), he was asked if he thought modern music was evil and his response was “NO”. He went on to say that the music which carries evil is old music, the songs that are no longer heard, such as Yes, We Have No Bananas.

  11. The biggie of the year for me Batman Incorporated enters The New 52!
    Plus the added pleasure of Fantastic Four, The Flash, The Unwritten & Ultimate Comics: X-Men.

    BQ I just bought some!

  12. All Star Western
    Magic: The Gathering.

    The magic comic is terrible but I pre-ordered it and I don’t like leaving my shop stuck with niche books.

    I expect Prophet will be my pick of the week. It has no right to be as good as it is.

  13. Did a purge on this week and dropped Justice League Dark, Captain America and …, and Secret Avengers.


    I’m thinking about snagging the Comic Book History of Comics since my pull is so miniscule this week.

    BQ: Sorry Conor’s Helper Monkey! We’re out here too!

  14. I had dropped Justice League Dark but I look forward to seeing what Jeff Lemire does with the book.

  15. This is my last week of heavy comic book buying. I will be heading towards trade waiting. Super excited for Batman Inc. though.

    PROPHET #25
    AQUAMAN #9
    THE FLASH #9
    BQ-really? Well if you enjoy bananas, I suggest you check out the many supermarkets in your vicinity….or I got a big one right here for ya…sick bastards

  17. AQUAMAN #9
    THE FLASH #9

    I’m excited for Smoke & Mirrors, it’s been a great series so far!

  18. 5 books for me this week.

    Fantastic Four #606
    Hulk Smash Avengers #4
    Amazing Spider-Man #686
    Flash #9
    Fury of Firestorm #9

    Looking forward to Hulk Smash the Avengers. The series has been inconsistent for me so far. Thought the first issue was ok, enjoyed the second one more, then didn’t care for the third one as much. But this issue features my favorite version of the Hulk going up against the 90s West Coast Avengers. it’s the issue of the series I’ve most looked forward to, so hopefully it’ll deliver.

    BQ: there’s always bananas in my house,as my wife and daughter both eat them. I, however, despise bananas.

  19. Good week for me. Batman Inc, Flash, JL Dark, some Green Lantern. I thinking about the Hulk Smash and Spider man.

  20. The start of me buying books on Saturdays instead of Wednesday….*sniff* I’ll miss you guys on the weekday!

    All-Star Western
    Batman INC
    Fantastic Four

    BQ: I have some! Filled with some Potassium.

  21. After 12 books last week, my wallet is looking forward to a light week.

    Dark Horse Presents- More Francavilla!
    I,Vampire- Continues to impress, especially Sorrentino’s art.
    Justice League Dark- Excited to see how Lemire does, my guess is kick-ass.
    Flash- I’ve really enjoyed this book, art and story.
    The Unwritten- War of the Words is over, whats next? probably more awesome.

    BQ: I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.

  22. I agree with everyone about a lighter week. I think we all deserved it after the last few. Could be slimmer, but single digits is fine for now. The Irredeemable finale is priority this week.

    All Star Western
    Batman, Inc.
    Lord of the Jungle
    Near Death
    Secret Avengers

    BQ: Tallied.

  23. Light week, Witchblade is where it’s at.

    BQ: I’ve got a couple bananas

  24. jeez, the Irredeemable finale really snuck up on me, thought it was still months away

  25. Marvel’s doing my head in right now with double issues a month stretching my money beyond what I can afford, so I had to drop a few last week X-Men (the X-Universe is just mental right now & 1 of them had to go so went for this 1 mainly because it seems to ship twice a month) & Ultimates as don’t get anything else from the ultimate universe.
    Will be looking to cut some more soon if it keeps on at this rate!

  26. Very light week – none of my regulars.

    So I’ll try out:
    Justice League Dark #9
    Resident Alien #1

    I always have bananas in the house. I like em spotted brown.

  27. Well, it would be a light week except for all this Night of the Owls stuff. But I’ve been enjoying it all so no real complaints there.

    Really looking forward to Batman Inc. returning. Almost done with Savage Hawkman (I had committed to issue ten so I have to wait it out; wouldn’t be fair to my lcs otherwise.) And Superman is darn close to being done as well.

    As to the BQ; He has no bananas but he has plantains in abundance. What’s he trying to pull?

  28. Over half my titles by subscription this week.

    Really enjoying the balance between subscription and retail now.

    Fresh comics from This Week that I’ll read as soon as they arrive: Captain America, FF, Hulk Smash Avengers.

    Saving up EotE to read all at once.

    And I’ve convinced myself to just start reading Cap and…. as a “new” team-up book, and I’ll catch up on the issues I skipped in my To-Read pile some time this summer, in my grand Last Year’s Marvel Reading Marathon.

    BQ: I brought my own.